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TMC Chapter 34 The Invitation


“I heard that you were looking for me, there must be something on your mind. Please tell me.”


Ye Kong was alert. His left hand was on the talisman in his sleeve. If something went wrong, he would deal with Fan Jiulong first. With a hostage in hand, he would be safer.


Fan Jiushe replied with a smile, “It’s really a good thing. You’ll be happy when you hear it.”


“Oh?” Ye Kong pretended to listen attentively as he put down his chopsticks.


Fan Jiushe asked with a smile, “I wonder if you have ever been to The Market? It’s a place where immortal cultivators communicate and trade with each other.”


“Oh? Where is it?” Ye Kong asked.


He was definitely interested. It was impossible for him not to go. He had opened the spiritual talismans and was eager to go to The Market to buy materials. Since Fan Jiushe had mentioned it, of course, he was excited, but Fan Jiushe wasn’t in a rush to tell him where The Market was.


Seeing how interested Ye Kong was he stirred up his feelings some more, “I have been to The Market once. There are all kinds of talismans,  elixirs, magic treasures and materials for cultivation, more than you can ever dream of. It’s really eye-opening. There are also all kinds of cultivation skills and magic formulas.”


Ye Kong asked again, “Will you tell me where it is?”


Fan Jiushe knew that Ye Kong had taken the bait, so he thought for a while before he said, “Oh, it’s really hard to tell the location. The Market opens once every three months. It’s time to open The Market again in a few days. How about we go there together?”


Although Ye Kong wanted to go to The Market, he was still wary of Fan Jiushe. He didn’t want to go with him, but if he didn’t he’d never know where The Market was located. He would always regret it if he didn’t go. Besides, maybe Fan Jiushe was not trying to harm him. As Ye Kong thought the offer through, Fan Jiushe gave Fan Jiulong a quiet wink.


“The world of cultivation is survival of the fittest. It’s not uncommon for people to kill and rob, especially around The Market. They know that those who come to The Market will have treasures or spirit stones, so there are a lot of looters waiting to ambush. They will attack low-level rogue cultivators who are alone,” Fan Jiushe said.


Fan Jiulong also chimed in, “It’s better for you two to go together so that you can take care of each other. Those who loot treasures will likely try to avoid angering groups and organizations, so they will be less likely to attack if there are two of you.”


He clapped his hands as if realizing something, “We ate for a while but forgot to order girls. Ha ha, wait a moment, eighth young master. I’ll make arrangements.”


Fan Jiulong left with a smile. Ye Kong had planned to take him as a hostage at the critical moment, but that plan would fail. Although Ye Kong was suspicious, he said he was going to arrange girls. He couldn’t take any action yet.


“But I have just been cultivating. I have neither spirit stones nor treasure in my hand. I would be going to The Market for nothing,” Ye Kong said.


“Ah, your words are incorrect. Even if you don’t buy goods, it’s very helpful to make new contacts. Besides, if you know the place, you can go there when your cultivation increases at a later date.”


Fan Jiushe was right, but Ye Kong dared not agree. This guy had tried so hard to persuade him. Nothing good was waiting for him. In addition, the way the two brothers looked at him was greedy, excited and covetous. Ye Kong intended to refuse, but he found that he had been surrounded. Although his divine sense was not active, his keen hearing allowed him to hear the lowered breathing of countless men who were surrounding him.


Ye Kong was shocked. It was indeed a dangerous banquet. When had all these men shown up to surround him! It was obvious that the Fan brothers came prepared. His own trump card and the invisible talisman had no effect on Fan Jiushe. It seemed that he had to accept; otherwise, he would not be able to walk out of here today.


“In that case, we should go there together.” Ye Kong pretended to have no other intentions, and smiled, “In fact, I also want to go. I am just afraid that we will not be strong enough to fend off the looters.”


Fan Jiushe waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. Those who loot treasures are not very advanced in cultivation. As long as we are careful, with the two of us, there should be no danger.”


“Then I will rely on Brother Fan, ha ha,” Ye Kong said.


Fan Jiushe didn’t give a sign to take action since Ye Kong had agreed. Later, Fan Jiulong came in with some pretty girls. Since they didn’t use force, Ye Kong pretended that he didn’t notice that they had set up an ambush. The three chatted casually, as if they were really good brothers.


