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Chapter 1 Soul Replacement 

Volume 1 The tales from a Kingdom named An


On the continent of Cangnan, in Nandu City of the Kingdom of An, it was midnight, but there was no calm to be found.


Dark clouds covered the sky as a harsh wind blew down onto the city. Countless streaks of electricity could be seen dancing within the dark clouds that sat high above the city. Frequently, a flash of white light would illuminate the sky before emitting a terrible roar. It was almost as if the heavens were unleashing their fury.


Suddenly, a small golden ball of light tore through the dark sky and rushed down to the rows of houses in Nandu City before quickly disappearing. The golden ball was so shockingly fast that in a blink of an eye it was gone.


The thick black clouds that covered the city sky started to disperse at a speed visible to the naked eye, like a heavy black curtain being drawn back to reveal the beautiful and bright moon that was hidden behind.




Not knowing how long he ‘slept’, Ye Kong woke up suddenly when he heard a thunderous boom which seemed to come directly from his soul.


Ye Kong did not understand what was happening, he was in a comatose like state for such a long time, his brain was still foggy. His thoughts kept drifting between the thoughts of Miss Zhang and his gang leader.


‘Watch out! He’s dangerous!’


Ye Kong suddenly got a mysterious sense that he was in danger.


He could see there was white shining ball nearby, he had no idea what it was, but he could feel an intense anger directed towards him. This ball seemed to be overflowing with an intense hatred.


How could a ball of light have emotions?


Before Ye Kong even had the chance to ponder these thoughts, the ball of white light rushed at him viciously. Seeing everything happen so suddenly, the only thought he had was to escape!


‘No! I, your grandfather, am a thug! I am not scared of anybody!’


Ye Kong abruptly came to a halt.


He could not help smiling when he looked at himself. It turned out that he had become a ball of light too! Except he was much bigger than the one that was chasing him.


The other ball of light was much smaller, dimmer and felt weaker than Ye Kong.


‘Fuck! Who taught you to act so violently! I am much bigger than you! Am I afraid of you? No way!’


Ye Kong instinctively rushed toward the smaller ball.


The smaller ball of light was just bluffing. It was only trying to drive the invader out. When it saw Ye Kong’s powerful counterattack, it turned back, pleading while running away in terror.


Ye Kong did not care that the attacker had decided to run. There was only one thought that his survival instinct was screaming at him.


‘It’s either you or him, kill or be killed!’


Ye Kong flung himself upon the smaller ball without any hesitation. He easily covered the smaller ball of light and after struggling for a few seconds, the smaller one was defeated and slowly melted into the bigger ball.


Soon, there was only Ye Kong left inside this peculiar space.


‘Is this the legendary soul replacement?’


It took an hour before Ye Kong’s body began to regain consciousness. He had a new body! The original owner of this body had been replaced by Ye Kong when it lost the fight against Ye Kong’s soul.


The smaller ball had been the soul of a twelve-year-old boy.


‘He was only twelve years old? I have become a devil!’


He sighed with regret. Even though he had little choice in the matter, he had still helped to kill a twelve-year-old boy.


He was a thug, not a killer. Ye Kong had never thought he would kill someone who had no enmity towards him. However, if he was faced with this situation again, he would not change his actions. He was a thug, not a saint who would sacrifice himself to save a stranger from another world.


Ye Kong did not only absorb the little boy’s soul, but he also inherited some memories from him.


He only managed to get fragmented pieces of the child’s memories, so Ye Kong understood some basic information, but still didn’t have a full picture of this new world.


He was in the kingdom of An, which was part of one of the countries on the continent of Cangnan. It was a civilization much like ancient China, just the language was different. Luckily, Ye Kong received the memories of language from the little boy’s soul, but he only knew how to speak and not how to read.


To be honest, Ye Kong didn’t receive much information from the memories. It was strange that a young boy would have such little information. If they had been on Earth, children his age have already spent years in school, how could he not know how to read?


Was he from a poor family that could not afford his education?


Ye Kong looked through the fragmented memories and found the opposite, this boy was a young master from a powerful clan.


The little boy’s father was a general of the kingdom, but the little boy did not even know his father’s name.


‘This foolish child doesn’t even know his own father’s name!’ Ye Kong smiled as he continued looking through the memories.


His father’s surname had to be Ye because the boy’s name was also Ye Kong. Ye Kong was shocked! It was too much of a coincidence, this must be destiny at play.


The little boy’s memories did not provide too much information, but there were three obsessive thoughts that were lingering in his unconscious.


The first obsession, only his mother loved and cared for him. He wanted to give her the best life he could when he grew up.


‘Such a filial child!’ Ye Kong nodded with a smile. This was a new feeling to Ye Kong as he had been an orphan in his previous life, but now he was given a loving mother, which was a comforting thought.


However, he soon stopped smiling after he knew the little boy’s second obsession: why do my brothers and my father hate me so much?


‘Mmm, it seemed he was not a popular person.’


The third obsession: I am not an idiot!


‘Damn it! If you are not an idiot, then why don’t you tell me your dad’s name?’ Ye Kong grew angry. Not only had he been reborn in a different world, but he had stolen an idiot’s body! The gods were messing with him!


