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TMC Chapter 26 The Invisible Talisman

Chapter 26 The Invisible Talisman


“Let Li Wuda go and we will spare your life!” A man who looked like a scholar shouted to Ye Kong.


When hearing the man’s voice, all the blind gangsters rushed towards him with a wail and shouted, “Little immortal, help us. He has witchcraft!”


“Little immortal?” Ye Kong looked at the Lu brothers.


Lu Jun hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, young master. His name is Xu You. He is not an immortal cultivator. He has just read many books, and is normally correct about most matters, because he pays attention to even the small details. He has given many people good advice and so everyone calls him little immortal. He is the deputy of the law enforcement hall.”


Hearing that, Ye Kong relaxed. He stepped on Li Wuda and said with a sneer, “Xu You, why didn’t you show up until just now, until I took him down? Do you covet the position of the leader? If so, I will do you a favor.”


The bowmen all turned to look at Xu You.


Xu You smiled lightly and said, “You are very clever. They thought it would be too much to set up a second ambush, but now, I see that it was necessary. Your mind is more scheming than most adults.”


Ye Kong joked, “Then, will you adults let me go.”


Unexpectedly, Xu You said, “Yes!”


“It’s not that simple, is it?” Ye Kong looked at Xu You at the top of the wall.


“Of course, you must release Lord Li, before I let you go.”


Ye Kong laughed and said, “Do you still think of me as a child? You will not let me go if I release him. If you don’t kill me now, you’ll just kill me later.”


Xu You was said to be the greatest mind inside the gang, but he was not upset about being found out. He continued to laugh and said, “The eighth young master is really smart. You are right. Those who say you are a fool must be ignorant of reality.”


Xu You clapped twice, “But I am not treating you like a child. I put forward this condition because you have no other choice.”


“How is that possible? How do you know that I won’t kill Li Wuda?”


“Because you are not a child! If you agree to my terms and come back with me to meet our leader, you will live; otherwise…” Xu You said grimly, “You will die by a thousand arrows!”


“How cocky you are! How can I be shot by thousands of arrows from just a dozen bows?” Ye Kong laughed.


Xu You smiled. “You can’t escape from these bows. Do you know why I didn’t shoot before? Because I wanted to analyze your speed. Unfortunately, you are not fast enough to dodge the arrows. I don’t think you will play with your life like an immature child, would you?”


Listening to the gloomy words, Ye Kong’s face changed. Xu You was right. It would be hard to escape from the arrows with his speed.


The tips of each arrow were still reflecting the cold moonlight as they waited to be unleashed.


The Lu brothers were also scared; Lu Yi even started to tremble.


“Lu Jun, Lu Yi!” Xu You suddenly shouted, “You betrayed the Dragon and Snake gang! The gang will kill your entire family for this betrayal. I can ask for forgiveness from the leader if you restrain Ye Kong.”


Lu Yi had already wavered. He looked towards his brother. With one look from his brother, he would attack Ye Kong.


Ye Kong was also looking at Lu Jun. His eyes were indifferent the same way the moon was indifferent to what was happening beneath it.


“Lu Yi!” Lu Jun shouted angrily, “The young master helped us and treated our mother’s eyes. How can we forget his kindness and do something to him when we are in danger? His spells are unmatched. How can you be so stupid!”


Lu Yi’s expression firmed and he grew still. Looking at Ye Kong, he kneeled, “Young master, I was wrong.”


Ye Kong looked at Lu Jun. He knew that Lu Jun’s words were not honest. If Lu Jun thought he was a person about to be slaughtered, he would abandon him without a second thought.


Ye Kong was pleased. Although he didn’t gain friendship, he had gained trust. He was gambling his family’s lives on his trust in Ye Kong’s strength.


“Lu Jun,” Ye Kong spoke loudly while standing on Li Wuda’s throat, like a king looking down at the world. “Since you have put your trust in me, I will assure your family’s lives.”


“Thank you, young master!” The Lu brothers were very happy. It was obvious that Ye Kong wasn’t scared of the arrows.


“You go back to the house first.” Ye Kong waved.


Xu You was shocked by Ye Kong’s words. He didn’t understand how Ye Kong planned to escape from a rain of arrows. Even Ye Haoran would be injured from being encircled by dozens of archers, possibly even killed by a stray arrow.


“Little immortal!” Ye Kong roared at Xu You, “I heard that you’re usually correct about most matters and that you pay attention to the small details. Are you sure that I can’t escape, so I will release Li Wuda and seek a temporary stay of execution?”


“Ha ha!” Ye Kong looked up at the sky and smiled. He slashed down with the sword as he shouted, “You’re wrong!”


With a clean chop of his sword he removed Li Wuda’s head from his body. Blood gushed as the head rolled to the corner of the courtyard.


“Fire!” Xu You roared.


