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PMG Chapter 2479

PMG Chapters 2479

Tian Xue City was the city where the independent cultivators’ alliance gathered.

The city was very lively, with many cultivators. They had all gathered in one place, as the meeting was very important to them.

Up in the sky, a young man was flying slowly. He was wearing simple, crude clothes, yet still looked elegant and free from vulgarity. He was a Saint.

“So much snow.” The young man stretched out his hand, and snowflakes fell onto his palm. A strange kind of strength appeared around him and the snowflakes stopped moving around him. The young man smiled and continued moving ahead slowly. So many years had passed, he didn’t even know how old he was anymore.

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, five hundred years had passed, but in his own world, time passed differently. It moved much faster than in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now, a few thousands of years had already passed in his world. Of course, his millions of clones, including some of his clones who were extremely strong, had gone to Ganges Time and had experienced different sorts of time strengths. Many of his clones were still in Ganges Time studying time.

“Feng Mo, I can understand you now,” thought the young man. In the past, he used to think that Feng Mo was as strong as the leaders of the Shrines, but now he thought differently. So many years had passed, Feng Mo had created a character called the Three Lives Emperor, but nobody knew who the Three Lives Emperor was, how many sorts of strengths he had studied… or that maybe many of his clones were even stronger than the Shrines’ leaders.

After a short time, the young man arrived in a place with many people. Saint Emperors seemed extremely weak among all those Saints.

Even though the Shrines ruled over the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were many extremely strong cultivators from different worlds here. The Shrines couldn’t compete with such an army. All those strong cultivators together wielded explosive strength. Some of those people had incredible fighting abilities.

“Are the two of you sure you want to do things this way?” asked someone on the ground. Those people looked at three groups, the leader of one wearing cyan clothes. The leader of another group looked aggressive. Those two people were Zi Zhu, and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

The last group was small in comparison, but their cultivators were stronger.

“I’ve told you, those who want to be part of the Chaotic Sky Alliance can join me,” Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon said indifferently. He had formed the Chaotic Sky Alliance.

“The Black Bamboo Alliance is also willing to welcome new recruits. Maybe someday, the Black Bamboo Alliance will become the Black Bamboo Shrine,” said Zi Zhu calmly. Many people shivered. That was precisely why some people had acknowledged Zi Zhu and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, because of their decisions. They had many cultivators join them already.

“Since you have such incredible dreams, we can also become a powerful and influential group,” said a strong cultivator of the third group. All those peerless Saints had developed their groups. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu had relied on their achievements to attract people.

“Who will be the leader on your side?” asked Zi Zhu, smiling indifferently. Those people looked surprised, as their group had the biggest number of peerless Saints, seven!

“I was stuck in the Godly Grave for tens of thousands of years, and I became a supreme cultivator. I should become the leader, what do you think?” said one of them.

The six other peerless Saints just looked at him, and one of them said, “Buddy, don’t forget that I’m also one of the supreme cultivators. Why would you be the leader?”

Lin Feng was standing in the sky, and when he heard them, he was surprised. Two supreme cultivators from the Godly Grave had gathered there, and were eager to participate. Indeed, if Ordinary and Sa Leng hadn’t bumped into him, they wouldn’t have gone to the Fortune Shrine, maybe they would have become members of these three influential groups. The Fire Shrine’s alliance had destroyed the Soul Shrine, which was meant to be a warning for everybody. They would kill anyone who was against them!

“Hmph! I could also become the leader,” said a peerless cultivator in black clothes, grunting icily. The seven supreme cultivators all wanted to become leaders.

“Since you all can’t agree, I should become the leader,” interjected someone at that moment. The crowd turned around and looked at someone. He was seated on a big throne, his arms were crossed in front of his chest, and he was grinning at them

Some people looked at him sharply. How audacious! Seven peerless Saints were arguing to become leaders, even Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu didn’t even get involved, but he did?

But many people frowned. His cultivation level was blurry, they couldn’t see how strong he was.

“What does everybody think?” asked that young man with a smile. He looked strange. Even though he looked young, nobody could rely on appearance to evaluate someone’s age. He might be extremely old.

“You’re quite audacious, Your Excellency. Who are you?” asked a peerless Saint detachedly.

“I’m Divine Wrath, the gods’ punishing hand,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t show up with his real body, of course. These days, nobody could know he was Lin Feng anymore, even peerless Saints.

“How arrogant!” That guy had chosen such an arrogant name: the gods’ punishing hand, Divine Wrath!

“Why would you want to become our leader?” asked that person, staring at Lin Feng. The seven supreme cultivators all wanted to become the leader of their group, that’s why they hadn’t joined Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu’s groups. Otherwise, the Chaotic Sky Alliance and the Black Bamboo Alliance would have been enough.

“If I become your leader, I’ll change the name of the alliance to Divine Wrath Alliance and we’ll destroy all the Shrines. The Divine Wrath Alliance will become the Divine Wrath Shrine. We’ll punish all our enemies. What do you think?” said Lin Feng, standing up and smiling at the seven supreme cultivators, “Supreme cultivators, you wonder why I would be a good leader? Come and try me.”

“How arrogant! I’ll give it a try, let’s see if you’re strong enough to become a leader!” said one of the peerless Saints, standing up. A terrifying Qi filled the air, and the space suddenly became rigid.

“I can’t move anymore!” Many people were trembling when they realized they couldn’t move anymore. How strong! How many kinds of original strengths had he fused together?

That’s how peerless Saints became peerless, they understood original strengths at the maximum level and then they fused them together. Once original strengths fused together, it was almost impossible to tell there were several sorts of strengths in them.

At the same time, time strength modified the speed at which time passed, but it was impossible to sense, it was also impossible to know whether one was faster or slower, it was just a strange sensation.

The peerless Saint disappeared. A hand streaked across the sky, and the ground under them collapsed. The hand stuck Lin Feng and his body exploded.

“Peerless Saints are all incredibly strong.”

The crowd was all watching in astonishment. Lin Feng’s body had been crushed instantly. The crowd sighed. That guy was really reckless, he hadn’t even been able to withstand a single attack, and he had died instantly.

However, after a few seconds, the crowd was astonished again, because the pieces of his body condensed back together and Lin Feng reappeared. He smiled at the peerless Saint, standing there with his hands clasped behind his back.

The peerless Saint was astonished and stared at Lin Feng. He said, “What kind of original strengths did you make fuse together to create such a powerful attack?”

“Guess,” said Lin Feng smiling, “Your attack wasn’t enough, it seems. So let’s continue!”


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