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TMC Chapter 25 shadow jade

Chapter 25 shadow jade

It was getting dark, and there were few people on the street. There was no entertainment in the slums, so they often kept early hours. In the deep alley, a house was fully lit. A few blades of bright candlelight grass shined, and several people in the house were happily eating.


“This is our friend Li Wuda, this is Wan Zhen, this is…” Lu Jun started introducing people to Ye Kong one by one.


Ye Kong smiled happily and foolishly, as if he didn’t know that these people wanted his life.


Li Wuda and others also pretended to be honest and friendly people. They saluted Ye Kong one by one with oil still covering their mouths from the food.


“Young master, we are all rude people. Please take good care of us in the future.” Li Wuda smiled and was full of contempt for Ye Kong. As expected, he was a fool. He might have had the gangsters killed in the alley, but he’d come to face them alone.


“I will take good care of you,” Ye Kong giggled.


“That would be great, thank you so much!” Li Wuda and the other gangsters looked at each other, then everyone laughed happily.


Everyone laughed at the table, eating and drinking happily, but who knew what they

were laughing at?


Ye Kong took a sip of wine, “Brother Li, I think you have great martial arts. I envy you very much. Where did you learn your martial arts?”


Li Wuda was flattered and in a good mood, but he didn’t disclose the details. He replied, “I go where I’m comfortable, so the world is my home!”


“Brother Li is really powerful. I admire you.” Ye Kong took up the wine bowl to toast them again.


Li Wuda was smart. He was going to kill people; so he didn’t say or bring up anything that could be used to identify him. He took a sip and said with a smile, “We will get to see the jade when the moon comes out. Don’t drink too much and miss it.”


“Yes, you are right,” Lu Jun winked at Lu Yi.


Lu Yi immediately understood the meaning. He pushed his mother and sister into a room and told them not to come out no matter what they heard.


“The moon is out. Let’s see the beauty of the jade.” Li Wuda was not in a hurry to start. He had heard that there was a martial arts technique in the jade, and he wanted to see it.


“Then go out and have a look.” Ye Kong didn’t care whether he looked at it or not. He didn’t want to move first. He was careful to be on guard with the talisman in his hand.


The bright moon hung in the sky, covering the land in cool light. In the courtyard, there was a basin of clear water, reflecting the moon.


Lu Jun took out a square piece of green jade and said, “This jade is called shadow jade. It’s said that these jades were created by the Shadow Clan from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Under the moonlight, if you put the jade in the water, you can see the dance of the Shadow Clan. It’s said that you can also cultivate peerless martial arts.”


“What is the Shadow Clan?” Ye Kong asked, having never heard the name.


But no one else knew any other information, not even Lu Jun or Lu Yi.


Li Wuda was impatient and urged, “Let’s go and take a look.”


Lu Jun put the jade into the water. As soon as the jade fell into the water, the whole basin of water turned green, filling them with a sense of relaxation and happiness.


Then, the jade spewed out wisps of green smoke into the water. The green smoke condensed slowly and a beautiful woman dressed in green appeared in the basin.


Although the woman was only as big as a palm, her face was clear and easily distinguishable. Her eyebrows were like willow leaves, her eyes were like paint spots, and her beauty was so overwhelming that the men were reluctant to avert their eyes.


The woman began to dance in the basin. The action was graceful, and they were fascinated by her.


Ye Kong was not as interested in her beauty as the others. He came from 21st century Earth where the most beautiful women from all over the world could be seen at the touch of a button. He quietly looked at the others who were engrossed by seeing such a beautiful woman.


It was a good opportunity to act.


Ye Kong’s Qi rushed up, and he was preparing to use his talismans, but he stopped as he caught sight of the basin again.


There was a shadow of the woman dancing and the shadows movements seemed like a mixture of dancing and martial arts.


Ye Kong understood. The dancing woman was only a distraction from the hidden martial arts. That was why no one had understood the martial arts in the jade over the years.


Ye Kong wondered why he hadn’t noticed the shadow initially when he watched the dance. Was it because he’d activated his Qi? Did that mean that only a cultivator who had activated their Qi could see the shadow? Was it even useful for immortal cultivators to practice martial arts?


‘It doesn’t matter, just watch and see anyway.’


Ye Kong watched it and absorbed the movements. Soon, the shadow began to fade. The dancer disappeared with it and everyone took a long breath and praised it.


They wanted to see it again.


Lu Jun took the shadow jade from the basin, but he was shocked. Ye Kong was shocked as well.


The jade had turned completely white.


