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TMC Chapter 42 Fame


“Violating military discipline and beating Adjutant Tie for all to see, I’d like to see what he can say to try and absolve his crimes,” Chen Qingfang patted the window frame again and said coldly.


“What can a child like him even say?” The adviser sighed, “Ye Haoran is really good at teaching martial arts. How old is this boy? Yet he is already a powerful martial artist.”


The people focused on Ye Kong, waiting for him to give a reasonable explanation. The people’s anger would be more intense if his explanation didn’t satisfy them.


Ye Kong did not explain his behavior, but ordered people to bring out a large table.


No one knew what he was going to do. They watched patiently. Tens of thousands of people kept their eyes on the scene and watched the large table be taken and placed outside the door of Appreciating Spring Tower.


“Liu Changqing!” Ye Kong yelled again.


“I am here.”


“Stand up there!”


Liu Changqing had full trust in Ye Kong. He jumped on the large table, with his feet shoulder width apart and with his hands held behind his back.


“What is he doing?” Chen Qingfang asked with a frown.


The adviser shook his head and guessed, “Does he want to punish the subordinates in public? It can solve the current crisis, but it still can’t change his reputation at this point. But it’s to be expected that he will betray his subordinates at a critical time. ”


Ye Kong did not punish Liu Changqing, he said, “Take off your coat!”


Liu Changqing did not hesitate, he lifted his coat and threw it onto the table.


When they thought Ye Kong was going to physically punish this man in public, they heard Ye Kong shout, “Liu Changqing! How many scars do you have! Answer honestly!”


The people noticed that the man’s body which was filled with all kinds of scars when they heard what Ye Kong said.


Liu Changqing said, “There are eighty-six scars! ”


“Speak louder!” Ye Kong shouted.


“There are eighty-six scars on my body!” Liu Changqing shouted back.


“How did you get them?”


“I followed the General from the age of 15. I have been in the army for 13 years and have gone through 46 battles.”


Ye Kong yelled and interrupted, “How did you get them?”


“From fighting the barbarians.”


Everyone was in a state of uproar. This was a hero. These scars were real. Without these soldiers fighting the barbarians on the border, this place would be in ruins.


A hero strolled into the brothel, that was not a crime. The common people had never enjoyed the blessings of Adjutant Tie, but they had always enjoyed the security and safe environment brought by Ye Family soldiers. The people made their own judgement at that moment.


But it was not over, Ye Kong roared again, “Next!”


Another soldier stood up, standing up on the large without his coat.


“Your name and the military position?”


“Wu Wei! A centurion! ”


“How many scars are there on your body?”




“How many barbarians have you killed?”


“I have experienced more than 50 battles. I do not have excellent martial arts and therefore I was wounded at the start of every battle. I have only killed five hundred and seventy-two barbarians.”


“Wow!” Some of the people were surprised. No one laughed at the surprised people. They all looked at the soldier with worship in their eyes.


They were shocked by the number of kills. On average, ten enemies were killed in each battle. He might not have excellent martial arts and was wounded early, but this showed that each time he charged into battle as a vanguard.


The strong were respected in Cangnan, and the heroes who were not afraid of killing their enemies were worshipped. The common people worshipped the soldiers who protected their livelihoods.


Ye Kong asked again, “Wu Wei, five hundred and seventy-two enemies. You remember that so clearly. Are you bragging?”


It was normal to doubt this number when first hearing it. There would always be doubters.


Wu Wei raised his head and said in a loud voice, “It was recorded clearly in the military merits records. There are five hundred and seventy-two enemies. If this is false, I will offer my head as compensation.”


“It must be true, who dares to take guarantee a lie with his life?” The crowd began to talk again.


Wu Wei said, “This is the military discipline of Ye Family Army! If you kill hundred enemies, only then can call yourself an official soldier of the Ye Family! If you have killed two hundred enemies, you will be promoted to captain! If you want to be promoted to a centurion you must kill five hundred enemies! ”


When Wu Wei finished shouting, the soldiers shouted together, “This is the military discipline of Ye Family Army! If you kill hundred enemies, only then can call yourself an official soldier of the Ye Family! If you have killed two hundred enemies, you will be promoted to captain! If you want to be promoted to a centurion you must kill five hundred enemies! ”


The sound was like a raging wave rolling through the sky!


