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TMC Chapter 21 Isolate Soul Talisman

Ye Kong held the brush and dipped it in the red cinnabar.


Recalling the strokes of the talisman, he started to draw quickly.


This kind of talisman had a fixed structure with three parts: top, middle and bottom. The top part was the talisman head, composed of a row of small characters, or figures. It was like the primer in Chinese medicine, or the fuse of a bomb. The quality of the talisman head would directly affect the functionality of the talisman.


The bottom part was the talisman foot and was not always necessary. Most talismans had no feet, but this one did. It had three checks, which were just like the checkmarks teachers used to give correct answers at school. symbol. The difference was that there was a circle around the bend of the check and a point in the middle which made it look like an eye. These three hooks represented the true fire of Samadhi.


The most important part was the talisman heart which contained the words of the talisman. It was both a collection of words or an image. The talisman heart decided what effect the talisman would have.


Ye Kong concentrated. His right hand held the brush, and his wrist was flexible like a dragon, the pen went back and forth on the paper without stopping.


He had memorized every stroke of the talisman in his mind in advance, and he wrote naturally and fluently. So, it took little to no time to draw.


The iron red handwriting glowed for a brief moment and then dimmed.


The iron red ink turned silver as if he was writing with mercury and he suddenly felt spiritual Qi flowing through the air and into the talisman.


Ye Kong was very pleased with the first successful talisman. He appreciated it carefully and decided to draw another, but the next talisman didn’t turn silver once completed. The Qi seemed confused and then the paper burst into flame until there was nothing left but ashes.


“Is that because I didn’t take bath and change clothes?” Ye Kong was a little confused and depressed.


He decided to change to making another talisman.


He opened the collection and focused on the Staunch Bleeding talisman.


The Staunch Bleeding talisman was relatively simple, and there was no talisman foot. It would stop blood from flowing outside of the body when applied to a wound, but it was relatively weak. It was not as good as ordinary medicine, so it had little use.


He quickly finished a batch of these talismans and found the success rate of this talisman was much higher than the last. He succeeded four times.


“It seems that there is a success rate for talismans. The more you draw, the higher success rate will be.” Ye Kong tried making the Soul Isolation talisman again.


When Chen Jiuniang finished the embroidering, “It’s time for dinner,” she called.


“I am coming!” Ye Kong had succeeded again. He was happy and stuffed all the talismans into his sleeve and went out with her.


The talismans were complete, but were they really useful?


Ye Kong’s doubts came up again.


‘I have to try it but I will be laughed at by others if it doesn’t work during a fight.’


When he came to the dining hall, he saw a big dog at the door that looked very fierce. It was raised by Sister Ma.


Ye Kong had an idea immediately. Sister Ma was that hateful woman who gave the cold steamed bun to his mother, so he would test the talismans on the dog first.


“Young master, why did you come here to eat? I heard you always stay in the ancestral temple,” Sister Ma jeered.


The other servants laughed.


Ye Kong smiled and said, “I heard that there was a fat pig bullying others here, so I wanted to see it.”


Her face suddenly changed. She said angrily, “You dare to scold me?”


“No, why would you think that? I am clearly scolding a pig.”


Her facial expression kept changing a few times. She felt insulted but was afraid of causing trouble with Ye Kong.


She gave a few spoonsful of food casually. It was unfortunate that she decided to not cause trouble, but it was helpful as he had his own business to deal with. He glared at Nanny Hu while he ate, but she bowed her head and ate quickly.


“Mom, you can go back first if you are finished. I’m going to the toilet.” Ye Kong lied and snuck back to the dining hall.


It was getting dark, and dinner time was over. Ye Kong waited for a while until he was sure no one would come before going inside.




Nanny Hu’s dog barked viciously, looking at Ye Kong.


“That fat woman is busy right now,” Ye Kong sneered.


Took out the Soul Isolation talisman and quickly repeated a strange incantation.


The talisman shivered in his hand.




