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TMC Chapter 13 Way out of line

Chapter 13 Way out of line



Immortal fate was easy to understand. It was their luck.


Some immortal cultivators had a lot of talent but were unlucky. Their cultivation didn’t go well, they accidentally got themselves into danger, they were killed by others just when they started their cultivation, or something embarrassing happened like a cultivator of heavenly talent getting killed by poisonous insects while harvesting cultivation materials.


On the contrary, some immortal cultivators had moderate talent, but they were extremely lucky. They tripped over rare immortal treasures while walking, they rushed into a bush to relieve themselves and found an ancient manual when looking for toilet paper, they fell down a cliff and landed next to an army of divine soldiers. These lucky encounters are events that are recorded to  actually have happened in the past.


As a matter of fact, many of the old immortals when they began cultivating had moderate talent, and all of them gained immortality and were extremely lucky, so what Ye Kong said was quite reasonable.


Immortal Wan Xuan smiled this time. He was reevaluating this young man with his eyes. But he didn’t understand what suffering-talent was.


Ye Haoran saw the immortal looking at his son with a smile, and he was relieved. He had no idea where Ye Kong learned such theories, but the immortal was smiling.


“Immortal fate makes sense, but what’s the suffering-talent?” Immortal Wan Xuan asked calmly.


Ye Kong replied, “Suffering-talent is the ability to suffer through hardship. The process of cultivating immortality is extremely difficult. One must have determination enough to abandon all distractions to cultivate. Even if you have little talent, and little luck, if you work hard and focus, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”


“Ha ha, that’s reasonable, General Ye, you have a good son.” Immortal Wan Xuan smiled, clapping his hands. He appreciated the twelve-year-old in front of him.


“My son is used to being bold. Immortal, please don’t blame him.” Although Ye Haoran said this, he had his thumb up in his heart. Boy, you did well. There was a chance.


Ye Kong also laughed. He had already imagined that he was flying all over the sky with his flying sword. However, a word from Immortal Wan Xuan broke this dream.


“Although you are right, I can’t take you as a student.”


Ye Kong stared at the immortal and asked, “Why?”


“Your character is not suitable for the cultivation of immortality! You are straightforward and impulsive. You prefer to be straight but not crooked. You also like to show off, to be sharp and bold! Am I right?”


Ye Kong froze for a while and replied, “All of that is correct.”


“So I can’t take you. Cultivation is about calmness and peace. Immortals don’t desire or ask for anything. They are meant to be humble and forbearing. Everything about them is calm and natural. Your character is not suitable for the cultivation of immortality.”


Immortal Wan Xuan caught Ye Kong completely by surprise. Ye Kong was in despair, he couldn’t help but retort, “Immortal, you are wrong again. Do immortal cultivators have no desire? No! Immortal cultivators pursue immortality and longevity. That is their desire! Every time they improve and every time their strength increases, are they not excited? Isn’t it exciting to get a powerful magic weapon? Isn’t that the way the immortals themselves are? How can it be that there is no desire?”


His words made Immortal Wan Xuan speechless. Ye Haoran was afraid to annoy the immortal, so he shouted, “That was rude! How can you talk to the immortal like this?”


Ye Kong only spoke louder, “Although cultivation is magical, it seems to me that it’s the same as practicing martial arts. Only when you suffer from hardship can you become the best. The world of Immortals is really dangerous. Being humble and forbearing is because you don’t have enough power. If an immortal cultivator reaches the peak of cultivation, what’s the use of humble and forbearing?”


This time Immortal Wan Xuan found a mistake in his words and scolded, “You were right! If I am one of the strongest immortals in the world, I certainly don’t have to forbear, but how many cultivators of the immortality can say that they reach that level? What’s worse is that you don’t currently have any strength, but you are still bold and reckless! You know why I won’t take you? The biggest reason is that I’m afraid that you can’t suffer from losses and that will bring disaster to my family, the Wan Family of Huangzhou City!”


Immortal Wan Xuan pointed at Ye Kong and scolded him, “You have the worst type of talent. If you don’t change your impulsive temper, no family or sect will dare to accept you!”


Hearing that, Ye Kong was even angrier, sneering, “As a man, he laughs when it’s funny, he scolds when he’s angry, and he fights when he sees injustice!  If you are afraid of this and that, then don’t even think about becoming the strongest, you will just remain careful and weak. How boring of a life is that? There should be patience when it’s necessary, and I can do it. But if you have to forbear and restrain yourself from everything, whether you meet opponents or peers, people with high or low standing,  what is the point of immortality? Fearing lower standing people because they may become stronger than you in the future and fearing higher standing people because they are stronger than you now, where’s the fun in that? In the face of delicious food and beautiful women, should you forebear and restrain yourself? That isn’t a life worth cultivating. Even if you live for a thousand years that way, it’s a joke!”


Ye Kong scoffed, “How old are you, immortal? Are you still a virgin? Did you restrain yourself from all fun things in your life?”


“That’s way out of line!” Ye Haoran couldn’t control himself. He didn’t stop the heated argument as he hoped that his son could persuade the immortal, but he didn’t expect Ye Kong to go so far.


Immortal Wan Xuan blushed. It seemed like Ye Kong had hit a nerve. The second and the third wife beside him couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


Ye Haoran had to do something. If the immortal was angry, he was afraid the whole Ye family would be killed.  It was true that his son had a troublesome character.


Ye Haoran quickly slapped Ye Kong in his face, knocking him aside.


