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TMC Chapter 38 Cage Grass


It was not easy for Fan Jiushe to collect these 20 spirit stones because spirit stones could not be not easily bought.


As a mortal, no matter how rich you were, it was not easy to buy a spirit stone from cultivators because they didn’t care much about money and they wouldn’t just hand over their cultivation resources.


Fan Jiushe got these from the talentless black sheep of an immortal cultivator family who was a bad gambler and owed a huge debt.


When Fan Jiulong found out about it, he gave him a large amount of money. In return, the black sheep stole dozens of spirit stones from his family. Ever since getting his hands on them, Fan Jiushe was reluctant to use them. Today, when his life was at stake, he used them without care.


Spirit stones had many functions. First of all, they were the currency of the immortal cultivators. Generally speaking, spirit stones referred to the inferior spirit stones in Fan Jiushe’s hand. A hundred inferior spirit stones could be exchanged for a middle-grade spirit stone, and a hundred middle-grade spirit stones equaled a superior grade spirit stone in theory.


Superior grade spirit stones were very rare. It was unlikely that anyone would take hundred middle-grade spirit stones in exchange for a superior grade spirit stone. Superior grade spirit stones were extremely rare and only appeared in magical places, many of which had almost disappeared and hadn’t been seen for thousands of years.


The second use of spirit stones was for the arrays which needed spirit stones as the eye of the array to provide it with energy.


The third use of spirit stones was to absorb the Qi inside them for cultivation. The Qi contained in the spirit stones was very pure, far better than what could be absorbed from the atmosphere. Even if there was abundant Qi in your surroundings, it was no match for the pure Qi provided by the spirit stone.


Fan Jiushe took out the spirit stone for the third purpose: to power the golden light spell to fight Ye Kong to the death.


Seeing that Fan Jiushe had no choice but to take out the spirit stones, Ye Kong chuckled and said, “Brother Fan, wow, you have many spirit stones. I’d like to see how long you can last”


Fan Jiushe ignored him and sat with legs crossed in the grass, holding a stone in one hand, as if he was sleeping.


Although this golden light was constantly draining his Qi reserves, if he was not attacked, the cost of maintaining it was limited.


Ye Kong certainly wouldn’t let him meditate so comfortably. He went to look for rocks and started throwing them at Fan Jiushe. The golden light was distorted from the impact of the rocks, but there was no sign of it breaking.


After hitting it for such a long time, Ye Kong was starting to get bored of throwing rocks. He didn’t want to continue to expend his Qi doing this if it had such little effect. He simply moved a large rock and sat opposite to Fan Jiushe.


“You want to waste time? Okay, there is plenty of time to waste. Anyway, the people about to die are not my relatives,” Ye Kong laughs.


The sky had become dark, and the sun could no longer be seen. Almost all of the light had disappeared other than the bright rays of light in Fan Jiushe’s hand as he consumed the spirit stones.


Ye Kong was also feeling exhausted but he would not dare to cultivate in front of the enemy. He looked up at the sky and said lightly, “Fan Jiushe, it’s almost night. Let’s have a discussion.”


Fan Jiushe opened his eyes as Ye Kong continued, “This incident is purely due to your bad intentions. As long as you cripple your cultivation and hand over your cultivation method, I will protect your life and your family.”


Fan Jiushe listened, snorted, and smiled, “The man who cultivates immortality is most afraid of  familial affection. It’s better for me if you kill my family now, then I don’t have to worry about someone else killing them in the future. In that case, maybe I will be able to cultivate faster in the future with less things to worry about.”


Ye Kong shook his head, “You are ruthless, even if they die, do you think you can escape death?”


Fan Jiushe smiled mysteriously, “It’s hard to tell.”


At the end of his smile, Ye Kong suddenly felt an ominous feeling, but before he could act, he was shocked by what he saw.


At the edge of the large rock where he sat, four blue pillars that were as thick as a human thighs suddenly stretched out from the ground. The pillars were mottled and rough, as if they were trees that had suddenly grown in a matter of seconds.


The ground between the pillars was covered in countless vines that grew wildly and soon surrounded Ye Kong.


Ye Kong was shocked. He didn’t know what was happening. He raised his hand and took out a dagger from his sleeve and slashed at the vine, only taking off the skin.


From the wound on the vine, several more rattans as thick as thumbs sprouted.


