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TMC Chapter 28 Fan Jiushe


The woman on the bed screamed, jumped out of bed and quickly ran out of the room and down the corridor, despite being completely naked. The four guards also rushed in to protect Fan Jiulong.


Ye Kong did not panic.


Fan Jiushe was surprised that Ye Kong managed to dodge his surprise attack.


“You have quite the martial arts ability,” Fan Jiushe’s eyes followed Ye Kong.


Ye Kong was surprised.


“You can see me?”


The cultivator could see him despite the invisible talisman. Even Ye Kong could not even see himself in the mirror.


Fan Jiushe sneered and said, “Don’t you know that you can’t hide under the Deva eye skill? You are only a beginner in the first layer of Qi refining.”


The Deva eye skill was a basic magical technique. It could be used to view hidden things, you could also see the stage and realm of other immortals, but it only worked on those at the same level or below the user’s realm and stage.


He didn’t know about the skill and he didn’t know Fan Jiushe’s level either, but he could guess that it wasn’t that much higher than his own.


First of all, if there was such a huge gap in power between them, why hadn’t he attacked immediately? He could have killed Ye Kong easily with his fireball technique. Secondly, a cultivator could use magic tools if he reached the middle stages of Qi refining. Magic tools were much more powerful than magic techniques alone. Fan Jiushe wasn’t using magic tools, so he was not in the middle stages of Qi refining. Finally, even the power of his fireball skill was limited since it only managed to blast a small hole in the wooden wall.


Ye Kong smiled shrewdly, “I am in the early stages, but you aren’t that much better than me.”


Ye Kong eyed him keenly. Fan Jiushe grew nervous as it seemed that Ye Kong could also use an ability similar to the Deva eye skill.


“Are you the eighth young master of Ye Family? Who is your Master?” Fan Jiushe said carefully.


Ye Kong immediately knew his meaning. Fan Jiushe was afraid of his backer. They would never dare to provoke a powerful immortal cultivation family.


“My master is Immortal Wan Xuan from Huangzhou, but I can tell you are nothing more than a rogue cultivator.”


Ye Kong saw Fan Jiushe panic. He took the invisible talisman off his forehead, sat across from Fan Jiushe, and poured a glass of water. Although Fan Jiushe was more powerful than Ye Kong, he didn’t dare to offend a powerful immortal cultivation family. Rogue cultivators were by themselves and because of that they were generally the weakest and poorest of all.


“You are a disciple of Immortal Wan Xuan? I apologize for our rudeness.” Fan Jiushe quickly sat down and yelled at Lu Changlao and the others, “Apologize to Immortal Ye!”


Lu Changlao hurriedly apologized and kowtowed.  Then, he was driven out by Fan Jiushe. Fan Jiulong also sat next to Ye Kong with a face full of pleasantness and apologized.


“You haven’t been his disciple for long it seems. You are only in the first layer of Qi refining, and it seems that you don’t know many of the basic magic techniques,” Fan Jiushe said with a smile.


Ye Kong knew that he was doubting him again and pretended to be upset.


“To be honest, Immortal Wan Xuan said that I was a very poor talent and didn’t intend to accept me, but he doesn’t want to refuse my father. He accepted me as a disciple in name only and he only comes to tutor me once a year.”


“So that was it!” The brothers realized that although Ye Kong said he was not very talented, Ye Haoran and Immortal Wan Xuan would definitely react badly if they moved against Ye Kong.


Ye Kong drank the tea and shook his head. “My talent is really not good. I have been cultivating for more than a year, but I am still in the first layer of Qi refining. My master told me to cultivate as much as possible and not waste time on magic techniques, so now, I am like this.”


Ye Kong’s words were only half true, but Fan Jiushe sympathized with him.


He spoke with a wry smile, “It’s normal. I’ve been in the third layer of Qi refining for decades.”


“That’s different. You’re a rogue cultivator,” Ye Kong said proudly. “How can you compare with me?”


Ye Kong’s words were risky. He may offend Fan Jiushe, but Ye Kong bet that they would not dare to offend the Wan family.


As expected, Fan Jiushe was not angry, he said with a smile, “Of course, you have the benefit of spiritual stones, spiritual medicines and precious cultivation methods. You have a promising future. Please look after us in the future.”


Ye Kong thought it was funny. He would not assassinate them if he knew they were so easy to cheat.


