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TMC Chapter 14 Ancestral Temple

Chapter 14 Ancestral Temple


The ancestral temple of the Ye family was a small courtyard in the center of the yard. In the largest house of the temple were the shrines of the ancestors of the Ye family. The back room of the house was a showroom filled with pictures and deeds of his most brilliant ancestors and their descendants.


Ye Kong didn’t rush to the ancestral temple, because Ye Wei told him that he needed to go back home first and bid Chen Jiuniang farewell. Besides, there were rules before repenting in the temple. A man should be neat and tidy when entering and come out every five days to take a bath and have a good rest.


Ye Wei said that he had been locked in the temple by his father many years ago. The most difficult time was at night. It was gloomy and horrible. He had no place to sleep and had to kneel all the time.


Ye Kong did not care about this. He had seen a lot of ghost films. He was not afraid unless there was a real ghost. As for being unable to leave, he didn’t care.


The only depressing thing was that he didn’t have the Five Elements to Immortality.


Ye Kong didn’t mention the book to Ye Wei. He had paid too much attention to it and had barely avoided suspicion. If he continued to care about it, others would doubt his denial.


He decided to say goodbye to his mother then went to repent. He could still get his hands on the book if he stayed at Ye family manor.


Ye Kong thanked Ye Wei and walked out quickly. There was an unexpected person in his yard when he returned.


The second wife had never come before. Even if Chen Jiuniang was required to do work, they would ask the servant to deliver it.


‘Why is she here?’


The second wife praised Ye Kong with insincere flattery when she saw him. Chen Jiuniang had been flattered as she had never gotten this kind look from any of the wives. Ye Kong understood her intention from her words. She came here to disclose the news.


Ye Kong would have followed the immortal if the second wife had not interfered. He knew she came here to make mischief. Ye Kong hated the second wife’s interference, but he wouldn’t be a tool for her either. He told his mother that he would go to the ancestral temple to repent.


Then, he took some thick clothes and left his yard.


Ye Kong found that the murmuring about him changed again as he walked to the ancestral temple.


“Do you know? The immortal came here to get a disciple today, but he only found one who was talented.”


“Who was so lucky? ”




“What, you mean Ye Kong? He is so lucky. But why didn’t he go with the immortal?”


“The reason is that he has the worst type of talent. It is shameful.”


“He is nothing more than rubbish. It’s more humiliating than someone without qualification.”


“That’s true. He was sentenced to go to repent in the ancestral temple.”


‘I will slap you all one day.’


Ye Kong turned around with a sneer at the two servants, then he left.


He sensed a strange phenomenon when he arrived at the temple. He saw many guards surrounding the ancestral temple and they were heavily armored. He didn’t understand why there were so many guards. Would someone steal from the ancestral shrine of the Ye family.


Ye Kong didn’t ask even though he felt it was strange. He walked over with his coat, and he saw Ye Haoran walk out with great strides.


Ye Kong was puzzled about his coming. He hurried to let him pass and stood aside.


Ye Haoran was obviously angry. He walked to Ye Kong and snorted coldly. Then, he walked away quickly.


‘Why did he come?’


Ye Kong lowered his head and crossed the high threshold into the heavily guarded ancestral temple.


The ancestral temple was different from other rooms. It was gloomy and cold even in the daytime. Entering was just like jumping into cold water.


“Maybe a ghost will show up.”


Ye Kong was depressed, there were so many guards outside, and he was the only one inside.


Ye Kong would have laughed. There were no ghosts on Earth, but it was hard to say whether or not there were ghosts in Cangnan.


He walked in lightly and saw there was a circle surrounded by white marble railings in the center of the temple, and the middle of the circle was a circle carved with white jade like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.


There was a circle of railings outside and a granary type building in the middle. The difference was that in the middle of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing was the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. But in the temple of the Ye family was a tower of carved white jade. There were numerous ancestral shrines with different sizes in the room as well.


“Their family has been so prosperous.” Ye Kong was surprised to find that this shrine was not for all the ancestors of the family. It was only for the elder branch of the Ye family, they were the influential people, celebrities and officials of the Ye family.


The shrines of the ancestors from other branches of the Ye family were on the table near the wall. There were numerous shrines densely packed in the space and a horrible everlasting lamp in the middle.


There was only the high wall and the gloomy wind in the empty building. It was creepy and horrible. He walked slowly with light breath.


“Ye Kong.”


“Oh, my God!” Ye Kong was startled. He looked back against the wall, and saw an old man standing in front of the temple. It was Zhang Wude.


