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TMC Chapter 44 Moving


“Son, go pour some tea for Er Niang,” Chen Jiuniang suddenly found an opportunity to insert a few words.


His mother was smart, as soon as she started to drink, they would have a chance to speak. Ye Kong went fetch the teapot.


“I’ll do it.” Suddenly, Xiao Hong, who was standing next to the second wife, hurriedly stepped up and took the teapot from Ye Kong.


Xiao Hong’s hand ‘inadvertently’ held onto Ye Kong’s hand, leaving Ye Kong feeling shocked.


Ye Kong looked into her eyes as he felt the softness of her hand holding onto his.


This was the girl he casually flirted with those years ago. She had become much more beautiful and her figure was much more womanly than when they last met.


Ye Kong handed the tea to the second wife, but just nodded as he had no plans to call the second wife Er Niang.


The second wife took the cup, but she made no attempt to drink. She continued to talk. “The servants of the Ye Family are starting to get out of control. They need to be taught a clear lesson to put our house back in order. Do you know Xiao Juan who is a servant of seventh? When she walked past me a few days ago, she ignored me and gave no greeting. She said she didn’t see me when I asked her. Then again when she was in my room…”


Ye Kong  grew impatient. Ye Haoran had nine wives, each of them had several servant girls. If she spoke about everything the servants did, they would be sitting here for days.


“Your Grace!” Ye Kong finally ignored the politeness and interrupted her chatter loudly, and said, “My mother and I want to move out of Ye Family manor, please agree to our request.”


The second wife had been right with her assumptions, they were planning to leave. