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Chapter 2 Vicious Servants


The idea that her son was not a fool anymore came to Chen Jiuniang’s mind, but she could not believe it! She took a good look at her son again to be sure.


Her son’s smile was not foolish, and his eyes were clear, bright, and even a tad sly.


Chen Jiuniang was shocked. Her son was no longer a fool! But why did she feel that he wasn’t acting like himself?


Ye Kong was also embarrassed and uncomfortable while Chen Jiuniang was staring at him.


‘Old woman, what are you looking so hard for? You lost a foolish son but gained a handsome, smart and charming one, just be happy and enjoy it!’


He smiled at Chen Jiuniang, “Mother, do you feel Kong Er is different today? Hehe, don’ t worry about it, I am still your son. Why am I different? That’s because I had a strange dream. An older man with gray hair said to me that from this point on, I will no longer be a fool! So I can live like a normal person now. Hey, mother, don’t cry…”


Hearing her son’s fluent speech, Chen Jiuniang was so happy, she couldn’t hold back her tears of joy.


Chen Jiuniang came from a poor family and had many siblings. She lived a tough life ever since she was born due to having such a hideously disfigured face.


She was ugly but ingenious! She was exceptionally good at sewing. Her embroidery was vivid and lifelike.


However, no matter how beautifully and vividly a lady embroidered or how kind she was, if she was ugly, no man wanted to marry her. There was no such thing as plastic surgery in Cangnan. If an ugly woman like Chen Jiuniang wanted to pay a beggar to marry her, the beggar would refuse.


That’s why Chen Jiuniang was still unmarried even when she reached eighteen years old. Though unmarried, she could not rely on her family like a child, she needed to work too, so she did some needlework when she was free.


She did a good job on her work and she had deft hands and worked hard. Gradually, she was employed to do needlework by Granny Ye, the general’s mother, from the manor of the ‘General Who Pacified The South’.


Her life was not great, but it was fulfilling work and she was satisfied.


One day, while she was absorbed in sewing as usual, the General, Ye Haoran, drunkenly went to her embroidery house.


That is when General Ye saw the right side of her face. At the time, he was young, ambitious and established through his brilliant achievements in war. The general was drunk and felt Chen Jiuniang was a great beauty. He pulled Chen Jiuniang to bed and had a sex with her, without waiting for her consent. He couldn’t wait to make love to her!


After the general woke up, he looked at the face of the lady lying next to him and felt so disgusted, as her face looked like she had been mutilated in an accident.


It was not a big deal that the general had sex with a random woman then abandoned her, but Chen Jiuniang had gotten pregnant from the encounter.


Nine months later, a cute baby was born, named Ye Kong. Granny Ye liked him very much.


Then, Chen Jiuniang’s luck seemed to change as she was moved into the general’s manor. However, she did not have status, so she could not even compare to his concubines. Ye Haoran didn’t go near her again. The sight of her face disgusted him and was a bad memory.


It was not a bad life for Chen Jiuniang. She had her own courtyard, she was given two servants, and even received a few pieces of silver for her living expenses. For a woman from a commoner background, it was more than enough.


But the happy days vanished when Granny Ye passed away. The general’s second wife was put in charge of the household.


The second wife was a narrow-minded lady, so Chen Jiuniang’s two servants were taken from her. Over time, Chen Jiuniang received less and less silver, but was required to do more needlework until, eventually, she became a servant too.


At first, Ye Haoran helped Chen Jiuniang for his son’s sake, but when Ye Kong grew up, Ye Haoran found that he spoke with a stutter and was a fool, he was so disappointed that he discarded them both.


Soon, Chen Jiuniang became nothing more than a menial servant. When she was a servant before, she only had to serve the masters of the household. But now, she had to complete sewing work for other servants too. Even if she worked until midnight without a break, she could not finish all the sewing.


Chen Jiuniang’s life was miserable. There was not a single say when the people in the manor didn’t bully her, laugh at her or scold her ugly face and foolish son.


Her life was like the lyrics from a song: I seem to be watching a tragedy, where there is no happy ending.


But the heavens have eyes, her son was no longer a fool!


It was so sudden that she could only cry tears of joy!


“Mother, don’t cry!” Ye Kong was panicked, the way that most men panic when they see women crying.


“Son, you are normal! I am really happy!” Chen Jiuniang said with tears.


“It’s good that mother is happy! Really good!” Suddenly Ye Kong felt tearful too and raised his hand to wipe her tears ignoring her hideous scar.


“Mother, don’t worry, I will find a way to heal your scar!” Ye Kong said firmly.


Chen Jiuniang felt her son wiping her face and smiled, “Then, mother will wait for you to grow up and heal my scar!”


“No need to wait for me to grow up! Where there is a will, there is a way.”


Chen Jiuniang didn’t want to hinder her son’s promising future. Now that he was no longer stupid, he needed to learn to read and practice martial arts.


