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TMC Chapter 37 Fighting


Fan Jiushe didn’t want to kill Ye Kong with a single blow. His purpose was to absorb Ye Kong’s immortal Qi. As soon as he died, the Qi in his Qihai would start to dissipate.


Fan Jiushe didn’t want to take the risk without any advantage for himself. He had already figured out a good strategy. He stood in the grass, his thick lips turned and silently recited the formula for the quicksand skill as he gestured and pointed to Ye Kong. If he was successful, it would trap Ye Kong.


At the critical moment, the fat sheep in front of him suddenly dropped the dried meat and turned back to laugh at him with a look as if he had already seen through everything.


‘Ignore him! I will end this quickly, only one more sentence to finish my magic incantation.’



Ye Kong acted immediately, leaving Fan Jiushe no time to react. He grabbed a large number of talismans from his sleeve and threw them. He didn’t know whether the paper talismans would work on immortals, but it was Ye Kong’s only attack method at present.


Dozens of talismans, such as blind talismans, bleeding talismans, calming talismans, and even abortion talismans were burning in the air as they rushed at Fan Jiushe. Ye Kong had no idea whether it worked or not, but the speed and number of them was frightening to behold.


Fan Jiushe didn’t know what kind of magic techniques would be unleashes, but he was shocked by the sheer number. Even if these were only the most basic of fire spells, this many could burn him to ashes.


He had one sentence left, but Fan Jiushe would not be so stupid to exchange his life to kill his opponent. He gave up casting his technique and dodged.


His Qi backfired and a mouthful blood gushed out from his mouth.


“Good boy, you have been playing the pig to eat the tiger!” Fan Jiushe’s small eyes looked at Ye Kong maliciously, as he gnashed his blood covered teeth.


Ye Kong sneered and said, “I tricked you, but you also tricked me. So that makes us even.”


Ye Kong didn’t want to fight. He then said, “Fan Jiushe, we don’t have such a large grudge. Why don’t we keep the peace? I have no reason to kill you, and you have no reason to kill me. It’s better to shake hands and make peace. ”


“Ha ha, you think too wishfully,” Fan Jiushe laughed and said ferociously, “Let me tell you, the immortal cultivation skill that I practice is to steal the cultivation of others. If I let you go, how can I advance my cultivation?”


“Are you sure you can kill me?” Ye Kong asked, and then he said, “Oh, Brother Fan, I forgot to tell you that when I went out, I asked the brothers from the Lu family to catch your brother, your wife, your son, and your father. It’s been a long time since we left, I think they should’ve got them by now, right?”


Ye Kong continued softly, his tone was cold as he spoke, “I will take good care of them, if I don’t return at night, they will be killed. Starting from the young to the old. What do you think Brother Fan?”


“You are too cruel!”


He didn’t expect this teenager to be so cruel and scheming.


Ye Kong laughed and said, “I am a rogue. Maybe you don’t understand how arrogant and evil those who share my bloodline were to me in the past. But now, when they see me, who would dare not bow and politely call me Eighth Young Master? I don’t think you know me well. Many people are thankful that I don’t go around provoking others without reason, but you decided to provoke me. Let’s stop this already and go back to the city, we can still act as if nothing happened. ”


Fan Jiushe’s eyes filled with anger. He had intimidated others with this same move, but he didn’t expect that the same method would be used against him.


Fan Jiushe suddenly raised his head and laughed, “Stupid boy. Do you think I’m so gullible? Is the Dragon and Snake Gang that easy to be broken through? With only several gangsters from the Lu brothers?”


“No, no, of course not only the forces from the Lu Brothers!” Ye Kong shook his fingers. “There is also my Ye family soldiers, and someone who can turn invisible. Do you think that’s enough?”


Fan Jiushe glared at Ye Kong. He didn’t expect to be cheated by a child at his mature age.


“You don’t have to think too much, do you? Have you thought it through?” Ye Kong asked.


Fan Jiushe relaxed and he smiled bitterly. “My parents, brother, wife and children are all in your hands. What else can I do?”


“Ha ha, let’s go back to the city then.” Ye Kong came over laughing.


“Ha ha, let’s go.” Fan Jiushe also moved towards Ye Kong.


Both of them showed harmless smiles, but they attacked at the same time.


Ye Kong once again threw out a large number of talismans, while Fan Jiushe threw out a fireball from each of his hands.


With the Shadow Dance, Ye Kong easily dodged past the two fireballs and sneered, “You don’t care about your family’s life at all.”


Fan Jiushe laughed, “In fact, you are not going to let them live even if we return.”


“Fine, then take some more talismans!”


Fan Jiushe laughed. He accidentally got hit with two talismans in the previous exchange. He found that they were useless spells and he only needed to circulate his Qi to quickly counteract the effects.


“I can take it, it’s just some insignificant skill.”


After Fan Jiushe said that, his short and fat body became as motionless as a mountain. When the talismans landed on his body, they burst into flames and turned to ashes.


“Do you want to fight me with only this?” Fan Jiushe laughed happily, but suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain in his chest.


Looking down, a dagger reflecting a blue cold light had been stabbed into his chest. Black blood oozed out from the wound, dyeing his clothes black.


“How do my five poisonous herbs taste?” Ye Kong sneered. Just now, when he threw the talismans, he also threw a poisonous hidden dagger with it.


“I’ve been duped again!” Fan Jiushe removed the dagger with gnashing teeth, opened his storage bag and threw something in his mouth.


Fan Jiushe only wanted to catch Ye Kong alive at first, but now he wanted to kill him. Even if he could not absorb his Qi, he would still kill him. This trick and ruthlessness made Fan Jiushe afraid that he had picked an enemy he shouldn’t have, so he couldn’t let him live.


