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TMC Chapter 16 One Year

There was a thin book as white as jade lying in the box. Five Elements to Immortality: the five Chinese characters were so familiar on the title page and gave him a sense of familiarity.


Ye Kong was so excited at the thought of this book. He knew it would be his key to his chance at immortality.


After he took out the book, he closed the box and locked it. Then, he looked back again to make sure nothing was out of place. With a grin, he cheered quietly and rushed back to the mat in the corner of the ancestral temple.


Ye Kong put the Five Elements to Immortality inside the book of Spiritual Records to prevent others from knowing what he was reading, it reminded him of being back at school and putting novels inside his books to read.


He opened the first thin page.


Ye Kong had never read a book like this. He was engrossed the whole afternoon. He had a short meal with the guards at night, then came back to read again.


After finishing the book, he put it down and closed his eyes to meditate.


According to the writer who called himself Immortal Wu Xing, transmigrators from Earth should all be quintuple-talent. It was the worst type of talent in Cangnan, but Wu Xing disagreed. He thought the quintuple-talent was the most stable and natural talent. The world was made of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The human body was also a small universe that connected with the five elements, so he thought cultivating the quintuple-talent was much stronger than others and the single talent, the heavenly talent was actually the worst.


Ye Kong agreed with him. The world was made up of five elements. Practicing the five elements together would be much stronger than one element. Moreover, the five elements were able to coexist in harmony with each reinforcing the other. He could even defeat a single talent, or any of the other talents by choosing the opposing elements.


Ye Kong thought Immortal Wu Xing was a genius to create this cultivation method for his quintuple-talent.


There were many advantages to this cultivation method. It had power, strong immortal Qi, and put more Qi in the body faster than other methods. There was even a smaller chance of creating blockages because of the inherent stability of the method compared to other methods.


Immortal Wu Xing said that as long as someone is a quintuple talent, they will be able to successfully use this cultivation method to establish their foundation, form a core and eventually move into the nascent soul stage.


People didn’t use this method because of several reasons. The first was that the cultivation was much slower than others, especially compared to the path of someone with the heavenly talent. The books cultivation method took much longer to reach the same stage. However, it resulted in a stronger foundation and even fewer blockages yielding stronger cultivators.


The other was the lack of metal Qi to be absorbed. This method relied on complete balance while establishing the foundation, but there was almost no metal Qi in the air and it was hard to find in general.


Immortal Wu Xing suggested absorbing the metal Qi from metal spiritual stones. Ye Kong laughed bitterly. He had never seen a spiritual stone, let alone a metal spiritual stone. How many would he need to reach the appropriate balance?


Immortal Wu Xing knew that it was really hard to find numerous metal spiritual stones, so he suggested finding and refining a vein of metal spiritual stones for a steady stream of it.


Ye Kong shook his head. He might be killed if he tried to refine metal veins in someone else’s mine, so he decided to find the spiritual stones instead of refining a vein.


‘To Cultivate or not. The advantages and disadvantages are here now.’


Soon, he made up his mind. ‘Just do it! I have no choice right now. Immortal Wan Xuan said I would always be stuck in the period of Qi refining. Even though this cultivation method is slow, it can guarantee an established foundation.’


Ye Kong began to cultivate. He sat cross legged and recited the cultivation method again. Then, he packed the book into his bag, and started to cultivate by closing his eyes and placing his hands flat on his knees.


The stage of the cultivator was divided into three realms: the lowest, the middle, and top.


The lowest realm was divided into five parts: Qi refining, foundation establishment, golden core, nascent soul, and transforming spirit. The middle realm was divided into three parts: refining emptiness, combining and Mahayana. The top realm was the crossing of the boundary. If a cultivator could cross the boundary successfully, he would be considered a peak existence, he would be immortal and exist like the universe.


Each of those three realms has ten layers: the first three layers were early stage, the middle stage was the fourth, fifth and sixth layers, from seventh to ninth layer was late stage, and the tenth layer was the complete stage.


Ye Kong just planned to reach the foundation establishment.  He was like a marathon runner that had taken the first step on the long path. As long as there was a chance he would never give up.


Cultivation and meditation were not the same, but they were related. Last time, he made no progress because he didn’t have a method to follow. Now, as soon as he started his cultivation, he could feel the Qi in the air converging to him. He felt very warm and comfortable and quickly entered a meditative state.


He was surprised that his palms were the first place he felt the Qi flowing. He expected it to flow in with his breathing, but it wasn’t too surprising. The hands were the most sensitive and flexible organ in the body. They were also the most densely packed with acupoints and were where a cultivator could release their Qi from.


Ye Kong clearly felt the wisps of water and wood Qi entering his palm. He felt that his palm was like a sieve with countless small holes. The Qi flowed like water into his body and was slowly transported through the meridians in his arms.


The first stage of cultivation did not require him to absorb a perfect balance of Qi. Instead, he needed to absorb as much as possible. Ye Kong was like a greedy baby absorbing all of the Qi in the air around him.


However, all the Qi he absorbed was not stored in his Qihai. After entering the body, the would Qi flow through the eight meridians and would be broken down into three parts.


One third of the Qi would be used to nourish his body and meridians, one third would slowly escape through his skin as it flowed through his body, and the remaining third would contain impurities and would be purged from his body through cultivation. Only a tiny amount of Qi actually entered the Qihai.


After a long time of meditating and closed door training, many immortals would leave a circle of black and gray dust around them. The black dust was the physical impurities removed from the body; the grey was the impure Qi.


At Ye Kong’s stage, he would only leave grey dust.


Ye Kong cultivated for a long time. He only felt a little Qi in his Qihai after the entire night passed.


Ye Kong was so happy. He knew he had become a cultivator even if he was the lowest of them all. At this point, Ye Haoran could defeat him easily, but his abilities would continue to develop now that he had begun the journey.


His spirit was lighter, and he was happier. It seemed that absorbing Qi was good for the soul and the damage he’d done to his soul would recover soon.


He could try reading the collection of spells again once his soul was recovered. He wondered what sort of surprises would be in his future?


“Young master, time to have breakfast,” Liu Changqing shouted from outside.


“I am coming,” Ye Kong got up, pat his clothes and walked out.


“Young master, do your legs feel numb after the mediation?” Liu Changqing asked, passing a bread bun.



“Of course, but there is no bed. I can only spend my time meditating and sleeping.” Ye Kong sighed and laughed, “Centurion Liu, would you like to swap places with me?”


“Ha ha.” Liu Changqing said with a smile, “I was trying to be sympathetic towards you to make you feel better. But I can’t do that, I will be punished if General Ye finds out.”


Ye Kong moved the mat to the back room of the temple after that. He knew he should be more careful. Liu Changqing was not bad or obsequious. Ye Kong was also very kind, so they both got on well with each other. Time flew, and soon, Ye Kong had repented for one year.

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