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TMC Chapter 43 Beating People


The person Ye Kong had beaten was the relative of the ninth wife, Sister Ma, the steward of the dining hall.


Ye Kong’s temper was not too bad, if no one messed with him, he wouldn’t go looking for trouble. Just like Ye Cai, Li Laosi and so on, they were now polite to Ye Kong and so Ye Kong didn’t care about the past matters with them. To be honest, he had no time to care about these people.


But there was someone who thought they had a backer and looked down at Ye Kong. This matter started with Ye Kong’s return to the mansion.


At noon, Ye Kong came back. He was in a good mood. He killed the Fan brothers, got treasure, kissed Lu Qin, taught the law enforcement officers a lesson, and was worshipped by the people of Nandu City.


He knew his mother was waiting for him to return home, so he refused all the invitation he received and went back to the mansion alone.


The servants who had been talking about Ye Kong for a long time, greeted him warmly when they saw him, “Young master.”


“You are famous.”


“It is an honour to be the servants of the Ye Family.”


Ye Kong was very happy and threw them a piece of silver. “It’s almost noon. This is for you to go drink and celebrate.”


Ye Kong hurried back to his yard after that.


Chen Jiuniang didn’t know about Ye Kong’s night of killing, so she didn’t worry too much, but she heard that her son was involved in a large commotion at the Appreciating Spring Tower in the morning. She didn’t think it was a good thing, so she couldn’t help worrying.


Chen Jiuniang was so worried that she didn’t do any of her embroidery work. When she saw Ye Kong, she scolded, “You cause trouble every day. You told me you were leaving town with friends. How could you go to Appreciating Spring Tower? You strolled around the brothel and made such a commotion that everyone knows. ”


Ye Kong knew what she was angry about. He sat down and helped Chen Jiuniang relax her shoulders. He said with a smile, “Mom, you are wrong. I didn’t go to Appreciating Spring Tower. I spent the night outside the city. You can ask Lu Qin.”


Chen Jiuniang said with half confidence, “Really?”


“Of course, you can ask Liu Changqing too. When they had a conflict with the law enforcement officers at the Appreciating Spring Tower, I had only just entered the city and had to rush there to help.”


Ye Kong spoke calmly, so Chen Jiuniang didn’t doubt him, but still nagged, “You are still young. You haven’t married. You can’t go to places like that. It will be bad if you get a dirty disease.”


This wouldn’t be a problem, as he would get the virgins to serve him if he did decide to go there. It was impossible for him to get sick. Ye Kong didn’t say anything, he just nodded and agreed.


Chen Jiuniang said again, “I’m going to find a lady for you when I have the time. You needn’t mess around outside.”


This was what Ye Kong was afraid of. He stopped quickly and said, “Mom, I’m only fourteen. It’s still too early to mention these things.”


Chen Jiuniang covered her mouth and smiled after she heard what Ye Kong said, she said, “Lu Qin is a good woman.”


Ye Kong didn’t answer. He changed the subject and said, “Mom, I am in the limelight today. Everyone in Nandu City knows me. You didn’t get to enjoy my splendor today.”


“What splendor?” Chen Jiuniang scolded, “I’ve heard about it. You’re in the limelight, but you have completely offended the city lord and the law enforcement officers. Be careful when they come looking for revenge in the future. ”


“They wouldn’t dare! I will only spare their lives if they continue to behave well.”


Chen Jiuniang was afraid that he would cause trouble again. She quickly said, “Forget it, I will be happy if you remain safe. Don’t go provoking trouble again.”


They chatted for a while, and Ye Kong was starting to get hungry, so he wanted to have lunch.


When they went to the canteen, the servants greeted them. Their words were full of respect and flattery, which made Sister Ma unhappy.


The people she despised the most were respected now. The servants didn’t surround her as they did previously in order to get a larger portion of food. Instead, they rushed to sit next to Ye Kong and flatter him.


Sister Ma was upset, but she knew that Ye Kong was powerful and had a bad temper, so she didn’t dare fight Ye Kong.


So she took the big basin of vegetables she would usually give to her followers and added a spoonful of vegetables to the trays of some servants who were not familiar with Ye Kong.


The servants were flattered and said with a smile, “Sister Ma is so nice today, you gave us extra. Is there a happy event we should know about?”


Sister Ma squinted at Ye Kong’s side and said angrily, “How can there be so many happy events at one time? Who can enjoy a happy event now with everyone fighting for a spot to flatter Ye Kong.”


When they understood that she was dissatisfied with Ye Kong. They didn’t dare to make trouble, so they kept quiet, but that made Sister Ma even more angry.


