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TMC Chapter 41 Law Enforcement



“You’re the one backing them?” A tall law enforcement officer stood in front of Ye Kong. He looked down at Ye Kong and spoke in a powerful condescending voice.


Ye Kong didn’t expect that a mere law enforcement officer would dare to speak to him like this. Even though he was once looked down upon by others in the Ye Family, it almost never happened outside the family.


Ye Kong was unhappy, he did not bother look at him all, and snorted, “Who are you?”


The law enforcement officer was not upset. He put his hands behind his back, looked up at the sky, and pointed his nostrils at Ye Kong as if he was not afraid of looking down on Ye Kong.


The tall law enforcement officer didn’t speak any more. So another member from the law enforcement came to Ye Kong and whispered, “Young master, this Adjutant Tie. He is the trusted subordinate of Lord Chen.”


“Eh?” Adjutant Tie was extremely dissatisfied with his subordinates’ introduction.


The law enforcement officer hurriedly said, “He is virtuous and outspoken, and his martial arts ability is unfathomable.”


“Well, you don’t need to talk about my virtue. In the future, the gangsters here will know it.” Adjutant Tie waved his hand with great authority and said to Ye Kong, “Are you Ye Kong, the villain of the Ye Family who bullies the common people?”


Ye Kong was very angry. He seldom went out. How could he suddenly become the villain of the Ye family?


Adjutant Tie was here to find fault. He wanted to beat these gangsters and take them under his control. He was even more angry when he saw that Ye Kong appeared so childish.


At the same time, there was a group of servants lifting the curtains on the second floor so that their master could look down on what was happening. The master was a dark skinned dignified middle-aged man with a little fat body. His hands were behind his back. Everything he did carried an air of dignity. He was clearly an official of high standing.


Standing beside him was a thin old scholar who looked cumbersome. He was shaking a folding fan and laughing. “My lord, Adjutant Tie is doing well. He gave the boy this reputation with only a few words, so later when people tell the story, they will repeat these words and eventually it will be mistaken for truth.”


“Ha ha, Private Adviser Shao, I know this is your strategy. It is good one!”


The man was Chen Qingfang, the new city lord of Nandu city. He was famous for persecuting others.


The people of Cangnan didn’t care whether the official was corrupt or honest, as long as the officials didn’t go too far and get overthrown, they would maintain the balance of law and order.


Chen Qingfang was sent here to find unlawful actions of Ye Haoran and the Ye Family.


Chen Qingfang’s means were sharp. He came here with confidence. However, he found that it was not easy to find a fault.


The Ye family had a good reputation here. The common people still remembered that it was General Ye who removed the threat from the barbarians. Moreover, the family rules of Ye Family were very strict, and there was nothing out of place.


Chen Qingfang was worried about where he could start, but then Ye Kong appeared.


Chen Qingfang knew that the Fan family were not good people and were resented by the public. Ye Kong and the others could be associated with them and this would be regarded as punishing criminals.


He wanted to intervene immediately and charge them with a crime, but he knew it was not the right time to have a direct conflict with Ye Family. After all, Ye Haoran had yet to fall.


Chen Qingfang waited, but he was slightly depressed. He had come to Appreciating Spring Tower in plain clothes to find a girl to enjoy as he was in a bad mood.


When he was leaving in the morning, he encountered the Lu brothers, Liu Changqing and the others. Chen Qingfang was very pleased to find that he could test Ye Family with this accident.


He didn’t hurry to leave. He asked Adjutant Tie and Private Adviser Shao to come and start trouble.


He was very happy when he heard what Adjutant Tie said. As long as everyone in Nandu City started to spread that Ye Kong was a villain, he could set up Ye Haoran as someone who condoned his son’s actions.


Ye Kong would not accept such words and looked up at Adjutant Tie.


“Bullying the common people? Do you have any evidence to support your accusation?”


There was no concept of fairness and due process in Cangnan, strength determined everything. If the officials said you were guilty, then you would be treated as guilty, there was no need for evidence.


Adjutant Tie snorted at Ye Kong, and said disdainfully, “There is no evidence. I just heard this from others. What will you do about it?”


“What will I do?” Ye Kong smiled and said, “You made these kind of irresponsible remarks concerning me, so I will beat you until you repent!”






Ye Kong landed a thunderous slap to each side of his face. Adjutant Tie was a martial arts expert, but he was unable to react at all.


“How dare you hit an official?” Adjutant Tie covered his face and couldn’t believe what just happened.


