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TMC Chapter 40 Love


In the morning, the air over the grassland was very fresh. At a glance, it looked like a beautiful scenic painting. In the distance, the green mountains were indistinct. There was a smoke rising and shepherd children drove a few small animals out to pasture to graze on the grass. How peaceful a scene it was!


A pair of youths were lying on the grass. Ye Kong touched Lu Qin’s back and asked, “I heard that you have made great contributions?”


Lu Qin was embarrassed, “They did the hard work, I made a mistake and was almost caught.”


“That’s what I want to say. It was too dangerous and you’re too bold. When you entered there, you didn’t know the situation clearly and didn’t observe the environment. If something happened, what would you have done?”


Lu Qin did not refute Ye Kong’s criticism, she quietly listened with a faint smile.


“You are not allowed to put yourself at risk in the future!” Ye Kong said.


“I see.” Lu Qin replied crisply, but she thought it was worth it for Ye Kong.


Ye Kong sighed. It was fortunate that nothing happened to Lu Qin. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forgiven himself.


“What about the Fan Family?” Ye Kong asked again.


“They were all killed.” Lu Qin shuddered at the thought of all the killing. She snuggled into Ye Kong’s arms and said, “We didn’t kill them at first. We just took them to an old house outside the city. Then, my brother took people to take over the challenge arena of the Dragon and Snake gang. The members of the Dragon and Snake gang were already dissatisfied with the Fan brothers. They all surrendered when they heard that the Fan brothers had been captured.


“We were all busy till the sky was already dark. My brother and Centurion Liu were worried when we found you hadn’t returned. According to your arrangement, we chopped off their heads one by one when the incense was finished burning, and Fan Jiulong was also killed.”


Ye Kong sighed. It was common knowledge that the people were cruel and merciless in Cangnan. It was normal to kill people. He had already killed an entire family in the two years since he arrived.


Ye Kong was not cruel, especially when it came to killing innocent children and elders. He didn’t enjoy doing something like that, but he wouldn’t let kindness be a weakness either. If you spared someone today, they could come looking for revenge tomorrow, so the Fan family had to be pulled out by the roots.


Lu Qin thought about the killing and grimaced before continuing, “You didn’t come back even long after we killed all the people, so everyone started to get anxious. They wanted to start searching for you at midnight, but the grassland is too large, and they were afraid of getting lost inside the forest at night. Then Centurion Liu said that they would leave to find you at dawn.”


Thinking that everyone had been waiting all night for him to return, Ye Kong was touched. Although the people were indifferent and cruel here, some people still worried and cared about him.


He said in a soft voice, “You didn’t sleep at all last night?”


Lu Qin replied, “Of course, I was worried since you didn’t return.” She felt a little embarrassed after she said that and lowered her head.


Ye Kong was moved by her coquettish attitude. He forgot all the difficulties and indifference of cultivation. He embraced Lu Qin and gently kissed her red cherry lips.


Her face flushed a rosy shade of red.


She didn’t dare to look up, so she quickly asked, “So what happened with you?”


“Well, I almost couldn’t come back,” Ye Kong took a deep breath of the fresh air and pushed the desire he had restrained for many years down again.


When Ye Kong was on the Earth, he had sex, but he was a gangster, so he never had a relationship with a good girl. They were all females involved in the underworld or criminal activity. Although Ye Kong didn’t lack women, he never had love. His restraint weakened when he started to kiss Lu Qin, but he stopped himself when he thought about the future.


Ye Kong told her about everything that had happened to him through the night. Lu Qin was excited hearing the story and didn’t want to miss a single detail.


“But I picked up some magic tools, spirit stones and the magic skills I need.”


Ye Kong took out the spirit stones from the storage bag for Lu Qin to see.


“It looks so pretty.” She couldn’t help but to stare.


“They’re not just pretty. They’re spirit stones. They are for cultivators,” Ye Kong said with a smile.


After playing with the spirit stones for a while, Lu Qin asked again, “Is that all?”


“Well, there are also some vines of cage grass, but nothing else.”


“You’re a liar. There must be something hidden in your pocket.”


