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TMC Chapter 101 Inner Demon

The effect of the pill was magical. As soon as it entered Ye Kong’s abdomen, Ye Kong immediately felt that the pill had dissolved into a liquid that rushed into his limbs. Ye Kong suddenly felt that all of his meridians were being forced to open by an unknown force, and the absorption of Qi became much smoother.


It was the first time Ye Kong had taken this type of pill, so the effect was still very good. After taking the pill, he could cultivate with half the effort, and the speed of refining immortal Qi had sharply increased.


Ye Kong was very happy, he didn’t expect that killing a barbarians cultivator could bring such good benefits. Such pills would only be supplied to the disciples of a large family or sect, it was extremely precious to rogue cultivators like Ye Kong.


One of the most important reasons why cultivators would look to join a sect was because cultivating with pills was completely different from cultivating without them. With the supply of pills, the speed of cultivation would be twice as fast as a rogue cultivator or a wandering cultivator.



The meridians being opened was like if a narrow road suddenly widened, making it easier for the traffic to pass through it. The speed of refining Qi had gone from being stuck in traffic to speeding down a highway, Ye Kong had never experienced something like this before.


“This pill is really magical, if there is a guaranteed supply of pills, the speed of cultivating the Five Elements to Immortality would be much faster!”


Three days later, Ye Kong awoke from the joy of the high-speed Qi refining, this was because he felt that the effect of the pill had started to wear off.


“The duration of the pill effect is too short; it can only support three days of cultivation per pill.” Ye Kong was a little reluctant to take out the pills to use again, since each pill could only last for three days, these fifty pills could only be used for one hundred and fifty days.


Huang Quan , who was still studying the pipa bead laughed, “That’s why I told you this pill was trash, the alchemist who refined it was lacking in skill and materials, what he refined was the worst of the worst, if someone gave me a bottle of these pills in the past, I’d beat him to death with it.”


“Well, you’ve said that eight hundred times already, but who is lining up to give you pills now? Stop dreaming.” Ye Kong disapproved of his words.


“Huh, what a poor boy, you regard trash as treasure. You need to understand that there are different grades for the same type of pills, when you take a mid-grade or top-grade version of this pill, you will know how big the difference between them is!”


Ye Kong’s eyes brightened when he heard this, and he came up to Huang Quan with a smile, he grabbed his arm and said, “Old Ancestor, young and handsome ancestor… what about…”


“Stop!” Of course Huang Quan knew what he was going to say, so he threw off Ye Kong’s hand and scolded, “Stop, you’re making me feel disgusted. I can’t help you refine this pill, such pills not only require the correct materials, but also an alchemy cauldron. They are not as simple to refine as fasting pills.


Hearing Huang Quan’s words, Ye Kong looked miserable, “When I am done with these pills, I will be completely out of stock.”


“Since you are a rogue cultivator, there’s no other way.”


“It would be fantastic if I could join an immortal cultivating school.” Ye Kong was full of yearning for the cultivation resources provided by large families, schools and sects.


Time passed in what seemed like an instant, it was at that time when Ye Kong finally finished the last pill.


It had been nearly half a year, Ye Kong had stopped cultivating on numerous occasions. When he came out from his closed door cultivation, he would accompany Lu Qin and Xiao Hong, and he even occasionally went to the Spring appreciating tower, he was really enjoying life while cultivating.


There hadn’t been big changes at the border during this time. The Ye army was not in a hurry to launch a large-scale attack, and the barbarians were also busy with tribes that hadn’t been conquered yet. This caused the war to sometimes grind to a halt, only to begin again at a later date, it was being dragged on, day by day.


“Old ancestor, I’ve eaten all the pills.” Ye Kong absorbed the last wisp of Qi and opened his eyes.


“You haven’t risen to the fourth layer of Qi refining yet, so all you can do is continue to cultivate.” Huang Quan said, but he was still thinking about the bead.


In slightly less than half a year of high-speed refining, Ye Kong had refined almost all of the immortal Qi he absorbed from Huang Quan, but he had only reached the peak of the third layer of Qi refining.


