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Chapter 3 Flirting


The next day, Li Laosi’s wife took him to the second wife’s room.


“Second mistress, please uphold justice for my husband! Do you see how badly his face was injured by that fool? That fool was too vicious!”


“You got beaten up by the idiot of Ye?” The second wife laughed and scolded Li Laosi as he was on his knees. “You are an even bigger idiot! How could you try to reason with a fool? If he attacks you, then fight back! Why have you come here to complain?”


“No, second mistress” Li Laosi explained, “That child is no longer the foolish dolt he was before. He can speak fluently and had no problems with beating me. He’s completely changed. His mother said that his brain had recovered last night.”


“Not possible,” The second wife did not trust that Ye Kong could suddenly recover. She asked, “He has been a fool for almost ten years. How could he have a full recovery overnight?”


“It’s true! He has recovered!” Li Laosi cried, holding his head. “Second mistress, please! You must uphold justice for me! Just because I was asking them to stop making noise in the middle of the night, I was beaten into this state!!”


He continued, “That hideous woman did not even try to stop her son from beating me either, despite knowing that I am your servant. They did this to spite you! As the saying goes, treat the servant as you would the master.”


The second wife took her reputation seriously. His words made her angry, but she was not so easily deceived. She knew that Chen Jiuniang was always honest to a fault. There is no way she had any part in this.


Moreover, the more important question was, had Ye Kong really recovered?


“I know what to do. Now, get out! Oh, and go to the counter to get two tael of silver to visit the doctor,” the second wife said.


Li Laosi’s wife was happy when she heard that they would be given silver. If only the price wasn’t her husband’s blood.


‘Silly boy! You are going to be banished from the family! Wait and see!’ She thought hatefully as she kowtowed to the second wife, “Thanks so much, Second mistress!”


“Thanks again!” Li Laosi kowtowed too and left with his wife.


“That idiot has recovered and has become ruthless.” The second wife considered it for a while before calling out, “Xiaohong!”


“Second mistress, here I am!” Xiaohong was her maid. She was fifteen years old, but she was very clever and capable for her age, she was beautiful and had developed her womanly charm.


“Did you hear what Li Laosi said just now? What do you think of it?” the second wife asked.


“I do not believe that Ye Kong has recovered either. He always just has that annoying foolish smile on his face. I have seen him continue to foolishly stand in place while others threw rocks at him. My assumption is that Li Laosi tried to extort Chen Jiuniang and failed. He probably had a nasty fall which caused his injuries, then he fabricated a story to come here and receive our help!”


“Mmm,” the second wife agreed with Xiaohong’s reasoning, but she also considered that Li Laosi didn’t have the courage to lie to her, so she said to Xiaohong, “Go to that monster faced woman’s yard and check if Ye Kong has recovered. ”


“Yes!” Xiaohong said as she immediately departed.


After Xiaohong left, the second wife said coldly, “No matter whether the story is true or not, I will find a reason to get rid of this eyesore of a woman. How dare such a hideous monster continue to shamelessly live in the house of Ye.”


Ye Kong stared blankly as he was lying in Chen Jiuniang’s bed. As he was tired from the previous night, he had fallen asleep while he was talking with his mother.


From their conversation he learned that the people in the kingdom of An and the continent of Cangnan would rather practice martial arts and looked down on things such as dancing and literature. If he wanted to achieve anything in this world, he had to become a powerful figure like his father, Ye Haoran. If he was successful in his martial arts and enlisted as a soldier, he would be able to command a certain level of respect.


Ye Kong asked a number of questions, “What’s the population of Cangnan? What is there beyond this continent? Are there immortals?” but Chen Jiuniang had no idea about those questions. After all, she did not have much knowledge. She had lived in the manor for most of her life and all her time was spent doing needlework. How could she know anything more than general information?


As for immortals, there were rumors that went around saying that someone saw immortals flying over Nandu City, but Chen Jiuniang did not know any of the finer details regarding the rumor.


After waking up, Ye Kong lay in the bed and pondered these questions. For now, the most important thing was how to best survive in this new world.


Though his father was a general, Ye Kong felt it was unreliable to rely on him. Ye Kong did not want to rely on others when it came to his own survival. The best path would be to train and become a powerful expert.


