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TMC Chapter 100 Pills

A punch! Only a single punch!


A bottom grade beast couldn’t resist the power of Ye Kong’s punch!


There was no other technique in this fist. It was a simple fist filled with pure strength. In the blink of an eye the tigers skull was crushed from the impact, killing the beast.


Such a powerful punch! Although it’s not a rare thing for a martial artist to kill a winged tiger, it could only be achieved through the use of weapons, the use of superior intelligence to set a trap, or by using superior numbers.


But ye Kong didn’t use any weapon and he didn’t lure it into a trap. One punch, just a single punch was enough to kill the tiger. What power!


When the winged tiger fell, it was so quiet in the theatre. All the people stared at it. The powerful tiger had turned into a corpse in a matter of moments. It was not hard for Ye Kong to kill the tiger!


All the soldiers from the tiger camp took a deep breath and subconsciously pulled their own tigers closer to them. It was an incredible shock to them. With Ye Kong’s strength, even if they fought him together, they wouldn’t even last a few minutes.


Maybe they could flaunt their powerful tigers when fighting against the barbarians, but facing the powerful Ye Kong, they didn’t feel powerful at all!


Even other winged tigers who had just seen their companion being killed so easily, took a step back and looked at the young man with fear in their eyes.


“Ye Kong will win!” Suddenly someone in the crowd shouted.


“The Eighth young master will win! Ye Kong will win!” Hundreds of people roared, the sound seemed to penetrate the roof and soar to the sky!


“Behave yourselves!” As soon as Ye Kong shouted, the theater turned deadly silent. “The soldiers of the Ye Family should protect the lives of the innocent citizens, they should be respected by the people and train themselves strictly.” While Ye Kong was speaking, every step he took forward, Ye Wu took a step back in panic.


“Those soldier who try harm the lives of innocent citizens, I will kill them!”


Ye Kong was standing in front of a one-meter high stage, looking at Ye Wu who was stop atop the stage.


Although Ye Wu stood above Ye Kong looking down, he had no confidence. He only felt that his whole body had gone numb and cold and his legs were shaking uncontrollably.


“You…you can’t kill me! I’m an officer in the army! I’m still an assistant general! To kill me, you must get permission from the general! You, you, you’re not part of the army at all! You can’t decide!” Ye Wu said hurriedly.


“I don’t need anyone’s permission to kill a man!” Ye Kong made a light hum and then flew up onto the stage.


“I, I, No!” Ye Wu was really afraid this time, but he had no one to blame but himself.


“Eighth brother! Please don’t!” Said Ye Wen, who had only just arrived to stop his brother.


“Brother, spare his life! I’m begging you, please!” Ye Wen threw himself to his knees before Ye Kong, blocking his way.


For the sake of his brother’s life, Ye Wen didn’t care about his face or his reputation. The moment he received the report that Ye Wu had gone to the spring appreciating tower to find Ye Kong, he knew that something terrible would happen. Ye Wen rode his tiger as fast as he could and managed to arrive just in time.


But when Ye Wu saw his brother kneeling, all the fear he was feeling disappeared for a moment. He pulled Ye Wen and said, “Brother, don’t kneel to him, he…”


Ye Wu even wanted to say that Ye Kong was responsible for his mother’s death. Ye Wen already knew what his brother was going to say, but if he allowed him to say it at this moment, he would be killing himself!


“Pah!” He landed a powerful slap across Ye Wu’s face causing his mouth to bleed.


“You bastard! Kneel on the ground!” After Ye Wen slapped Ye Wu, he pulled him onto his knees.


But Ye Kong would not give up easily. He snorted coldly, “As a Ye Family soldier, the people of this city are our brothers and sisters. War is coming, but he doesn’t know how to protect the people. If he is not punished, the people won’t let this matter go.” Ye Kong pointed to the crowd of people and scolded, “Ask the injured if they will agree to let him go!”


When Ye Kong finished speaking, there was a loud uproar from the people under the stage, “We don’t agree!”


Ye Wen’s body was shocked by the roar, but he understood the meaning behind Ye Kong’s words.


Ye Kong couldn’t help it. Although Ye Wu disobeyed military regulations of the Ye army, Ye Kong was not an officer within the army. He had no right to punish him for breaking the military regulations. Also, if Ye Wu was killed here, Chen Jiuniang would not agree, so instead of saying he would kill him, he used the word “punished”.


Ye Wen immediately understood his meaning. He got up and said to the audience, “To all you who have been hurt by my brother, I will apologize to you on behalf of my brother!” He bowed three times, and said, “Don’t worry, I will make sure this bastard receives punishment. We will restrain him and send him to the Ye Family’s general to issue punishment according to the military regulations. He won’t have an easy time! As for the injured, we will pay each of you one hundred liang of silver for medical care, and those who are not injured will get twenty liang in compensation.”


