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TMC Chapter 35 The Countermeasure


Ye Kong secretly looked at Lu Qin in the wooden bathtub and felt himself become excited.


‘Wow, she is so white and beautiful. I didn’t expect that skinny little girl two years ago to have such a good figure now. In another two years, she will be an outstanding beauty.’


Lu Qin didn’t know that there was a boy in the room looking at her with a wolf like stare as she enjoyed the hot water.


She closed her beautiful eyes and sighed happily, “It’s so comfortable.”


The little girl’s oval face was very beautiful and slightly flushed because of the heat. Her big eyes were closed and her long eyelashes shivered with dew. The most attractive part of her face was the small beauty spot next to her thin lower lip.


The bathtub was deep enough for her to sit in, so Ye Kong couldn’t entirely see her from afar. He tiptoed to the bathtub. Ye Kong looked at the young girl in the water and gulped.




Lu Qin was shocked by this sound and suddenly opened her eyes.


“Who’s there?”


Ye Kong didn’t dare to answer. He ran away in a panic and scolded himself as he ran. He had seen a world of different women, but gulped at the sight of a little girl like a hungry wolf. He hadn’t gulped even when he had watched certain Japanese adult movies!


He slipped out of Lu Qin’s room and came to the main hall. Lu Jun and Lu Yi were both there. Ye Kong took off the invisible talisman on his forehead and appeared.


Although the two Brother of the Lu Clan knew that Ye Kong was able to be invisible, they were scared when he appeared out of nowhere. They hurried to greet him.


“The eighth young master is superior in ability. You can do anything in heaven and earth. We admire you.”


“The eighth young master will live a long life of ten thousand years and enjoy immortal happiness forever.”


Ye Kong opened his hands as the invisibility talisman burst into a flame, he clapped away the ash and sat down. Then he said, “You two have learnt to flatter with this kind of nonsense now, but you need to pick something I’d enjoy hearing. You said that I could do everything in heaven and earth. Do you think my ability is enough to fly? And you, only turtles can live for ten thousand years. So were you calling me a turtle?”


Lu Jun and Lu Yi were used to getting scolded by him. They laughed, sat down and continued, “The eighth young master is high and reasonable. Even when you scold people, you scold so well.”


“Yes, yes, we need to grow up in the scolding of you like a cauliflower. The scolding of the eighth young master is our soil, our water…”


“Well, that’s enough. Soil and water? I’m afraid if you continue I will end up being compared to the horse shit you use as fertilizer. “Ye Kong derided and taunted, then he whispered, “I am here to discuss serious matters with you both.”


After discussing everything, Lu Yi looked up and said, “It’s a trap. Don’t go.”


Lu Jun pondered for a while and said, “I also think Fan Jiushe is harboring evil intentions, but they dare to do it in Appreciating Spring Tower. It seems that even if you don’t go, they won’t give up.”


“What can I do? What about launching the fight before they do?”


Lu Jun and Lu Yi completely stood on Ye Kong’s side. Ye Kong had given them all their wealth. If Ye Kong fell, they would follow soon after.


“Fight with them? No, that’s also impossible,” Lu Jun shook his head and said, “Fan Jiulong is a martial arts expert, that’s not even considering Fan Jiushe. They have more men than us. Moreover, I’m afraid that they are currently prepared for a fight. If we fight with them, we are just attempting to beat a rock using an egg.”


“Are we going to sit at home and wait to be killed?” Lu Yi got up in a hurry and started pacing.


“Lu Jun, you have a good reasoning skills,” Ye Kong patted Lu Jun with approval. It seemed weird because of their age, but no one in the hall felt that it was inappropriate. Ye Kong’s identity, wisdom and ability were far superior to them. Lu Yi even felt uncomfortable because he hadn’t received any praise.


“Since you came today, you must have had an idea,” Lu Yi said.


“Ha ha, Lu Yi you are not bad either.”


Ye Kong smiled, straightened his waist and bowed his head to whisper. The three heads leaned together again. Ye Kong said something and the Lu brothers’ expressions immediately turned to shock and happiness.


“What a wonderful plan! The Fan brothers will be taken care of in a single swoop, and from then on, the southern capital is ours!” Lu Yi said with flames in his eyes.


Lu Jun thought for a while and frowned, “If so, do you still want to go to the appointment and meet Fan Jiushe. What if Fan Jiushe does something crazy when cornered, won’t you be in danger?”


“Yes, please come up with a way to solve it. Don’t take any unnecessary risks,” Lu Yi said.


Ye Kong sneered, “As they said; no risk, no reward. If Fan Jiushe wants to fight, I can only fight!”


Fan Jiushe was in the third layer of Qi refining, while Ye Kong was only in the second layer. Although he was one layer lower, it was written in the Five Elements to Immortality that cultivating with this basic skill would create a firm foundation, it could even allow someone to resist someone five layers higher. Ye Kong obviously didn’t believe it was so miraculous, but he still needed to test his strength against another cultivator.


