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TMC Chapter 23 Introduction

Chapter 23 Introduction



The rainstorm was like a waterfall.


Ye Kong was soaking wet when he returned to his yard, so Chen Jiuniang hurriedly gave him a set of dry clothes and a towel.


“Why didn’t you use the umbrella?”


Ye Kong answered, “I gave it to my friend.”


He took the clothes and went back to his room to change. He didn’t use the towel and instead dried himself by cultivating the Five Elements to Immortality.


After putting on the dry clothes, he crossed his legs on the bed and thought about how to best deal with the ambush.


According to Lu Jun, they were all more powerful than the thugs from the previous afternoon, especially their leader, Li Wuda, who was a famous martial artist during his younger years. Against so many experts, it was impossible for Ye Kong to win by himself.


Ye Kong wanted to ask to borrow guards from Liu Changqing, but Liu Changqing wouldn’t agree. Ye Haoran had given orders for the family to remain peaceful and not to cause any trouble during his absence.


Regardless, this plan also required him to fight with talismans which would arouse suspicion from the guards.


What should he do?


Ye Kong decided to see if there was something in the Collection of Spells that could help him.


As he checked, he saw there were a few useful talismans that could help his situation.


“Yes!” Ye Kong’s eyes suddenly brightened.


He found the Improving Eyesight talisman which would improve a person’s eyesight by healing damage and disease accumulated over time. It should be a perfect cure for Lu Jun’s mother, who was going blind.


Even though it had not been what he was looking for, Ye Kong felt that it was worth finding this talisman and memorized the form.


The Lu brothers were useful and it would be important to acquire their loyalty early on, so Ye Kong began to draw the talisman immediately.


Previous experience had taught Ye Kong to practice drawing with normal paper a few times initially before grinding the cinnabar and drawing the talisman on yellow paper.


Holding the brush in his right hand, Ye Kong’s wrist swung and twisted. The tip of the brush seemed like the blade of a knife, leaving blood red marks on the yellow paper.


The talisman was written in characters which seemed to have a similarity to Chinese characters. According to the book, they were immortal characters.


For example, there was a character representing the eyes on the top of the talisman, a Chinese character like “close” and the true fire of Samadhi on the bottom.


‘If the talisman is meant to improve sight, then why use the character for “close?”’


The talisman was almost complete, but because he had lost focus at the end, the talisman burst into flames.


Ye Kong smiled and put down his brush. He picked up the talisman he’d drawn on normal paper and studied it.


“So that’s what it is!”


It turned out that there were two apostrophes around the “close” like a windbreaker. They formed an eye shape.


“Then the meaning of these two apostrophes is solution, or release. Its purpose is to release from the closed state!” Ye Kong’s eyes brightened with his discovery.


“If I make the talisman without these two apostrophes, or change the character to closing, would it become a talisman which could blind people?”


These thoughts flashed like lightning, and he began to understand the meaning of the characters and symbols of the talisman. He might even be able to create his own unique talismans from this understanding.


Then he thought, ‘How about the staunch bleeding talisman and the pain relief talisman. If it can be altered in the same way, then they would be

talismans which made pain and bleeding worse, I am so clever!’


Ye Kong jumped with joy, and excitedly started to make the talismans.


After a night of heavy rain, the sky slowly brightened, and gradually, morning came.


“There are rosy clouds in the sky. It seems that today will be another fine day.” Ye Kong stood at the gate, gazed at the distance of the sky, and smiled.


“Well, Dragon and Snake gang, you will be my first big achievement since arriving here.”


Ye Kong was very excited today. There was no reason not to be excited. He had stepped through the gate and entered a whole new world of talisman techniques. He had not only created a bunch of talismans from the book, but he had also created new unique talismans.


Although the success rate of the self-created talismans was much lower, he succeeded enough to confirm his theory.


What made Ye Kong even happier was that the Qi he absorbed in the rain was enough for him to open a new page in the book, and each new talisman greatly increased his options and added to his strength.


“Mom, I am heading out to buy something. Can you give me some more of my silver?” Ye Kong put some paper talismans into his sleeve and walked out of the door.


“You want silver again? I was going to keep it for your marriage,” Chen Jiuniang murmured, but she still gave ten Liang of silver to Ye Kong.


“The daughter-in-law that is paid for can’t be relied on,” Ye Kong smiled, picked up the silver and left.


“You can go out after breakfast,” cried Chen Jiuniang.


“I’ll eat when I’m back.” Ye Kong said as he disappeared through the gate of the yard.


He rushed out early to buy more yellow paper since he excitedly used it all last night.