Ye Kong was upset and said, “I can certainly reach the fourth layer of Qi refining with ten or twenty more pills.”


“What else do you want, boy?” Yelled Huang Quan , “If it was not for this unexpected harvest, you would have needed more than a year to refine all of my immortal Qi, but now you have achieved that in half a year, so use the remaining half a year to cultivate diligently! ”


“Oh.” Ye Kong felt helpless. Huang Quan was right, the pills were indeed an unexpected harvest, it was already lucky enough to have such a good harvest, how could he continue to eat pills like they were candies?


Although he thought so, Ye Kong, had grown accustomed to refining immortal Qi with the increased speed and it felt uncomfortable when he tried to cultivate using his original refining speed. In addition, he was really eager to go to the market, so he couldn’t put his mind at rest to cultivate diligently.


After a few days, Ye Kong finally stood up and said, “No, I can’t cultivate.”


“You should remain calm and be patient when cultivating, or else you will go mad.” Said Huang Quan .


“But I can’t calm down, and the immortal Qi doesn’t want to do what I tell it!” Ye Kong grasped his hair and said.


“Look at you, you’ve already lost your temper!” Huang Quan scolded angrily, and then said in a calm tone, “It seems that you have a demon in your heart.”


What was an inner demon? It was hard to explain, it could be an obsession, greed, or a habit.


For tens of thousands of years, no one could find a conclusive answer regarding inner demons. Just like when in love, even you knew that there were more beautiful, or better women than the one you loved, when it came to choosing, you would always choose the one you loved. This was even true in cases where people knew they would come to regret it later, but they couldn’t help returning to the one they loved. This was an inner demon, this was a heart demon.


There were two ways to solve an inner demon, one was to overcome it with a strong will, and the other was to give in to it, once you achieved your desire, you would no longer have the demon.



Looking at the fidgety Ye Kong, Huang Quan sighed and said, “Don’t rush your cultivation, take a few days to relax and if you still can’t cultivate after that… then you can go to that barbarian market. ”


“All right.” Ye Kong nodded, he pulled the spirit stone from the array and stopped his cultivation.


“Kong, there’s good news. There’s news from Andu that the emperor will release your father soon.” Chen Jiuniang told Ye Kong the good news happily as soon as he went outside.


Because of Ye Kong’s strength, no mistresses dared to forget about Chen Jiuniang, so as soon as the news arrived, she had been informed.


“Oh, that’s good news.” It had been nearly four years since Ye Haoran went to Andu City, that was the last time Ye Kong had seen his father.


Thinking that Ye Haoran had tried his best to teach him martial arts, he could not help but sighing.


“If you want to stand out from other martial artists, it’s impossible.” Every time Ye Kong remembered these words, he shook his head and sighed. It was such an incredible blow to him at the time, but now, even the most powerful martial arts experts would be helpless against him.


He was wondering what would Ye Haoran think when he came back and found that he was no match for Ye Kong.


Ye Kong smiled and asked, “When will dad come back?”


Chen Jiuniang said with a smile, “It still depends, the Emperor has only recently made this decree, so it will be a while before he sets off.”


“Oh.” Ye Kong nodded.


“How happy your father will be when he comes back and sees the great progress you have made in his absence.” Chen Jiuniang gently looked at Ye Kong.


In these years, she often recalled the times before Ye Kong recovered, before she moved from the outer courtyard to the inner courtyard. In the blink of an eye she went from being bullied by others to a well-respected member of the Ye Family, and her son had become a dragon amongst men.


“Mom, dad will not only be happy to see me, but also to see you!” Ye Kong said with a smile.


Chen Jiuniang’s face darkened, she subconsciously covered her face and said, “Don’t comfort your mother, as long as the general attaches importance to you, I will be happy.”


“Mother, don’t worry, I will find a cure for your face before dad comes back, it will give him a surprise!”


Ye Kong, who was originally going to rest for a few days had a change of plans. Since it was unlikely that he could ignore this inner demon, it would be better to go out to find a sure for his mother and grab some pills for himself since he was already out.