When three people were talking, Lu Qin came out after the bath. Her face was flushed and looked even more attractive. Seeing Ye Kong, the little girl was overjoyed.


“Brother Ye Kong is here too.”


Lu Jun and Lu Yi knew their sister’s thoughts, so they quickly smiled and said, “The moon is so bright today. It’s a good time to enjoy the beauty of the moon in the cool night air. You two talk here. We will go out to gaze at the moon and recite poems.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Are you kidding me? You two uncouth fellows want to gaze at the moon and recite poems? I’m afraid your faces will scare the shit out of the moon. ”


Lu Yi was astonished, “Eighth Young Master, although you tell us all day to study, it seems you are the one who lacks knowledge!”


Lu Qin looked at them bickering and smiled. When the two brothers closed their eyes and escaped, her little face was more flushed and she had to lower her head.


Although Ye Kong had been able to peek at her bathing, he was afraid to start a romance with her. The road of cultivating was dangerous and lonely, and there should be no distractions. Moreover, immortal cultivators could live much longer than ordinary people, so there was no good reason for immortals to fall in love with ordinary people.


It would not matter if an immortal’s road of cultivation had ended, and he knew that it was hopeless to break through like Immortal Wan Xuan. It was not a problem for him to marry some mortal women and have some children. Immortal Wan Xuan didn’t need spend time cultivating.


But Ye Kong had just started. How could he set up obstacles for himself?


Thinking of this, Ye Kong straightened his face and said, “Little Qin, since you come, today I will teach you the Invisible Talisman and the Moving Wall talisman. If you study hard, you will be able to use them within three days. Your two elder brothers’ and my life will depend on you.”


The most difficult thing about paper talismans was drawing them. It was not very difficult to use them as long as someone knew the spells. Lu Qin had learned them after a short while.


“Am I invisible? Can you see me? But I can still see myself,” Lu Qin asked excitedly.


Ye Kong nodded contentedly, “You are invisible, and I can’t see you either. Unless the Deva eye skill is used, you won’t be seen. If you don’t believe it, go and look at yourself in the mirror.”


But the little girl didn’t talk for a long time. Ye Kong didn’t know if she had left. When he was about to ask, she asked behind his back suddenly, “Did you come to our house invisibly?”


Ye Kong nodded, “Yes…”


He knew it was wrong as soon as he answered. Lu Qin beat him with her small fist, “Rascal!”


Ye Kong didn’t move and smiled. “Your brothers are rascals. I’m a gangster. I’m much better than them.”


“You are shameless anyway! Obscene! Your eyes will fall out from peeping! “Lu Qin was ashamed to death. This guy was too shameless. He had peeked on her naked. She would be too ashamed to face anyone in the future.


But in her heart, there was a kind of secret joy. If he really didn’t want to see her or deal with her, it would break her heart.


After a while, ye Kong took her small hand and said, “I’d better hold onto you, or I won’t know where you are.” After a pause, he took out another paper talisman and said, “This is the Moving Wall talisman. Come on, I’ll teach you how to use it.”


Lu Qin was a smart girl. After a while, she could launch several kinds of spells skillfully. Ye Kong had drawn a lot of talismans in this half a year. Now his success rate was much higher, so he let her be a little wasteful.


“Wait here for a moment, and I’ll come back soon.” Ye Kong took Lu Qin to the backyard then left with an invisibility talisman on himself. Ye Kong walked back through the wall with a dog fifteen minutes later.


Ye Kong tied the dog to the poplar tree and ordered Lu Qin, “Use the invisibility talisman.”




“Use the Soul Isolation talisman,” Ye Kong said.


Lu Qin recited the spell then pasted the talisman on the dog’s head.


The dog overturned on the grass without any sound, and only a breeze blowing through its brown fur showed it wasn’t a statue.


Ye Kong’s figure appeared. He grabbed a sharp dagger in his hand, “Kill it with this dagger!”


Lu Qin hadn’t expected Ye Kong to give this order, so she couldn’t move. Ye Kong shouted, “Look, you are the most important part of the plan in three days. It is likely you will have to kill people, let alone a dog!”


Lu Qin reached for the dagger and took it, but she still didn’t do it. Ye Kong said angrily, “Kill it! If you don’t kill it, it will kill you! ”


“If you don’t kill it, Lu Jun and Lu Yi will be killed!”


“If you don’t kill it, your Brother Ye Kong will die!”


After this roar, Lu Qin finally jumped up and stabbed the dog in the neck. The blood gushed out along the dagger.


Later, Lu Qin stroked her rising and falling chest, stood up, and looked at the dog in the pool of blood. Her little hand couldn’t help shaking, but there was a voice in her heart saying, “Brother Ye Kong, for you, I dare to do anything!”

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