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TMC Chapter 22 vision



The front hall of the Ye family mansion…


A strong man took off a straw rain cape revealing his tawny clothes and the small hemp rope around his waist as water dripped from his large physique. The cape was so worn that it was useless and all of his clothes were dripping wet. Even his straw sandals were almost worn out.


“The master will be out in a minute.” Li Laosi hurriedly came back to reply.


If someone visited Chen Jiuniang and Ye Kong previously, Li Laosi would never have informed him. Even if the man died in the rain, he would not have let the man in.


But it was different now. He previously took a beating and after he saw Ye Kong’s increased strength during the competition, so he didn’t want to provoke Ye Kong. Showing respect to those stronger than yourself was the main concept in Cangnan.


“Thank you.” The visitor was afraid of wetting the chair, so he stood and waited patiently.


Ye Kong walked in with the black oil umbrella, he looked at the visitor and said, “Lu Jun? What are you doing here? ”


Ye Kong had been wondering who would come to visit him in such heavy rain.


“Master, I……” Lu Jun looked eager and looked at Li Laosi again. He clearly had something to say.


“Come, sit down. Li Laosi, help me to get some hot tea.”


Li Laosi went to pour tea as Ye Kong dragged Lu Jun to sit down, wondering if Lu Jun had come to borrow more money.


Ye Kong was wrong, Lu Jun had actually come to return the money.


Lu Jun took out the nine Liang of silver that Ye Kong had given him before he sat down and put it on the table.


Ye Kong was stunned and asked, “Is this…?”


Lu Jun said, “The doctor has seen my mother. He said her eyes are blocked and it isn’t something he can cure, so we don’t need the money anymore.”


Ye Kong nodded, and thought Lu Jun was a real man. He refused the money, so would there be no chance for him to see the treasure?


Ye Kong said, “It doesn’t matter, I paid to see your treasure, you can keep the money.”


Lu Jun refused, “Young master, I know you are generous enough to help us get through the difficulties, but I can’t accept this. You can come to see our treasure at any time.”


Ye Kong was planning to help them, because he wanted to see the treasure. He blushed and pushed it back, while saying modestly, “How can I do that? I should pay what I agreed to pay. ”


Lu Jun wanted to push back again, but Ye Kong suddenly added. “Are you looking down on me? If you don’t accept it, I wouldn’t have the face to go and see your treasure.”


He had seen many things without paying in his previous life, but he was humbled by Lu Jun’s honor.


Lu Jun didn’t refuse again and put the silver away with thanks.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Can you tell me your real intention now?”


Returning money obviously was not Lu Jun’s real intention. He didn’t have to return the money during a rainstorm. Something serious must have happened.


“You are clever.”


Ye Kong didn’t smile, “I know you came about the people who followed me this afternoon. Did someone find you and ask my identity?”


Lu Jun was even surprised this time.


“You are really clever,” Lu Jun said with a serious tone.


Ye Kong wasn’t modest either. He nodded and continued to analyze. “Something must have happened or you needn’t come in the middle of the night, but I think if you had told them my identity, they wouldn’t dare to do anything, so something else must have happened. Right?”


Lu Jun was awed by the analysis, “You are right. In the afternoon, the law enforcement hall of our gang came to inquire about your identity. I told them your identity and when they heard, they left in a hurry. But…”


Lu Jun paused, but Ye Kong waited patiently for him to continue.


Lu Jun looked around to confirm no one was around and said in a low voice, “But in the evening, the leader of the law enforcement hall came to my house with more than ten experts, they have set a trap waiting there for you. Fortunately, it rained tonight, or you would have been ambushed when you came.”


Ye Kong was shocked. These people had given up when they found out his identity, so why did they change their mind?


“What did they say to you?” Ye Kong asked again.


“There were no good words. ”


“You can say it directly.”


“They said that you were a fool who had never practiced martial arts. There was no one who cared about you in the Ye Family.”


Ye Kong suddenly understood that they had an inside source from the Ye household and planned their revenge after receiving the information about Ye Kong.


He was a son of the Ye family. The government and army were all under the influence of the Ye Household. They would stamp out anyone who acted against the Ye Family. These guys were really audacious.


Lu Jun continued, “The leader expected the light rain to stop. They only left when the rain started to get heavier, but they said they would return tomorrow. I came here after I was sure there was no one spying on me.”


Ye Kong nodded and looked at the drenched man. For the first time, he felt that good deeds would be rewarded in this cruel land. It seemed that there was still kindness and justice.


However, those thoughts were extinguished when Ye Kong recalled that Lu Jun didn’t previously tell him about the thugs that were following him after giving him the silver, so there must be another reason for Lu Jun to take the risk by saying all of this.


Ye Kong stared at Lu Jun for a moment and then asked, “Did you know I could beat those thugs?”


Lu Jun quickly kneeled, but he was not flustered. “Young master, I appreciate your help and I only have gratitude to you, but if you had no ability to protect yourself, I wouldn’t risk my life for yours!”


Ye Kong stared at Lu Jun and asked, “I helped you, but you didn’t help me when I could have been in danger. Where is your conscience?”


Lu Jun’s eyes flashed with guilt, but he immediately looked up and said, “I have a conscience! The guilt I feel is what lead me to your door, but I still have to think of protecting my family. When you are in trouble, there isn’t room for the thought of whether a deed is good or bad.”


In this cruel country, being rich and being powerful gave you the ability to help others, otherwise you were only looking for endless trouble.


Ye Kong did not blame Lu Jun, on the contrary, he had a new view of Lu Jun. He knew Lu Jun understood justice and had a sharp and long-term vision. Lu Jun was an asset.


“So why do you think I can beat those experts waiting to trap me?” Ye Kong asked with interest.


Lu Jun said, “They said you were a fool, but you are clear headed and clever. They said you never practiced martial arts, but never considered how you could kill six people without martial arts. They said that you were inferior to servants, but when I arrived here, the servants clearly showed their respect for you. It’s obvious that they have wrong information, so they’ll definitely fail!”


“Good!” Ye Kong couldn’t help but praise Lu Jun and said with a smile, “Become my follower. Have you ever thought of becoming the leader of the gang?”


“The leader?” Lu Jun couldn’t believe it.


Ye Kong wanted to run his old business here in Cangnan. He could organize a gang and inquire for information when needed. It would also provide income and manpower. Even if he was not around, his mother would have a certain level of protection.


Because Ye Kong had to spend most of his time cultivating, he had decided against taking over the gang, but with Lu Jun as his follower, it provided the perfect opportunity.


Lu Jun shook his head. “But no one can fight back against the leaders of the gang, even when there was infighting previously, the opposition were all killed.”


Ye Kong said, “I will kill Fan Jiulong!”


“His brother is a powerful fighter with a lot of martial arts training.”


“Martial arts training?” Ye Kong snorted. He didn’t care about martial arts since he had talismans.


Lu Jun thought for a moment and said, “If you can kill them, it would be possible!”


“Ok, keep an eye on Fan Jiulong starting tomorrow.”


“Yes, young master.” Lu Jun replied loudly, “Will you come tomorrow evening?”


“Why wouldn’t I?”  Ye Kong smiled coldly. “I will definitely come. The law enforcement hall, right? Tell me how many of them there are, their martial strength, and where the ambush will be.”


After an hour, Ye Kong gave Lu Jun his umbrella and sent him away.


After Lu Jun left, Ye Kong looked back at Li Laosi who had heard the entire conversation, he smiled coldly and said, “If you tell anyone about tonight, I will kill your entire family.”


“I won’t tell anyone!” Li Laosi shivered.

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