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TMC Chapter 11 A favorable turn

Chapter 11 A favorable turn



In the parlor of the Ye Family, Ye Haoran asked Immortal Wan Xuan to sit down in the main seat and wait for the maid to serve tea. Ye Haoran motioned to Ye Cai to lead the maid out so that only he, Ye Wei, his second wife, and his third wife, who had come uninvited, and wasn’t willing to leave were left in the parlor.


Once they were alone, Immortal Wan Xuan got directly to the reason or his visit. With a pat on his pocket, a white book appeared in his hand. He put the book on the large square table and slowly pushed it to Ye Haoran’s side.


“Thank you, I am returning this precious book of the Ye Family with thanks after five years. General Ye, please accept its return.”


“Oh? You’re so welcome,” Ye Haoran reached out, picked it up and handed it back. “Everyone in my family are ordinary people. It’s useless to have this. If Immortal Wan Xuan needs it, just take it…”


Immortal Wan Xuan just laughed and passed the book back, “General Ye, you shouldn’t. It’s useless for me as well. After five years of attempting to read it, I decided to show it to other elders. They couldn’t read it either. It’s also only and ordinary book and contains no special immortal power.”


Ye Haoran was shocked. The book had been kept by the Ye Family for nearly a thousand years. It had been handed down from generation to generation. Each generation said to the next generation that it was a book for immortals.


Ye Haoran asked, “If it’s not a precious book for immortal cultivators, why is it still as bright and clean as jade after thousands of years? Why can such a thin page remain unharmed even when met with fire?”


Immortal Wan Xuan was not angry, he said calmly, “This book is made from the silk of an icy cold silkworm, it is a very strong material which is also resistant to water and fire. Although the silk from icy cold silkworm is precious, it’s not considered rare. General Ye, it’s really useless to me. It’s better for the Ye Family to keep it.”


It was hard for Ye Haoran to respond after hearing that. How could he force others to keep something they deemed useless? Ye Haoran was resentful. How could the man borrow it for five years and bring it back only to say that it was useless?


Immortal Wan Xuan had a good temper. He said, “I stayed in the early stage of the foundation establishment of immortal cultivation for decades, and my life would have come to an end without further progress. In order to make a breakthrough, I went searching for ancient books and techniques said to be from immortals. To tell you the truth, over the past five years, I have been to every major immortal sect: I visited the Elixir Mountain, the Green Valley, the Flower Sect, the Village of Knife and Sword, even the Corpse Sect which belongs to demonic cultivators. Fortunately, I had a wide range of friends, the predecessors from those sects all appraised it, but they all think it’s a useless item. Judging from the material, it’s not made from a rare immortal material, and we used many techniques but were unable to sense a wisp of Qi from the book, and no one can read it, and…”


As Immortal Wan Xuan was talking, he tapped the storage bag again. A small, flat, green square bucket came out.


“This is a Spiritual Card used by the immortal cultivators to store information. You can read it as long as you put immortal Qi into it, even if the information was added over ten thousand years ago, it remains intact. Therefore, no elder immortals would spend so much time to write their skills in a book used by ordinary people unless it is the most elementary skill used by a beginner without any immortal Qi. What would a skill like that do for me?”


Immortal Wan Xuan spoke firmly. Ye Haoran couldn’t believe that the Ye Family “treasure” was actually a useless item.


“It has been kept in the Ye family for hundreds of years and it’s not even a treasure. It even cost Immortal Wan Xuan five years of effort. I’m really…” Ye Haoran shook his head in dismay.


He wanted Immortal Wan Xuan to owe him. Now, it seemed that he owed Immortal Wan Xuan instead. How could he mention acquiring Immortal Wan Xuan as a teacher?


“Oh, you don’t have to be depressed. Perhaps, it’s my fault for identifying it as a treasure. You’d better take good care of it. After all, icy cold silkworms are not common.” Immortal Wan Xuan comforted him, put the Spiritual Card back into his storage bag, and took a small bottle out.