“Of course.” Ye Kong held back his smile and said seriously, “But how will we deal with the trouble right now? My master will come to Nandu soon. Although I am only a disciple in name, he would not spare the ones who want to kill me.” Ye Kong looked at the roof and said to himself, “My master was in the middle stage of foundation establishment when he took me in. I wonder if he has made any breakthroughs since then?”


The difference between the middle stage of foundation establishment and the early stage of Qi refining was beyond compare.


Fan Jiushe’s voice was filled with terror, “This was a misunderstanding. Ignorance can be forgiven. Besides, you didn’t suffer any damage, but we suffered a lot of deaths and injuries. Can’t we just forget everything?”


Fan Jiulong also said, “It is a misunderstanding, and it will never happen again.”


Ye Kong stared and said angrily, “Forget it? My cultivation time and mental state were disturbed by this trouble, I will be punished by my master. If he asks, I must tell him the truth about why my cultivation has been delayed!”


Fan Jiushe understood Ye Kong’s intent was to blackmail them, “I have no the spiritual stones nor elixirs, but I have gold and silver.”


Ye Kong never expected to get spiritual stones from Fan Jiushe as he was a rogue cultivator. He was interested in worldly goods, but he wanted to develop his power more.


“I’ll give you some silver and show you the formula of my fireball skill. Finally, I’ll ask the women here to serve you. You will have a woman for all three legs…”


“I’m not interested in that.” Ye Kong waved his hand and said, “My two friends want to set up a gang here, but they have no territory.”


Asking for territory from a gangster was taboo. Fan Jiulong changed his expression and his fat face trembled as he spoke.


“Your friends can go claim the water territory. Please rest assured, we will help, the Sea Sand gang will not bully them.”


Ye Kong thought, ‘The water is not your territory.’


He looked at Fan Jiulong coldly and said rudely, “you want me to fight for territory?”


‘How could he snatch meat from a tiger’s mouth!’ Fan Jiulong thought, but he said, “Of course not.”


Fan Jiushe said, “Well, although the place in the north is under us, it’s a bit unsettled. Your friend can help us manage that area. All the property and personnel there will be under the command of your friend, but they have to work under the banner of the Dragon and Snake gang.”


In the north of the city were the slums. Lu Jun and Lu Yi lived there, so Ye Kong happily agreed. That was the last concession the Dragon and Snake gang would likely make. It would reach breaking point for Brothers Fan if he forced them to give up a better territory.


Once the deal was struck, everyone seemed to be in harmony and Ye Kong prepared to leave.


Fan Jiulong said with a smile, “Young master, shall we arrange someone to serve you?”


Ye Kong was tempted. He had been on Cangnan for more than a year, but he hadn’t released any of his sexual tension. However, this was not his style. Even though he wanted to enjoy the softest parts of a woman, he refused because he had more important things to do right now.


“I’ll see myself out.”


Fan Jiulong’s face became overcast after Ye Kong left!


“That’s going too far. He got territory from us. You are in the third layer of the Qi refining. Are you afraid of him?”


Fan Jiushe spoke with a wry smile, “Brother, you don’t know how cruel the immortal cultivators are. Killing is a normal every day activity for them. A large cultivation family like the Wan Family would kill us as easily as we would squash an ant.”


Fan Jiulong sighed, “How cowardly.”


Fan Jiushe shook his head and said, “You are wrong. If I didn’t get the method for barbaric cultivation by chance, we would be even less than ants.”


Fan Jiulong nodded silently and sighed, “It’s a pity that barbaric cultivation is so dangerous and cruel. I haven’t found any chances to cultivate it.”


Fan Jiushe laughed, “Don’t worry. Maybe your chance will come.”


“Why do you say that?” Fan Jiulong was nervous.


Fan Jiushe said nothing for a moment then asked, “What do you think of Ye Kong’s words?”


“His words are false?” Fan Jiulong asked in surprise, “He was so arrogant that his words must be true. Otherwise, how could he have the courage to deceive us?”


Fan Jiushe shook his head. “Even though he is young, he has enough courage to bluff. If it’s like he said, why would Ye Hai have asked us to fight against him?”


Fan Jiulong thought about it and asked, “Why did you agree to his request then? Why didn’t you just take him down?” Fan Jiulong laughed, “Then I could have cultivated using him.”


Fan Jiushe had other plans. He shook his head. “I first need to be completely certain on whether he is telling the truth or not. Secondly, even if his words were false, you couldn’t steal his Qi.”


“Why not?” Fan Jiulong asked.


Fan Jiushe waved his hand. “Don’t ask any more, we have to acquire information first. If he is really a disciple of Wan Family in Huangzhou, there’s nothing we can do.”

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