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TMC Chapter 27 Assassination


Hearing Ye Kong’s words, the Lu brothers sprang into action. They called out their mother and sister from hiding, took their shabby belongings and left the house right away.


Lu Jun had a very good friend who lived in the city, so they went to his friend’s house. Ye Kong went to the Appreciation Spring Tower after he arranged everything.


“Young master, please be careful! I think there is something Xu You didn’t tell you.”


Lu Jun was really observant. Xu You’s last curse and the look in his eyes were suspicious.


‘Xu You already knew that I am an immortal cultivator, but he still said that I will be joining him in death. Is the gang backed by someone more powerful than an immortal cultivator?’


“I have no choice but to go,” Ye Kong soon decided. He had always been a bold and fearless man.


“Please be careful.”


Walking towards the Appreciation Spring Tower, the moon was still bright in the sky when he arrived.


Ye Kong was no longer that worthless young man. He had the ability to survive in this world, and he had a dream of immortality.


He had fought passively in the past, always reacting to the servants, and his brothers.


Now, he would take the initiative to step on the Dragon and Snake gang.


The Appreciation Spring Tower was the largest brothel in Nandu City. Ye Kong had never been there, but he heard about it more than once from the soldiers guarding the ancestral temple. They couldn’t afford to go, so their words always carried a tone of envy.


After hearing how beautiful and coquettish the women were, Ye Kong had also been looking forward to coming one day to spend his money. Unexpectedly, the first time he would visit was to kill people.


Walking along the most prosperous street, he found that there was a bustling nightlife here. There was still lots of people outside the taverns. The men and women were laughing, and the stall vendors were still selling their wares. He looked around and finally saw the golden characters of the Appreciation Spring Tower written on large red lanterns which were hanging from the building.


Walking along the road, Ye Kong didn’t enter through the gate as based on his rough and coarse clothing, he would be blocked by the snobbish servants that were waiting at the entrance and they would be right, he really did have no money.


He walked into the alley behind the building and took out his last invisible talisman. He was reluctant to use it since it could be his saving grace in a time of trouble, but he recited the incantation and activated it regardless.


According to Xu You, Xiao Taohong stayed in the room at the end of the third floor. Ye Kong sauntered through the building, but all the men and women were unable to notice him.


There was a stage on the lower floor of the building, on which an inadequately dressed woman was singing a song. Men surrounded the stage and shouted happily.


There were quite a lot of beautiful women. Ye Kong had not seen so many beautiful women in a long time. He felt a bit impulsive and imaginative, but he knew the purpose of his trip was not enjoyment. He was forced to suppress his thoughts as he walked to the third floor.


“I will come to have some fun at a later date, but first I must kill Fan Jiulong,” Ye Kong murmured to the last room on the third floor.


There were four sturdy looking guards standing in front of the room, standing upright like a tower.


Ye Kong took a look and found that the four guys weren’t reacting. It seemed that these guys stood guard every day. They all seemed to be immune to the sounds of pleasure as if they had been made eunuchs due to lack of use.


Ye Kong walked past them. They didn’t seem to notice him at all, but it would alarm them if he was to suddenly open the door.


However, everyone would know he was here if he tried to kill these 4 guards. Ye Kong stood opposite them and thought about how to proceed. He regretted that he didn’t draw some Moving Wall talismans that morning.


Just as Ye Kong couldn’t make up his mind, an opportunity appeared, and a thin man came over in a hurry.


“Is the leader here? I have something to report,” said the thin man to the guard.


“Elder Lu, is it urgent?” The guards were very polite to Lu Changlao. It seemed that the thin old man had some status in the Dragon and Snake gang.


“It’s urgent.”


“Just a moment, then.”


The guards knew that their leader was having a good time and would be unhappy about being disturbed, but he would be even more unhappy if the message wasn’t delivered.


He knocked on the door, and soon came a thin man’s voice impatiently asked, “What’s the matter?”


“It’s Elder Lu,” The guard replied.


“They didn’t get the job done?”


“I have to report in person,” Lu Changlao said with a low head.


The door opened, and a fat man in a white robe without a beard appeared looking as if he had just gotten up: Fan Jiulong.


Ye Kong squeezed the sword in his hand and resisted his impulse to attack on sight.


