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PMG Chapter 906: Danger in Tian Chi

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 906: Danger in Tian Chi
It was snowing in Tian Chi and the snowflakes were beautiful, extremely beautiful even.

There were three silhouettes in the sky above a valley. One of them was wearing a dragon robe and looked both proud and arrogant, as if he was the world leader.

Next to him was a cultivator wearing a Jade Heaven robe. That person looked like an emperor, conceited and presumptuous, as if he were the world’s emperor..

The last person looked calm and was wearing a black robe with mysterious drawings on it, he looked scary.

“The leader from the East Sea Dragon Palace, King Dragon, Jade Heaven’s leader, Prince Duan Mu, Shen Gong’s leader, Mie Qing… Why did you come to Tian Chi?” someone said from the distance. Seven people arrived very quickly. Those seven were the leaders of Tian Chi’s seven snowy peaks.

King Dragon was the East Sea Dragon Palace’s leader. Jade Heaven’s leaders were always called “prince” since they considered themselves as the emperor’s children, and finally, Shen Gong’s leader was Mie Qing.

Those people were the leaders of the most influential groups in the Gan Yu region and at that moment, they had all gathered together. So, of course, the leaders of the seven snowy peaks had to show some face.

“Your disciple came to the East Sea Dragon Palace a while back and killed my people, he even killed my disciples. You must hand Lin Feng over now.” said King Dragon indifferently. However, Lin Feng having killed Duan Wu Ya wasn’t the only problem which existed between the East Sea Dragon Palace and Lin Feng.

“Almost everybody disappeared in the mysterious world. Tian Chi’s people are the only ones who came back. I want explanations.” said Duan Mu coldly.

“Tian Xuan leader, you came to Shen Gong because of Lin Feng, and killed many of my strong cultivators. You even killed two Zun cultivators. Can you explain to me why.” said Mie Qing.

They all had similar reasons for coming to Tian Chi, Lin Feng.

“Dragon King, the problem between Lin Feng and you is because you sent people to kill those closest to Lin Feng. He killed some of your people because he wanted to get his revenge. What’s wrong with that? Now you come here and tell me you want me to hand him over? I’m sorry.” said Mister Tian Ji.

Then, he looked at Duan Mu, “Duan Mu, what you said is even more groundless. Many influential groups from Gan Yu went into the mysterious world to acquire precious treasures. Everybody knew that it was a matter of life and death. Your people died, my people survived, how could I explain why? That’s ridiculous.”

“As far as you are concerned, Mie Qing, you sent people to kill my disciple. How could I tolerate that? What should I tell you?”

Mister Tian Ji was talking loudly and glancing at those people challengingly. “So if you came here to talk nonsense, you can go back. Whether you want Lin Feng or explanations, I can’t give you either.”

“People from Tian Chi take themselves seriously, eh?” said Mie Qing laughing, “Too bad, Tian Chi was rising up again. Now it seems like you want to go back to your good old state, a bunch of no-goods.”

“Mie Qing, if you wanted to get your revenge, you could come back with people and try to kill Tian Chi’s people. Maybe that, after all the fighting, Shen Gong would lose everything then?” said Mister Tian Ji in a sharp way. Mie Qing was threatening Tian Chi, so Mister Tian Ji had to be firm.

“Very good.” said Dragon King smiling. “Alright, so Tian Chi is the greatest and controls the entire region of Gan Yu. At least it seems that way considering how they despise everybody else. Then, we’re off. But, we’ll be back.”

“Let’s go.” said Duan Mu indifferently. Just as quickly as the came, they all left.

After they left, Mister Tian Ji frowned and said, “We can’t leave Tian Chi for a while. We need to practice cultivation and become even stronger.”

“Alright.” said everyone nodding. It seemed like Tian Chi was in danger.

“Hmph.” at that moment, someone groaned coldly. “Lin Feng annoyed three influential groups. He even went to them and killed them. Now because of him, we’re in danger.”

Mister Xue, the snow Zun cultivator, glanced at back at Tian Shu Zi.

“Are you from Tian Chi?” Tian Shu Zi looked angry and pointed at the snow Zun cultivator, “You…”

“That’s enough” shouted Mister Tian Ji furiously, interrupting Tian Shu Zi, “How dare you offend Tian Chi. Even if nothing happened, you must follow Tian Chi’s rules. You must protect your fellow disciples. You can’t forget that this is our religion.”

“In any case, I don’t think that they will come and attack anyways. But even if they