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TMC Chapter 102 The Yi Family

The endless mountain range covered a vast land that bordered the endless wilderness. The vast mountain range formed an undulating image across the horizon, as far as the eye could see.


The mountain peaks seemed like sharp swords which pierced into the sky. On the slopes there was a colorful mist, combines with the shimmer caused by the rain, it was a beautiful scenery.


A young man dressed in barbarian clothing was stood atop a bone magic tool as he flew through the morning sky.


He was Ye Kong. His flying magic weapon was too slow, so it had taken him eight days to reach the mountains. It was already the 16th.


When he got here, he found that the mountains were too vast. He needed to find a clue otherwise he would never find the market.


Originally, he had the mountain village to use as reference, but the mountain village was destroyed by the barbarians.


Without a reference, he had to find it by himself. Ye Kong kept searching and spoke to Huang Quan.


“Old Ancestor, you have a lot of experience. What are the characteristics to look for when searching for a cultivators market?”


There was no answer.


“Hello! Ancestor!”


The old turtle was always sleeping these last days. He didn’t sleep this much before, but ever since he left, Huang Quan had remained sleeping.


“Forget it. I’ll find it by myself.” Ye Kong controlled the weapon to fly in another direction and searched the outer edge of the mountains.


Ye Kong was anxious, today was the 16th and if he couldn’t find it in time, the market would be closed. His beast bone magic tool was much too slow.


Suddenly, there was the sound of a gale of wind behind him. A large black shadow was approaching at a shockingly fast speed.


Ye Kong looked back and took a deep breath. There was a huge black boat flying through the air while carrying eight cultivators.


While he had to use the slow bone flying tool, other people were taking a luxury cruise.


Ye Kong quickly moved out of their path.


Along the way, he had already encountered some cultivators, there were some from the barbarians and some from the northern clans. Fortunately, everyone was busy rushing to the market, and no one paid any attention to him.


He would always do his best to venture as far away as possible from the other cultivators, so they wouldn’t be tempted to attack him.


However, the black ship was too large to avoid. When it flew towards him; he almost fell from his magic tool trying to urge it to move out of the way faster.


“Old Ancestor, wake up, there are eight cultivators! Four of them are in the mid-stage of Qi refining, and three of them are at the late stage of Qi refining, and there is even one who has achieved the peak of Qi refining.”


Ye Kong was panicking. These eight cultivators were extremely powerful, especially the cultivator who was at the peak of Qi refining. He was only a step away from the foundation establishment stage. That was the first step to becoming a real immortal. If he wanted to kill Ye Kong, Ye Kong would be dead before he knew it.


But Huang Quan gave no response at all.


The ship was heading straight towards Ye Kong, but it didn’t crash into him, it stopped steadily in front of him.


Ye Kong noticed that there was a large banner atop the black ship with red characters on the black background, and a big character “Yi” written on it.


“Don’t panic. We mean you no harm. We only do business and never hurt people.” An old man in yellow stood on the bow of the ship and laughed.


“Then can you fly slower in the future. You might cause an accident by speeding.” Ye Kong replied with a smile.


No wonder they were using such a large flying magic tool. It was a merchant ship. This merchant was clearly extremely wealthy. Ye Kong never expect that there would be this type of business in the world of cultivation. He thought that all immortals were only interested in was killing and cultivating.


In fact, it was very dangerous for the merchant ship to approach and stop for cultivators, this was because there was money and goods stored on the ship! It was a common for cultivators to kill and rob others. The wealth of a merchant ship was something bandits couldn’t resist.


In addition to employing a large number of cultivators, the merchant ships were very careful when travelling and did not stop easily.


There was a reason they had decided to stop for Ye Kong today.


This trade route was just opened by Yi Family, today was their first voyage to trade with the barbarians, but they were unfamiliar with this land. The Yi family were not local to the Southern Lands, so they didn’t have much communication with the barbarian cultivators.


They wanted to contact barbarian cultivators to inquire about the trade rules, living habits and the prices of various items, if they could form a relationship with the tribes or sects from the barbarians, that would be the best result.


It was risky to allow an advanced cultivator to board the ship, but for Ye Kong, a cultivator in the early stages of Qi refining, it was very safe, so they approached him.


“Cause an accident? What you said is quite interesting.” The old man smiled and asked, “I wonder if you are going to the market at the hundred bugs village, too?”


“Hundred bugs village?” Ye Kong was confused for a while. He had never heard this name, but when he heard mention of the market, he replied, “Yes, I am.”


“You are travelling there so leisurely. Would you like to board the ship and we can go together?” The old man in yellow was polite, but the meaning was clear; You are too slow, let’s go together.


Ye Kong felt that his flying speed was much too slow and he still didn’t know where the market was located. So he was very happy when he heard they could travel together.


“Yes.” He answered quickly.


“Please.” The old man in yellow made a gesture to allow Ye Kong to board the ship.


Ye Kong’s heart jumped for a moment. Wait, would they try to kill him? It would be even more difficult for him to escape if he was on their ship.


With this idea in his mind, Ye Kong hesitated.


Seeing Ye Kong’s hesitation, the peak stage cultivator began to sneer, “Do you think you are even worthy of us playing tricks?”