She smiled, “I’m not in a hurry! I am used to people staring.”


“No way! From now on, you are my mother, so no matter who offends you in the future, I won’t stop beating him until even his mother cannot recognize him!” Ye Kong said.


“Silly boy! Don’t say these foolish things! How could you beat people for staring at me?” Chen Jiuniang scolded him with a smile.


“They deserve it!” Ye Kong smiled too, hugging Chen Jiuniang, “Mother, let’s go back to the room and talk! Before I was unable to learn and knew nothing. Now, there are a lot of things I would like to learn from you!”


As her son spoke so well, Chen Jiuniang was delighted.


While Chen Jiuniang had a heart-to-heart talk with her son under the moonlight, there was a man and a woman that had been disturbed not far from them. They pulled open the curtain to their bedroom and lit a candle.


The man was in his forties and had yellow skin. Holding his underpants, he complained angrily, “Who is shouting so loud at midnight? Damn it! I just finished the night watch! I was about to have some alone time with my wife, but now someone is making so much noise!”


In the bed a middle-aged woman laid naked. The woman pulled the quilt to cover her white, round and plump bottom while hissing, “It must be that ugly mother and her foolish son!”


“Let me shout for them to stop making noise!” The middle-aged man was about to open the window.


“Hey, Li Laosi,” the middle-aged woman got up all of a sudden, with her body on full display. She grabbed Li Laosi’s arm and smiled, “Are you stupid? They will stop if you shout, but how can we turn a profit then?”


Li Laosi touched his head, puzzled, “Can we make a profit from this?”


The middle-aged woman pushed Li Laosi and scolded, “Why are you so foolish? The butler, Ye Cai, takes a share of money from her every month. Sister Ma who works in the kitchen also extorts money from her. Only you don’t! So foolish!”


Hearing that, Li Laosi understood. He smiled, “My wife is so shrewd! Wait here while I go extort her for a hefty sum! Such an ugly woman and foolish son, what do they need money for? We’d better extort their money and use it to hire a teacher for our son!”


His wife smiled, “You got it! Go quickly and come back soon! We still aren’t done here!”


“My wife, just you wait!” Before Li Laosi went to extort Chen Jiuniang, he took a moment to play with his wife’s naked body.


Li Laosi then rushed next door, he saw Chen Jiuniang and Ye Kong as they were going indoors, he barged in after them shouting, “Hey, what the hell were you doing there? Why did you scream in the middle of the night? Are you trying to wake everyone from their sleep?”


Ye Kong recognized the man from the memories he inherited. Li Laosi was in charge of the night watch and lived next door. Li Laosi was a distant relative of the second wife of the general and had bullied Chen Jiuniang and her son many times.


“Oh, Manager Li, I am so sorry! My son has recovered and is no longer a fool. I could not help crying! I was too excited to calm down. Sorry again for troubling you!” Chen Jiuniang apologized in a hurry.


“What garbage! Having to see your ugly face in the day and then hear your screaming at night! What can that idiot do that is normal except for eating like a pig?”


“Manger Li, don’t worry. It won’t ever happen again!” Chen Jiuniang kept apologizing and bowing.


But Li Laosi wouldn’t stop until he got his silver. He said loudly, “Do you not see how hard I have it! I had to sound the night watches at midnight, I just managed to fall asleep, but I am woken up by you. All of this for such a minimal salary!”


Hearing that, Chen Jiuniang understood that he came to extort silver from them. Though it was extremely unreasonable, Chen Jiuniang was used to paying out silver in return for their peace and safety.


Each month, Chen Jiuniang’s stipend was cut to a meagre amount. What little she did get, was then taken by others with any excuse they could think of at the time.


It was the end of this month, Chen Jiuniang did not have much money left. She checked her pocket and passed the small amount of silver she had left to Li Laosi.


“Manger Li, as it is just the two of us, we are very thankful for your care and help. Please take this!”


‘It is only because it’s just the two of you that I am here to extort you!’ Li Laosi groaned inwardly. He weighed the silver in his hand and was not satisfied.


“You only offer such little silver!” Li Laosi raised his hand and threw the silver back at Chen Jiuniang. “Tomorrow morning, I will tell the second wife that we were unable to sleep because you two were screaming loudly in the middle of the night! And you will finally be kicked from the manor!”


Chen Jiuniang was flustered. They had nobody to rely on and it was already so difficult for them to live. If they were sent away, they would have even more difficulty making ends meet. She was worried, but she had no more money to give.


“Manager Li, please don’t mind. Please take this small amount and consider that I owe you the rest. I promise you I will give you more when I get my stipend!” Chen Jiuniang picked the sliver up quickly and gave it back to Li Laosi, bowing her head.


“That’s a deal!” Li Laosi took the silver and said balefully, “Two tael of silver!”