On Earth, Ye Kong was a thug. He was constantly fighting with others and his weapon of choice was always a trusty brick. He had never practiced martial arts or any combat related art. If he were to encounter someone who trained in any art of combat, he would be utterly thrashed.


He searched his mind for any useful skills he might have, but realized there was nothing. He couldn’t make soap and he didn’t even know where to start for gunpowder. He wasn’t educated on any cultural arts such as painting or poetry. He had no martial arts training. A simple strike from Ye Haoran would crush Ye Kong’s ‘Brick in hand’ fighting style.


It was the first time in his life that he felt like he was useless.


How could he become stronger without any useful skills?


Chen Jiuniang sat on the other side of the room, carefully observing her son while she sewed.


She was convinced that he had returned to being a fool.


It seemed that Ye Kong’s recovery was only temporary, as he had returned staring at the ceiling with a blank look on his face. It had been at least half an hour of him blankly staring at the ceiling.


‘Has he become a fool again?’


Ye Kong was the only thing Chen Jiuniang had in this life. She did not care about herself and only wanted her son to live a happy and healthy life.


Chen Jiuniang was about to speak, but Ye Kong suddenly jumped up from the bed and said, “Learning! I can only start trying to gain knowledge while doing some basic training to make my body stronger!”


Chen Jiuniang flinched and pricked her finger with the embroidery needle. A bead of blood oozed out of her finer.


“Ow!” Chen Jiuniang gasped.


Ye Kong walked to his mother at once and put her finger into his mouth to stop the bleeding.


“Mom, it is okay!” When he took the finger out, it was no longer bleeding.


“Kong Er, you are still recovered! You have become so considerate and thoughtful.” Chen Jiuniang looked at Ye Kong with tears in her eyes as she smiled with joy.


Her maternal gaze made him feel happy, but he was also very embarrassed.


“Don’t look at me! You have sat there staring at me for long enough already!” Ye Kong said unhappily.


“Mother won’t look at you anymore. See I definitely can’t see you,” Chen Jiuniang was filled with joy as her eyes remained glued on her son.


“I’m going to the toilet!”, saidYe Kong as he ran away.


The toilet was not far, he had been there the night before. The habits of a thug were not easy to change, this included walking with a swagger. Ye Kong swaggered out and met several servants who gave him weird looks as he walked past.


“Look over there, that’s the fool, Ye Kong! He is the general’s son, but his status is even less than us servants!” a servant whispered behind Ye Kong.


Another servant who seemed to be new asked quietly, “How can that be?”


“Oh, it’s true! It’s because he is a fool! He spends all of his time giggling foolishly at others while drooling all over himself.”


“Oh, I see.” The new servant nodded.


“Other young masters in the manor of Ye have even made a wordplay! ‘Ye Kong, Ye Kong, we checked his head, but his brain is gone.’  Trust me! Last time I saw him standing still as a group threw stones at him. I’ll show you now, watch this if you don’t trust me!”


Ye Kong was going to ignore them but when he heard that the servant was planning to throw stones at him, he couldn’t contain his anger!


“Fuck your ancestor’s tablet! Did I provoke you? What’s wrong with being a fool? Don’t you know you should protect the vulnerable? Go on, who is going to throw stones at me?” Ye Kong turned back and walked towards servants with a flowerpot in his hand as he hurled out his series of questions.


“Was it you?” Ye Kong held the flowerpot with one hand and shoved the servant with the other.


That senior servant was surprised. Why was the fool suddenly behaving like a common thug? He didn’t have much time to contemplate his question, because he knew that Ye Kong’s flowerpot would do a lot more damage than the small stone in his hand.


“No, it wasn’t me!” The senior servant was very wily, as he quickly passed the stone to the new servant.


“Then, it was you!” Ye Kong arrogantly turned and shoved the new servant like any truly experienced thug would do!


“No, it wasn’t me. It was him…!”


The senior servant had already escaped before the new servant had finished. The new servant quickly took the hint and started to run.


“Such cowards! Where did your courage go, weren’t you going to throw stones at me?” Ye Kong growled, throwing the flowerpot towards them as they ran.


The two servants’ panicked cries filled the halls, “The fool has gone mad! The fool attacked us!”


