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TMC Chapter 39 Spoils



“Boy! There won’t be much longer to wait until your death!” Fan Jiushe laughed wildly as he threw ice balls through the hole.


The light blue ball danced into the cage like a firefly and then exploded into a patch of ice as it hit the wall. The temperature in the cage was dropping more with each ice ball that exploded inside the cage.


Ye Kong raised his hand, and a yellow paper talisman appeared.


“Ha ha, there are four stages of Qi refining. I’m finally going to enter the middle stage!” Fan Jiushe was still daydreaming as he continued throwing ice balls into the holes crazily.


Suddenly, a cold voice came from nearby, “Then I would like to congratulate Brother Fan in advance.”


He turned around, the moon had just risen in the sky just enough to illuminate the forest in a pale white light, a young man in coarse clothes stood there proudly with a face full of mockery.


“You…!” Fan Jiushe’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it, he must be seeing a ghost! He said, “How did you get out?”


Ye Kong had no plan to respond, he had already seized the opportunity of Fan Jiushe turning around to stab his dagger directly towards Fan Jiushe’s throat. Fan Jiushe was not prepared for this sudden attack and didn’t have time to activate his golden light spell. In his final moments, Fan Jiushe’s eyes filled with despair, unwillingness and doubt.


“There is a kind of talisman called the Moving Wall talisman. As long as there is a solid wall of any kind, it can be used…”


Ye Kong was afraid that the Fan Jiushe might still be alive, so used the dagger to stab him in the throat again and again. In the moonlight, the blood glistened a dark shade of red. There was only the sound of a gentle night breeze and the sound of a dagger repeatedly piercing human flesh, over and over.


Ye Kong had no idea how many times he had stabbed Fan Jiushe in the throat and it was only when Fan Jiushe’s head rolled off his body that Ye Kong finally relaxed.


He gasped and looked at the storage bag hanging on Fan Jiushe’s waist.


“I’m not skilled enough at killing and robbing yet,” Ye Kong rushed over and pulled the storage bag.


There were not many things in the storage bag, but Ye Kong was overjoyed, because they were all things that he needed.


First of all, the most striking thing was the small sword artifact used to dig through the cage. It was a medium-sized magic weapon. It was also the first time Ye Kong had encountered a magic weapon and he couldn’t stop admiring it in his hands. At the moment when he held the small sword, he had the same ambition as Fan Jiushe, “When I advance to the fourth level of Qi refining, this will be my weapon!”


Then, what attracted Ye Kong’s eyes was the rest of the spirit stones that hadn’t been wasted. There were only four of them left inside a small black cloth bag.


He looked at one curiously. It was a black colored spirit stone which meant it was filled with water Qi. It was about the size of a fresh date and was shaped like a very large chunk of sugar.


Ye Kong clenched the spirit stone and absorbed a wisp of Qi into his eight meridians. This water Qi was much purer than the Qi he normally absorbed from his surroundings.


Ye Kong did not dare to take more than a wisp of Qi. He quickly put the spirit stones back into the storage bag. What attracted his attention were the two small jades the size of mahjong pieces.


Ye Kong guessed that this was a magic tool used for storing magic formulas or informtation. He quickly took one, pinched it in his hand, and probed it with his divine sense.


The barbaric cultivation method skill that Fan Jiushe got from the remains of the ancient barbarian was inside. Ye Kong found that it was of little use to him. It was impossible for him to abandon the basics of the Five Elements to Immortality he has cultivated. Moreover, the method was too cruel and an immortal cultivator was hard to find and even harder to kill. Ye Kong roughly went through it and put it back in the storage bag.


Looking at the contents of the other note, he found what he most needed: the formulas of several low-level spells, including fireball skill, ice ball skill, quicksand skill etc.


“From now on, I am no longer an immortal cultivator who can’t use spells!” Ye Kong was very excited. These spells were the best harvest and set him firmly on the path of cultivation.


Ye Kong took the jade and put it back inside the bad. He went through what remained in storage bag and found that there was a talisman inside.


This talisman was totally different from the paper talismans he had. It was a type of spiritual talisman. It was the same width as the paper talisman, but shorter in length. The whole talisman was jade white. He didn’t even know what the material the talisman was made from.


Luckily the talisman was named: ‘Spiritual Cultivation Array’.


“This is an array talisman!” Ye Kong was surprised. This was one of the things he needed. Judging from its name, it was an array used in cultivation so it would definitely protect him from interruptions when cultivating.


“No wonder everyone on this continent likes killing and robbing. Everything he had was so valuable.”


Ye Kong smiled and continued to look, but he found nothing else. There was a lot of money piled up in the corner of the bag, about two thousand Liang of silver.


Although there was a lot of money, Ye Kong didn’t care about it at all. He stored the array talisman back into the storage bag, and he couldn’t wait any longer to learn the fireball skill. It wasn’t too hard for him to learn initially and in a short time, he was able to send out a small fireball smoothly.


He threw several fireballs at Fan Jiushe’s body until only ash remained.


When Ye Kong finished cleaning the battlefield, he suddenly saw the cage grass still standing in the middle of the clearing and had an idea.