Ye Kong was puzzled. “It’s all here.”


“Hum!” Lu Qin reached down and grasped a part of Ye Kong’s clothes, said, “You are still lying. I can feel what you’re trying to hide!”


Ye Kong didn’t expect his private parts to be grabbed by her so casually, he took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement, while quickly pulling Lu Qin’s hand away, “I’ve been practicing the stick pummels the peach technique of the Beggar Sect recently. But before I master it to great success, this stick can’t be seen by others.”


Lu Qin was an obedient girl. She relaxed her hands and said childishly, “You promise me that you will teach it to me after you finish the cultivation.”


Ye Kong choked, “Okay, wait for me to succeed.”


Lu Qin was to innocent to understand what had just happened. She nodded solemnly and said, “It sounds powerful. Remember to show me.”


“I will.” Ye Kong hurriedly stood up and said, “Let’s head back quickly, my mother must be worried.”


He didn’t expect to hear Lu Qin’s muttering, “It is such a strange skill. A weapon that feels hot and can move by itself.”


Ye Kong’s face was red. He jumped on the horse and said, “Quickly, jump on!”


They rode back to Nandu City together. The sky was so clear, and the few white clouds in the sky only added to its beauty. They were both basking in the wonderful feeling of their first love blossoming.


However, the good mood didn’t last for a long time. When they rode into the city, a messenger of the Lu brothers rushed to them, “Young master, there is a conflict between us and the law enforcement department.”


Ye Kong frowned and thought something was wrong.


“Where is it? What happened?”


As soon as he heard the report, Ye Kong knew that everyone had worked hard last night. The Lu brothers had gotten a lot of silver from the Fan family. Under Liu Changqing’s lead, a large group of soldiers and bandits went to Appreciating Spring Tower to celebrate.


Unfortunately, it was just dawn, so the young ladies were sleeping and Appreciating Spring Tower was not open.


Those soldiers and bandits seldom had a chance to go. They were afraid that the big boss would be reluctant to give them another chance, so they forced the Appreciating Spring Tower to open the door. The Appreciating Spring Tower thought that they were making trouble, so the conflict started.


Liu Changqing came out to talk and found that it was a misunderstanding, but there was an unexpected party involved.


The city lord showed up with a group from the law enforcement department, led by an adjutant. They said the Lu brothers disturbed public order, and they wanted to arrest them, but the Lu brothers rejected the charges and a conflict occurred.



Ye Kong frowned, ‘With such a line-up, it’s obvious that these people were planning to find guilt first and gather evidence later. Moreover, when they saw Liu Changqing and the soldiers of Ye family, they dared to act so brazenly. Obviously, they came with ulterior motives.’


“Lu Qin, go back get some rest. I’ll go and see what’s going on.” Ye Kong sent Lu Qin away and rushed to Appreciating Spring Tower.


Ye Kong arrived not long after. He saw there were many people crowding around, and several soldiers stood outside the building. He didn’t know what was going on inside, but it didn’t sound like there was any fighting.


Ye Kong felt at ease and asked the messenger to lead his horse. He snuck into the crowd and listened to the merchants and residents talking.


“That is Chen Qingtian, the new city lord, he is beginning his official move to take control of the local gangsters.”


“I heard that the new city lord is very powerful!”


Ye Kong nodded. However, he was causing trouble with the Ye Family. The emperor must have sent such a person to Nandu City to deal with Ye Haoran. It looks like the Ye Family did not have a good future in store.


Ye Kong pushed the crowd away and entered the building. The soldiers on each side let him enter.


“Come in please.”


There were two groups of people. On the left were the soldiers and the gangsters. On the right were the members of the city law enforcement in black uniforms. In the middle stood the madam of the tower who was in a dilemma. She dared not offend either group.


“Young master, these government lackies are trying to bully us soldiers. If we didn’t fight back the barbarians, they would already be enslaved!” Liu Changqing said.


“It’s all right.” Ye Kong pushed Liu Changqing aside and went towards the law enforcement officers. He laughed and said, “The one the city lord wants to take back is me, right?”

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