Before Ye Kong said anything to Huang Quan, he heard the old man sigh, “Oh, go on then, I can’t stop you, but remember not to cause any trouble. I don’t have much immortal Qi remaining, if I use what I have left, I will need to recover in the sword for three years before I can reawaken. If that happens, you will no longer have anyone to help you!”


Hearing Huang Quan agreed, Ye Kong was very happy and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, ancestor, I will act very low-key way and I won’t need your help.”


“I hope so.” Huang Quan hummed and stopped talking.


Knowing that her son was going to cure her face, Chen Jiuniang was also very happy, but she was worried that her son would do something dangerous.


Ye Kong naturally wouldn’t be truthful about the danger he might face. In order to stop her from worrying about him, he assured her that it was absolutely safe. However, he said that it could take a long time, to stop Chen Jiuniang from worrying if something happened and he was gone a long time.


Ye Kong calculated the time, according to the Lu brothers, the market near the mountain village always opened around the 15th every month, so there were five days before the next opening.


There was no time to delay, since they didn’t know the exact location of the market, Ye Kong had no idea whether they could find it within the five day time window.


Fortunately, the cultivators didn’t need to prepare much for long journeys when they went out, so Ye Kong was ready to leave the same day.


Chen Jiuniang didn’t expect that he would be leaving so soon, so she quickly reminded him, “Before you go, say goodbye to Lu Qin and Xiao Hong.”


Ye Kong led Lu Qin and Xiao Hong to his room and reminded Lu Qin to continue making talismans, and to take good care of Xiao Hong and his mother. Then he gave each of them a piece of spirit stone and taught them to activate the array in his room.


Although the defensive power of the array was not strong, it would be more than enough to block secular martial arts experts. Ye Kong was afraid that with the news of Ye Haoran’s return, there could be an incident while he was away.


Lu Qin practiced the Shadow Clan martial arts and had reached the level of a martial arts expert, together with the defense of the array, Ye Kong felt at ease leaving them alone.


After teaching them how to activate the array, Xiao Hong suddenly said, “I got it, I have something else to attend to… have a good chat.”


Xiao Hong got up, giggled and pushed a Lu Qin, whispering, “Take the initiative.” Then she ran out of the room.


Lu Qin was embarrassed and her face had blushed a deep shade of red. Xiao Hong was too straightforward, Lu Qin was so embarrassed that she even tried to hide her head by drilling it into her two peaks.


Ye Kong that the little girl he met back then had grown into a young woman. The changes that happened to this 16-year-old girl were becoming more noticeable by the day, even her iron-board chest had become a pair of eye catching peaks.


“Will you be gone a long time?” Lu Qin finally said with courage.


“I don’t know. It depends.” Ye Kong shifted his eyes back up, his face had become a little red as well.


“I…” After holding it for a while, Lu Qin finally said, “I will wait for you to come back…No matter how long.”


Ye Kong suddenly had an impulse, he looked up and asked, “What if I am gone for ten or twenty years, possibly even longer?”


“Aren’t you going out to find a cure for your mother? Will it take you that many years? “Lu Qin blinked her long eyelashes in confusion.


“Not this time, but you know, I’m an immortal cultivator, the duration of my closed door cultivation will be…”


“Brother Ye Kong!” Lu Qin suddenly interrupted Ye Kong, then slowly stuck her blushing face to Ye Kong’s chest and whispered, “Lu Qin won’t regret it, I’ve heard from others that when immortal cultivators go into seclusion, no one sees them for decades or even centuries. I knew about all of this already, but I like you, even if I have to wait for decades, I will happily wait for you. My only fear is that you won’t want me!”


Ye Kong took a deep and long breath, Lu Qin already knew about this, but she didn’t care. How could he reject her? Reaching for soft arm, Ye Kong said softly, “Lu Qin, I like you, but I’m afraid you will be lonely, so I’ve been…”


Lu Qin interrupted Ye Kong again and whispered, “Even Xiao Hong has seen your … stick, you promised me… ”


Suddenly a heat rose inside Ye Kong, he grabbed hold of Lu Qin and took her to bed…

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