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Chapter 9 Ye Wei

Ye Kong was very shocked to find the book, even more shocked than he had been when he arrived in Cangnan. He couldn’t imagine how the book had gotten into his mind. If he could get more books, that meant he would be a god of cheating on tests, right?


It was a pity that there were no college entrance examinations. Besides, it was a coincidence that this book was in his mind. He had no idea how to get other books in.


There were four golden, shining words on the cover of the book: a collection of spells. Below them read was a line of smaller words: “By Dragon & Tiger Immortal.”


Ye Kong thought the book had been in the kid’s mind, but that wasn’t the case.


‘The Dragon & Tiger Immortal must have something to do with that fortune-telling shop. It seems that Miss Zhao sent me into this new world and gave me something useful!’


Seeing this book, Ye Kong was excited. Even a fool would know that book about spells that could exist in his mind wasn’t a normal book, but it would be the key for living in this new world. 


He couldn’t wait to read the book, wondering what the spells were and if they would be useful to him, but he couldn’t open the book as just a ball of white light.  He didn’t give up and tried to use everything he could to get it open.


Even though he used all his strength, he still couldn’t open it, as if it weighed thousands of tons. He could only open a small corner of the shining indigo cover.


‘Fuck my ancestors’ tablet! I never thought I wouldn’t even be able to open a book.’


No matter how hard he tried to open the book, he failed. 


‘Damn it!’ Ye Kong felt dizzy suddenly, his eyes were blurry, and his body felt tired.



A rooster crowed. It was dawn.


“Ga!” Ye Kong’s thin body slumped on the bed. He closed eyes and his pale lips, he currently looked like a corpse. There were beads of sweat dripping from his forehead onto the pillow.


He had no idea, but that rooster had just saved his life. Nothing was more serious than an injury to his soul. Though he devoured the soul of the bodies original owner and he was much stronger than those of his age, he was exhausted and was almost dehydrated from blood loss. If it hadn’t been the crow of the rooster that woke him up, it was likely that he would’ve become catatonic. 


Although he escaped by luck, he felt terrible.


He was so weak.


He felt that his whole body was numb, and he had no longer had energy to move his body, even opening his eyes was impossible. As he closed his eyes, he felt nothing but weakness wash over him. He was even too weak to think or feel. Ambition, joy, sorrow, love, and hate, they all disappeared from his mind. 


It was another sunny day with a cloudless blue sky.


The state of Nan was very suitable for crop growth which made it perfect for human settlement. If it wasn’t so close to the wilderness and didn’t border the territory of barbarians, it would have been extremely prosperous.


Besides Andu City, the capital of the kingdom of An, Nandu City, the capital of Nan, was the most prosperous city among the eight states within the kingdom of An.


The prosperity of Nandu City came from the people migrating from all directions to gather to call this city home, but everyone knew that a lot of the credit belonged to Ye Haoran, the supreme commander of the state . If it weren’t for General Ye leading his troops to protect this area from the barbarians, this city would have never prospered. More than ten years ago, it was just a piece of barren wilderness before Ye Haoran was sent there.


Ye Haoran was a respected general because of his outstanding military achievements in his youth. The current emperor was only crowned due to the support he had from Ye Haoran and the Ye army.


The emperor however had started to worry that Ye Haoran would eventually control more power than him, so he sent Ye Haoran to the frontier to defend their country against the barbarian threat. Ye Haoran was fine with leaving to the frontier with his army, no longer having to worry about political struggles and schemes of the court. He took his troops to fight and defend the country at the border, he was a general with no political burdens. 


However, even though the barbarians had been beaten, they still continued to launch skirmishes. General Ye’s army was stationed at a place hundreds of miles away from Nandu city, and the eldest son of Ye Haoran, Ye Wei, stood guard there.


This morning, Ye Wei had returned in the early morning.


In the drawing room, Ye Haoran, who has just finished his morning exercise, put down his dagger and took the towel from Ye Wei to wipe his hands, “Wei Er, you should be with the army, why did you come back?”


Ye Wei answered, “I came back for two things. Firstly, it’s said that the barbarians have recovered their strength after ten years of vigorous efforts to achieve prosperity. Recently, another Khan has been named, and they are very ambitious. I think we will be forced into a fight with him sooner or later. If we don’t take the initiative to beat them as soon as possible, he will unify the tribes of the barbarians within ten years! I’m afraid that when the time comes, we will not have the strength to beat them.”


Ye Haoran thought for a moment and said, “It isn’t urgent. When I report to His Majesty, we will see how to best deal with it. Then what about the second piece of news?”


“Oh, it’s that recently I heard Immortal Wan Xuan–”


“Go to the study!” Ye Haoran interrupted.


The matters of the army could be discussed in the drawing room but matters regarding immortals were top secret and could only be discussed in the study.


In the study, of the Yamen. [TN: an official government office in ancient China]


“Dad, will Immortal Wan Xuan covet the treasure handed down by our family?” Ye Wei asked extremely carefully.


“Don’t talk nonsense!” Ye Haoran roared while glancing around. 

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