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TMC Chapter 36 Departure


Three days later at the South Gate of Nandu City…



Because the relationship between the An Country and the Barbarians was getting tense, the inspection of going in and out of the city through the South Gate was also very strict. The soldiers with red-tasseled spears were divided into several groups to check the luggage of the people going in and out of the city. On the top of the city wall, a row of bows and arrows were pointing at the people below without remorse. If there was any sign of disturbance, they would shoot.


In a tea house near the city gate, a fat middle-aged man with small eyes like beans sat at a wooden table, looking down the long stone street.


Not far away, a few passing merchants were whispering, “That’s Fan Jiushe, the second leader of the Dragon and Snake Gang. He’s so fat. It’s said that he has excellent martial arts. Is that true?”


“Who knows? But his art in the bedroom must be lacking. I heard that fat people have a smaller manhood and in Appreciating Spring Tower that both brothers played with Xiao Taohong together so as to barely satisfy her. Ha ha.”


“Are you asking for death? Fan Jiushe is a bully in Nandu City. Let’s go.”


After the traders left, an angry look flashed on Fan Jiushe’s face. He was a third layer Qi refiner. Although his soul was still not able to separate from his flesh, he could see and hear well and hadn’t missed a word when the traders were talking.


“Go, follow them and write down their address. Don’t rush to punish them. When I come back, I will show their wives and concubines whether I am lacking in the bedroom!” Fan Jiushe said to his henchmen.


“Shall we both go?” Asked one henchman.


“Yes, go.” Fan Jiushe urged impatiently, “Go back to the gang after it is done and tell my brother that he should rest assured and wait for the good news at home.”


“Yes.” The two henchmen cupped their fists over their chest and ran away.



A short while later, Fan Jiushe saw a horse slowly coming down the stone road. On the horse, there was a young man in a blue cloth shirt. A bamboo hat sheltered his head from sun, revealing only part of the young man’s handsome face.


“The eighth young master is really a man of his word. You’re so punctual,” Fan Jiushe put down the tea bowl and hurried out.


This surprised passer-by, and they looked at the young man at once. Who was this? The second leader of the Dragon and Snake gang came out to meet him personally.


“Oh, Brother Fan is already here. I thought it was still early. I’m sorry,” Ye Kong smiled politely and clapped his horse to speed up.


“To arrive early isn’t any better than arriving on time. Don’t dismount. Let’s get leave town right away.”


Despite Fan Jiushe’s fat appearance, his smooth and clean movement when he got on the horse showed that his mobility was extraordinary.


“Yes, please, Brother Fan.” Two horses walked to the gate side by side. The gatekeeper dared not offend Fan Jiushe. When the gatekeeper heard that this young man was Ye Haoran’s eighth son, he did not dare to stop them for inspection. He opened the gate and let them leave city.


“Brother Ye, I don’t know about your riding skills. Time is limited. Why don’t we hurry on our way while the air is still cool?”


As soon as they left the city, Fan Jiushe urged.


After twenty years of waiting, he couldn’t wait to absorb Ye Kong’s cultivation and break through to the fourth level of Qi refining. Then, he would be able to use magical tools.


‘Will it be powerful? Can I use it to fly? Can it change shape? How many people it kill at once?’ Fan Jiushe thought anxiously.


Ye Kong smiled, “Brother Fan, I seldom go out, and it is my first time to ride a horse. I cannot quicken my pace.”


“Damn it, you can’t even ride fast. You might as well just die!” Fan Jiushe scolded in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


They continued to ride on their horses slowly.

It was the first time for Ye Kong leaving Nandu city. In front of them, there was a green plain and a yellow-brown earth road sprawling to the distance. At the end of sight, there were mountains towering into the hazy sky.


“Wow, those mountains are so high. What mountains are they?” Ye Kong asked.


“They’re the One-Hundred-Thousand Mountains. They look close to us, but in fact, they’re very far away. The barbarians live in the mountains. Beyond the One-Hundred-Thousand Mountains, there is the endless wilderness.” Fan Jiushe replied feebly.


“Wow! How strange the grass on the grassland is!” Before Fan Jiushe finished speaking, Ye Kong was surprised again.


“What’s unique? It is soap grass for washing clothes. Many people buy it in the market. In fact, you can pick it casually outside the city. The candle grass is farther away. There is also the star grass over there which looks like a star in the night sky…”


“Wow! Brother Fan, what animal is that ahead? It’s so powerful! Wow! The big tree looks like a flame. Wow!”


Fan Jiushe was going crazy, ‘This kid was acting like a bumpkin. Isn’t this all common knowledge? His mouth opens in shock like a frog at everything. I’m so tired of this already. I just need to get to the place and deal with this guy.’


Ye Kong was amazed. He had thought that Cangnan was almost the same environment as ancient Earth. Now he knew that he had been mistaken.


The scenery of Cangnan was even more relaxing. If it were not for Fan Jiushe, Ye Kong would have acted even more like a tourist.


After riding south for more than half an hour, Fan Jiushe pulled the reins and ordered the horse to leave the official road.