“A dog like you is not qualified to be an official!” Ye Kong, said as everyone behind him started to cheer.


“Yeah beat that yapping dog! ”


“Beat him for his irresponsible remarks!”


“Nonsense! Of course he should be hit for this insult!”


In the room above, Chen Qingfang slapped the table and said angrily, “He is so bold and unruly!”


But Private Adviser Shao said with a smile, “My lord, don’t worry. It’s a good thing for us. He beats officials in public, which proves that he is a villain.”


Chen Qingfang stroked his long beard, nodded and smiled, “That’s reasonable. He is so audacious!” Then he said, “If Adjutant Tie is clever, he would rush out to let the onlookers know that Ye Kong had unjustly attacked him and let them see his evil deeds.”


Adjutant Tie was not smart enough though, he tried to rush out of the building, but it was because the guards of Ye Family were all roaring, “Beat him for his irresponsible remarks!”


Adjutant Tie dared not stay any longer, he wanted to escape with the other law enforcement officers, but they were stopped by the guards at the door.


There were a lot of people who came when they heard there was conflict between the law enforcements officers and the guards of the Ye Family in the brothel.


There was now many people gathered outside. The private rooms of the surrounding restaurants and tea houses were busting with customers. Everyone was spreading the gossip on to others and watching the development with interest.


“Catch them! Demand that the new city lord properly discipline his subordinates!”


The guards roared and surrounded the members of the law enforcement office. Everyone was so excited. The law enforcement officers trembled and all had bitter looks.


“We are here on official business.”


“Centurion Liu, we used to drink wine together. How about you let us go today.”


The guards of the Ye family were so angry about the behavior of the law enforcement officers. There was no chance they would be spared their fury. Liu Changqing waved his hand and said, “Funny, I didn’t hear you talk about how we drunk together before this when you planned to arrest us all.”


Adjutant Tie had no official prestige left. He was about to be arrested by the people he intended to arrest. His mind moved. Finally, he had an idea to ask the masses for help.


“Folks! Have you all seen it? Ye Kong, the eighth young master of the Ye Family, brought his guards to the brothel in the day, destroying the military discipline and public order of the Ye Family. Our law enforcement officers wouldn’t allow it, but after speaking a few words against him, we were beaten. He dares to beat officials in broad daylight and plans to arrest us. You are all witnesses to his crimes! ”


“Good!” Chen Qingfang, standing at the window, clapped the window lattice again in joy.


“Adjutant Tie’s words make Ye Kong’s identity as a villain more realistic, but everyone also is witness to the lack of discipline of the Ye troops, it is a wonderful move!” The thin adviser waved his fan and shook his head.


Chen Qingfang laughed, “He has helped us a lot.”


The people saw Adjutant Tie’s swollen face and discussed, “These soldiers are too arrogant. The Ye Family army is usually very strict and they fight for the people, but now it seems that they are not all what they say.”


“Yes. They came to the brothel in the morning. They can’t be disciplined soldiers! ”


“And what about their pay? They can afford Appreciating Spring Tower. I want to find out if they are corrupt!”


Those people’s comments suddenly increased, and the voices were louder, and they all condemned the soldiers of Ye Family.


‘You are still young. This is the cost of your arrogance,’ Adjutant Tie looked at Ye Kong proudly and thought.


Ye Kong had grown angry now. He didn’t order the soldier to act before, but with a thunderous shout he said, “Capture all of them!”


The soldiers that were previously just shouting slogans, suddenly rushed forward like a pack of wolves and took down the Law enforcement officers as soon as the order was spoken.


“Good!” Chen Qingfang applauded upstairs. He did not worry about his subordinates being captured by others.


The adviser laughed and showed off, “He is too reckless. He knows that the people are not satisfied with the soldiers, but he still acts against the people’s resentment to stir up civil unrest. We will see what he can do!” He closed the folding fan and snorted coldly, “He doesn’t know he is walking to his own death.”


As expected, when the people saw the young soldiers and gangsters attacking the law enforcement officer in the street, they were all indignant, and the restless voice grew louder and louder. The masses of oppressive crowd rushed forward,  ready to stir up civil unrest.


Ye Kong suddenly shouted, “My name is Ye Kong, listen!”


Ye Kong shouted with all his power. His voice was more powerful than a lion’s roar or the shout of a powerful martial arts experts. It sounded like thunder and made the eardrums of the people rushing forward buzz. Everyone instantly quieted down. Tens of thousands of eyes watched Ye Kong, waiting to hear what he wanted to say.

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