The dog sensed something strange and immediately tried to escape.


Fast as lightning, Ye Kong stuck the talisman onto the dog’s head.


The dog didn’t make a sound and fell to the ground. Its shocked eyes stared at Ye Kong.


“Effective!” Ye Kong lifted his hands in victory as he prodded the dog’s stomach with his foot. If anyone saw it now, they would think the dog was dead.


“Let’s see the Staunch Bleeding talisman.” Ye Kong looked around and dragged the dog outside the dining hall. In the moonlight, he took out a knife and made a small cut the dog’s calf.


A small amount of blood came out from the cut.


The incantation of the talisman was simple, “Stop!”


When the paper hit the wound of the dog, a red light flashed.


The talisman burst into flame and disappeared without trace, but the wound had miraculously stopped bleeding.


Ye Kong tore the Soul Isolation talisman off the dog’s forehead, but as he did, it also burst into a flame and disappeared.


The dog quickly rushed to its feet and ran away, barking as it escaped.


With the success of the experiment, Ye Kong was more confident, and he was expecting Nanny Hu’s son to come soon.


Nanny Hu’s son was dealing with an important case with the government, so he couldn’t return that night.


Ye Kong was disappointed because it started to rain. He couldn’t go to the Lu Family to see their treasure since the moonlight wouldn’t reach the jade through the heavy rainclouds, so Ye Kong sat cross legged on the bed and began to meditate.


The water Qi was more active during the rain which allowed him to absorb more water Qi.


There were various Qi’s gathered in his Qihai. The different colored gaseous Qi slowly rotated together like a multi colored congee, it looked quite similar distant galaxy if you were to see it through a telescope, it was both fascinating and mysterious!


The Qi mainly consisted of black water Qi, green wood Qi, yellow earth Qi, and some red fire Qi. There was hardly any white metal Qi, so it was wrapped around the outside of the Qi swirl, like a thin silk thread.


Ye Kong had ways to add fire Qi, but because he mainly cultivated at night or in the ancestral temple, there was little fire Qi to be absorbed. If he could cultivate under the sun while it was high in the sky, the available fire Qi to absorb would naturally be increased.


What bothered Ye Kong most was the metal Qi. It was hard for him to find metal Qi in Cangnan.


He would be killed if he tried to mine it, so he only could get it by buying metal spiritual stones once he had enough money.


Cultivation made the time go by quickly. The light rain soon became a rainstorm, and the water Qi grew extremely active. As Ye Kong comfortably absorbed it, a huge vortex swirled over Ye Kong, and the black water Qi surged into his body, but only a cultivator would be able to notice such a phenomenon.


“Ye Kong.”


Suddenly his mother woke him, but he had already told his mother to only disturb him in the gentlest way possible. Otherwise, if he was shocked out of his cultivation, it might create a blockage in his Qi, it could even cause him to be injured or worse, he could get possessed.


That was the reason why the ancestral temple was the best place for him to cultivate. No one bothered him there. He had to take risks if he wanted to cultivate at home, but he couldn’t abandon Chen Jiuniang.


Sending the last wisp of Qi into his Qihai, Ye Kong felt full.


“Mom, what happened? Is it Nanny Hu’s son?” Asked Ye Kong.


When Chen Jiuniang saw the excitement burning in her son’s eyes, she was happy as this is the courage she wanted her son to have. She sat beside the bed and said, “It’s Li Laosi.”


“What is he doing here? Does he want to get the brick again?”


Chen Jiuniang couldn’t help laughing and said, “No, he told me that someone wants to see you. It’s inconvenient for them to come in at night, so they waited by the door.”


“For me?” Ye Kong shocked, who would be here in this kind of weather?


“I’ll go to see.” Ye Kong checked the talismans in his sleeve, took a black oil umbrella from the corner and went out.


Chen Jiuniang said with concern, “Be kind and don’t pick fights!”


Ye Kong smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll not attack unless I am attacked. Go back to your room and stay warm.”


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