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TMC Chapter 24 Eye Treatment

Chapter 24 Eye Treatment


“You are such a good girl; you will marry a good husband in the future.”


“I won’t get married!”


“Then, you will make a lot of money.”


“Rich people are bad!”


Ye Kong felt it was difficult to talk with this girl, then he asked, “Do you know Brother Lu?”




“Are they bad people? What are they like?” Ye Kong asked.


“You are bad! They are all good people!” Cried the little girl angrily.


“I was only checking. Who has been to their house this morning?” Ye Kong asked with a smile.


The girl bit her lower lip, hesitant.


“You should be honest. I will take you to buy sugar snacks if you tell me.”


Ye Kong started to feel like he was the wolf tricking red riding hood by dressing as her grandmother.


“Brother, there you are,” The little girl suddenly greeted someone behind him.


Ye Kong looked back and saw that there was no one behind him. When he turned back around, the little girl had slipped away.


“She is so crafty,” Ye Kong scoffed and went to the Lu family’s house.


When he arrived at the house, he saw Lu Jun coming out holding the little girl’s hand and cursing, “I’ll see what idiot dares to have thoughts about my sister!”


“This is your sister?”


“Yes, her name is Lu Qin.”


Ye Kong was depressed. He had been asking Lu Jun’s sister.


Lu Qin, pointed to Ye Kong, “Brother, it’s him! He tried to give me silver and said bad things about you, then he asked who came to our house this morning!”


Ye Kong stood awkwardly as Lu Jun laughed. “Young master, please come inside.”


He patted Lu Qin’s head again and said, “He is our benefactor, be kind.”


Lu Qin didn’t say anything, but continued to stare daggers at Ye Kong.


“Brother Lu, this…” Ye Kong smiled sheepishly.


Lu Jun led Ye Kong to go inside and said with a smile, “It’s fine. It’s right to air on the side of caution before coming. This makes me feel more confident about you.”


“Ha ha, right? It’s the first time we’re cooperating,” Ye Kong said with a smile.


Lu Qin hummed again and whispered, “So he is a young master of the Ye family and they are a rich family. So you are a liar!”


“Keep quiet. Go and fetch some water.”


Lu Jun invited Ye Kong to sit down. Ye Kong sat down and looked around. The family was really poor. There were only four walls of loess, a broken wood table and two chairs with legs missing.


“Young master, my family is really poor.” Lu Jun smiled embarrassed.


“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Kong shook his hand and asked, “Where is Lu Yi?”


“He went to the gang to ask for some information,” Lu Jun’s tone was light, but his eyes flashed. It seemed that he had gone to inquire about the leader, Fan Jiulong.


Lu Qin came back with a bowl of water, put it down, and hissed so only Ye Kong could hear, “Liar.”


Then, she snorted again, made a face at him and left.


“Your sister is naughty,” Ye Kong said.


“She doesn’t like to follow rules.” Lu Jun smiled, then asked, “Young master, how many people will come with you this evening?”


Ye Kong knew that Lu Jun was not at ease.


“Do I need helpers for such a small task?” Ye Kong asked, nonchalantly.


Lu Jun was surprised, “You will be alone? ”




“They’re not the punks on the street. They’re all martial experts!”


Ye Kong laughed, “Experts? Don’t worry, I will defeat all of them!”




“Don’t worry.”


Lu Jun didn’t speak; it was clear that he was not assured. Maybe he would regret cooperating with Ye Kong. How could Ye Kong, a thirteen-year-old boy, defeat a group of martial experts alone?


Ye Kong knew that it was useless to talk. He had to show his ability and asked with a smile, “Where is your mother? How are her eyes?”


Lu Jun sighed, “What can I do? She can’t see anything.”


“Let me see her.”


Lu Jun took Ye Kong to the next hut. He saw an old lady with pale white pupils, she was in a set of ragged old clothes and was lying on the bed. Hearing the movement, she asked, “Jun, who has come with you? Are you in trouble again?”


“Mom, I didn’t make trouble. This is…”


“Aunt, I’m a doctor,” Ye Kong cut him off.


Lu Jun listened and looked at Ye Kong with doubts. He didn’t know why Ye Kong called himself a doctor.


Ye Kong didn’t pay any attention to him, sat down beside the bed and asked some questions as if he was a doctor trying to diagnose her. Finally, he took a talisman from his sleeve.


“Lu Jun, do you know what this is?” Ye Kong showed the paper to Lu Jun.