Ye Kong murmured and fell down on the big square table beside Immortal Wan Xuan. His face swelled and he couldn’t stand, so he leaned against the large square table.


However, when he fell down on the table, his eyes suddenly brightened as something caught his attention.


“Immortal, my son is arrogant and bold, what he said is really awful. I’m also responsible for the lack of discipline in my family. Please don’t blame him. Forgive me.” Ye Haoran apologized to Immortal Wan Xuan and didn’t mind Ye Kong’s feelings at all.


Immortal Wan Xuan had become slightly annoyed, but was still frozen on the spot. After Ye Haoran apologized, he laughed.


“General Ye, you have given birth to a good son. Although he is too aggressive, if you think about it carefully, what he said is completely reasonable. I haven’t had any fun in the first 150 years of my life, it was truly a boring life. I will find a wife and get married when I return home. Ha ha, this boy is to thank!”  Immortal Wan Xuan said and patted Ye Kong lying beside him. He stood up and said goodbye. “General Ye, I’ve finished what I promised, so I’m leaving.”


“Bastard, say thank you for Immortal Wan Xuan’s generosity!” Ye Haoran kicked Ye Kong on his backside as he was bent over the table.


“Oh, I’m sorry, thank you for your forgiveness, sometimes I say nonsense, I’ll slap myself in the face… Oh, there is no need since my father already hit me so hard.”


“Ha ha.”  Immortal Wan Xuan laughed for a while, and then told him, “Although what you said is reasonable, you should keep a low profile when you are not strong enough to protect yourself, no matter in the world of immortality or the world of ordinary people. Remember, keep a low profile!”


“Of course,” Ye Kong answered, but his eyes laid still on the table. He respected the immortal, but once he’d laid his eyes on the thing on the table, he couldn’t look elsewhere.


What was attracting Ye Kong so much? It was not a beauty, but a white book on the table.


The precious book of the Ye family attracted Ye Kong’s attention like an old goat was attracted to the sight of a beautiful woman.


The reason why Ye Kong forgot his pain and stared at the book was that the cover was written in Chinese characters: Five Elements to Immortality.


‘God! It’s Chinese characters! I am not alone!’ Ye Kong shouted in his heart. No words could possibly express that kind of excitement.


When Ye Wei brought him home from the school, he had already heard that the book was useless to Immortal Wan Xuan, but it was indeed a treasure to Ye Kong because he had been Chinese on Earth and while he couldn’t read in Cangnan, he was literate in his native language.


The book was an ancient book on the cultivation of immortality that only he could read!


Ye Kong didn’t care about other people. As Ye Haoran said goodbye to Immortal Wan Xuan, he quickly took the treasured book on the table. He was overjoyed when he skimmed the book.


This was indeed a book teaching how to cultivate immortality. It was written by an immortal from the Earth thousands of years ago. He felt a sense of warmth from the first paragraph.


“Hey, friend, welcome to Cangnan. Aren’t you happy to see familiar characters? I’m also very happy, but I don’t think I will ever meet you. I’ve been through a disaster, and I don’t have much time left in this world. ‘This Five Elements to Immortality’ is a summary of my cultivation of more than a thousand years. Let’s think of it as a gift I am leaving for you, dear friend. When you read this book, maybe it has been a thousand years or ten thousand years after I have written it. Who knows? Maybe no one on this continent will ever know Chinese. This world is a really bad fucking place. Remember, don’t trust anyone! If it’s possible, I really want to go back to the Earth…”


“You can read the words?”


Ye Haoran had come back quickly since Immortal Wan Xuan had listened to Ye Kong’s words and simply left from the door of the parlor with a magic weapon.


“I…” Ye Kong thought fast, remembering Immortal Wan Xuan’s advice about keeping a low profile and the writing just now which warned him to not trust anyone, Ye Kong immediately smiled and said, “ How can I read this? They are really strange words just like square blocks.”


“What are you looking at?” Ye Haoran was still angry. He grabbed the treasured book from Ye Kong’s hand and scolded him, “You are an ignorant child! Do you know how dangerous that was? Are you so stupid you dare to scold and laugh at the immortal?”


Ye Kong bowed his head and murmured, “The immortal was also reasonable. The immortal already said that my words were reasonable.”


The second wife, who was holding her breath behind him, finally had a chance to talk, humming, “I told you not to ask him to come, he would only be a disgrace to the Ye Family.”


“Nonsense!” Ye Haoran looked back and stared at the second wife. He hated this woman. If it wasn’t for her words, maybe the immortal would have taken Ye Kong as a student, but Ye Kong was also at fault.


‘Couldn’t you have been polite to the immortal? Maybe if Immortal Wan Xuan saw you had a good temper, he would have taken you back to the mountain with him.’


It was all a mess.


Ye Haoran looked at his wife and Ye Kong. The more he thought about it, the angrier he was. He had been preparing for a long time. Now he had failed. He regarded these two people as the guilty party for his failure. There was no words to describe how angry he was.


Ye Haoran slammed his fist on the square table made of sandalwood, making a large hole in the table which was as solid as iron.


“Ye Kong! Go to the ancestral temple of the Ye family and repent! Don’t come out without changing your bad temper!” Ye Haoran decided to punish him, which made Ye Kong rethink his mistakes, but he chose not to scold him, so he just glared at him and left angrily.


Ye Kong didn’t care about his thoughts, but he really wanted to read the Five Elements to Immortality!


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