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TMC Chapter 29 Kill Ye Hai

Chapter 29 Kill Ye Hai


It was a long night, the street was lonely.


The moonlight shined on the huge bluestone pavement, and the clattering of hooves was like a rhythmic drum.


Ye Hai had gone gambling after he got off work. He was in a good mood and was excited that he had orchestrating the death of a blood descendant of the Ye Family.


Ye Kong should have been killed earlier that evening, but he didn’t contact the Dragon and Snake gang to confirm. This way, if Ye Haoran went looking for information later, he could easily remove his connection to the incident, but he wasn’t too worried about this.


Ye Kong was a fool, and Ye Haoran had no familial affection for him. Ye Haoran would not question his death, he was sure of it.


“How dare you to hit my mother! You couldn’t escape death even if you tried. You brought this trouble on yourself,” Ye Hai sighed.


Suddenly, a voice came from in front of him, “Yes, I agree. You brought this trouble on yourself.”


“Who’s there?” Ye Hai pulled back on the reins. The horse neighed and raised its two front hoofs and stumbled on the bluestone road with a splash of dust.


“It’s you!” Ye Hai opened his eyes and saw a young man in a coarse shirt standing in the middle of the road: It was Ye Kong.


The huge moon was like a basin, and the blue stone road was like bright calm water. Ye Kong stood quietly as the night’s wind slowly blew through his clothes.


“Is it a surprise to see me?” Ye Kong asked.


“Have you been waiting for me?” Ye Hai slowly reached for the sword saber at his waist and said, “You should cherish your life since you have escaped with it. Are you in such a rush to die?”


Ye Hai didn’t know how he escaped, but obviously, his involvement in the plot had been exposed, so he couldn’t let Ye Kong live to tell the tale.


“I have been waiting for you here, why would you think I am going to be the one to die?” After Ye Kong left the Appreciation Spring Tower, he immediately came to kill Ye Hai. If Ye Hai lived, his lie would be exposed.


“Ha ha,” Ye Hai laughed, “You think you can kill me because can kill a few thugs? That’s your mistake!”


He waved his sword and urged the horse forward, “Experience my sword technique!”


Ye Kong didn’t move. When Ye Hai was close to him, he closed his eyes and recalled the martial arts technique from the jade.


Ye Kong roared, leaped and rotated gracefully in the air several times and dodged the sword easily.


“Very fancy, but you will still die.” Ye Hai pulled hard on the reins to turn and swing at Ye Kong again.


Ye Kong resisted the impulse to throw a talisman at him and only used the martial arts of the shadow jade.


He leaped into the sky, dodged Ye Hai’s attack, spun and kicked Ye Hai. Ye Hai tried to block it, but the blow knocked him off his horse and the sword from of his hands.


Ye Kong walked over and looked at Ye Hai as he struggled to his feet. He was happily surprised. The martial arts from the shadow jade was powerful enough that he could defeat Ye Hai though he hadn’t studied it completely.


“I have experienced your sword technique, now it’s your turn to experience my talismans!”


He easily dealt with Ye Hai. The corpse was left in the middle of the street for the entire night. When they found the corpse, there seemed to only be a tiny wound, but the street was painted red with blood and there were signs of a pitiful struggle. No one understood how he died so tragically and no one suspected Ye Kong having anything to do with it.


After his death, Nanny Hu was very restrained. Ye Kong didn’t bother with her as he had no time to waste on petty matters. He went to find the Lu brothers early in the morning and went with them to take over the gang operations on the north side of the city.


The gang in the north of the city was still in its infancy and they were nothing more of a group of thieves and beggars. The only source of income was from the four challenge arenas in the area. He hadn’t expected the challenge arenas to be the source of fixed income as well as a place to learn martial arts.


The Lu brothers were originally from the north side of the city. They were familiar with many people there, so they quickly recruited people under their banner. Ye Kong was suddenly extremely busy.



Fan Jiulong and Fan Jiushe were busy, too. Even though no one knew how Ye Hai died, Fan Jiushe guessed the truth. This made Fan Jiushe excited.


“Brother, I am here to tell you the good news, Ye Hai is dead!”


“Ye Kong did it?” Fan Jiulong asked.


“Of course! Ye Hai died so strangely. Ye Hai took his secrets to the grave.”


Fan Jiulong smiled, “That proves Ye Kong’s words are likely to be false.”


He suddenly thought and asked, “Why did you stop me from absorbing his Qi?”


“Listen to me.”