“Yes, sir, please come in.”


“It is not appropriate for me to enter,” Zhang Wude said expressionlessly and showed a few books in his hand, “I’ve heard you had to repent, so I brought you some books.”


Ye Kong felt warm even though Zhang Wude was as expressionless as ever.


“Thank you, sir.” Ye Kong took the books and found that most of them were about poetry, and there were two books which were ancient records of spiritual items and beasts.


Zhang Wude looked at Ye Kong, and his eyes became gentle. He said, “I’ve just heard about you. You will have to give up cultivation since you have little talent. At least, you can learn poetry.”


Although Ye Kong didn’t think so, he nodded to the man who really cared about him.


As if he knew what he was thinking, Zhang Wude suddenly waved his hand and touched Ye Kong’s head. He lifted Ye Kong’s head to meet his gaze and sighed,  “It’s not a bad thing to not cultivate immortality. Do you think it’s cruel for human beings to kill each other? Then it’s really cruel being an immortal. It would become a normal thing to kill people for treasure or even for pleasure, to kill other’s families for one wrong sentence. Slowly, you would become cruel and merciless. You would ignore morality, justice and the lives of your family because of some so-called treasures. I don’t want you to be such a person.”


Ye Kong was touched by his words, He looked up and asked, “Sir, why do you know so much about the immortals? Are you an immortal, too? ”


Zhang Wude shook his head. “Even if I had the talent, I would not cultivate.”


It was obvious that Zhang Wude had a story, but he didn’t want to talk about it.


Ye Kong said again, “Sir, no matter whether I am immortal or not in the future, or whether I will be successful or not, I will never give up my attachment to being myself. I will never give up my own morals because of another person’s force or persuasion!”


Zhang Wude smiled for the first time,  “Don’t give up or compromise. You are a good child.”


“Hey, I am not a child!”


Ye Kong walked to the back of the ancestral temple with the books after Zhang Wude left, he found a mat and put it under the biggest candle, then began to read the books.


Ye Kong was not interested in the poems. He turned to the spiritual records that recorded many characteristics of spiritual beasts and spiritual grasses. He read it just for fun and didn’t expect it to be of use one day. Ninety percent of spiritual beasts and spiritual grasses were extinct now according to the book.


There was a guard shouting him to come eat dinner outside. He couldn’t eat in the ancestral temple. He had dinner with the guards. For other young masters, the food here would still be classed as simple food, but for Ye Kong, the food here was much better than he ever had at home.


“Is this beef? Why is it so fragrant? It’s delicious!” Ye Kong asked, gnawing at a big bone.


The leader of the guards was a centurion named Liu Changqing, and he said with a smile, “Master, this is the meat of an iron bull. The meat is fragrant even though its skin is as tough as iron.”


“Is it hard to kill iron bulls?” Asked Ye Kong with surprise.


“Yes, it’s an unleveled middle-grade spiritual beast,” Liu Changqing said proudly. “If I didn’t come here from camp by chance, we wouldn’t have this to eat.”


There were differences among the wild animals in Cangnan. Pigs and sheep were livestock. Spiritual beasts were divided into levels: top, upper, middle, low, and unleveled. Each level was then divided into the top, upper, middle, and low grade.


The spiritual beast without level were spiritual beasts without cultivation. Like normal humans, they had no talent and no natural magic.


But even a spiritual beast with no magic was powerful. Some were powerful, some were poisonous, some were extremely large. That level of spiritual beast could be dealt with by ordinary people, but it was still difficult.


Ordinary people couldn’t deal with leveled spiritual beasts, only an immortal cultivator could deal with them. However, those beasts did not appear regularly because they also needed to practice and increase their strength. When they reached the upper level, they became as intelligent as a human. When they reached the top level, they could transform into a human.


The iron bull was an unleveled middle grade spiritual beast. It would not have been easy for a centurion to kill it.


Ye Kong nodded and praised, “Centurion Liu has excellent martial arts, and we can enjoy this because of you.”


Liu Changqing was happy with Ye Kong’s praise. A guard beside him laughed, “Don’t listen to his boasting, young master. He was able to kill the bull because it was badly injured. Otherwise, even General Ye would have lost to it.”


Liu Changqing’s face was red, “No matter whether it was hurt or not, you can eat the iron bull today because of me.”


The guard was not afraid of him, and said, “There were still several soldiers injured in the process.”


Ye Kong cut in, “However, we have this meal because of Centurion Liu, so let’s not argue. We should care for the injured fellows, and be in harmony with each other. Now, let’s drink and eat!”

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