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TMC Chapter 103 Hundred Insect Village

Chapter 103 Hundred Insect Village

“Of course, there are many spiritual insects at the Hundred Insect Village. They are all caught on the outskirts of the Endless Wilderness, but they usually sell the low grade insects. The top-grade and rare spiritual insects are usually not taken out! What’s more, we barbarian immortals lack spirit stones. We are close to the Endless Wilderness, so there are plenty of spiritual insects, beasts and plants, but there are not many spirit stone mines. Oh, also pills and elixirs would sell well. The pills that I usually encounter all have a burnt smell… ”


Although old man Gao had many questions, Ye Kong would not expose himself. He continued to use his imagination of what he assumed would be the answer from his encounter, but didn’t go into any specific details.


However, these words seemed reasonable. Mr. Gao couldn’t help nodding. He felt that allowing this young immortal on the ship was one of his best ideas. In a blink of an eye, he had determined the scale and scope of trading available to the branch he established here.


“Thank you for telling me.” Gao Yuanyang continue, “I don’t know much about your sect. Can you tell me the names of your founder and any other elders who are in the nascent soul stage? We will make sure to pay a visit there in the future.”


Business people liked to establish good relationships with the local forces. Gao Yuanyang wanted Ye Kong to help him establish a relationship with the Bone Spirit Sect.


But there was a problem, Ye Kong didn’t know where the Bone Spirit Sect was.


“Well, the location of our sect is a secret. Please forgive me, but I will have to return to the sect and consult with the elders before divulging our location to an unknown force. As for the name of our founder. Well, I don’t think you’ve heard of it. He goes by the name Erotic 369… ”


Gao Yuanyang smiled bitterly, “The immortals from the barbarians are really interesting, even their names are memorable.”

The ship was extremely fast, it wasn’t long until they reached their destination. Between the two mountains there was a large valley concealed by what looked like a large soap bubble which was illuminated by a rainbow of colors.


This was a relatively low-level array. A mortal wouldn’t be able to see the bubble, they would only see an illusion, but immortal cultivators could see it with a single glance.


“Here we are.” Gao Yuanyang pointed to the destination, but he didn’t plan on going down with Ye Kong.


“Goodbye.” In fact, Ye Kong didn’t want to stay with the old man, because lies were lies. No matter how perfect his lies seemed, they would eventually be exposed. He didn’t want to be blasted into cinders by a squad of powerful cultivators.


When Ye Kong left the ship and approached the valley between the mountains, the old man Gao did not control the airship to land but entered the cabin.


Ye Kong had thought that there was cargo in the cabin, but that wasn’t at all. There was someone sat inside the cabin. It was a woman with a white veil who was elegantly drinking tea. Although her face couldn’t be seen, the graceful figure under the white dress could be said to be perfect. The arms, long legs, everything was beautiful, neither fat nor thin. The size, position and shape, everything about her was perfection.


Even with her covered her face, she still looked beautiful. Her eyes exposed were even as moving as ripples.


“Grandmaster.” Gao Yuanyang even called this woman grandmaster!

The immortals would refer to each other according to the difference in their cultivation realms. For example, Gao Yuanyang was still in the Qi refining stage, so his grandmaster should a cultivator at the core formation stage! The wonderful girl in white was an immortal who had reached the core formation stage!


“I heard your conversation just now.” The voice of the girl in white was also moving, it was delicate and tender, it was so perfect that you would never grow tired of hearing it. She then spoke again, “It seems that traveling here will not be fruitless. My guess was correct. The barbarian cultivators will have plenty of materials, but lack spirit stones. The price of their goods will likely be very cheap.”


“Yes, we can just buy a large number of spiritual insects and transport them to the mainland. Then we can sell them for several times what we paid for them.” Gao Yuanyang said with a smile.


“But we shouldn’t believe all of the boy’s words.” The wonderful girl in white snorted, “That young boy has a glib tongue and a sharp mind. He might look like a good for nothing, but he knows how to play the fool. He even said the name of his ancestor was Erotic 369.”