“Is The Market in this direction?” Ye Kong asked.


“It’s still far away. We can’t get there today at such a pace. I’m taking you on a shortcut. You can have a rest if we arrive early,” Fan Jiushe said with a smile.


“Oh, Brother Fan is really warm-hearted. I was so blind before when I tried to assassinate you. Please don’t blame me for my past grievances.”


Fan Jiushe laughed three times and said, “Brother Ye, there will be more unexpected benefits if you follow me.”


After a while, they passed through the grassland, and they started to see even less people on the journey. Fan Jiushe pulled the reins again. Then, he pressed his knees to the horse and rushed into the red mangrove forest first.


Ye Kong didn’t ask much and then followed him closely. He asked again, “Brother Fan, what is that around your waist?”


Fan Jiushe patted the black and gray storage bag hanging on his waist and said with a smile, “Don’t you know? This is a storage bag. Although it looks small, there’s a lot of space in it. It’s more than enough to even put a horse inside. It’s a must-have for every cultivator. Those rich cultivators also have storage bracelets with a much bigger space! It’s said that there is also a magic item called a storage ring, and you can store an entire mountain inside!”


Ye Kong was surprised. “How incredible! It must be very rare? ”


Fan Jiushe said proudly, “Of course, it would be fatal for low-level cultivators to own a storage ring!”


“I see. I really learned a lot from Brother Fan,” Ye Kong nodded busily.


Fan Jiushe smiled sarcastically and asked, “Didn’t your master, Immortal Wan Xuan, tell you that? Why do you seem so ignorant?”


Ye Kong’s face suddenly flushed and he said, “Brother Fan, don’t blame me for hiding this from you previously, but Immortal Wan Xuan actually refused to accept me as a disciple. I luckily happened to get a set of low-level immortal cultivation skills, and then I practiced them by myself. Please help to guide me with my cultivation in the future, Brother Fan.”


“Ha ha, no problem.” Fan Jiushe was relieved to hear that. In fact, he had made a clear investigation of the real situation. Now Ye Kong said it himself. With his trust, it would be easier when he launched the sneak attack. Fan Jiushe had been worried about the kid’s shrewdness and cleverness. Now it seemed that it was very easy to coax him.


“Let’s hurry up. We’re going through the woods at noon. There may be robbers in the woods. It’s safer in the plain ahead.”


Ye Kong nodded, and the two horses headed for the depths of the forest.


Fan Jiushe had said that the plain was ahead, but the deeper they went, the darker the forest got until it looked like night. The red trees disappeared. Instead, there were many huge trees. Their crowns were towering into the clouds. There were not many such trees on the Earth, but there were countless in Cangnan.


There were no watches on Cangnan, so Ye Kong didn’t how long they had been riding in the dark woods.


“Brother Fan, are we there yet?” Ye Kong asked with faked fear in his voice.


“We’ll be in the plain in a minute.” Fan Jiushe was even more proud. Ye Kong was just a kid and he had been overestimating him before this.


They rode for a long time. Finally, a ray of light was seen in the distance of the forest. Fan Jiushe said that it was just there, and they should go there to have a rest. Then, he patted the horse and rushed ahead.


Ye Kong followed him and found that it was a small flat land surrounded by woods. It was not a plain at all but a clearing in the woods.


This place was full of weeds that reached up to the horses tail. In the middle of the field, there was a collapsed stone pavilion.


They tied their horses to a small tree. Then, they went to the collapsed stone pavilion and found a clean stone to sit down, they then began taking out food and water.


“Brother Ye, this is the place where I learned my cultivation technique! It was more than 20 years ago!” Fan Jiushe ripped apart the dried meat and said with great emotion, “It was before your father came here with the army and before Nandu City was built. This place was previously under the rule of the barbarians. My brother and I were both slaves of the barbarians.


“There was no moon that night, it was so dark you could hardly see. That’s when I took my chance to escape. They noticed I was gone and quickly chased after me and I ran here. The pursuers were starting to catch up to me. I was tired, hungry, and there was no place to escape.


“Fortunately, in my panic I managed to find a cave under the stone pavilion, so I hurriedly hid inside.” Fan Jiushe said with a smile, “Who could have known I would find the remains of a cultivator of the barbarians here!”


Fan Jiushe smiled, “Do you want to see the place where I stepped onto the road of cultivation?”


Ye Kong probably understood why Fan Jiushe had brought them so far. Part of the reason was that there was a cave here. If Fan Jiushe killed him, he could just go into the cave to refine him. No one would disturb him, and no one would find him. It was a good place for robbing and killing people.


Ye Kong pretended to be timid and said, “Brother Fan, I’m timid. It’s dark in the cave. I think it’s better than you go by yourself.”


Fan Jiushe didn’t force it and smiled, “Let’s have a rest after eating so that we can resume our journey. I’ll go pee now.”


“Okay,” Ye Kong nodded.


Fan Jiushe got up and went behind Ye Kong. When he looked back, the kid was eating steamed buns completely unguarded. Fan Jiushe decided that he needed to act.

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