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TMC Chapter 33 The second layer



“Brother Ye Kong, you’re awake! It was scary to think that you were sleeping for five days,” Lu Qin said. She had come at dawn because she was worried.


“Don’t worry, I was just practicing. Maybe I’ll meditate for even longer in the future, so don’t worry about it.”


Ye Kong sat at the table. He wasn’t sure what to do, only five days had made them so worried. What if he meditated for a month? They would go crazy.


“Yes, but how can you meditate without eating or drinking for five days? You will starve. Remember not to do this again. It’s scary,” Chen Jiuniang said while doing embroidery work.


Ye Kong smiled wryly, “Mum, Sister Qin, you don’t understand. I’m cultivating by absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth. It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat or drink for a few days. When I reach the next realm, I can practice inedia. Do you know about inedia?”


“Don’t talk nonsense,” Chen Jiuniang said and rolled her eyes.


Ye Kong sighed, “Inedia literally means one needn’t eat or drink.”


“Isn’t that the ability of an immortal?”


“I’m an immortal cultivator, so what’s strange about it? Just don’t tell others, or I’ll be in danger.”


Ye Kong had no choice but to try to explain everything to them. He had to let Chen Jiuniang know that he was cultivating, so she would at least not worry about him anymore. She also needed to understand to take precautions.


“But Immortal Wan Xuan said that you had such poor talent? How can you cultivate?” Chen Jiuniang asked.


Ye Kong explained it to her. When he went back to his room, Lu Qin came in with her head down. She looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.


After a while, she finally said, “Brother Ye Kong, can I cultivate? ”


Ye Kong looked at her and shook his head slowly, “Sister Qin, you’ve heard that cultivating requires talent. If you can’t sense Qi, how can you cultivate?”


Lu Qin bowed her head in dismay while biting the beauty mark on her lip. Ye Kong couldn’t bear to look at her acting so pitiful.


He said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t cultivate. You can practice the Shadow Dance. You will be able to punish evil and protect your family using the Shadow Dance. I can also teach you how to make talismans, which is similar to immortal methods.”


Ye Kong thought that since normal paper talismans didn’t need immortal Qi at all, then maybe mortals could learn them. Since mortals on the earth could make and use talismans, so could mortals in Cangnan. If Lu Qin learned how to draw talismans, she could protect his mother when he went out to practice.


Lu Qin’s eyes brightened, “Creating talismans? Is that what you used to help cure my mother’s disease?”


“Yes, it’s called an Improving Eyesight talisman. There are many kinds of talismans, such as Heart-Fire Removal talisman and Birth Protection talisman. You can cure and protect people if you learn them.”


“Birth Protection talisman?” She said.


Ye Kong said, “It’s the talisman to use when the woman is delivering her baby.”


“Brother Ye Kong! You always say such embarrassing words!” Lu Qin said with a red face.


“I’m sorry. Come on, you can start learning now.”


Ye Kong had Lu Qin stand in front of the table then he stood behind her. He held Lu Qin’s small hand with his hand and began teaching her the art of drawing talismans step by step.


“You see, like this, the tip of the brush can’t stop. Write down one stroke. Don’t force your arm or  wrist. When making talismans, you should have no distractions.”


Holding Lu Qin’s soft hand, Ye Kong talked and wrote, but he noticed the little girl’s face was bright red. His own heart wasn’t much better either. It was a summer morning, the sun hadn’t risen up and a breeze was quietly blowing in from the window lattice.


The fragrance of a young girl is hard to ignore. Her black hair caressed his cheek, and her beautiful blushing cheeks were exquisite. How could a young boy’s heart remain calm when so close to a young beauty?


A beautiful girl was in his arms. Ye Kong’s breathing was a little irregular and so was Lu Qin’s. She felt Ye Kong’s mood change and held her breath as if she was waiting and hoping for something to happen. The Qi of the talisman became confused, and the paper talisman being drawn burst into flame and burned away in an instant.


“Look, this is the result of a disordered mind. It is said in the book that one needs to bathe and burn incense and kneel down before drawing talismans. This gives the painter time to adjust his mood,” Ye Kong said slowly.


He took a breath and eliminated all of his miscellaneous thoughts. How could he let this continue? A girl like Lu Qin was tough outside but soft inside. She wouldn’t look for a new lover as easily as a girl on Earth in the 21st century. She would probably wait for her whole life if necessary.


He didn’t want this girl to be a white-haired old lady waiting for his return. He didn’t want to think about a woman when he was cultivating in the wilderness, so he had to let her go. Giving up kinship, friendship and lovers, maybe this was the price that immortal cultivators had to pay.


“Now is not the time to draw talismans! It will only lead to another one burning. You can just trace my examples for now!” Ye Kong scolded.


He wanted to cover up the feeling in his heart. He let go of her hand and looked at Lu Qin’s slim back. He scolded himself for suddenly becoming such a loser. In his past life, he would rather tease a thousand girls than let a beauty go.


‘Do you want to think about a woman slowly aging and waiting for your return in the future?’


Ye Kong’s mind quickly bounced back. He was not a merciless person. He was not a playboy. The only thing he could do was cut off his love early in order to concentrate on cultivation.


“Oh, Brother Ye Kong, my brother said that the Fan brothers invited you to drink at Appreciating Spring Tower,” Lu Qin said, suddenly interrupting Ye Kong’s thoughts.