The girl in white couldn’t help laughing when she said this. The long eyelashes trembled slightly, and her curved eyebrows seemed even more vivid and beautiful! Even though Gao Yuanyang was an old immortal, his heart started to race. He quickly retracted his sight from the girl.


Gao Yuanyang took a breath to calm himself and said, “It’s very rare for a young boy at the third layer of Qi refining to have such a sharp mind. It didn’t seem convenient for him to tell me, so I’m afraid that the name of his founder couldn’t be revealed due to the regulations of his sect..”


The white-dressed woman nodded and then wave her hand, “You can go to make a general report.”


“Yes.” The old man Gao respectfully saluted and turned away.


Ye Kong, of course, didn’t know about this conversation. He stood by the gate to the market. The gate of the barbarian village was made from large wooden pillars. There were several large characters engraved into it, “Hundred Insect Village Market”. There was a vertical sign beside it, which said, “No Flying.”


At the gate, there were several men wearing barbarian attire. They were all in the mid stages of Qi refining. They seemed to be the guards.


“Market, here I come! “Ye Kong was very happy. He put away the beast-bone magic tool and hurried away.


“The entrance fee is a spirit stone.” At the door, Ye Kong was stopped by a man with a large beard.


“I have to pay to enter?” Ye Kong was stupefied and hurried to fetch a spirit stone.


But the man seemed upset and waved, “You can’t enter unless you pay.”


Ye Kong was angry and cursed in his heart, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t pay. Can’t I complain at all?”


“Here you are.” Under the gaze of everyone around, Ye Kong begrudgingly held out a spirit stone.


But unexpectedly, the man seemed to have a bad temper. He only glanced at the stone and  then said, “Hmpf, there are even people at the third layer of Qi refining who are allowed to go out and wander around. He doesn’t even know the basics.”


Ye Kong’s temper wasn’t good on the best of days, he thought “You are only at the seventh layer of Qi refining. What gives you the right to mock me? Are you trying to pick a fight?”


But Ye Kong knew that he was in enemy territory and he had to endure. He could only depend on himself, but they were a group of people, so he could only endure.


But someone stepped in to help him. A white-faced young man beside the bearded man said, “Senior brother, he didn’t say anything. Why don’t we let him inside?”


The bearded man said coldly, “Did say I would not let him inside?”


“Then take his spirit stone.”


“Am I alone here? Can’t you take it from him?”


Ye Kong hurriedly tried to hand the spirit stone to the white-faced young man. Unexpectedly, he didn’t take it but said, “I could have taken it, but he found you first, so you have to take it!”


Ye Kong saw clearly that these two people had a conflict for some reason and decided to try and talk his way out of the situation.


“Senior brothers, if you want to fight, could you please do it amongst yourselves. Please don’t bring me into the middle of your problem. Why don’t you take my spirit stone and then continue amongst yourselves?”


The two people couldn’t hear Ye Kong’s words as they were busy arguing amongst themselves. The hairs of the larger man’s beard started to stand up straight and the white-faced young man’s face got even paler.


“You are unreasonable! I knew her first!”


“But she likes me!”


“Ruyun said that you went looking for her!”


Ye Kong was depressed. It turned out that they were fighting over a woman. “Damn it, I didn’t mess with your woman. Let me in before you fight.”


Ye Kong still hadn’t entered by the time Gao Yuanyang arrived at the gate.


The other people from the ship were not with him, old man Gao was alone. He came over and said in a loud voice, “Please report to your management Yi Manying, an elder of the Yi Family, has arrived and is waiting outside.”


Ye Kong was surprised, “Yi Manying, Doesn’t that sound like a women’s name? There was no woman on the ship just now!”


Then he realized, ”She must have been inside the cabin. I thought it would be like Earth where the goods would take up a large amount of room inside the cabin. But this is different world. There are storage bags, bracelets and rings that can be used to store the goods! Why would anyone leave their cargo on the ship?”