There were no Taoists or paper talismans in Cangnan, and spiritual talismans were not accessible to normal people, so Lu Jun didn’t recognize it.


“I’ll tell you later,” Ye Kong then recited the words and placed the paper on the woman’s forehead.


The paper talisman started to burn after being activated. Although the fire wouldn’t hurt people, Lu Jun didn’t know this.


“What are you doing?” Lu Jun said, angrily.


Ye Kong ignored him, looking at the woman’s pale white eyes.


Lu Jun also followed Ye Kong’s sight, only to see that the white shell covering her pupils started to crack. The crack opened wider and wider, as if it was being pried open. Slowly, the normal color started to return to her eyes.


This scene was so amazing that Lu Jun could never have imagined something like this would. He blinked multiple times and shook his head as he looked into his mother’s eyes carefully.


The old woman exclaimed, “Jun, is that you? I can see, I can see you!”


“Mother!” Lu Jun grabbed his mothers hand, and he almost burst into tears.


Ye Kong smiled and left. He waited in the yard, gazing at the sky.


Lu Jun came out and kneeled in front of Ye Kong, “Thank you for curing my mother. Please accept my loyalty!”


Ye Kong turned around and asked, “Do you believe that I can deal with the experts of the Dragon and Snake gang now?”


Lu Jun hurriedly said, “I believe. You have a mysterious immortal method; you will certainly defeat them.”


Ye Kong laughed, “You’re right, but you have to keep this a secret for me.”


Lu Jun agreed.


Ye Kong planned to stay until the gangsters arrived that afternoon.


Lu Jun was so happy that he wanted to tell his brother, but he was too embarrassed to leave Ye Kong unattended.


Ye Kong realized and said with a smile, “You have something to do? Go ahead.”


Lu Jun smiled, “I’ll tell my brother the news. He’s in the gambling house by the road. It’s inconvenient for my sister to go there to give him the news.”


“Go ahead.”


Ye Kong waved his hand. Then, he sat on the threshold of the door, looked up at the white sky, and thought, ‘If my mother’s face was cured, how happy she would be!’


Suddenly, a pair of big round eyes appeared in front of Ye Kong’s face.


“Did you cure my mother’s eyes?”




“Are you an immortal?” Lu Qin asked.


“No,” Ye Kong shook his head. “I’m a doctor.”


“Liar! The real doctor said that my mother’s eyes can only be cured by an immortal.”


Ye Kong had nothing to say, so he tried to avert his vision to the ground. However, Lu Qin squatted down in front of him, his eyes noticed her neckline and found that she wore no underclothes. At a glance, he had caught sight of her breasts.


Ye Kong’s teenage body reacted and he felt hot, he turned quickly and said, “You use soap grass to wash clothes?”


Soap grass was a special plant in Cangnan. It was cheap and easy to plant. After putting some soap grass in water, the water turned slightly sticky and soapy after a few days. The water was good for washing clothes and left a pleasant scent on the clothes washed. It was also used for bathing and washing hair.


“Yes, do rich people like you use it as well?” Lu Qin asked curiously.


“Rich people also use soap grass. Besides, I’m not rich. My mother is forced to do embroidery for others every day.”


“Liar! My mother said that the rich don’t work. They use their free time to bully people. ”


Ye Kong laughed and said, “I also want to bully people every day, but instead I am bullied by others.”


“So you’re weak? But how can you be weak if you’re an immortal?  Do you need me to help protect you?” Asked Lu Qin childishly.


“Can you even protect me? Are you excellent at martial arts? “Ye Kong asked curiously.


“Of course. I’ll show you my martial arts!”


She began to strike the air. Her martial arts seemed more like dancing. It would be completely harmless in an actual fight, but her movements looked natural and smooth.


“How is it? Isn’t it fierce?” Lu Qin asked while dancing.


“Fierce? It is very beautiful. You should learn to dance, maybe you can become a dancer… ”


“I don’t want to learn dance. That is for people who work in brothels!”


Ye Kong said with a wry smile, “But how can your dance hurt people? ”


“My mother says that I will become the most excellent martial artist if I can learn all the moves from the dancer in the jade.” Lu Qin pouted, and the beauty spot at the corner of her mouth lifted slightly.


“Is that so? “Ye Kong looked to the sky again. He no longer held much expectation for the dancing jade. Originally, what he expected was a cultivation method, not martial arts, but it seemed that there weren’t even any martial arts techniques to be found.

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