Ye Wen looked at the people under the stage, but no one made a sound. Knowing that everything relied on him convincing the crowd of people, he knelt down and cried, “Folks, my brother has only just returned from defending the frontier and fighting the barbarians. For the sake of this, please give him another chance!”


When Ye Wen mentioned the war, no one made any noise, but a few people had started to nod. However seeing that Ye Kong had no reaction, the people below remained silent.


At this time, Chen Jiuniang had come down from the second floor and started to pull Ye Wen up from kneeling, saying, “It’s okay to let this matter go with this. As this was the first time Ye Wu has broken military regulations, Ye Wei will punish him accordingly.”


Hearing Chen Jiuniang’s words, the people below said, “We agree with Maternal Aunt Chen.”


Chen Jiuniang was extremely popular with the people in the theatre. No one looked at her face with astonishment, they were all grateful to her. After all, she accepted humiliation to save the people from harm.


Seeing Ye Wu being tied up and sent out by Ye Wen, Huang Quan suddenly said, “If I were you, I would have killed him directly.”


Ye Kong sighed, “I want to kill him, but he is still my brother. If I were to kill him in public, I will be criticized for it, even if my actions were reasonable.”


“Don’t care too much about what others think or you may suffer because of it in the future!” Huang Quan said angrily.


“I will wait to see what happens. I hope you two don’t plan on doing anything else foolish.” Ye Kong looked at Ye Wen and Ye Wu and said coldly.


“Brother Ye Kong.” Lu Qin and Xiao Hong rushed over at this moment. Lu Qin pointed to Chen Jiuniang, who was talking with the injured people in the audience, and whispered, “Maybe this was a blessing in disguise.”


Lu Qin’s meaning was clear to all. Chen Jiuniang was extremely shy because of the scar on her face. She always stayed at her small courtyard and didn’t come out due to fear of being ridiculed. After some time, she even became afraid of meeting new people which caused her loved ones to worry.


Now, this event could help her to eliminate her psychological obstacles. After experiencing that not everyone would ridicule her for her appearance, she would be able to leave her yard with confidence.


After everyone had started to leave, Ye Kong walked over to Chen Jiuniang and handed her the black veil.


“Ah!” Chen Jiuniang exclaimed, covering her face in panic, “Why didn’t you remind me earlier?”


It turned out that she had forgotten to cover her face after exposing her appearance. Ye Kong smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, everyone saw it already, you don’t need to wear it.”


Chen Jiuniang took the black veil and said, “I was all the way on the second floor. Maybe not everyone could see me clearly.” After covering her face again with black veil, she started to worry, “Now that so many people have seen my face, will it cause people to start rumors about the Ye Family?”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Mom, think about it. You didn’t cover your face just now when you stood in front of them speaking. Did they make you feel uncomfortable? Did any of them behave rudely?”


Chen Jiuniang thought about it and said, “I don’t think so.”


“Then it will be ok. I think you should take off this black veil when you go outside.”


Chen Jiuniang shook her head and refused, “These people are grateful to me, but it will be different if I go outside. The people who are only passing by will stare and laugh at me.”


Ye Kong thought about it and agreed with her reasoning, so he didn’t continue to push her. He secretly decided that he would find the cure for his mother as soon as possible.


In the evening, when they returned to Ye Family, Ye Kong greeted everyone, and then immediately began to cultivate.


He wanted to cultivate the remaining Qi from Huang Quan that was in his body to reach the fourth layer. Then, there would be no reason for Huang Quan to object to him going outside to travel.


He sat on his bed and took out the pipa bead for Huang Quan, while also taking out the white pills that he got from killing Xia Hui, the barbarians cultivator.


It was a small pill with light yellow color. There was a pleasant fragrance on the pill, but there was also a slight burnt smell.


“Old Ancestor, I am going to eat this pill!”


“Eat it then.” Huang Quan didn’t look up at all.


Ye Kong was depressed, “Do you even know what I am going to eat? You just nod! It seems like I am not as important as that stupid bead!”


“But it’s true.” Huang Quan laughed and scolded, “Just swallow it already and begin your cultivation. Do you think I am lying to you?”


“No, I can smell a burnt smell from the pill.”


“That’s because the pills are not high grade. Generally, high grade elixirs and pills that are made by an experienced alchemist are fragrant and odourless. However, it’s also normal for lower grade pills to carry a burnt smell. After all, not every pill is created by a master alchemist. Sometimes if the fire isn’t controlled well, some of the medicinal ingredients are burnt. Don’t worry too much about it.”


Hearing what the Huang Quan said, Ye Kong swallowed the pill, then crossed his legs and began to cultivate.

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