Everything changed when Fan Jiushe accidently got the method for barbaric cultivation from the remains of a barbarian cultivator. This kind of cultivation was very different from immortal cultivation and demonic cultivation. Generally speaking, an immortal cultivator absorbed the Qi of the five elements of the universe, while demonic cultivators absorbed demonic and death Qi. Barbaric cultivators however, absorbed the Qi of other cultivators to boost their own cultivation.


The main advantage of barbaric cultivation was that it required no spiritual root or talent to begin cultivating, as long as enough Qi was absorbed from other cultivators.


The absorption method was called ‘taking the elixir and destroying the cauldron’ because it required a cultivator to be tortured to the brink of death. When the connection between their soul and their Qihai was at its weakest, the absorber stabbed their hand into the cultivators Qihai and absorbed their Qi.


Fan Jiushe was overjoyed after he got the skill, but then he found that it was not so easy to practice. He was the lowest type of cultivator. It was extremely hard to find cultivators that were weak or vulnerable enough for him to kill.


To reach his current stage, he was forced to kill several young children from a small cultivation family just as they had begun cultivating, this allowed him to reach the third layer of the Qi refining. He planned to continue slaughtering the young generation of the family, but he was soon discovered.


He hadn’t been caught and arrested, but he was seriously injured in his escape and was forced into hiding, that is how he arrived in Nandu City.


Ye Kong was a glimmer of hope for Fan Jiulong. Fan Jiulong wanted his brother to catch Ye Kong and allow him to absorb Ye Kong’s Qi, then he could begin to cultivate.


Fan Jiushe had different ideas. He said, “Even if you absorb Ye Kong’s Qi, you would only be in the first layer of Qi refining, and I will still be stuck at the third layer of Qi refining, with this alone, we wouldn’t be able to capture any immortal cultivators and our progress will end there.”


Fan Jiulong nodded and asked, “Do you have a plan in mind?”


Fan Jiushe pulled out a knife as big as a palm from his waist pocket. The knife was gray, light, and extremely sharp. He didn’t even know what the knife was made of.


“Elder brother, it has been twenty years since I got this magic weapon from the bones of that barbarian cultivator, but I can’t use it because I am only in the third layer of Qi refining. Let me absorb Ye Kong’s Qi, then maybe I can reach the fourth layer and reach the middle stage of Qi refining. When I refine this small weapon, my strength will increase greatly. I can go out to hunt low-level cultivators from the small families and we will have endless cauldrons.”


Fan Jiulong nodded, “That would be more useful in the long run. I have been waiting for more than ten years, and I don’t mind waiting a bit longer. You can absorb Ye Kong’s Qi.”


Fan Jiushe put the magic weapon away and frowned again. “I need more Qi to reach the fourth layer, but he has only cultivated for a year and a half. It’s not enough for me to advance.”


Fan Jiulong smiled, “We can wait. He is currently in the first layer of Qi refining, but we’ll wait for him to reach the second layer, then we can do it. We needn’t be afraid of him before he reaches the third layer of Qi refining.”


Fan Jiushe touched the knife in his pocket again and said, “It seems that it will remain in my pocket for a long time.”



Fan Jiulong worried, “He is shrewd. A long delay might mean trouble.”


“Don’t worry, I have a treasure here. It’s a fifth layer of middle stage talisman: the firebird skill! He can’t escape even if he reaches the third layer of Qi refining! ”


“Ha ha, okay!”



Ye Kong knew that killing Ye Hai alone wouldn’t be enough. Everyone in the family knew that Immortal Wan Xuan hadn’t accepted him. He couldn’t kill all of them.


Fan Jiushe would find out one day, so Ye Kong did not delay. He took the Lu brothers to take over management of the district and bought more yellow paper and cinnabar. Then he went back to make as many Invisible and Agility talismans as he could in case he needed to escape.


Ye Kong was not at ease. These talismans were powerful against ordinary people, but they were useless against Fan Jiushe, so he once again had his thoughts linger on the shadow jade.



The martial arts in the jade were magical. If he could practice them thoroughly and integrate them with what he’d learned from the Five Elements to Immortality and his endless supply of talismans, it was possible for him to escape from Fan Jiushe.


Ye Kong didn’t forget about the martial arts from the shadow jade, neither did Lu Qin. She felt that Ye Kong had learned the martial arts techniques, so she continuously begged Ye Kong to teach her the moves he had learned.


Ye Kong didn’t refuse. Although Lu Qin did not have the same mature stature as the women of the Appreciation Spring Tower, she had another kind of beauty.


Time flew and a few months passed, and Ye Kong had finally reached the age of fourteen.



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