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TMC Chapter 19 Cinnabar

Yellow paper was not expensive. He bought three large pieces for fifty coppers, and the owner cut them for him into strips two inches wide and five inch long. The owner was professional and didn’t ask the reason.


He also got a book from the owner.


“I ended up getting one for free.” Ye Kong laughed as he left with the book.


Yellow paper was easy to buy, but cinnabar was not. Cinnabar was solid mercury sulfide. There were no chemical stores here, so he only could buy it at the pharmacy.


The pharmacy did sell it, but few people bought the cinnabar, so many of the pharmacies were out of stock. Under the guidance of others, he went to the most prosperous pharmacy: Tongchun Hall.


“I hope I can find the cinnabar.” Ye Kong stood under the golden plaque and muttered. Then he walked up the steps.


It was the largest pharmacy in Nandu city. The lobby was very wide with many people waiting and there were several people arguing at the table in the corner.


Ye Kong turned to look at the door and went straight to the medicine counter.


“Do you have any cinnabar here?” Ye Kong asked the shopkeeper inside.


“Cinnabar? I think so. Wait a minute.” The shopkeeper hurried to ask the lobby manager.


“We have cinnabar. One Qian costs one Liang of silver.” The manager replied. He looked at Ye Kong then said to the waiter. “There is some in the warehouse, but it was hard to find. Let him pay first.”


Ye Kong could hear the words clearly. He knew that the manager was afraid that he could not afford it. He took out ten Liang of silver.


“I want one Liang of cinnabar,” Ye Kong put down the silver.

(Note: 10 Qian = 1 Liang)


“Ok.” The waiter took the silver and said politely, “Please have a rest. I’ll go find it for you.”


Ye Kong nodded, went to the rest place and closed his eyes to wait.


As soon as Ye Kong closed his eyes, his ears became more sensitive. He could hear all the conversations in the lobby and easily identify who was speaking.


‘This is amazing.’ He only cultivated to the first layer, and his five senses were so keen. It seemed like he could hear things great distances from where he was sat.


“Doctor Kan, please help me. My mother will be blind if she has no treatment.”


“No, I will not do the treatment without pay.”


“Doctor Kan, Please.”


“No way! We will not offer treatment to you without money.”


Ye Kong opened his eyes when he heard these words and looked at the doctors who were sitting in the pharmacy and who they were arguing with.


There were two ruffians who looked worse than the thugs on Earth. He finally saw what a true thug of Cangnan looked like. They were tall and strong wearing short coarse clothes with a small hemp rope around their waist like farmers.


One of them begged, “Doctor Kan, Please. We were forced by our gang to come and collect protection money from you.”


“Then go to the Dragon and Snake gang if you need a doctor. Don’t make trouble here; we have already paid the monthly protection fee. If you continue to make trouble here, your leader won’t let you off.”


The doctor’s tone was cold. Ye Kong closed his eyes again. Apparently, they’d been here before and caused trouble for the pharmacy. Now, they wanted the doctor to treat their mother for free and the doctor was getting his revenge.


Ye Kong wasn’t planning to interfere. He didn’t have enough money to give charity. They could have avoided this if they had been kinder when collecting money. When he was on Hanzheng Street, he was very kind to the clinic and they treated him when he needed.


“Doctor Kan, if you treat our mother, I will let you watch our family treasure in the moonlight.”


The doctor sounded like he was smiling, “I’ve heard about the precious jade of your family. When the moonlight hits the jade you can see someone dancing, but I would rather spend ten Liang of silver to have fun with the girls in the Appreciation Spring Tower.


People around the doctor laughed and said, “Many families have treasures these days, but most of them are rubbish. You said there is a great martial arts technique in the dancing, but then why are you not fierce.”


When Ye Kong heard this, he paid attention to it. There were many treasures in Cangnan. Apparently there were real and rubbish treasures.


He thought he could recognize treasure, but his understanding of treasure was very different than others of Cangnan based on the Five Elements to Immortality.


They pleaded again, but the doctor ignored them. They had no choice but to bow and leave.


“Please stay.” Ye Kong stopped them.


“Who are you? Get out of here!”


As expected, all the thugs were always the same on Earth or on Cangnan.


Ye Kong said, “Actually, I want to help you, but you don’t seem to want it.”


When they heard that Ye Kong wanted to help them. The elder one apologized and said, “Young master, I am Lu Jun. This is Lu Yi, my brother. My mother is very sick, so his temper is bad. Please forgive us.”


Ye Kong nodded and said, “I have some silver here. I can give it to you, but I want to see your precious jade.”


The doctor said that it would take ten Liang of silver to treat her. Lu Jun was very happy. He quickly gave a deep bow to thank Ye Kong.


The others nearby all clamored, “They are scoundrels. Don’t be fooled by them!”


“It is worthless to see their jade. You can come to see my treasure, which only costs eight Liang.”


“Go to my house! Only seven Liang! ”


“Six Liang!”


“One Liang for watching! You can take it away for five Liang!”


Ye Kong was going to faint. It seemed that every family in Cangnan had family heirlooms. He was not sure if it would be as valuable as the treasure of the Lu Family.


Lu Jun and Lu Yi were notorious gangster. They snorted coldly when they heard the words spoken around them. The people were so scared that they dared not speak.


The waiter had found the cinnabar and handed it to Ye Kong, he then went with the brothers and the doctor in a rented carriage.


On the way, Ye Kong learned that the brothers went to the pharmacy to cause trouble and injured two of the guards, so the doctor resented them.


They had no choice. They were forced by their gang to go and collect money, but all the money they received had to be handed in. The Dragon and Snake gang were never kind in their actions, but they had no way to change things because the leaders were too powerful.


Ye Kong shook his head and gave up the idea of going back to his old job. It was no fun to have such a selfish leader.


Ye Kong only came to get the address of their house and would come back at night.


Although he had fewer expectations of treasure now, he still wanted to see it.


Afraid of cheating, Ye Kong reminded them when he left, “Lu Jun and Lu Yi, I am the eighth young master of the Zhennan General Mansion. You can find me if you have any troubles.”


His real intention was to warn them  not to cheat him.


Although no one respected him in Ye Family, it was very useful to frighten outsiders. All three people quickly bowed before him.


Ye Kong waved his hand, “There’s no need.”


Lu Jun whispered and reminded him when he was leaving, “Shall I go back with you? Some people from the Dragon and Snake gang are following you.”


Ye Kong had seen them. Unexpectedly, Lu Jun had also seen them. It seemed that the two brothers were previously not planning to help him.


“Just a few gangsters, nothing to worry about.” Ye Kong was a little unhappy because they knew, but didn’t tell him at the beginning.


Lu Jun dared not say more when he saw Ye Kong’s expression. The gangsters wouldn’t have provoked him if they knew his identity from the start.


Ye Kong sneered and decided to keep his identity a secret from the other gangsters so he could test his cultivation.

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