“As a thank you for allowing me to borrow the book, here’s a bottle of mortal cleansing pills I brought back from Elixir Mountain. There are 20 pills inside. Although it’s useless for immortal cultivators, they’ll be effective for you to cleanse your body of all kinds of mortal diseases and prolong your life by a minimum of ten years.”


Hearing the effect of the elixir, their eyes brightened, especially Ye Haoran. If one pill was  effective to prolong his life more than ten years, he could live another two hundred years if he took the entire bottle.


Immortal Wan Xuan probably knew what he was thinking and said with a smile, “These pills will be most effective on a person the first time they use them. A second pill would have little to no effect.”


Ye Haoran’s eyes darkened, but even so, it was a good thing for his children and friends to take, or to give as a gift to earn friendship.


However, he refused, “I appreciate your kindness. The Ye family will try to fulfill any of the needs you may have. Lending you the book wasn’t to receive any benefits. What’s more, the book wasn’t helpful. It cost you time and effort trying to decipher it. How can I accept your gift?”


At first, Immortal Wan Xuan thought that Ye Haoran was just embarrassed to accept it, but he realized that Ye Haoran was refusing sincerely.


Immortal Wan Xuan became embarrassed. He took back the pills and said, “General Ye, I still owe you a favor for lending me the book for five years. If you have any need, you can just ask.”


Hearing that, Ye Haoran was very happy. He could not hold it any longer. He stood up quickly and got down on his knees in front of Immortal Wan Xuan, he said, “Immortal, I do have a request.”


Immortal Wan Xuan was shocked by the sudden actions.


“There’s no need for this, just ask.” Immortal Wan Xuan walked toward Ye Haoran quickly and tried to make him stand back up.


Ye Haoran would not get up from his knees and said, “Immortal, I have been longing to cultivate immortality for a long time. I would ask you to accept me as a student. I know I’m not talented, but I can be an assistant and help you from the side.”


Immortal Wan Xuan was speechless. He returned to his seat, raised his hand, and a strong power made Ye Haoran stand.


Then Immortal Wan Xuan said with a smile, “General Ye is the backbone of our nation. How could you leave your life to cultivate alone in the mountains? Beside… just now I have already tested you, and you have no talent for the cultivation of immortality. Even if you follow me back to the mountains, you won’t make any progress with your cultivation. ”


Ye Haoran already knew what he would say and said, “Then would you please test the talent for the children of the Ye Family. It would be so meaningful to me if one of my children could be an immortal cultivator, even though I don’t have the talent, they might. ”


Immortal Wan Xuan shook his head. How could it be so easy to be talented in immortal cultivation? But he couldn’t refuse him. Besides, finding a talented student from a group of mortals would be also be considered a contribution to his family.


“Then, bring them here to get tested.”


“Thank you for your approval!” Ye Haoran was overjoyed and said to Ye Wei, “Hurry up and call your brothers and sisters!”


Next door, the boys and girls of the Ye family were gathered and waited anxiously.


“Brother Wu, do you think we have the talent to become immortal cultivators?” Ye Wen asked in a low voice uncertainty.


“I don’t know. If we can be immortals, we can live forever and fly through the sky like a bird.” When Ye Wu thought of the benefits of being an immortal, he was excited and nervous.


“I’m afraid we are not talented enough,” Ye Wen said hesitantly.


“If we don’t have the talent, they won’t either.” Ye Wu looked at the siblings behind him, and whispered, “The fool should also come though my mother told Ye Cai not to inform him. Haha, the fool also wants to be immortal, I heard that he frequently asks his teacher about the immortal cultivators.”


“Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how an ugly duckling could become a swan.” Ye Wen snorted and said, “Mom was right. It was pure luck that a fool like him could learn to read. It will be impossible for him to become an immortal! He would only be a disgrace to our family! Look at his mother. She looks like a witch. Ha ha, both mother and son are nothing but donkeys.”


