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Chapter 6 Competition (2)

Chapter 6 Competition (2)


The most exciting part was not the fierce competition, but because everyone wanted to see Ye Kong make a fool of himself and they could relish how awkward it would be after he lost.


“Look there! It’s Ye Kong’s turn!”


“Shall we guess how long he can remain in the competition.”


“He’ll lose this round.”


“Haha, you are overestimating him. I bet he will wet himself in the arena from fear.”


Hearing that constant mocking, Ye Kong shook his head indifferently, ‘Don’t you guys have a little bit of familial compassion and brotherhood?’


“Please enlighten me,” Ye Kong clenched his fists and saluted Ye Long.


Ye Long did not respond to him. Ye Long stood across from Ye Kong with his hands behind his back, looking down at Ye Kong.


“If you don’t want to be beaten, then surrender and step down from the arena immediately!” Ye Long sneered.


Ye Long was only fourteen years old, but he was stronger than Ye Hu. He looked like a fully grown adult.


After seeing the competition between Ye Hu and Ye Kuang, Ye Kong had lost his confidence. He didn’t have the ability to beat the strength focused competitors or the agility focused competitors.


The others had trained their martial arts for many years, but Ye Kong had only been able to do basic strength training for eight days. Neither running nor push-ups could help him beat his other siblings.


“Fuck off back to your mother!” Ye Kong, who had no chance to win, suddenly roared and pounced towards Ye Long.


‘I have nothing, but I am willing to die! Are you?’


“You dare to curse at me!” Ye Long shouted and stepped aside.


He thought Ye Kong would not dare to compete with him and would give in immediately, so he stood loftily while looking down on Ye Kong, but he was wrong. Ye Kong had caught him off guard with his sudden attack.


“Hey, are you even an adult? I am a thug; I was cursing when you were still in your mother’s womb!” Ye Kong punched and kicked him.


Ye Long practiced marital arts, so he easily evaded Ye Kong’s unskilled strikes.


“Since you want to be beaten up, don’t blame Fourth Brother for being rude!” Ye Long’s eyes flashed with a hint of ruthlessness and he punched towards Ye Kong with incredible force.


It was clear to the onlookers that Ye Kong was just a bluffing and he had no real skills. Ye Long had been caught off guard initially, but now he was prepared to fight.


Seeing the start of the fight between them, Ye Haoran was worried for Ye Kong, but he never had high expectations for Ye Kong in this competition. In fact, Ye Haoran had already seen Ye Kong training during a storm. He had a good impression that this son of his was diligent and strong-willed, though untrained.


‘You are not as strong as others, so you should run from the stronger opponent. While he’s chasing you, let him tire himself out and then launch an attack. How stupid you are to take the initiative to attack a stronger opponent! Are you seeking your own demise? If your opponent finds an opportunity, he might end up killing you!’


In Ye Haoran’s opinion, Ye Kong was weaker than Ye Long both in skills and strength. Now Ye Long was attacking Ye Kong in a head on clash, there was no chance for victory.


“Alas!” Ye Haoran sighed slightly and waited for Ye Kong to be defeated.


However, miracles were amazing things that defied common logic.


Ye Kong didn’t dodge Ye Long’s punch and it landed on Ye Kong’s chest!




However, Ye Kong didn’t fall to the ground, and instead it was Ye Long who looked like he was in incredible pain.


Ye Kong wasn’t an idiot. Before he left for the competition this morning, he sewed an iron plate into his clothes. It wasn’t extremely thick, so Ye Long’s punch still caused him to wince in pain.


Unfortunately, Ye Long had punched him while using his inner martial arts. Ye Kong could already taste the blood rushing up from his throat and into his mouth, his face had turned purple.


Ye Long shook his wrist that looked like it had been broken and roared, “No wearing armor in the competition!”


However, it was still not over.


Ye Kong’s mouth was filled with blood and he could feel his body had lost a great deal of strength, so he opened his mouth to spit his blood at Ye Long’s face. He was close enough that the blood hit the target and went into Ye Long’s eyes, blinding him momentarily.


“No spitting blood! No attacking the eyes!”


Kick them while they are down was Ye Kong’s motto. So, he kicked Ye Long violently in the crotch with all his power.




Ye Long howled in pain. It was a strange image to see him standing there with his face smeared with blood, his eyes closed and his legs bent and clamped together. His right hand was covering his crotch and his left hand was extended into the sky as he screamed. At this moment, he reminded Ye Kong of Michael Jackson.


“No attacking vital parts!”


“This is forbidden. That is forbidden. Do you think I am playing with you?” Ye Kong smiled coldly, he spat out another mouthful of blood and walked towards Ye Long. He squatted in front of him, swept one of Ye Longs legs and flipped him over his shoulders.