Another cultivator who was in the eighth layer of Qi refining immediately laughed, “Do you think we will rob the beast bone magic tool under your feet? With ten spirit stones I could buy three more just like it.”


Everyone immediately laughed. Another cultivator urged the old man to start the ship and said, “Uncle Gao, let’s go quickly. What will he even know? Don’t waste our time!”


The old man on the bow, who was called Uncle Gao thought for a moment, but since he had invited Ye Kong, it would be impolite if they left him.


Business people would always try to maintain good relations with other people, they didn’t want to offend someone unless absolutely necessary. Although he was only at the third layer of Qi refining, who knew what his background was?


They were not familiar with the barbarian territory and how the behaved. It was not good to create enemies if they wanted to maintain a successful business in the future.


Uncle Gao said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid. The barbarian cultivators might not know of our reputation, but our family is known for our fair prices and honest trading policies. We have a golden reputation everywhere we go. How could we be greedy for the little profits to be gained from attacking cultivators in the early stages of Qi refining?”


Uncle Gao said this, but he had decided that if Ye Kong continued to hesitate, he would forget about it and continue to the market.


Ye Kong could see the cultivators sneering at him, but he was not angry. He agreed with their words.


So he bowed and said, “I apologize for any offence.”


After Ye Kong apologized, he flew up onto the ship and jumped off the beast bone.


Ye Kong’s apology didn’t get a response from any of the cultivators. The world of immortals only showed respect and courtesy to those who were equal or higher than themselves. No one would be bothered to deal with Ye Kong.


Instead, they looked into the distance with their hands behind their backs, ignoring Ye Kong.


Uncle Gao controlled the ship to set off and then approached Ye Kong. He said with a smile, “I’m Gao Yuanyang, I am a business manager from the Yi Family. Where are you from?”


After hearing Zhang Wude’s experience, Ye Kong decided not to use his real name to avoid encountering a disaster.


When he left, he wore the clothes from the barbarian cultivators storage bag and planned to pretend to be a barbarian cultivator. No one would ever think that he was the eighth young master of Ye Family.


Gao Yuanyang also thought that he was a barbarian cultivator since he was dressed in barbarian attire.


“I’m Xia Hui, a cultivator of the Bone Spirit Sect.” Ye Kong also replied politely.


Since these people were not familiar with the barbarians, there should be no problem for him to pretend to be Xia Hui. He wouldn’t dare to say he was a lone cultivator.


“Oh, the Bone spirit Sect.” Gao Yuanyang pretended that he knew the name, but he had not heard of this sect.


There could possibly be a nascent soul cultivator behind the sect.


There was an unwritten rule that only a nascent soul cultivator could set up a sect or a school. However, after founding a sect, if the nascent soul cultivator died and there was no new powerful cultivator emerging, the sect would begin to decline until only a shell remained.


The Bone Spirit Sect was one of these sects.


Gao Yuanyang didn’t know any information on the sect, so he didn’t dare to offend them, he said, “I heard that there are many kinds of spiritual bugs produced in the market, so the head of the family ordered me to establish this trade route, however we don’t have much experience of trading with the barbarians. I wonder if you can tell me about it?”


“Er, this…” Ye Kong didn’t know what to day. He was just pretending. He didn’t have any experience on this either.


He was afraid that they would kick him off the ship if he said that, so he said, “In fact, it’s very easy to deal us barbarians. We are straightforward and kind-hearted. As long as the other side gives us a few profits, we can get along, especially when it is a reputable business that is quite popular.”


Ye Kong was good at winging it. He knew that the Yi family were forthright, and they certainly wanted to trade.


Gao Yuanyang didn’t doubt his words. As a businessman, he liked the straightforward customers the most.


It seemed that this trade route would make a lot of money for the business.


Gao Yuanyang raised his hand and took out a token to give to Ye Kong. He said with a smile, “This is the token of our group. Please accept it.”


Ye Kong liked to be given free things.


“I humbly accept.” Ye Kong couldn’t wait to receive the token. “What is the function of this token?”


The token was heavy, but it was not made from gold or wood.


Gao Yuanyang said with a smile, “This is the VIP token of our Yi Family. With this token, you can enjoy the discount in all businesses run by the Yi Family.”


It was a VIP membership. Ye Kong put the token into the storage bag, then he asked with a smile, “Thank you, and what is the discount?”


“You will find out when I open our first store in the barbarian territory.” Gao Yuanyang’s face was slightly red. It seemed that the discount was not much, but it was something given for free.


Ye Kong didn’t dislike such a gift. He could always give it to others. He always used to extort free meal coupons from the KFC near Hanzheng Street when he was on Earth, and then he would give them to the girls he knew.


Gao Yuanyang continued his line of questioning after presenting the gift to Ye Kong, “What is the price of spiritual bugs at the market?”


“They are cheap. This is their main business.” Ye Kong gave a vague answer.


But the old man continued, “Is there any top-grade spiritual bugs on sale? What are the materials that the barbarians cultivators are in need of the most? Which location is the best at the market? How many barbarians cultivators will visit each month?”


Ye Kong was getting a headache, ‘What do I look like, your  investment consultant?’

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