“Ha ha, don’t waste your time!” The roar of Fan Jiushe’s wild laughter rang out, “This is the low-level mid-grade spiritual plant – Cage Grass. Although it isn’t lethal, it’s perfect for trapping people. Even more cultivators more powerful than us would struggle to break free!


“Do you think I was only cultivating just now? You’re wrong. I’ve been using most of the Qi to nourish the seeds of this grass. You fell for it. Little fox, you are no match for an old experienced hunter after all! ”


Fan Jiushe laughed crazily, and looked at the green square cage in front of him. He was very happy.


“Damn it! Fan Jiushe, let me out of here!” Ye Kong gave up cutting vines and stood in this square cage and scolded, “Fan Jiushe, you coward! Is this all your ability amounts to? Come on, don’t you even have the guts to kill me?”


“Haha, of course I am going to kill you! Even if I can’t kill you, I can just starve you to death! ”


“Then, your family will die! Come on, fight me! ”


“I don’t care. Let them die. I’ll avenge them once you are dead.” Fan Jiushe smiled, “This cage grass seed is a relic from ancient cultivators I found with the cultivators remains. Even when I was hunted and almost killed in the past, I was reluctant to use it. This time I have used it on you. How can I not get any benefits?”


The Cage grass had been dormant for thousands of years inside the storage bag. Fan Jiushe really cherished it as one of his most important trump cards. If it were not for a threat to his life, it would not have been used.


Since it was used, he had absorb Ye Kong’s Qi. As for his parents, wife and children, he didn’t care about them at all. Besides, it was too late to go back now, so it was better to absorb Ye Kong’s Qi here to break through to the forth level of Qi refining.


Once the cage grass grew into a square green cage, it would no longer change shape and would become harder than iron. The roots were closely intertwined with each other, just like the walls, and even the ceiling was covered with vines.


‘Damn it, I didn’t think he would have this kind of hateful grass!’ Ye Kong cut, punched and kicked trying to break out, but nothing seemed to work.


“Do you dare to come in and kill me!” Ye Kong scolded.


“Ha ha, you think I lied to you? I really have a way. Once I dig a hole in the rattan wall, you will be dead!”


Fan Jiushe smiled smugly as he tapped the storage bag, then he took out a gray dagger and started to cut the vines.


A vine as thick as a finger was cut off from the huge cage, it didn’t grow back and white juice started to flow from the cut.


“Sure enough, the cage grass is no match against a magic weapon.”


Fan Jiushe was very happy with the success of his experiment.


He planned to dig a fist sized hole, then throw ice balls into the cage, and freeze him, then he would be able to catch him alive!


Ye Kong inside was not idle. He could not cut the vines, but he could try to dig his way out!


Unfortunately, he was disappointed again. As expected, the cage grass was a first-class trap. The roots were even tougher than the surrounding wall. The wall around him was thick and as hard as iron. When the dagger tried to cut it, it only created sparks.


‘Damn it, am I waiting to die here?’


He heard that Fan was digging a hole, Ye Kong despaired again, he roared, “Fan Jiushe! Don’t you want to absorb my Qi? If you push me, I’ll kill myself!”


“Ha ha, you won’t do that!” Fan Jiushe laughed loudly and said, “You have the same type of person as me. You will never give up until the last moment! This kind of person will never commit suicide!”


Ye Kong snorted, “Damn it, you know me. It is true that your enemy knows you best.”


The sky was completely dark, and the moon still hadn’t risen into the sky. This was the darkest time of night. The sky was dark and the gloomy forest almost looked like the shadow of a giant monster.


The cage grass’ walls were much thicker than a cage made from metal and although the small sword could cut through the wall, it did not do so quickly. Fan Jiushe didn’t waste time by lighting a fire, he was rushing and continued to crazily chip away at the cage in the dark.


However, inch by inch, the thick vine wall was finally hollowed out, and with a final stab, the tip of Fan Jiushe’s sword burst through the cage.


“Yes!” Fan Jiushe was so excited that his fingers trembled with excitement.


He shouted, “You’re not going to live much longer, boy! I will use your Qi to break through to the fourth layer of Qi refining! Then I can use magic weapons. Ha ha, I will tell you in advance that the first person I will kill with my magic weapon is your ugly whore of a mother! Then the entire Lu family!”


It seemed that Ye Kong could do nothing but wait to die, but at this critical moment when Fan Jiushe was gloating, he suddenly slapped his forehead, “I am so stupid, why I didn’t think of it sooner?”

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