That was when, Ye Long, a favorite to win the competition, fell from the platform.


Everyone in the audience almost fainted from shock. Their eyes were so wide they might have fallen out.


Ye Kong won!


Even more surprising was that he’d broken so many rules in a single match!


“How dare you! You hurt fourth brother by breaking rules, and you did it in front of Ye Haoran. Do you not know the meaning of the word ‘death’?”


They looked at Ye Haoran, only to find that Ye Haoran was shocked and stunned too. His mouth opened and closed intermittently.


The first one to react was Ye Hu, Ye Long’s full brother. He rushed to Ye Long and hugged him, raising his head and shouting at Ye Kong, “Shameless child! You broke the rules and hurt my brother! Aren’t you afraid of the family law enforcement?”


His shout woke Ye Haoran. Ye Haoran stood up and roared, “Help! Carry Ye Long away and treat him. Check and treat his manhood!”


Soon several private guards came and carried Ye Long to a room.


Ye Haoran pointed to Ye Kong and shouted in anger, “No wearing armor in the competition! No using weapons! No attacking eyes or vital parts! Don’t you know how to follow rules?”


Everyone in the audience was watching Ye Kong and smirking.


‘Haha, you were so arrogant a moment ago, weren’t you? You won, didn’t you? Do you know that breaking one rule will be punished with one hundred blows from an army staff? You wore armor and attacked vital parts three times. Haha, that’s four hundred strikes! If you are not beaten to death, I won’t keep the name Ye!”


Ye Kong gave a wry smile, “Father, how would I know the rules if nobody told me?”


Of course, even if Ye Kong knew these rules, he would pretend to not know. “You should have arranged for somebody to tell me these rules.”


Ye Kong continued, “There is a saying that one who doesn’t know the law is not guilty of the crime. I really did not know there were so many rules in this competition. Second Brother only told me that we would be divided into age groups and fight to kill each other. He did not say there were other rules, so how could I know these rules?”


Ye Wen heard his name being dragged into it, he thought, ‘Well, aren’t you vicious one. Why did you bring me into this business?’


Feeling Ye Haoran’s angry glare, Ye Wen hurried towards him and explained, “Father, I did not say fight to kill each other, what I said was fight to be compared.”



“You did say it. You said we would fight to kill each other with this gesture and this smile,” Ye Kong’s imitation had perfectly captured Ye Wen’s usual body language and expressions.


“That’s a dirty lie!” Ye Wen was even starting to get confused; he couldn’t clearly remember what he said ten days ago. He could only feebly retort. He murmured in his heart, ‘Did I really say fight to kill?’


“Enough playing silly word games!” Ye Haoran yelled. “Did you tell him the rules of the competition?”


‘That child lied about me. So, can’t I just lie about him?’


He was struggling to think of a lie, but when he looked up at his father, he was immediately flustered. He remembered that there were private soldiers following him and they were all fiercely loyal to his father.


Ye Wen said less confidently, “No… Father, I only told him about the competition. I had no idea that he didn’t know the rules. Also, everyone knows…”


“That’s right!” Ye Haoran interrupted Ye Wen indifferently and looked up to Ye Kong, said, “Even if Ye Wen did not tell you the rules, you should have still been aware you were breaking them. You should know that these rules are not to be broken in all arenas in the An Kingdom.”


Hearing that, everyone agreed with what Ye Haoran said. The rules were adhered to throughout the country, how could someone not know of these rules?


“Don’t you know that? Do you still have something to say?”


However, Ye Kong really could say he did not know about that.


“Father, please use your own good judgement!” Ye Kong spoke loudly with a bow, “It’s well-known that I was a fool throughout my life. The last twelve years of my life were nothing but blurry images to me. Nobody taught me or told me anything. Don’t talk about the national rules or even the rules of Ye family as nobody has ever taught me a single thing! Not only do I not know how to read and write, but I have never stepped outside the Ye manor! If you punish a fool because you never taught him like you did with your normal children, I will refuse to accept it!”


“You…” Ye Haoran pointed at Ye Kong but he felt he could not refute Ye Kong, he thought, ‘You said you were a fool, but why do I have a feeling that so many of us have just been fooled?’


“Lord Ye!” A private guard came in and saved them from the awkward silence.


“The fourth young master has been examined. He received minor injuries and his knuckles were damaged, but they can be healed. There were no other problems on his body, including his manhood. He just needs to rest for a few days, and he will recover.”


Hearing the results of his examination, Ye Haoran was relieved, “Take the fourth young master to rest and ask the best doctor to use the best possible medicine to heal him!”


