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TMC Chapter 12 Talented

Chapter 12 Talented


Ye Wei didn’t realize at the beginning since Ye Kong would never usually attend any of the gatherings. Everyone was used to not having him appear, and they wouldn’t even think if he didn’t show up.


What’s more, Ye Wei was longing to become an immortal cultivator and had no time to think of others. When he found out that he was not talented and had no future, it was normal to get lost in depression. However, he was the eldest son of the Ye Family and still hoped that someone else would grasp the opportunity created by his father, so he looked down, waiting for someone talented to appear. After being disappointed again and again, he suddenly realized there was someone missing and counted everyone there, one by one.


‘He is the eldest brother, the second younger brother, the third younger brother, the fourth younger brother… the eighth younger brother didn’t come!’


“The eighth younger brother didn’t come,” Ye Wei replied.


Ye Haoran also looked around and he did not see Ye Kong. He was angry. How could this fool miss such an important thing? It was out of the line!


Although he disliked the way Ye Kong acted, this was his last hope. He had been disappointed so many times and didn’t mind the risk of being disappointed again, if there was a small chance of hope!


“Immortal, I’m sorry. I have another son. I don’t know why he’s still not here. Please wait for a moment. I’ll ask someone to call him.”


Immortal Wan Xuan tested dozens of them, and didn’t care about one more. He sat down, waved his hand impatiently and said, “Go, be back soon.”


“Thank you,” Ye Haoran reached out and called Ye Cai. He was about to call Ye Kong, but someone was not happy.


The second wife was not happy, she didn’t mind others becoming an immortal cultivator, but she didn’t want Ye Kong to become an immortal cultivator. If Ye Kong became an immortal cultivator, Chen Jiuniang would become far more important! How could she be below a woman with an ugly face?


Ye Kong beat her son and flirted with her maid. She had to stop this from happening.


“General, this is improper.” The second wife got up and said, “Ye Kong is arrogant, stubborn and fierce. He takes revenge even on small things. If he cultivates immortality, it would be horrible for the Ye family…”


The second wife was really vicious. She had purposely said this in front of Immortal Wan Xuan, which made the Immortal think Ye Kong was demonic in nature. He wouldn’t take him as a student even if he was talented.


Ye Haoran finally understood why Ye Kong didn’t show up and grew furious.


“How dare you! You are such a foul woman, are you trying to make my arrangements fail? Ye Kong is not good tempered, but he is only 12 years old. How can he be as bad as what you said!” Ye Haoran was afraid that Immortal Wan Xuan would believe the second wife’s words, so he quickly said to Immortal Wan Xuan, “I’m sorry about that, she is not well-disciplined and what she said is due to personal grievance. My eighth son was born mentally impaired and he couldn’t speak clearly ever since he was born, but recently he has recovered from this. There are some people who cannot accept this, so they choose to badmouth him to make others think badly of him…”


“Well, someone go find him,” Immortal Wan Xuan said with an unchanged expression.


“Yes.” Ye Haoran glared at the second wife again. He wanted to ask Ye Cai to find Ye Kong, but he was afraid that he would try something underhanded. It was better to ask Ye Wei to go.


Ye Kong was reading when Ye Wei called him. He hurried to follow him. It was said that the immortal was going to take someone as his student, which made him very happy.


Ye Kong didn’t expect that he would easily find an immortal by sheer luck. It was true that one could wear out iron shoes in a fruitless search for treasure, yet someone with luck would just stumble upon it like it was nothing.


Was he extremely talented? He was not too worried about it. First of all, he could feel Qi. Besides, he had already gone into his soul space. He was sure that he was talented.


Under the burning sun, the teenagers who were not talented didn’t dare to linger. Before they acted like they couldn’t feel the sun, but now, the heat was growing more and more uncomfortable. It felt like ants were climbing across their backs. Since they couldn’t be immortals, they expected to leave soon.


Then, when they saw Ye Wei come in with Ye Kong. They hadn’t heard the conversation as they were standing in the courtyard outside the parlor. Seeing Ye Kong, they were surprised.


“The fool comes too? Ha ha, what a waste. We are not even talented, how could he be?”


“It’s impossible. If he was talented, my dog, Ahuang, would also be talented.”


“Ha ha, he’s not as good as Ahuang. At least your dog can understand humans. Ye Kong was nothing but a fool. He’s a pig who only knew how to eat and then hum when they were full.”


When Ye Kong came in, he was surprised to see so many people. At first, he thought he was late, then he knew that they were all dripping in sweat from standing there for so long. He realized that his absence hadn’t even been noticed until they found no one was talented.


“That’s unfair! Even the random relatives and servants came. I’m not even treated like a son of this family. I refuse to owe a kindness to the Ye Family. It’s pointless becoming an immortal this way,” Ye Kong was furious, he turned to leave.


Ye Wei, who just went in to report, came out of the room and saw that Ye Kong was about to go. He quickly followed, “Brother, brother… Where on earth are you going?”


Ye Kong had a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. He could be mad at others, but not at Ye Wei.


“Brother, I’m going back to my lessons. Me being here or not, to the Ye Family it makes no difference. There are so many talented and intelligent, brothers and sisters already here, well, what use could the Ye Family have for a fool?” Ye Kong tried to calm himself as he said with a bitter smile.


Ye Wei understood what he was thinking, he whispered, “It’s Ye Cai who made sure you weren’t invited. My father and I didn’t know at all. Just now father was so angry he scolded them in front of the immortal. You can’t leave. If you leave, you’ll embarrass me and father.”


Ye Kong looked up with hesitation and looked inside the parlor. He was dragged inside under Ye Wei’s arm.


Immortal Wan Xuan kept his eyes closed through the whole time, but his immortal spirit saw everything that happened clearly. His eyes opened when Ye Kong stood in front of him.


