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TMC Chapter 20 Killing

Chapter 20 Killing


On his way back, Ye Kong chose the path with fewer people instead of the busy street.


The gangster behind him were very happy. They had been following Ye Kong since he left the challenge arena. They thought Ye Kong was a wealthy newcomer because he was so curious on the street, but they had no chance to rob him because Ye Kong stayed on the busy street.


They were much happier when they saw Ye Kong give the silver to the Lu brothers and knew they  had to rob him now.


They followed Ye Kong and trapped him in an isolated alley. There were six people grinning and holding sabers and cudgels.


“We also want to borrow some silver from you,” a hoarse voice came from behind him.


Ye Kong leaned against the wall and looked at the six thugs. They were all strong looking and seemed fierce.


“This is robbery; I will notify the local government.”


Ye Kong looked and behaved like a weak and immature scholar.


“There are dozens of deaths in Nandu City every day. You are not from here, there is no official who will bother  listening to you.” The man laughed; they were never afraid of scholars who didn’t understand the workings of the real world.


“I’ll draw your face and give the drawing to the government office. I think it will be easy for the officers to identify you. I think you’d better let me go,” Ye Kong said with a smile.


The thugs looked at each other and silently decided to kill Ye Kong. It wasn’t the original plan, but he had now given them no other choice but to silence him.


“If that’s the case, it is impossible to let you go now.”


The strong leader said as he suddenly thrust his saber at Ye Kong’s abdomen.


He was fast, but Ye Kong was not the same person as one year ago. Even though he had no magic techniques, he had confidence he could beat these street gangsters.


There was a glint of mockery in Ye Kong’s eyes. He seemed as fast as lightning as he grabbed the saber with two fingers.


The man tried to swing again, but he couldn’t move the saber from the grip of Ye Kong. He understood that Ye Kong was more powerful than him, so he shouted at the others, “Quickly, let’s fight together!”


Ye Kong didn’t wait for the others to get close. He hit the man’s chest with all his power and sent him flying while shouting, “Get lost!”


The man flew away from him and hit the wall with a bang. He fell to the ground, twitched twice and then stopped moving completely.


Ye Kong was very happy that his cultivation was not in vain. He was using his version of the lightness skill and the boxing he had understood from the fight arena to easily handle the thugs.


These thugs were just average people, so Ye Kong defeated all of them easily with his agility and power, because he was already a cultivator in the Qi refining stage.


The little skinny man among them realized the lost cause. He turned around and ran away shouting, “The Dragon and Snake Gang is going to get revenge on you!”


“Have a taste of a technique from the thugs on earth Earth!” Ye Kong picked up half of a green brick from the roadside and suddenly moved leaving only a shadow behind. He appeared behind the man and hit him in the back of the head with the brick.


The gangsters head was smashed like a broken watermelon, and his brain matter could be seen through the wound.


“That’s disgusting.” Ye Kong held back his vomiting. This encounter was the first time that he killed someone. Although he was not frightened, he did not take it lightly.


The words of the last gangster reminded him that he shouldn’t leave any of them alive, but he wasn’t sure if he was hard-hearted enough to kill the ones who had already been seriously injured.


“Cut their throats with a knife? Or continue to use the brick? Both are very cruel.” Fighting was easy, but it was hard to go back and kill the injured.


“Murder!” Suddenly a scream came from the entrance of the alley, and a figure quickly turned and escaped the scene.


Ye Kong knew that he no longer had any time to waste and had to make his decision. He gripped the brick tightly and bashed their skulls in, one by one.  Then he left the alley and disappeared into the crowd.


Ye Kong’s heart was still pounding when he returned to the mansion.


“Young master is back,” Li Laosi came to him again with a smile.


“Yes.” Ye Kong was a little absent-minded. He looked down at his clothes and saw there was no blood. He took a breath and entered.


He heard a very harsh voice of a woman when he entered their own yard.


“Did you mean it! You haven’t finished the work even though you know that the second wife needs it. ”


“Nanny Hu, you just brought it this morning. I even didn’t stop for lunch. I’ll finish it before dark,” Chen Jiuniang whispered.


“Before dark? Will you take the responsibility if the second wife is angry? “Nanny Hu’s bossy voice came again, but her voice suddenly became soft again, “Or.. I can convince the second wife on your behalf.”


Chen Jiuniang suddenly understood and hurriedly said, “Thank you, please take these silvers for you trouble.”


“You’re welcome.” Nanny Hu immediately became happy when she saw the silver.


Someone snorted behind her as she took the silver, “There is no reason that you should get additional benefits from others when they are also doing your work for you.”


Nanny Hu was not a kind-hearted person. She liked to bully others. Her son changed his family name to Ye and learned martial arts. He was valued by Ye Haoran, so everyone in the outer courtyard was afraid of her. They called her Nanny Tiger.


Nanny Hu had heard some news about Ye Kong recently, but she hadn’t seen anything, so she just shouted again.


“Chen Jiuniang! How dare your son talk with me like this! I will have my son will teach him a lesson!”


Ye Kong sneered, “Ask your son to come here, I will see who can teach me a lesson other than my father.”


Ye Kong just killed people and still had a fierce expression which made Nanny Hu afraid.


“Hurry up and finish the work or I’ll stop bothering to help such ugly woman.” Nanny Hu’s voice was soft, but would Ye Kong allow her to scold Chen Jiuniang without punishment.




He landed a thunderous slap to her face.


Nanny Hu was stunned. Her first reaction was to ask Ye Kong, “You actually dared to hit me?”


Chen Jiuniang was also shocked. Nanny Hu’s son was an exceptional martial artist.




Before Nanny Hu could shut her mouth, Ye Kong slapped her again.


“You just wait!” Nanny Hu screamed as she covered her face and ran out.


Chen Jiuniang was frightened, “Ye Kong, her son, Ye Hai, has excellent martial arts skills, and he works in the local government. We should go apologize to her and give her some silver.”


“Mom!” Ye Kong held Chen Jiuniang’s shoulder, looked at her eyes firmly and said, “Don’t worry, I have grown up, I can protect you! Do you believe me?”


Looking at Ye Kong’s firmness and perseverance, Chen Jiuniang said, “I believe you.”


Ye Kong went back to his room later. He knew Ye Hai had excellent martial arts, he was very skilled but also an experienced fighter. It was said that he even received guidance from Ye Haoran. The gangsters Ye Kong killed were much weaker than Ye Hai.


He stood no chance against Ye Hai at his current level, so he decided to use talismans. Some talismans were for curing ailments, but some could be used to fight.


Ye Kong started to draw the Soul Isolation talisman which put the patient in stasis.


The principle of this talisman was to isolate the soul and make it unable to move. At the same time, it broke the connection between the soul and the body so that the person could still think, hear and see, but couldn’t move.


At dusk, the room was very bright. The red sunset in the distance made everything in the room seem gilded in a golden red shade.


Ye Kong put down the yellow paper, pressed the paper head with the jade-like paperweight, he took out the clean inkstone, added water, crushed a small piece of cinnabar, and pressed the cinnabar with a square stone.


He immersed his soul into the cinnabar as he ground it and opened the Collection of Spells to remember the strokes and requirements for the talisman.


The book demanded the cultivator to take the bath, change clothes, burn incense, kneel to heaven, and ask Lord Lao Zi to help guide you.


Ye Kong didn’t care about this. He didn’t understand the connection between these things and creating a talisman.  There was no one here who believed in Lord Lao Zi, but there were immortals.


He believed that the ones who would become immortals did so because of their own strength, not BY believing in Lord Lao Zi or because they took enough baths.

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