“Fuck! Once the dunce hat is on, it’s hard to remove!” Ye Kong smiled wryly. He hopelessly shook his head and continued towards the toilet.


Smile at people and you are a crazy fool. Beat or intimidate people and you are a mad fool. No matter what he did, everyone would say he was a fool!


Since he was going to be treated as a madman either way, then why not just accept it and be mad.


As Ye Kong continued to the toilet, he passed many servants on the way. He gave an intimidating glare towards all the servants he met, it didn’t matter if he knew them or not. As for the ones who were not sensible, Ye Kong would repeat his trusted tactic of hurling a flower pot at them.


Behaving madly was starting to show success, as many of the servants started to keep their distance, but there was one servant who wasn’t scared of Ye Kong. She continued to follow closely behind him while carefully observing his actions. She was the beautiful young maid. Ye Kong looked back at her and their gazes met.


Haha, this little one didn’t avert their eyes.


Ye Kong’s had an intimidating glare. When he was on Hanzheng Street, Ye Kong’s glare would send people running with their heads held low, that was even before he had shown his aggressive side.


Ye Kong stared at the girl aggressively and swaggered towards her. His thug-like movements caused her a fright and she turned to run away.


Ye Kong called out, “Beautiful sister, don’t run! May I know how old you are? Are you married? Or do you have a lover? It’s the season for taking on lovers, why don’t I show you what I can do?”


From a window decorated with beautiful flowers at the back of the general’s manor, a woman yelled, “Scumbag! Idiot!”


When it came to the general’s women, there was a huge contrast. Chen Jiuniang’s status was not much better than a servant, she couldn’t compare to second wife. The second wife’s room was beautifully decorated and even the windows were lined with flowers. Compared with Chen Jiuniang’s simple and run-down courtyard.


Even so, some people were still not satisfied with this. They wanted to kick Chen Jiuniang out of her shabby courtyard simply because Chen Jiuniang was ugly to look at and it made the second wife uncomfortable.


The second wife, dressed in sumptuous clothing, shouted angrily as she slammed her palm onto the table, “This monster of a woman really doesn’t put me in her eyes! And her silly bastard of a son! How dare he flirt with my maid!”


Xiaohong stood in front of her, having returned from investigating Ye Kong’s overnight transformation.


“Second mistress, don’t be angry. It’s not worth being angry over such an insignificant person.”


“Yes, mother, don’t get angry over a fool. Here, drink some tea!”, said Ye Wen, the son of the second wife.


Ye Wen was sixteen years old, he was handsome and well built. He was also very sly, and he had been practicing martial arts since he was a child from a famous teacher. He specialized in using the Cangnan Tong Bi fist which made him stand out as a talent in his generation.


“En,” the second wife took the cup of tea and drank. After drinking, the second wife calmed down, said lightly, “Since he knows how to flirt with servants, it seems that he has really recovered.”

“No, it was more than his intelligence that recovered. He no longer stammered and was extremely fluent when he spoke!” Xiaohong said, nodding.


Ye Wen stood beside his mother. He was unhappy because he wasn’t able to flirt with the servants in their courtyard.


‘The fool flirted with them when even I can’t! Damn him!’


A vicious glint was hidden in Ye Wen’s eyes, “Mother, this time we must teach that fool a lesson! No matter if he is foolish or not, we should make him regret his actions.”


“Em, but I need a better excuse.” The second wife pondered, “I asked Li Laosi what happened without his wife and was given the entire truth. It was because they went to extort them that he was beaten by Ye Kong. If we punish him while using this as an excuse and the general finds out in the future, we will not have a leg to stand on…”


“No need to reason with a fool! In my opinion, just beat him directly and force him to submit!” Ye Wen crossed his strong arms and said, “I have given him countless beatings in the past!”


The second wife shook her head, “Don’t be hasty. According to Li Laosi, not only was the little bastard no longer foolish, he was as cunning as a fox! Don’t let him find your weakness! Don’t go making trouble with him!”


Ye Wen laughed, “No worry, I will have a good reason to beat him! It’ll be justified, even in the presence of father!”


The second wife’s gaze sharpened, “Tell me!”


Ye Wen whispered in his mother’s ear. She smiled and nodded continuously.


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