“Call him, Immortal,” Ye Haoran urged.


“Grandpa Immortal.”


Ye Kong was in a bad mood and bravely looked him in the eyes.


When they looked into each other’s eyes, Immortal Wan Xuan frowned. “How did your soul get damaged?”


Ye Kong was shocked. ‘My God, he is a fucking immortal. He could know that my soul was damaged with only a glimpse?’


At the moment, he told only half of the truth, saying that when he was sitting in meditation, he used the wrong method of cultivation and suffered a backlash.


Immortal Wan Xuan didn’t doubt it. He said with a smile, “You attempted to create a cultivation method by yourself? How foolish and daring of you. Come on, stretch out your arm and let me see if you are talented.”


As soon as Immortal Wan Xuan put his hand on Ye Kong’s wrist, everyone around looked at the immortal cautiously.


The second wife prayed in her heart, ‘Please no. Shake your head…’


Ye Haoran also stared at Immortal Wan Xuan. He clenched his fist so tightly his knuckles turned blue. Ye Kong was his last hope. How could he not be nervous?


The moment seemed to take forever. Everyone held their breath. The second wife prayed for him to shake his head, while Ye Haoran prayed for a nod.


Immortal Wan Xuan didn’t shake his head or nod his head. He just smiled.


It was not happy nor was it mocking. It was a little wry.


Ye Haoran did not know what Immortal Wan Xuan’s expression meant. He asked, “Immortal, does my son have any hope? ”


Immortal Wan Xuan released Ye Kong’s hand and said calmly, “No.”


Ye Haoran did not give up, and asked, “Then why did you laugh?”


Ye Kong was also scolding him in his heart. ‘Why would you laugh if there was no hope? Were you fooling with me?’


Immortal Wan Xuan smiled and said, “I’m laughing because his natural gift is too poor, and the talent is so messy that it was shocking. It’s the worst fake talent I’ve ever seen.”


“Fake talent?” Ye Haoran and Ye Wei didn’t understand.


It turned out that the talent is the ability to sense immortal Qi. If you can sense Qi, then you could cultivate immortality. If you couldn’t even feel the Qi, don’t even mention absorbing it and cultivating immortality.


However, the talents were also different. The best one was called the single-talent, which was also called heavenly talent. The cultivator with this kind of talent was particularly sensitive to a certain type of Qi. If these people were equipped with skills to match their talent, their cultivation would go quickly and they wouldn’t reach a plateau before the end of their childhood. Only one or two of them had been developed in a thousand years.


Someone was confused why the person who had single-talent could cultivate so fast. The answer was very simple: purity. No matter gold, diamonds, elixirs or talent, the purer it was, the better it was.


Below that was double-talent. If it was a thunder-talent with a wood and earth combination, or the ice-talent with a water and wood type combination, it was also very good. It was called the variant-talent and was also very difficult to get. However, some double-talents were not good, such as fire and water combinations. Because they were opposites and could clash during cultivation, it would mean that cultivation would be more dangerous.


Below that was triple-talent, which was the majority. The immortal cultivators that were stuck in the foundation building stage were triple-talents. Unless there was a lucky encounter or a sudden inspiration, they wouldn’t be able to advance to the golden core stage like Immortal Wan Xuan.


Below that was quadruple-talent, which was a fake talent. Generally speaking, the foundation couldn’t be built, and it was difficult to reach the peak of the Qi refining stage. However, because the major sects couldn’t always take in the best talents, the quadruple-talent was also okay for cultivation.


At the bottom was quintuple-talent. There was no future in cultivation. It was hard for such a person to get started in cultivation.


According to Immortal Wan Xuan’s pulse detection, Ye Kong was one of the quintuple-talent, and the five Qi’s were mixed and confused. Ye Kong wouldn’t break through the first layer of the Qi refining stage even if he cultivated for his entire life. A first layer Qi refining cultivator would not be necessarily better than ordinary people who had practiced martial arts, so it would be better to learn martial arts.


Ye Haoran was extremely disappointed, but he was still reluctant to let go, and he pleaded, “Immortal, although my son had a very poor talent, he still has talent. It is too late to learn martial arts for him. Even the first layer of immortal cultivation would bring pride to the Ye Family”


Ye Kong was not willing for his chance of becoming an immortal to let go. He begged hard, “Yeah. Immortal, although I am not well-qualified, I am willing to suffer from hardship…”


Immortal Wan Xuan interrupted with a sneer and said with an ironic smile, “The achievement of the immortals is determined by talent. Hardship is not enough for cultivation. Otherwise, all the major sects would go to the ground to collect the countless people who are able to brave through hardship.”


Ye Kong was depressed. He really had bad luck. He missed the best period to start learning martial arts, and he had the worst talent. Did he really have no hope?


Thinking this was about to fail, Ye Kong felt that he had to seize the opportunity to impress Immortal Wan Xuan. Maybe he would change his mind?


Ye Kong made up his mind and said in a loud voice, “Immortal, that’s not true! I’ve heard that the accomplishments of the cultivators are not determined by their talents, and that the best talent is not the single-talent! ”


“Really?” As soon as Ye Kong said that, everyone stared at him. Ye Haoran was worried, ‘The Immortal couldn’t have made a mistake. What do you know as an ordinary person?’


However, Ye Haoran didn’t stop him, hoping that there might be a chance to turn things around.


“I don’t understand. I’d like to hear some more.” Immortal Wan Xuan also waited curiously for him to continue.


Ye Kong smiled and said to Immortal Wan Xuan, “Immortal, I think that the greatest accomplishment of the immortals is not determined by their qualifications, but determined by their fate! The best talent is not the single-talent, but the suffering-talent! ”


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