“Enjoy the power of a low-level middle grade Firebird talisman!”


Fan Jiushe’s eyes were red as he threw out his secret weapon. He bought the Firebird talisman many years ago at The Market. He spent 20 spirit stones and was reluctant to use it unless he absolutely needed to kill his opponent.


This low level middle grade talisman was extremely powerful. 108 Firebirds made entirely of fire Qi suddenly appeared from the sky. They looked like ferocious birds that had just been released from their cage. They spread all over the sky as they rushed towards Ye Kong.


“Run!” Ye Kong was surprised. He didn’t expect Fan Jiushe to have such a powerful talisman.


He dodged quickly, but the Firebirds had been turned into flames and followed him.


‘Damn it, it even has tracking and positioning!’


Ye Kong knew that he was in danger. If only one of the 108 Firebirds got him, he would be burned inside the fire Qi until only his bones remained.


Ye Kong rushed to the forest quickly, hoping to be covered by the trees and trick some of the Firebirds into colliding with the trees.


But like shooting stars, their speed was extraordinary. Ye Kong could hear the sounds behind him getting closer and closer. The Firebirds would catch up with him before he could reach the forest.


“Damn it. Go to hell!” Ye Kong knew that he couldn’t run away. He closed his eyes and waited.


As soon as he closed his eyes, the call of the Firebirds became clear in his mind. It seemed to be orderly and disordered at the same time. The calls of the 108 Firebirds came together, like a very choir. One after another, their screeches were almost in a perfect harmony.




Yes, the calls of these Firebirds had a certain rhythm. Rhythm would always have gaps between the sound waves, no matter how dense the frequency was.


Ye Kong could understand the rhythm of the firebirds. Suddenly, he was like a fish jumping out of the sea and soaring into the sky as a dragon. In his mind, there was only the rhythm of the Firebirds. He turned and jumped towards the Firebirds using the Shadow Dance


Ye Kong had forgotten everything except the rhythm, he didn’t even remember he was a person. He felt like a feather in the wind, without weight or direction, only drifting in the breeze. He was like a boat drifting on the waves of a raging tide, no matter how fierce the waves were, the boat would always remain afloat.


Fan Jiushe saw the Firebirds had reached Ye Kong, but he suddenly saw Ye Kong jump up and start dancing back and forth among the Firebirds. They flew around, attempting to attack him, but they were unable to reach him.


The power of the Firebird talisman started to dissipate with a loud hiss. In an instant, all of the firebirds turned into smoke and the fire Qi dispersed.


Ye Kong remained unharmed as he stood motionless in the middle of the grassy field.


‘Even the Firebird talisman could not hurt him!’ It was as if he had seen ghost, Fan Jiushe fled towards his horse which was still tied to a tree in the forest.


“Now you want to escape? No way!” Ye Kong roared and rushed towards him like a gale while throwing a punch that tore through the air.


With a loud smack, he punched Fan Jiushe flying. Fan Jiushe was unharmed, instead Ye Kong grit his teeth in pain as he looked at his bloody fist.


When he turned to Fan Jiushe again, he saw that his whole body was shining with golden light. The light was like thin mist that covered his entire body, even his face was covered in the thin mist.


Fan Jiushe got up from the ground and said, “Ha ha, you can’t kill me, so let’s make peace. Let’s go with what you said previously.”


Ye Kong put a talisman on himself to stop the bleeding and looked at Fan Jiushe coldly, “Hell no, now you’ve pissed me off! ”


“What do you want to do? Do you have the ability to break the protection from my golden light spell, no chance!” Fan Jiushe sneered.


“I can’t break it, but…”After a pause, Ye Kong said, “I can keep you here and see how long you can maintain your golden light body!”


He continued with an evil smile, “At least until tonight when your whole family dies!”


Fan Jiushe suddenly remembered a key issue, and roared, “Go to hell!”


He then rushed and punched Ye Kong with the golden light protecting his body.


Ye Kong didn’t pay attention to him and nimbly dodged the punch.


Fan Jiushe’s fist was ineffective. He turned around and walked away, but Ye Kong followed behind him. Ye Kong began picking up rocks he found on the ground and hurling them at Fan Jiushe.


Fan Jiushe was crying on the inside. He was only in the third layer. The protection of the Golden Light spell relied on his Qi to sustain it, so it wouldn’t last long. When he was repeatedly hit with rocks, he felt his Qi crazily starting to deplete. If he ignored it, he would not be able to hold on.


“Fuck you,” Fan Jiushe split part of his Qi to activate his fireball skill.


The fireball forced Ye Kong back and allowed Fan Jiushe to jump onto his horse. Ye Kong murmured, took out a talisman, and threw it onto the horse’s forehead.




The horse fell down taking Fan Jiushe crashing into the ground with it. He didn’t know he could simply take the talisman off the horse to remove its effects. He thought the horse was dead. So he then rushed towards Ye Kong’s horse.


Ye Kong had expected as much, so he had already thrown another talisman causing the horse to collapse.


“Why do you have to pursue me like this? You need to know when to back off or you will eventually cause your own demise!”, Shouted Fan Jiushe as he continued to run away, but he had lost all hope of saving his family.


Ye Kong sneered, “Why didn’t you spare me and back off previously? I told you we could leave each other alone, but you didn’t want that. I believe that if you are going to do something, then go all the way! It’s either me or you!”


“Then wait there for me!” Fan Jiushe snorted angrily. He swung his sleeves and sat with legs crossed on the grass. With the other hand, he took out dozens of colorful spirit stones from the storage bag to replenish his Qi.

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