However, it occurred to Ye Kong that he couldn’t even trust these memories now. Who knows if this is another world or this idiot just liked reading too many novels? It was said that these kinds of people enjoyed making crazy stories in their minds!


Ye Kong felt happy, but quickly denied it as he felt that the air on this world was different than on Earth.


Can you feel the air on the earth? No! You can only normally tell if the air is fresh or not!


But here Ye Kong could clearly sense the air, it felt dense and thick, much denser and thicker than on Earth. Ye Kong felt it was uncomfortable, though he did not know how to describe why. It was like somebody who was used to drinking water suddenly drinking sesame paste.


More importantly, when he breathed in, he could sense different scents in the air.


‘Is this Qi?’


[TN: Qi is the vital energy that exists in all things. The cultivation of Qi is a major theme in cultivation novels. It can be translated in many different ways, including Breath / Vital Breath / Vitality / Spiritual Energy, etc. If a world has dense Qi, both mortals and cultivators can see rapid increases in strength]


Everybody knew that if you can sense Qi then you can cultivate!


‘Anyway, I will go out and check if this is really another world!’


He stumbled, got out of bed, passed through the room with ancient looking furniture, and opened the mottled door.


‘Wow! Such a giant moon! I am screwed! It is really another world!’ Ye Kong looked up at the giant moon which greeted him and slowly walked to the center of the courtyard.


His small body seemed like a tiny dot that was encapsulated by the size of the moon.


‘Miss Zhao, I just wanted to collect a 300 yuan protection fee, but you hit me into another world with one strike! How vicious you are!’ Ye Kong screamed suddenly at the top of his lungs in the small and quiet courtyard.


It was beautiful and pleasantly peaceful under the giant moon, but his scream surprised many people who were still awake.


Chen Jiuniang had just finished sewing and had blown out the lamp. She was going to pull the bed curtain and lay down when she heard the scream. Not knowing what happened, she quickly rushed towards the door and opened it.


She did not run out. She only looked at her sons’ slim figure underneath the bright moon. She breathed deeply and sighed with sorrow, leaning against the door as glistening tears rolled down her cheeks.


‘If I did something wrong or harmed others in my previous life, then please punish me! Why are you punishing my son, Kong Er?’ Chen Jiuniang thought and wiped her tears away. She turned back to her room and picked up a thick jacket.


[ TN: his name is Ye Kong. Kong Er is a pet name.]


Before she stepped outside again, she did one last wipe of her eyes. She did not want her son to know she had been crying. Her son was as filial as he was stupid.


“Kong Er, did you have a nightmare? Screaming so late into the night is impolite, don’t wake others up. Kong Er is a good boy, go back and sleep quickly!” Chen Jiuniang walked behind Ye Kong and put the jacket over his shoulders.


Ye Kong took a deep breath and gave a wry smile. He had lived for more than 20 years on the Earth, but he was very embarrassed to be spoilt and receive caring words from his mother.


‘Mom, ah, no, Mother…’ Ye Kong thought it would be hard to call her mother, but quickly realized that it wasn’t difficult at all.


But when he turned back to look at his mother, he was very shocked.


‘Oh my god! Is she my mother? Is she definitely a person and not a ghoul?’


Chen Jiuniang’s face was peculiar, many would say it was terrifying.


People on Earth would say she has a Yin & Yang face.  On the right side of her face, she was a pale and delicate beauty, but the left side was the face of nightmares, the entire left side of her face was distorted by large black lumps of scar tissue. The left side of her face looked like a demon.


Unfortunately, Ye Kong was standing on Chen Jiuniang’s left.


‘Oh, it is no wonder that others and dad dislike this little Ye Kong! An idiot son and a mom with a Yin & Yang face! How terrible! What the hell! Heavens, how did I provoke you? Why was I sent here to such a family? Please, send me back!’


With her son staring at her face impolitely, Chen Jiuniang covered her face with her hands hurriedly, lowering her head and trying to hide her face, “Kong Er, Niang… Mother scared you…?”


Chen Jiuniang did not blame her son for thinking she was ugly. She didn’t have much confidence and even her son was scared of her face!


“Oh, no, no,” Ye Kong waved his hand quickly.


Though he just met this Mother of his, he did not want her to feel bad. After all, he had just ‘murdered’ her son earlier.


He quickly overcame the initial fear and smiled as he would usually, “Mother, don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t mean it. A son doesn’t mind how ugly his mother is, just like a dog doesn’t care how run down its owner’s house is. Besides, there are many people who are uglier than you!” Ye Kong realized that he spoke impolitely again so he backtracked, “No, no, Mother is beautiful!”


‘But, can she really be considered beautiful? Wouldn’t that sound like I am insulting her?’


“Mother, er… It doesn’t matter if you are ugly… Ugly wives are a treasure. Beautiful wives will not be faithful to their husbands and are more likely to betray their family.”


Hearing those words of her son, Chen Jiuniang was very confused, ‘Is this really my son? He is usually stammering when he speaks. Why is he speaking so fluently today?’


And, he is so talkative. He even knew how to backtrack due to his honesty being too impolite. Wasn’t he supposed to be foolish?


[Important note: When people talk about the MC being a fool or foolish. They are discussing him previously having a severe mental impediment rather than an opinion of him.]

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