“Really? The Fan brothers are not good people. It isn’t a simple feast,” Ye Kong said.


In the past six months, the Fan brothers had invited him several times. He refused every time because of Fan Jiushe’s bad intentions.


“But the one who came to deliver the message said that Fan Jiushe said it would be of great help to you. They asked you to go, or they would come to the Ye manor to invite you in person.”


“Damn it! They dared to threaten me! ” Ye Kong said angrily.


In the evening, there were lots of people passing in front of Appreciating Spring Tower. It seemed that there were many rich people in Nandu city. The masters and young masters were coming in and out in luxurious clothes. There were women flirting at the door, but the real rich customers wouldn’t pay attention to these women. The most beautiful girls would not stand outside the door to entertain customers.


“Young master, let me entertain you. My name’s Li Lian. I was once one of the most popular girls in the Appreciating Spring Tower,” said a woman with heavy makeup as she pounced on Ye Kong.


Although Ye Kong’s clothes were clean and tidy, they weren’t expensive. He obviously wasn’t very rich, so he became the focus of these second and third tier women.


Noticing Ye Kong’s silence, the woman hurriedly said, “Young master, you don’t look familiar. You don’t know the price of those girls who are currently popular. I’m cheaper, and I’ll give you a discount. Just five Liang of silver for a wonderful night.”


Ye Kong laughed. The escort girls in Cangnan were as direct as those on the earth. She talked about the price when she came up and wanted to go to bed directly after dealing. Maybe she could make several deals in one night. However, he didn’t come here to have fun today and these women were too frail.


He quickly shook off the women’s hands and said with a smile, “Big sister, I’m not an adult. I don’t have any money in my pocket either, so don’t waste your time.”


Ye Kong’s figure moved quickly after getting rid of the woman and walked into the Appreciating Spring Tower, leaving that woman outside to scold him, “Little pauper, wanting to play with popular girls without money. They will just rob you of what you have and leave you in the dust!”


The helper of the Dragon and Snake Gang rushed up to greet Ye Kong as he entered, “Eighth Young Master, the two leaders have been waiting for a long time. Please follow me.”


“Thank you,” Ye Kong said, waving his hand lightly. He followed the young boy up to the third floor.


As soon as Ye Kong walked into the private room of the Fan brothers, Fan Jiushe hurriedly came over and said with a smile, “It’s a pleasure to have fellow cultivator Ye come here. We haven’t seen you for half a year, and you have broken through again. Ha ha, please sit.”


In the past half a year, the Fan brothers had been waiting patiently because they were afraid that Ye Kong’s cultivation was too weak. Even if they absorbed his cultivation, it would be hard to make a breakthrough. A few days ago, their informant in the Ye family, told them Ye Kong stayed alone in the house for a few days and didn’t come out.


Fan Jiushe guessed that Ye Kong was about to have a breakthrough, so he thought of an excuse to ask Ye Kong out to check. Ye Kong had really broken through to the second layer of Qi refining. Fan Jiushe was very happy. If he absorbed Ye Kong’s cultivation and broke through to the fourth layer of Qi refining, then he could control magic tools.


Having a magic tool was very important for immortal cultivators because it was hard to kill others with magic techniques alone. If they used magic tools, their attack power would reach a different level. It would not be hard to kill the immortal cultivators in the early stage of Qi refining. Even if he met the immortal cultivators at the same level, he would still have a big advantage.


If the magic tool was extremely powerful, it could also make up for his shortcomings. He wouldn’t even lose to those who had reached a higher layer than him. If Fan Jiushe succeeded this time, he would have a smooth cultivation journey. Killing and robbing to improve his cultivation and allowing him to live forever, it would be easy with a magic tool! After gesturing to Ye Kong to eat and drink, he kept peeping at Ye Kong. The more he looked, the happier he was, as if he was looking at some peerless treasure.


“Taste this flying silverfish. It’s rare and very delicious. It’s said that the fisherman killed his own son in his attempt to capture just a few of them,” Fan Jiulong said enthusiastically, his greedy eyes watching Ye Kong.


Fan Jiulong was also excited. When his young brother had greater abilities, he could find himself a cauldron to cultivate. At that time, he could also enjoy a long life and fly through the skies.


Ye Kong felt extremely uncomfortable being watched by these two. Although he didn’t know what they were trying to do, he knew that they wanted to do something bad to him. These two guys were so polite this time. They clearly didn’t have any good intentions.


“A person would kill his son for a flying silverfish? That fisherman must be insane,” Ye Kong took a bite of the fish and shook his head.


Fan Jiulong, chuckled and said, “It’s probably just a coincidence. If he had known that there was a flying silverfish there, he would have probably chosen another waterway.”


Ye Kong smiled, “Probably not, profit can blind even the wisest of people. A lot of people only focus on their own interests. Under the temptation of the desire, they forget the danger that might be lurking. It was already too late to regret once the net was broken and the son was dead.”


Ye Kong’s words were meant to remind them that it was dangerous for them to attempt something against him recklessly.


Fan Jiushe knew that Ye Kong was the most appropriate cauldron and was a rare find. He was the key to determining whether he could go any further in his cultivation. How could he let him go?


Then he said with a smile, “What Immortal Ye said is true, but how can we make a fortune without taking risks? If everyone does what Immortal Ye said, how would we ever eat such delicious food?”


Ye Kong’s heart jumped and he was on guard. Were these two planning to harm him already?


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