“Since it’s a low-level spirit grass, then couldn’t its juice be used to make a talisman?”


With this idea in mind, Ye Kong took out the small sword again to cut through the plant and pulled up as much as he could manage.


After cutting for what seemed like forever, the wall on one side of the cage grass was cut down and divided into three pieces, so it could be put into the storage bag.


After all this, the moon was already high in the sky. Ye Kong was worried about what had happened in the city of Nandu and dared not delay any further.


At night, the forest was dark, and there was no way to tell which direction you are travelling, so it was easy to lose your way. Fortunately, Fan Jiushe’s horse had travelled this route previously and knew the path back. He didn’t know how long it took before he finally saw the red mangrove forest. He was completely relieved.


Cangnan was different from the earth. The plants did not all grow from photosynthesis. The mangrove tress grew by absorbing Qi. The tree was completely red. At night, it emitted a dark red light, which made the whole forest look like it was on fire. If you saw it for the first time, it looked both majestic and beautiful.


“Looking at the color of the Qi, it must be fire Qi. I wonder if the plants Qi can be absorbed by immortal cultivators?” Ye Kong broke a red branch and found that he could not absorb the Qi. Moreover, after the branch was broken, it immediately started to dim as the fire Qi dispersed.


“Guess not. Otherwise, the immortal cultivators would have cut down all these trees.”


The forest was covered a large area. It took two hours to get to the clearing earlier and almost the same time to get back. He continued until the moon left the sky and the sun started to rise above the red mangrove forest.


Before he left the boundary of the forest, he noticed many people slowly walking through the forest. At a glance, Ye Kong found they were all private soldiers of Ye family.


“Liu Changqing!” Ye Kong shouted and hurried his horse towards them.


When those soldiers saw Ye Kong, they immediately cheered, “Eighth young master is back!” Waves of noise spread across the forest.


On the prairie, standing in the middle of thousands of candlelight grass, the girl heard the cheers and immediately shouted “Brother Ye Kong!” while running towards the direction of the sound.


Ye Kong got off his horse and walked out side by side with Liu Changqing, listening to him report the current situation of Nandu city.


In the morning, once Ye Kong and Fan Jiushe left the city, someone reported to the Ye Family immediately. The Lu brothers joined Liu Changqing’s soldiers and immediately surrounded the Fan residence. There were many martial arts masters in the Fan’s yard, but they didn’t attack directly to avoid causing unnecessary death or injury. Plus, as it was daytime, they may attract the intervention of the city guard.


Although Ye Haoran had the ear of a minister of Cangnan, they could not cross the line. The minister was not familiar with Ye Kong at all and might not help Ye Kong if he publicly caused trouble.


However, Ye Kong thought of this point previously, and let Lu Qin sneak in using the invisible talisman, she then open the back door of the Fan mansion, and assassinated the guards on watch.


Lu Qin also showed incredible courage. She took advantage of the invisible talisman and the Moving Wall talisman to enter the hall where Fan Jiulong was to try and kidnap him. However, since Fan Jiulong had nearly been assassinated by Ye Kong, he became more cautious. He had set up a few mechanisms behind his seat. As soon as someone triggered them, a weighted net would fall from the ceiling and trap the person.


Lu Qin didn’t notice it and activated the trap. Fortunately, she had been practising the Shadow Dance and managed to barely dodge the net as it fell.


Fan Jiulong was already lying in wait. He barged into the room while slashing with his sword, almost injuring Lu Qin. But in the end, she managed to hit him with a Soul Isolation talisman and  successfully ended the fight.


“Very capable,” Ye Kong said with a smile.


“Yes, this young lady has made a great contribution this time.” Liu Changqing also nodded and said, then asked Ye Kong in a low voice, “Eighth young master, her talismans are really magical. Is she an immortal? Can you ask her to be my teacher?”


“Her?” Ye Kong laughed, looked up and found Lu Qin was running toward him like a fawn. He laughed and said, “You can ask her yourself.”


“Greetings to these friends of brother Ye Kong,” Lu Qin had worried all night. Seeing Ye Kong now, she was so excited that she rushed to Ye Kong’s side in spite of the shyness she normally felt. Suddenly, she found Liu Chongqing and others were standing nearby, so she immediately stopped herself.


Looking at the pretty face of the young girl and the tears of excitement hanging on her face, even Ye Kong who was determined not to form a romantic relationship with her, couldn’t help feeling his heart soften.


“Liu Changqing! Return! “Ye Kong said.


Liu Changqing smiled, “Reporting to the general, this enemy is too fierce. We will leave her for the general to handle. We’ll head back now.”




“Ha ha, brothers, go to Appreciating Spring Tower, the Eighth Young Master said he will treat us.”


When the soldiers heard they were being treated to the Appreciating Spring Tower, they quickly disappeared from sight. Ye Kong opened his arms for Lu Qin.


The little girl blushed and hesitated for a while. Finally, she could not resist the temptation of her sweetheart’s chest. She stepped forward and gently hugged Ye Kong.


“Alas, I have sinned. Before I realized, I was already falling love.”

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