Ye Wei came calling them to go to the parlor when Ye Wen while busy laughing.


Ye Wu said hurriedly, “Brother, stop laughing. Dad and Ye Wei haven’t realized that the fool isn’t here. Don’t remind them.”


“Oh, that’s right.”


In the parlor, Immortal Wan Xuan stroked his beard with his eyes closed and a light smile on his face. He didn’t pay attention to it at first, but when he used his immortal qi to have a look, he found there were a group of youths waiting outside in the courtyard, they were lined up orderly on left and right side, ready to enter one by one. It seems that Ye Haoran was already well-prepared for this.


Immortal Wan Xuan had a good temper, he didn’t blame him for such actions, but he still pointed it out. He opened his eyes and said, “General Ye, the cultivation of immortality requires qualification, talents to be specific. Only one or two people in ten thousand are lucky enough to meet the basic requirements. Since there are already a lot of people waiting, why don’t I just test everyone?”


He blushed, ” I knew the Immortal would know everything. There are indeed a lot of children waiting outside to be tested, I was just afraid they wouldn’t ever get this chance again.”


“It’s very rare to find talented people from a mortal background. But remember, you won’t get a good outcome if you push an immortal too far.”


Even as a powerful general with more than ten thousand soldiers loyal to him, Ye Haoran didn’t dare to make a sound in front of an Immortal. He was more careful as he spoke, “That’s true, I did something improper. Please forgive me.”


“Then bring them all to me, but if there is no one talented, then consider it as the will of the heavens.”


The qualification test was his repayment of his debt. Even if none of them was talented, that was not up to him.


In fact, Immortal Wan Xuan thought that this was actually the best result for everyone. The thing that immortals  needed the most of was to keep their mind unoccupied and free from obsession. Cultivation required an unfettered mind. If he had to constantly remember that he owed someone a favor, it would affect his cultivation.


Ye Haoran said quickly, “I will not disturb you in the future.”


Then he asked his second wife to call all the children into the room.


It was about 2 p.m. The sun was high in the air and people outside were sweating under the heat from the sun. However, dozens of young boys and girls were standing in front of the parlor and they acted as if they didn’t feel the heat at all. They were all nervous, clenching their fists and waiting for their turn.


They all knew that the old man inside was an immortal cultivator. If they were picked and accepted as a student, they would be an immortal cultivator. Immortality, flying on a flying sword, and elixirs, remaining as beautiful as a flower: they were all so eager at the thought.


Imagination was always beautiful, but reality was cruel. When these teenagers saw the old immortal shake his head looking at them, one after another, the expression on their faces was like receiving a death sentence.


Among all of them, Ye Haoran’s expression changed the most. Each time a son or daughter came, he was full of expectation. But when the man placed his hand on their wrist and then shook his head without exception, he looked more depressed each time.


‘It’s okay. Even though there are no talents among the children of the Ye Family, there are still the children of the relatives, friends and servants of the Ye Family, maybe some of them are talented!’ He kept comforting himself, but his hope began to wane.


“Next!” Ye Haoran was almost desperate.


However, the next one still didn’t appear. Ye Haoran looked up. He was totally desperate. There was no next one. The courtyard was now filled with young men and women, but they had all been tested. None of them was talented!


Immortal Wan Xuan had experienced things like this a lot, he comforted, “General Ye, don’t be depressed. The one or two in ten thousand people, is actually a bad measure. Amongst the entire populace, almost all of those one or two in ten thousand people come from immortal families. It is extremely rare to find a cultivator from a mortal family such as yours, this is only normal.”


“Sorry for wasting your time,” Ye Haoran smiled, but the smile looked more like he was crying. He had a good plan, but none of his children were talented. He was speechless.


When he was deeply depressed, seeing Immortal Wan Xuan was about to say goodbye, Ye Wei said suddenly, “Father, it seems like there’s still one family member left…”


“Who is it…”Ye Haoran said with a shaking voice, like a drowning man who had just seen a piece of driftwood.

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