Ye Kong was not polite. He held the pretty girl named Xiao Ying and touched her from head to toe, making up for the last two years of celibacy. He applied techniques from Earth, so that Xiao Ying stuck to him like glue.


“Ha ha, I didn’t expect that Brother Ye would be a master with women. Just stay at the Appreciating Spring Tower after eating,” Fan Jiushe pointed to Xiao Ying and said with a smile, “Xiao Ying does not sell her body, but you’ve made her like this. Why don’t you take her virginity today?”


‘Is this a part of your ambush? I would be too nervous. What if you changed your mind and took action when I was enjoying myself?’


“I must keep my body pure for cultivation, so before reaching golden core, I am afraid that I can only satisfy my hands and eyes,” Ye Kong said letting go of Xiao Ying.


Fan Jiushe could not say anything to such a good excuse so he had to smile, “I’ll see you in three days. Don’t be late then, Brother Ye.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t. I’ll take advantage of these three days to think about what can be exchanged at The Market.”


Ye Kong left with a smile. As soon as Ye Kong left, the Fan brother’s faces turned cold. Fan Jiulong waved the women out.


Fan Jiulong asked in a low voice, “Brother, why didn’t you attack then? It was a good opportunity!”


Fan Jiushe shook his head, “Try not to lay hands on him today. There are many informants in the Appreciating Spring Tower. If I fight with him, we will be noticed by others. Ye Haoran knows my secret, so it is not a big deal, but letting outsiders know that I am an immortal cultivator could bring unnecessary trouble. Now that he has promised to go to The Market, why not take action that way, so it’s easier to hide our secrets?”


A fierce light flashed in Fan Jiushe’s eyes. He took out the magic tool again and enjoyed looking at it for a long time.


Fan Jiulong was anxious, “That kid is young, but he is very cunning and shrewd. He may have found out about our ambush! What if he doesn’t come back?”


Fan Jiushe said in a cold voice, “If he doesn’t come, he can’t blame us. We’ll catch the Lu family and use them as hostages. We can also catch his ghost-like mother!”


Fan Jiulong nodded, “We’ll let him live three more days!”


‘You want to catch me! If you push me too far, I will struggle with you to the death!’


When Ye Kong came out the door of Appreciating Spring Tower, a cool breeze came from the summer night. Ye Kong didn’t go back to the Ye manor, but wandered back and forth. He went to an empty place and applied an invisibility talisman. As expected, he saw two thieves following him.


“Where is he? I just saw him come in. ”


“Let’s look for him separately.”


Ye Kong had snuck into the crowd and went straight to the Lu family’s house. The strengthening of Lu Jun and Lu Yi’s forces in the past half a year coupled with the 21st century social means of wealth collection that Ye Kong had taught them — controlling pornography, gambling dens, drugs, and interfering in monopolies– the Lu brothers were quite wealthy.


With money in hand, the collapsed loess house was no longer suitable. Now, the Lu family was in a good house near the street in the north of the city. Although it was not comparable to Ye manor, it also had a big courtyard. The Lu brothers, the old woman and Lu Qin all had their own rooms. They also hired several servant girls. They looked like any other rich family from the outside.


Ye Kong didn’t remove the invisibility talisman. He went around the Lu’s house to see if someone was monitoring the Lu brothers. Fan Jiulong didn’t seem to be paying any attention to them. In his opinion, the two brothers’ martial arts were not worth mentioning. They relied on Ye Kong to support them. If Ye Kong was killed, the Lu brothers would be crushed like ants.


Ye Kong took out a Moving Wall talisman and pasted it on the wall of Lu’s house. When Ye Kong passed through the wall, a faint fire on the outer wall burned away the talisman paper. The Moving Wall talisman was also one of the common talismans. Although these paper talismans couldn’t compete with spiritual talismans, they have many functions so Ye Kong dared not spread them around. He would not teach anyone else except Lu Qin.


If evil people learned them, it would help them become tyrants. With these talismans, one could enter other people’s houses, kill people, set fires, and bully women at will without leaving any traces. Ye Kong didn’t have those sorts of hobbies. Although he was a rogue, he was not abnormal. He didn’t need to kill people if they didn’t provoke him. As for women, it was only interesting if they cooperated.


However, he would not let go of an opportunity. After all, he was not a good man, and it was in his nature to act indecently.


‘Wow, Sister Qin is taking a bath. I should go have a look first!’

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