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Chapter 4 Breaking into The Inner Courtyard


After peeing, Ye Kong did not put on his pants and instead looked at his manhood thinking,


‘Why is it so small?’


A twelve-year-old boy was naturally not yet fully grown in these areas.


‘My bird has no feathers and cannot fly!’ This means he would need to temporarily stop flirting with any beautiful women he saw. He was a thug and even in ancient times, thugs loved beauties and beauties loved thugs. If a thug did not love beauty, then he was a eunuch!


As he was having this thought, suddenly a servant entered the toilet. Ye Kong pulled up his pants and glared at that servant. Being a thug was useful when dealing with the servants. The servant was so scared that he nearly wet himself.


The servants from the outer courtyard were easy to bully. If Ye Kong went to the inner courtyard where the servants were trained soldiers, how could a rowdy child intimidate a battle-hardened soldier?


‘At least something good came of transmigrating to another world: no need for monogamy. I would love to build a huge palace and fill it with only beautiful young girls who would serve me! Maybe I can even go out in the city with some of those cowardly servants and flirt with girls! Hehe, living life as a lecherous young master wouldn’t be too bad!’


Ye Kong was getting happier as he fantasized, but he was worried about the situation at present.


‘To enjoy the best possible life in the future, I should be diligent in my practice!’


“Mother, I want to practice martial arts and learn how to read!” Ye Kong said to his mom after he ran back to their courtyard.


However, what disappointed Ye Kong was that Chen Jiuniang had no money. Learning from martial arts masters required tuition. There wasn’t anything like compulsory education and many people couldn’t afford tuition. Studying the literary arts was not that expensive, but learning martial arts was extortionate, even an ordinary master charged ten tael of silver a month. It would be impossible for Chen Jiuniang to pay that. They could barely afford their usual living expenses.


After her son recovered, Chen Jiuniang wanted Ye Kong to learn like the other children, but she had no way to provide this for him. When Ye Kong asked, she could only shake her head, sigh and feel like she had let her son down.


“Son, don’t worry, I will do as much needlework as I can. I have asked Aunt Li and other aunties for help to get some part-time embroidery work. Then, we can afford to hire a teacher for you,” Chen Jiuniang said.


Ye Kong felt tight in his chest when he saw the large pile of clothes by his mother. She would usually be awake until midnight to finish the work she had to do for the Ye manor, if she took on more needlework, what time would she finish that? Would she still have time to sleep?


“Mother, you don’t need to work so hard. It’s not anything urgent,” Ye Kong couldn’t help but feel his eyes welling up with tears. He held his mom’s hand and choked back the tears.


‘Hey idiot, you were blessed to have such a wonderful mother! You can rest assured, I will become strong enough to provide mother with a much better life, because she is my mother too!’


Ye Kong calmed down and asked, “Does father not care about his son’s tuition? Why are you paying for it? What about the other siblings, are they forced to pay themselves too? What about the other wives?”


Chen Jiuniang answered, “Two senior martial arts masters were hired by the second wife’s family. It’s said that the tuition was one hundred tael of silver each month. The third wife was a martial artist before she married the general, she hired experienced masters from her school. The son of the ninth wife that the generals favorite wife, the general hired a first-class master from the army to teach her son, Ye You.”


Ye Kong was furious! Each of his half-siblings had a senior martial arts master or first-class master, but he received nothing! His mother was too poor to even hire an ordinary martial artist to teach him the basics.

‘It’s too fucking unfair!’


Chen Jiuniang teared up, “It’s my fault because I am so useless that you have to suffer like this!”


Ye Kong hid his anger inside because he knew this would only cause his mother more sadness.


He instead chose to comfort his mother, “Mom, you don’t need to worry, and you don’t need to take on more work either. I have an idea to find an even better martial arts master than any of my other siblings have and I will even be taught without tuition!”


Chen Jiuniang smiled, “Son, you are teasing me! A master who stands above all the other masters but won’t charge tuition? It’s too good to be true!”


Ye Kong said seriously, “Mother, I mean it! You think that I am kidding you, don’t you? I will show you, where there is a will, there is a way!”


“You haven’t used your brain for more than ten years! But now you are using it, I cannot even begin to follow your thoughts!” Chen Jiuniang said as she patted Ye Kong’s head. Then, she gasped, “Son, are you going to steal secret techniques? You definitely can’t do that!”


Chen Jiuniang took Ye Kong’s hand in panic. On the continent of Cangnan, Martial techniques and training methods were secrets closely guarded by their sects.