The man with a beard, who had been quarrelling just now, heard Gao Yuanyang’s words and hurriedly saluted, “We have been waiting. Please wait a moment. I’ll go in and report.”


Gao Yuanyang nodded and waited with his hands behind his back. At this time, he just saw Ye Kong beside and said, “Boy, why didn’t you go inside?”


Ye Kong smiled, “Just now they were busy quarrelling and didn’t have time to let me inside.”


The white-faced young man saw that this boy knew the people from the Yi family. He hurriedly rushed forward and said, “Please don’t blame me, little brother. My senior brother is the type of man who can’t tell good from bad. Come on, I’ll take you inside.”


“Then I’ll go first.” Ye Kong bowed to Gao Yuanyang and followed the white-faced youth into the market.


He was not interested in the business of the Yi Family. He just wanted to go to the market and look around.


“This brother, if you have work to do, you should do it first. I can just look around by myself.” Ye Kong hurried to catch up with the white-faced youth and handed over a spirit stone.


“It’s fine. Since you came with the Yi Family, the entry fee is not needed.” The white-faced youth was very polite.


He had heard the news that the Yi family was going to set up a branch here. Others did not know of the Yi family, but he was on duty at the market all the year round. There were many immortals who came from all across the land. He knew the reputation of the Yi family very well.


They controlled the largest business organization on the mainland. It was incredibly wealthy. His sect regarded their investment into this market as an extremely important matter. He had wanted to find a young noble to help him climb the ladder, so now he was planning to flatter Ye Kong.


Ye Kong knew the white-faced youths intention and quickly explained, “Brother, I have only met them once. I’m not very familiar with them.”


“But you do know them. I have nothing to do right now. It’s better that I show you around.” The white-faced youth was a little depressed in his heart, but if he left now, he would inevitably be ridiculed by the other guards. So, he insisted on showing Ye Kong around.


“Well then.” Ye Kong also said nothing more, he followed white-faced youth to walk toward the interior of the market.


After entering the market, Ye Kong found that the market of Hundred Insect Village was quite large. No wonder the Yi family had decided to set up a branch here.


The square at the front was lined with countless stalls. Among the stalls, there were many immortals and the atmosphere was lively.


This was the first time Ye Kong had seen so many immortal cultivators. It was hard to meet an immortal in Nandu city. Here, immortals were everywhere, you could throw a stone randomly and it would likely hit an immortal cultivator.


There were men and women, old and young and many wearing strange or foreign attire. This was because there are many barbarian immortals here, their attire varied because the barbarians wore anything. There were some dressed in skins or furs, some wore bone armors, others had clothing made from plants. Some of the female immortals were dressed even more revealing than the women on earth. There were many who had bare upper bodies, exposing their breasts for all to see, it was a sight to behold.


But most of them were dressed in the barbarian attire like Ye Kong, and there were the northern immortals who dressed in Confucian style clothing.


He used the deva eye skill to scan and found that most of these immortals were in the mid to late stages of Qi refining, and there were several immortals who had reached the peak of Qi refining.


It seemed that the cultivation of the immortals here was not very high. Ye Kong had a little contempt in his heart. Although he was at the third level of Qi refining, his Five Elements to  Immortality was very powerful. With his middle-grade magic weapon and upper-grade armor, it was no problem for him to fight cultivators five or six layers beyond him. That was to say, few of these immortal cultivators were his opponents.


Perhaps because he saw Ye Kong’s contempt, the white-faced young man said with a smile, “Young friend, don’t think that there are only junior immortals here. There are also many cultivators in the foundation establishment stage.”


Then he pointed to two rows of small buildings behind the square and said, “The front square is a place for temporary stalls which are used by junior immortals to sell their goods to each other. The buildings behind the established businesses. Senior immortals like to take their business to the large establishments. I have seen countless immortals at the foundation establishment stage doing business at the large establishments, I even saw numerous immortals in the core formation stage.”

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