He still needed to create more talismans for what he planned at night.


He thought it would be too early for anyone else to be up, but there someone who was awake much earlier than him. When Ye Kong came to the gate, he saw the son of Nanny Hu, Ye Hai. Ye Hai was tall and strong, but he had a small face. His head seemed unsuitable for such a large body.


Regardless of his features, he was a real martial master of Ye Family, even Ye Wei couldn’t defeat him.


Although Ye Hai was only the son of a servant, Ye Haoran still paid attention to him and gave him an important position, so even the children of the Ye Family didn’t dare to provoke him.


When Ye Kong saw Ye Hai, he immediately grabbed his new Blind talisman in one hand and held a Soul Isolation talisman in the other. He looked at him nervously and was ready to fight at any time.


What surprised Ye Kong was that Ye Hai didn’t bother him, as if he didn’t notice Ye Kong as he passed by.


“Has his temper changed for the better?” Ye Kong murmured.


Ye Hai was not a kind man. When Nanny Hu quarreled with others, he would step in to fight her battles. There was no way he wasn’t furious at Ye Kong for slapping Nanny Hu.


Ye Hai walked to the door when he suddenly turned back and smiled towards Ye Kong, then he mounted his horse and left.


There was definitely something wrong with him. Ye Kong had sensed resentment, cruelty and a trace of happiness from his smile.


Did he know that someone was planning to kill Ye Kong tonight? The more Ye Kong thought about it, the more likely it seemed. Collusion between the government and gangs was normal.


“You guys look down on me so much that you plan to kill me by collusion.” Ye Kong sneered as he went out onto the busy street.


Time flew by and in a flash, noon arrived.


The north district was the slum of Nandu city, full of collapsed loess houses. It was like a deserted village, but people still lived inside every broken house.


There were people in rags walking the streets, holding the same broken bowls they use to eat the little food they have, to beg for money.


The Lu Family lived in an alley there. Ye Kong walked under the sun in his white shirt towards their home with calm strides. He was supposed to come in the evening, but he wanted to meet the Lu brothers in advance.


He was only a thirteen-year-old boy, and his opponent was the Dragon and Snake gang colluding with the government. He was at a huge disadvantage, so Ye Kong decided to come in advance to earn the loyalty of the Lu brothers and to show them his strength so they wouldn’t consider betraying him.


The people living in the slums were very alert seeing Ye Kong arrive. They all cast their vigilant and indifferent eyes on him. Ye Kong wanted to chat with people and ask for information, but no one would speak.


After reaching the well, he only needed to take another turn to reach the old gate of the Lu Family. Ye Kong was ready to go directly to the Lu Family, but decided to stop at the well.


There was a young girl washing clothes. She looked to be the same age as Ye Kong. She was squatting by the well and scrubbing the clothes in her hands with great effort. Although her back faced Ye Kong, he could tell she looked very thin and her clothes were well-worn. Much of her skin was exposed to the harsh sun when she squatted because her shirt was too small.



“Little sister, are you doing the laundry alone?” Ye Kong walked to her with a kind expression.


He had no ulterior motive. His tastes were for beautiful, mature and seductive women. This kind of stunted and malnourished little girl was not his type.


“Who are you?” The girl looked at Ye Kong warily.


Even children had to be alert in the slums. Ye Kong did not get discouraged, he took a piece of silver from his pocket, and squatted down to say, “It must be very tiring to wash clothes for money. As long as you answer a few questions, this silver is yours.”


Ye Kong’s harmless smile coupled with the offer of silver made the little girl even more wary. The little girl wiped her hands and stood up. Her clothes didn’t fit well, so when she stood up, her legs were exposed.


“Don’t come any closer if you only want to ask a question.” The little girl said as she backed away from him, Ye Kong felt her actions were strange.


“It’s just a chat. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Ye Kong laughed.


“My mother said that the rich are all bad people, they bully and abuse the poor for their entertainment.”


“I’m not rich.”


“You ask questions with silver as a reward. You wouldn’t ask questions with silver as a reward if you were not rich.”


Ye Kong was speechless. He couldn’t imagine how he had suddenly become a wealthy man. However, he was still very good at concealing his emotions and said with a smile, “My mother says that although our family is poor, we still have to spend money when we want something. My clothes are all coarse cloth. I’m not rich, I’m probably poorer than you.”


The little girl couldn’t help but smile. Although she was thin and malnourished, it could be seen that she was young beauty with curved eyebrows, big eyes, thin lips and a beauty spot.


The little girl started to believe Ye Kong and said, “You can ask a question, but I don’t want your silver.”

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