Lu Yi sighed, “My ancestors said that if someone has understood the martial arts inside the jade, the jade would become a common white jade, and the dance would never be seen again.”


Everyone was surprised, then someone spoke, “Brother Li, today you achieved something great. After you understand this, your martial arts will reach a new level. Don’t forget to teach me what you have learnt.”


Li Wuda said regretfully, “No, I saw nothing but the beauty.”


That was surprising since Li Wuda had the best martial art skills among them. They all looked at each other and tried to guess who had understood it.


Lu Jun put down the jade, looked at Ye Kong, and others followed.


Ye Kong quickly smiled and said, “My martial arts is the worst here. I didn’t learn anything. Brother Li, just admit it. You are the lucky one.”


Li Wuda thought for a second, then admitted it. It was good to make his men believe his qualifications were above others.


Maybe he really had learned something from it, but was still unaware.


“Thank you. This shadow jade has profound martial arts. I have to take some time to understand the contents so I can share it with you all,” Li Wuda said with a smile.


Ye Kong retreated two steps and said, “Ok, I’ll be leaving first then.”


Li Wuda laughed even harder, crossed his arms and said, “Since you are here, do you still plan on leaving?”


Ye Kong said with a simple smile, “Do you want me to stay for more food?”


Li Wuda and a few of his subordinates laughed, “More food? You are just a fool that only knows how to eat! We’ll send you to hell, there you can eat as much as you want!”


Li Wuda rushed towards Ye Kong, but was surprised that Ye Kong had already charged at him.


As soon as Ye Kong charged them, he threw out his paper talismans and chanted the appropriate incantation to activate them. Li Wuda pulled out his sword and slashed it left and right. He split the two paper talismans that were aimed at him. His subordinates were not as lucky, they only saw a flash of fire and that was the last thing they saw.


“Something is wrong!”


“Why is it so dark!”


“I can’t see!”


“I have a stomach ache!”


“I didn’t expect a fool would know the barbarian witchcraft,” Li Wuda sneered at Ye Kong.


“Who are you calling a fool? We have yet to see who the real fool is,” Ye Kong replied.


“We’ll see about that!” With a sneer, Li Wuda grabbed a subordinate nearby and pushed him toward Ye Kong, “He’s there. Kill him! ”


The man couldn’t see where he was charging, he only swore and said, “Return my sight!”


“Go away.” Ye Kong turned, with a swift movement he swept the man’s legs from the floor and then kicked him away while he was still mid-air.


After kicking, Ye Kong realized that he had learned this move from the shadow jade and had unconsciously used it. It seemed that he had really learnt the martial arts from the jade.


“Come on!” Li Wuda pushed another subordinate forward to test Ye Kong’s strength, but it was useless as they couldn’t see anything.


Each of their shouts drowned out the others. Ye Kong used this to his advantage and kicked them into each other and watched as they started to blindly slice each other apart.


“Brother Li, it’s immoral for you to just throw your subordinates out to die!” Ye Kong smiled quietly.


“Immoral? I…” Li Wuda was being called out. He turned to glare at Lu Jun and Lu Yi.


The Lu brothers didn’t hide. They took out their swords and attacked while shouting, “Li Wuda, die!”


“You’re not my match!” Li Wuda waved his sword and easily disarmed them.


As he turned around, Ye Kong had closed the distance between them. If he’d known that Ye Kong was so fast, he wouldn’t have bothered with the Lu brothers. He quickly tried to raise his guard.


Ye Kong threw the talismans as he chanted their incantations.


The talismans hit Li Wuda and he was frozen stiff, staring at Ye Kong as his sword reflected the bright moonlight.


Li Wuda keeled over and fell to the ground, splashing dust into the air with his fall.


“Kill him quickly!” The Lu brothers hurried towards their blades that had been knocked away.



“What are you doing, he has a sword in his hand.” Ye Kong sneered, stepping on Li Wuda’s throat, he took the sword from his hands.


The night wind was calm as it offered a light breeze. The strips of paper flapped in the wind exposing Li Wuda’s paralyzed face and his eyes which were filled with fear.


“Scared?” Ye Kong smiled lightly. He held the sword and said, “I heard that the more people you have killed, the more you will fear death. You seem to be really afraid, but you still have to die!”


Ye Kong’s voice was sharp as he raised the sword into the air. The blade reflected the moonlight turning it into a bright white blade that seemed to cut through the dark night.


There was a shout from the top of the courtyard wall, then the sound of countless bows being drawn could be heard from the top of the courtyard walls, the metal tip of each arrow could be seen glistening in the moonlight.


“Spare him!”

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