“Yes, yes. Two tael! Manager Li, take care! Bye!” Chen Jiuniang took a deep breath and her face was filled with worry. It was still some days before she would next receive her allowance, but now the last of her silver was gone. What would they do?


Li Laosi was satisfied and was about to go back happily, but as he turned, Ye Kong was standing in the doorway to the courtyard holding a brick. His usual foolish expression was gone.


Ye Kong was too indignant to calm down, it was as if every cell in his body was roaring in anger.


‘Unreasonable! Even a thug would not be so unreasonable! Just because of a little bit of noise in the middle of the night!’


He already knew they had no silver left for this month, but he still planned to seize the next month’s silver too!


‘Did this bastard even consider us? How will my mother and I live? Are you trying to kill us?’


Ye Kong knew that he should keep a low profile since he had just arrived. He also knew that being impulsive brought trouble. He knew, too, that a moment of patience in anger could spare him a hundred days of sorrow!


But he was not a tolerant person to begin with. He had no plans on submitting himself to others!


“Put down that silver and apologize to my mother! If you don’t you won’t leave this room as easily as you came!”


Ye Kong felt as if he was back on Hanzheng Street, standing in a doorway with a brick in his hand as he glared as Li Laosi. Ye Kong was confident he could beat him, as he smiled coldly.


“Oh really?” Li Laosi was shocked by Ye Kong. ‘This guy can now speak fluently. What is with this temper too? Wasn’t he a fool?’


However, even if he was no longer a fool, he was still a child. What could he do to a grown man? Li Laosi was not afraid of him, Li Laosi sneered, “It might be true that you’re no longer a fool, but do you think you suddenly became a big shot? Don’t speak to me arrogantly like this again, or I will beat you back into stupidity!”


Li Laosi thought Ye Kong was bluffing. In his memory, Ye Kong wouldn’t hurt a fly. There is no way he changed enough to beat someone with a brick!


But beating people with bricks was a hobby for Ye Kong! He had lost count of the people he had beat with a brick. He had more than enough guts to pull this off, so he threw the brick at Li Laosi without any hesitation!


The brick hit Li Laosi squarely in his face. He unleashed a painful cry as his nose started to bleed. In fear, he crouched down while pinching his nose.


“Son, No! Stop!” Chen Jiuniang had never seen the sight of so much blood. She was frightened and rushed to Ye Kong’s side.


“Mother, it’s said that only nice people are bullied just like only docile horses are ridden. The weaker you are, the more arrogant these vicious servants will be. Hehe, I will teach them from now on, there is someone more vicious in this courtyard who cannot be bullied!”


Gnashing his teeth and glaring at Li Laosi, Ye Kong pushed Chen Jiuniang back and picked up the brick again. As Li Laosi was crouching down and holding his nose, Ye Kong started to repeatedly hit him with the brick, aiming for his head.


With a scream Li Laosi fell to his knees , “Stop beating me! You’ll kill me!”




“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Li Laosi was stunned. He could feel more and more blood soaking his hair and dripping down his face. Seeing Ye Kong about to hit him again, Li Laosi grabbed hold of Ye Kong’s leg and pleaded for mercy, “Master, it’s my fault. I was too arrogant! Please show mercy, please Master!”


“Why didn’t you submit earlier? Then I would not have had to beat you into submission! The servants are becoming too arrogant!” Ye Kong said with a cruel smile as he patted Li Laosi’s face with the brick. Li Laosi felt a shiver run down his spine when the brick touched his face.


“It’s my fault! I won’t be so arrogant in the future!” Li Laosi took the silver out as he spoke, but inside his heart there was only hatred for Ye Kong and his mother. He planned to tell the second wife of this and let her teach them a lesson!


“Are you planning to run crying to your master?” Ye Kong glanced at Li Laosi, and said, “Honestly, I am not afraid! Do you know who you’re dealing with? I am a thug! No matter who provokes me, I will kill them without hesitation! Remember that my surname is Ye, no matter how foolish I am, does a servant have the ability to teach the Ye family a lesson?”


“Son, let it go, let it go! You’re scaring your mother,” Chen Jiuniang grabbed Ye Kong’s arm again, afraid that Ye Kong would really kill Li Laosi if this continued.


“Get out!” Ye Kong shouted. Li Laosi escaped quickly without turning back, he was covering his wounded head and bloody nose as he ran.


Chen Jiuniang sighed, “Son, what if you make the general angry? You will make trouble for us!”


Ye Kong was cheerful after beating Li Laosi, but he knew that Li Laosi would ask for help to get revenge. There wasn’t much he could do to defend himself as a twelve-year-old.


‘What can I do to protect myself and my mom? I can only get stronger! Let all the people who bullied us kneel down and beg for mercy!’


Ye Kong proceeded with confidence. Now that he came to this world, he would fight. He would rather die on his feet than live on his knees.


‘I cannot bring shame to the thugs from Earth!’


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