He turned to Ye Kong, “Ye Kong, because you were unaware of the rules, you won’t receive any strikes from the army staff this time, but you will be forced to copy the entire book of competition rules and regulations, one thousand times.”


His siblings couldn’t help hiss. Copying the rules a thousand times was too merciful.


But Ye Kong still did not want to accept this punishment.


“Father, I still can’t read.”


Ye Haoran was furious, “Being an illiterate fool! Is that your undefeatable ability?” he snorted,   he knew it was unreasonable to ask an illiterate person to copy books, so he gave up and moved on to Ye Wen, “Now you, when you informed him of the competition, you should have explained it clearly. You are also responsible for this. So, it is you who will be tasked to copy the competition rules a thousand times!”


Ye Wen almost spat out blood.


‘What??? A fool beat a man and broke the rules, but he won’t be punished. He won’t even need to copy the competition rules, but I, who did nothing, will have to? Is this really reasonable?’


“I accept the punishment!” Ye Wen bowed helplessly. When he turned around, he found that Ye Kong was smiling at him from the arena. ‘Idiot! Don’t be happy too early! We will see how you die today!’


Ye Haoran spoke again, “Ye Hu, you have no need to stay here now. Go back to take care of your brother!”


Ye Hu did not want to leave and said, “Father, I won’t leave now. I want to challenge Ye Kong right now!”


Facing Ye Hu’s angry eyes, Ye Kong felt hopeless. ‘Challenge me? Can I still accept another challenge? I went out of my way to win against Ye Long. If I compete with Ye Hu, I will die.’


Ye Wen said unexpectedly, “Father, so do I!”


Ye Kong winced, ‘Fuck off! Ye Hu could kill me easily. Ye Long also wanted to kill me and he was stronger than Ye Hu! What the hell did I do to you? Why are you all targeting me?’


“According to the rules, if both of you want to challenge Ye Kong, the older one should get the chance! Ye Wen will fight Ye Kong!” Ye Haoran said.


“Hey, hey, you haven’t asked for my opinion yet!” Ye Kong interposed, “Since I was too exhausted today, I reject this challenge!”


“You can’t reject!”


‘Fuck my ancestor’s tablet! I can’t even reject it! Ye Wen, you had this planned all along, right?’


“But you can ask one of your siblings for help!” Ye Haoran said again.


“Asking for help?” Ye Kong looked back at those siblings and thought, ‘Who is willing to help me? Nobody! Every sibling here is an enemy who wants to see me dead! If I ask them to help me during competition, I bet I will die more quickly!’


Ye Kong thought it over and asked, “Then can I give in?”


He was never a stubborn man. When he and his gang fought against other gangs, if he found their side was outnumbered, he would escape quickly to keep his life. It was necessary to know when a thug should hold his head high and when to eat humble pie. It was the only way he could continue to survive.


“You could give in,” Ye Haoran answered.


“If I give in, will you punish me?”


“No more punishment, but maybe others will think you as a coward!”


‘Hehe, I have been regarded as a fool for twelve years. You think I care about whether you think I am a coward or not?’


Just when everyone thought that he was going to give in, Ye Kong asked again, “Is there a reward for the winner?”


Ye Haoran smiled, “Yes, I can reward you anything you need!”


Ye Kong’s eyes lit up, ‘Damn it! I’m gonna fight! I am not a man who will accept mediocrity! I am going to learn martial arts from Ye Haoran. If I win, then he has to teach me! If I can be taught by Ye Haoran, one of the top generals of An, then I bet I will become stronger in a very short time!


“All right. I accept the challenge!”


There were sniggers from the audience. ‘This child has bitten off more than he can chew! He is so arrogant that he even dreams of defeating Ye Wen! Could it be…?’


Somebody suddenly shouted as if they had been struck by lightning, “And no breaking the rules this time!”


“Yes, the fool has become so crafty and cunning. We forgot to have him take his armor off!”


Ye Haoran waved and motioned for everyone to be quiet. Then he said, “Take Ye Kong to change his clothes! And Ye Wen, explain the rules of the competition clearly to him! When other siblings finish their competition, then it will be your turn!”


There was nothing unusual about the following fights. Everyone was patiently waiting to see the battle between Ye Wen and Ye Kong, so they were not extremely interested in the other fights.


In everyone’s opinion, Ye Kong had no way this time. He couldn’t break the rules, so how could he win?


Regardless, the events changed their view of Ye Kong. It was obvious that his brain had recovered from his previous mental impairment and he was actually quite clever. He was both courageous and cunning, his expertise seems to be entrapping others. There was nothing he dared not say and nothing he dared not do.


One hour later, the siblings’ competition was over, and the highly anticipated fight between Ye Wen and Ye Kong began.

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