“Come in,” he let Lu Changlao inside.


Ye Kong slipped into the room through the gap.


When he entered the room, Ye Kong was shocked. There was another man in a white robe sitting at a small round table drinking water. The bed behind him was covered with curtains, and a woman was inside.


They were having a threesome. Ye Kong was going to faint. He never thought Fan Jiulong had this kind of interest. The other man was a little thinner than Fan Jiulong, but they would both be considered very fat individuals, there was also a resemblance between the two men.


‘Fan Jiushe!’


Ye Kong hadn’t expected him to be there. Xu You hadn’t mentioned him, but Ye Kong didn’t care too much. Since they were both there, he would just kill them both.


Fan Jiulong sat beside his brother, poured a cup of tea and took a sip. Then, he asked Lu Changlao for a full report.


Lu Changlao came to deliver the report on Ye Kong. The gangsters who survived rushed back to the gang to tell Lu Changlao. Hearing that Ye Kong was an immortal cultivator, he arranged another person to check the Lu house and found that the house was empty.


“How can he be an immortal cultivator? Ye Hai said he was just a simpleton,” Fan Jiulong muttered.


Ye Hai’s expression from that morning made sense. As expected, the officials and gangs were colluding to kill him. The Dragon and Snake gang was not planning to take action until Ye Hai instigated them into ambushing and killing Ye Kong.


Fan Jiulong asked, “What kind of cultivation method does he use? How do you know he is an immortal cultivator?”


Ye Kong slowly approached Fan Jiulong while Lu Changlao was reporting. He tried to keep his feet as light as possible and calmed his breathing. Although he killed many people today, this was the first time he was attempting to assassinate someone. He felt a kind of frenzied excitement building up inside him.


With his keen senses, Ye Kong could hear Fan Jiulong’s heartbeat and the fat on his back rising and falling as his breathing got heavier.


‘Five meters, four meters, three meters…’


Ye Kong squeezed the sword in his hand again. There were two more meters until he reached them.


The two didn’t notice at all. Fan Jiulong continued to listen attentively to the report, while Fan Jiushe lowered his head and sleepily grabbed a small tea cup.


Suddenly, the red curtain was opened and a beautiful face appeared. Her voice was crisp, “An immortal? Jiushe,  how can there be so many immortals in one place? I thought..”


“Shut up!” Fan Jiushe yelled.


Fan Jiulong, Lu Changlao and Ye Kong were all shocked by his sudden outburst. The woman drew back and quietly sobbed.


“Why are you yelling?” Fan Jiulong asked.


“I just don’t think women should interfere with our gang matters,” Fan Jiushe smiled awkwardly, then said calmly to Lu Changlao, “Continue.”


Fan Jiulong groaned a little, “What is the matter? I haven’t seen you act like this before.”


Then, he listened to Lu Changlao’s report.


Ye Kong remained on guard. He was paying attention to Fan Jiulong. He looked at Fan Jiushe and realized that he was very nervous and shouted to hide his anxiety. He was much calmer now as he sat beside Fan Jiulong with the small teacup in his hand.


Time was running out on the talisman, so Ye Kong decided to make a move. He took two stride forward and lifted his sword.


Then Fan Jiushe moved. His fat body was like a nimble civet. He pushed Fan Jiulong away from him with one hand, and dropped the teacup, a red flame appearing in his empty hand.


Everything happened so quickly that Ye Kong couldn’t react in time, he was shocked by Fan Jiushe’s sneering face and the fireball that appeared in his hand.


He had known that Ye Kong was there all along. Fan Jiushe was an immortal cultivator that cultivated fire Qi.


‘Why didn’t Xu You say so!’


His mind raced, searching for a way to avoid the fireball.


‘It’s too close! There is no place to escape!’


He panicked. He would die if he was hit.


What Ye Kong hated most was Immortal Wu Xing. Why hadn’t he provided some low-level methods to cultivate? If Ye Kong could also conjure a fireball, he wouldn’t need to take such risks.


‘This isn’t the time to complain!’


He had to avoid the attack. As he fell into further panic, he recalled the martial arts from the shadow jade. He moved on instinct, leaping and spinning through the air like a feather.


The fireball exploded and blasted a hole in the wooden wall.

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