If you wanted to practice martial arts, you had to formally acknowledge and learn from a master. Attempting to learn these secret techniques without acknowledging a master was a serious crime and had extremely heavy punishments. If someone was caught by the sect members, they would remove the eyes that saw the technique, the tongue which could spread the technique, and limbs that could mimic the technique.


“Who said I was going to steal secret techniques?” Ye Kong smiled, “Mother, you guessed wrong! I am planning to have father teach me! Didn’t you say that he is a top martial artist? What do you think of this idea?”


“It would be amazing if the general would like to teach you! But if…” Chen Jiuniang hesitated, ‘Ye Haoran is disgusted by me, will he teach my son?’


“Why not try?” Ye Kong smiled and stood up. “Mother let’s go have breakfast! After eating, I will ask to see my father!”


The dining hall was in the corner of the outer courtyards. Chen Jiuniang took Ye Kong there and wanted to tell everyone they passed that her son had recovered, in the hopes that others would not call him a fool anymore.


But it seemed nobody cared about them. Chen Jiuniang was only an ugly woman with a bastard child, her words didn’t carry much weight in the Ye household. She wasn’t well liked, and most people didn’t want to talk with her or look at her face. When she was the first to greet others, she would be ignored, and very few people would return her greeting.


“Hi, Xiao Gouzi…” Chen Jiuniang greeted another servant passing by. The servant was planning to get married and had asked her for help sewing many times. Chen Jiuniang wanted to tell him first, but even he did not respond to her! He just passed by her as quickly as possible.


Ye Kong was angry. He grabbed Xiao Gouzi’s clothes and stopped him, “Stop! Didn’t you hear that my mother was talking to you!”


“Oh…” Xiao Gouzi chewed a steamed bun, blinking his sleepy eyes and gawked at Chen Jiuniang.


“Never mind! I was going to tell you that my son has recovered!” Chen Jiuniang was a little nervous. She was planning to say it in passing, but Ye Kong had already grabbed and stopped the man.


“Oh,” Xiao Gouzi nodded and moved like he was sleepwalking, holding his head. “Your son is not a fool, who cares?”


Chen Jiuniang was embarrassed that the servants showed her no respect. Ye Kong did not pull anyone else aside.  Stopping people and telling them that he was no longer a fool then dismissing them was silly.


“Mother, you know, it’s better to tell others by action.” Ye Kong held Chen Jiuniang’s arm and smiled. “We only need to wait for a fish to jump onto the chopping block, then we beat them like I beat Li Laosi last night. I promise that no one will call me a fool again by noon.”


Chen Jiuniang had to admit that Ye Kong’s idea was nice, but she dared not let Ye Kong make trouble again, she said, “Son, you have already beat Li Laosi. You can’t make any more trouble for us!”


“Don’t worry. If others don’t bully me, I won’t bully others!” Ye Kong smiled happily.


‘Hehe, did you enjoy bullying me while I was a fool? Just come bully me again today! I am waiting for you!’


However, Ye Kong felt upset. The people who ate in the dining hall were all servants that were preoccupied with their work, especially in the morning. After eating their steamed buns, they immediately returned to work. Nobody had any free time to bully Ye Kong.


Chen Jiuniang grabbed the steamed buns and porridge and brought them back to Ye Kong as quickly as she could, she was worried that Ye Kong would start beating someone again. Chen Jiuniang was pleasantly surprised that Sister Ma was not here today, she would frequently make things difficult for Chen Jiuniang.


Ye Kong’s dream to beat others to earn respect did not come true, but he didn’t care. His priority was speaking with his father.


“Son, when you see your father, do not make him angry!” After eating, Chen Jiuniang helped tidy up Ye Kong’s clothes and warned him repeatedly.


It made Chen Jiuniang happy that her son had recovered from being a drooling fool and seemed normal now, but it seemed like her son had a bad temper and a violent streak.


Ye Kong smiled, “Mother, you may rest assured! I am not stupid or silly! I don’t plan on risking my life to beat that old bastard. I am just going to discuss with him how his eighth son will study and learn martial arts. Don’t worry, I know that I can’t take that old bastard. It would be like throwing an egg at a rock.”


Chen Jiuniang was still worried about him and told him again, “Son, don’t talk back to your father, even Ye You doesn’t dare to talk back to him and he’s your father’s favorite. I know you have a temper, but you should remain tolerant. If the general doesn’t want to teach you, then never mind. If he scolds you, you must only quietly listen…”


“I got it. Mother, I’m going,” Ye Kong tidied up his clothes and swaggered out, but he suddenly realized that swaggering like a thug was not elegant. ‘Mm, I should have a more dignified walk. Hehe, ready or not, here I come!’


Ye Kong thought it would be easy to ask to see his father, but he was mistaken. On Earth, if a son wanted to see his father it was easy, you could always just pick up a phone and call them directly.