Countless feathered arrows, like locusts, pierced the air with sharp sounds, but all the archers were surprised. Before they shot, the young boy had struck his own forehead and disappeared without a trace.


‘The invisible talisman is really useful.’ Ye Kong sneered and walked to stand against the wall.


Xu You watched the empty courtyard. He was confused and could not help but panic.


“Shoot! It’s witchcraft. Just shoot him. Don’t let him escape!” Cried Xu You in a hurry.


But the archers hadn’t even had the chance to shoot again when someone suddenly cried out with fear, “I can’t see! My eyes!”


“He’s over there!” Xu You shouted, pointing towards his subordinates on the other side of the wall who had just shouted.


The subordinates panicked and started to fire arrows towards the archers on that side. The archers saw the arrows being aimed at them and started to fire arrows back as a cursing match began.


“Ma Xiaosan, stop aiming at me. I promise I didn’t do anything with your wife!”


“Fuck you, Zhou Ergou, I knew you had your eyes on my wife!”


Another old voice shouted, “You shot your father, are you blind!”


“There are no fathers and sons on the battlefield. Please bear with it.”


Xu You hid under the wall and shouted, “Idiots! Stop shooting directly at each other! If you kill each other, Ye Kong will use it as a chance to run away!”


A cold voice emerged from the darkness, “Little immortal, you miscalculated again. I’m not going to run away; I’m going to kill all of you!”


Xu You was so scared that he threw away his weapon. He kneeled and cried out, “Mighty Immortal cultivator, please accept my loyalty. I have eyes but failed to see your greatness. Please let me go. I will never betray you.”


The other archers were scared when they heard the words “Immortal cultivator”. They ran around like headless chickens and quickly broke rank to flee. Only Xu You kowtowed in every direction like he had lost his mind.


The moonlight illuminated a number of corpses and countless arrows in the loess.


Lu Jun and Lu Yi opened the door which now had a number of arrows stuck in it and walked out carefully. Looking at the tragedy that had befallen the archers, they felt lucky to have made the right choice. If they had betrayed Ye Kong, they would have turned into corpses too.


Ye Kong removed the invisible talisman from his forehead and it burst into flame.


“Young master, they have gone, what should we do?” Lu Jun asked.


Ye Kong walked to Xu You and sighed, “I did not expect this guy to discover my secret. It seems that the plan has to be moved forward.”


As soon as Xu You heard that he accidentally made a big mistake, he couldn’t stop kowtowing, “Immortal, please spare my life. I’ll do anything.”


Ye Kong ignored him and asked, “Lu Yi, what did you find from your inquiry?”


Ye Kong’s plan was to kill Fan Jiulong and take over the Dragon and Snake gang. They knew that, but they were surprised that Ye Kong was going to do it so soon.


“You plan to go now?” Lu Jun said in surprise.


Ye Kong nodded. “Yes, once those people are suddenly discovered to be missing, Fan Jiulong will know something is wrong. If he has time to prepare, it will be harder to carry out the plan.”


Lu Yi reluctantly said, “I heard nothing. My friends are all from the lower ranks in the gang. I can’t ask directly…”


Xu You crawled over and said, “I’ll tell you, if you will spare my life.”


“Tell me.”


“I’m the deputy of the law enforcement hall and a senior member of the gang. I know that Fan Jiulong has been infatuated with Xiao Taohong in the Appreciation Spring Tower recently. He stays there every night. He takes eight subordinates with him to keep watch. Four of them rest on the third watch shift. That is the best time to attack. Although his martial arts techniques are much better than Li Wuda, you are a mighty immortal.” Xu You went into further details until he reached his idea, “Immortal, there is a simpler way. I can go with you and pretend my plan succeeded in capturing you. Then, you will have the element of surprise.”


Ye Kong nodded and pondered it. It was a good plan. It wouldn’t take much effort and would save him an invisible talisman. He had only been able to draw two of them that morning.


He suddenly thought of the sentence in the Five Elements to Immortality.


Don’t trust anyone!


“Xu You, your idea is good, but I don’t trust you,” Ye Kong said with a smile.


“How can I prove it?” Xu You calmed down quickly and said with a calm demeanor.


Ye Kong was shocked by his sudden transformation.


“You don’t need to prove it!” Ye Kong’s eyes began to turn cold. He came from the Earth and didn’t want to wantonly kill. Compared with the people here, he was already considered kind-hearted, but he would never spare someone who attempted to kill him.


“Why don’t you give me a chance?” Xu You shrieked.


“Because you have already tried to harm me once, I don’t give second chances.” Ye Kong stabbed him without pause.


“I will wait for you to join me in death!” Xu You said, gnashing his teeth in hatred before he died.


Ye Kong said to the Lu brothers, “You can’t live here anymore. Move to somewhere else for now. I’ll go and kill Fan Jiulong.”

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