“Why don’t you join in? My dishes are fragrant, but for flies, shit is more attractive! ”


Sister Ma scolded everyone. A servant couldn’t help saying, “Sister Ma, how can talk like that? We’re all eating here and you’re talking about shit, you’re going to make someone vomit.”


Sister Ma snorted coldly, looked at Chen Jiuniang’s face again, and sneered, “Is your stomach so shallow? They looked at that horrid face and everyone on the table ate without problem. Look at that face, it’s like a piece of shit has been smeared on her face.”


Sister Ma’s voice was not loud, but Ye Kong’s ears were keen. If he didn’t hear it, it was okay, but now that he heard it, he would not let it go. He wouldn’t allow others to say things about his mother.


‘Damn it!’ He didn’t care about the cold steamed buns last time, but since he was here to collect a debt, it would be best to collect both at once.


His rice bowl in his hand had already been smashed due to anger, but Sister Ma didn’t react. Before she noticed, Ye Kong was in front of her.




He landed a heavy slap across her face.


“Be kind! You will be slapped again if you continue talking like this!”


Sister Ma was a shrew. She sat on the ground and shouted after she was slapped, “What did I say? Did I say something wrong? You can say it out loud for everyone to be the judge!”


Ye Kong’s face was cold. How could he repeat these words about his mother? Many people here didn’t hear what she said, but his mother would be sad if he repeated the words out loud.


Ye Kong didn’t want to continue with this. He said, “I hope this is the end of the matter. It’s just a lesson for you. If there is another time, it won’t end so easily!”


Other people would give up after already being slapped by Ye Kong once, but Sister Ma didn’t have much awareness. She felt that Ye Kong was afraid of her when she looked down the steps and saw Ye Kong walking away from her. She shouted at Ye Kong’s back, “What are you running for? Everyone can judge what I said! I said there was shit on someone’s face. I didn’t say it was you. What are you angry for? Is it because of the shit on your mothers face?”


As soon as this speech came out, the dining hall was quiet. Everyone knew that this would have a bad result. When they looked to Chen Jiuniang again, she immediately covered her face and ran out of the dining hall in tears.


“Mom!” Ye Kong called out as he turned and glared back at Sister Ma.






He was so angry that he rushed towards her and unleashed a number of blows down upon her.


Luckily there were people who tried to pull Ye Kong away from her, otherwise she would’ve been beaten to a bloody pulp. When he finally stopped beating her, she was left with untold broken bones and internal injuries, she would be bedridden for at least three months.


It shocked the ninth wife into a stupor. Although Sister Ma was not blood related relative, she was a member of her faction. It was disrespecting the ninth wife. She ran to the second wife to ask for advice. She wanted to drive them out of the Ye Family once and for all.


Ye Kong hurried back to the yard and comforted Chen Jiuniang after he beat Sister Ma.


“Mom, don’t be angry. She’s talking nonsense.”


Chen Jiuniang was bullied by people because of her looks, but this was too much. Now she could not bear to expose her face in front of the servants, even though she was used to being bullied.


She was afraid that her son would make trouble. She wanted to smile and said okay, but her tears continued to fall.


“Mom, it’s just a skin problem. I will find a way to cure it for you in the future.”


Just as he was talking, there was a noise outside. Li Laosi came first to inform him that the second wife was coming.


Chen Jiuniang held back tears quickly and went to wash her face when she heard the news. Ye Kong had made up a plan. They needn’t stay here anymore with his ability and money. The second wife would come here to condemn them and they would leave.


He could do anything he wanted after he left the Ye Family.


The second wife came in an glanced at the embroidery, “You are still doing such exquisite embroidery. Your embroidery is getting more and more beautiful. Even the professional embroidery shops in the capital are not as good as you.”


It was easy for women to garner a good initial relationship with each other through praise.


Chen Jiuniang was embarrassed and said shyly, “Your grace, I am just a lone embroider. How can I compare with the professional embroidery shops?”


“Jiuniang, we are all sisters. Don’t be so polite,” the second wife took Chen Jiuniang to the bedside.


Ye Kong felt there was something wrong. She didn’t come to condemn his actions. He didn’t know how to approach the topic of leaving the Ye Family manor.


“Your grace, I……” Ye Kong wanted to interrupt.


The second wife was shrewd and quickly interrupted, “This must be Ye Kong. I’ve been too busy to come and see you myself these past days. You have grown much more handsome.”


“Your grace…”


“Ye Kong, you should call me Er Niang. I haven’t taken good care of you these years. Are you angry with me? You don’t know how hard it is to manage the whole family.”

[Note: Er= Second, Niang = Mother]


Of course, there were quarrels within the family.


Ye Kong wanted to say his piece, but he didn’t know how to interrupt her and she didn’t give either of them a chance to speak. He had to listen to what she had come to say first.

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