But it was quite different in the Ye manor. Ye Kong needed others to pass on his message to his father. If he was a different son, the servants would have been more than willing to pass along his message, but no one wanted to help Ye Kong.


First, the two servants at the door of the inner courtyard stopped Ye Kong.


“Elder brothers, would you please kindly make an exception for me and let me pass!” Ye Kong smiled at the two servants.


“Who is your brother? Outsiders are not permitted inside!”


Ye Kong was furious when he heard the servant’s words! He was Ye Haoran’s son! He was an exception! Was that servant blind?


Ye Kong swallowed his anger and said, “Elder brothers, I’m Ye Kong, the eighth son of the general. Please let me enter and see my father!”


The younger servant who served the second wife smiled coldly, “I know you are Ye Kong. Ye Kong, Ye Kong, we checked his head, but his brain is gone! Haha!”


The two servants laughed loudly.


The elder servant said, “Young master, please don’t put me on the spot. I am aware that you are no longer the fool you once were, so have you ever wondered why the other wives of the general and other young masters can live in the inner courtyards but you and your mother have to live in the outer courtyards?”


The elder servant stopped speaking. It was clear that the general disliked this son, maybe he even hated having him as a son.


The elder servant said again, “You asked for a favor, but we are unable to help or we will be punished. You should go return to your courtyard!”


Ye Kong did not think that Ye Haoran hated Ye Kong so deeply that he wouldn’t even grant him an audience. This was too much!


But although he was angry, he couldn’t take it out on the smiling elder servant. He begged, “Elder brother, that was before. Now, I am a normal child. Please pass on a message for me! When I get my reward money, I will not forget my two elder brothers!”


The younger servant uttered a snorting laugh, “What reward money? You will receive nothing but punishment! It seems you are still a silly child! Sorry we don’t want to be beaten as punishment for helping you!”


‘You won’t let me enter, and you won’t pass on my messages either. Is it really so hard to see my father?’ Ye Kong was furious and scolded that servant, “What the hell are you talking about? Do you think that I won’t beat you right here, right now?”


The servant turned back and shouted into the inner courtyard, “Help! Help! Somebody is breaking into the inner yard!”


“Fuck your ancestors! If you say I am breaking in, then fine I will break my way in” Ye Kong shouted as he punched the man in the face!


“Who is breaking into the inner yard? Don’t you know the rules of the Ye Manor? Whoever breaks into the inner courtyard will be treated as an assassin!” A sturdy looking young man walked out followed by ten soldiers following behind him, with swords on their waist bands.


Ye Kong searched through his inherited memories to find out who he was speaking with. The young man was the son of the second wife, the young master Ye Wen. The soldiers following him were the personal soldiers of the Ye family.


Ye Kong could beat several servants easily but he would be immediately beaten down by any one of these soldiers who excelled at martial arts.


“Ah, so it’s second brother!” Ye Kong bowed slightly and gave a respectful salute while saying, “I want to see father, but this rebellious servant doesn’t put me in his eyes. How could he deny a son speaking with his father?”


Ye Wen and his followers already knew that Ye Kong wanted to see his father, this was why they had been waiting here for him. Ye Wen smiled and answered, “Eighth brother, have really recovered! I am so happy for you! You don’t know how much special attention I gave you when you were still a fool!”


‘If by special attention you mean scolding and beating me!’ Ye Kong hated Ye Wen but he continued to smile at him, “Thanks so much for your special attention and care, second brother! I will definitely repay you some day!”


‘Repay me some day? You mean you want to take revenge on me? But with your skills, you stand no chance!’ Ye Wen thought, as he said with a fake smile, “Of course! Anytime!”


Ye Kong did not want to speak needlessly, “Now that second brother is here, Can you let me in to see father?”


Ye Wen smiled, “Of course I could normally, but just recently father shut his doors to visitors and declined seeing anyone. Even I cannot see him, not to mention you!”


Ye Kong had no idea if Ye Wen was speaking the truth or not, but he knew that he could not ask to see Ye Haoran today.


“Thank you, I will be leaving then!” Ye Kong bowed and turned back.


“Eighth brother, don’t leave in a hurry!” Ye Wen followed and smiled, “Eighth brother, it’s hopeless for you to try and see father, even if you climbed the wall of the inner courtyard. There is another group of soldiers standing guard at father’s door, not to mention whether you get to see him or not, you might make him angry and be punished for breaking in. That would be terrible!”


Ye Kong said coldly, “It’s none of your business!”


Ye Wen wasn’t provoked by Ye Kong and widened his smile, “I am only trying to help. I have a way that you can meet father in 10 days!”

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