The crowd that heard this felt their blood boiling, and there was a surge of emotion. Ye Kong shouted, “Long live the Ye Family Army!”


All the people followed this and began to chant.


“Long live Ye Family Army!”



Chen Qingfang slapped the window lattice, snorted angrily, closed the window and sat back at the table.


The adviser nodded his head, “He has a clever mind to get the peoples support by the military achievement.”


Chen Qingfang swallowed and nodded, “He will be a big obstacle for our plans, but we can’t take action now, we should be careful when dealing with him in the future.”


Ye Kong continued, “You men all have beautiful wives and concubines. Have you ever thought that these soldiers are also men, and they also have needs? When you went to bed and enjoyed yourself through the countless peaceful nights, these soldiers stood guard in the freezing winds to protect from the barbarians invasion. They will soon have to leave to fight on the frontier against the cold blooded barbarians, so they come here to enjoy the rare softness of life as it might be their last time to experience it, is this such a unforgivable sin?”


“No!” The people roared together.


“I invited them to come and enjoy themselves, was this not the right thing to do?”




“But when some pampered official uses this opportunity to slander our brave soldier and make trouble. Then what should we do?”


All the people shouted, “Damn it! Kill them all! ”


“Ask them to go to the battlefield and fight the barbarians!”


“Send them back to the palace as eunuchs!”


There were also women’s voices mingled within the shouts, “Centurion Liu and Centurion Wu, you have sacrificed your bodies for the people, but you have no wife or concubine. Us girls are willing to marry you.”


The soldiers were smiling from ear to ear, the Lu brothers and other gangsters were also excited. Ye Kong seemed unstoppable. This time, they had become heroes in the eyes of the people and were enjoying the praise. They knew they would have a bright future following Ye Kong.


Only Adjutant Tie was scared as he kowtowed.


“Please forgive me, young master. I offended the soldiers. Please forgive me!”


Ye Kong didn’t have them killed. They were still officers of the imperial court. If he did, he would incur a disaster.


Ye Kong showed his high integrity and pleaded with the mob to spare their lives, which earned him even more admiration from the people watching.


When morning finally arrived, the soldiers didn’t have any need to spend money at Appreciating Spring Tower. Liu Changqing, Wu Wei and other soldiers had girls swarming them. Some of them would finally go back to see their elders with a wife by their side.


The Lu brothers didn’t stay either. They went back to reorganize the members of the Dragon and Snake gang. They were going to be called the Dragon and Tiger gang moving forward. Ye Kong didn’t want to be the leader. Lu Jun was the leader and Lu Yi was the deputy leader.


The gang members didn’t resist the changes at all. Life was the same as before. What made them happy was that they knew that their gang now had a strong backer: the eighth young master of the Ye family.


Ye Kong became famous overnight. Everyone in the city knew him and everyone was talking about him, even the people in the Ye family were talking about it.


At noon, the backyard of the Ye family manor, in the second wife’s room, Xiao Hong was reporting the news she heard.


The second wife was surprised and asked, “Really?”


“He really said that?”


“Is he really powerful?”


“Of course, the servants who went into the city to buy vegetables saw everything. How could it be false? Everyone was talking about him and said that he would be a future pillar of the Ye Family.”


Xiao Hong fantasized about Ye Kong’s expressions shouting out orders like a general, and her heart was fluttering. Thinking of him flirting with her, she couldn’t help but imagine a bright future with him.


The second wife was bowing her head, thinking, ‘What did he eat to suddenly make him so smart?’


‘The general is under house arrest in the capital. This is likely why they attempted to cause trouble. Maybe Ye Kong can help the Ye Family avoid disaster. More importantly, even if he is successful, his ugly mother will not be able compete with me for the generals affection.


‘But he is so high-profile, he will definitely displease the new city lord. He has disobeyed the general’s orders to not cause trouble. He must be punished. But he has such a bad temper. If he gets angry and leaves the Ye family, it will be bad for everyone.’


She always wanted to drive Ye Kong away, but she began to worry about him leaving after he showed his excellent ability.


When she was in a dilemma and couldn’t make up her mind about how to deal with it, the ninth wife came and said angrily, “Ye Kong has returned and is beating people again! ”


The second wife smiled wryly , “Calling his temper really bad is an understatement.”

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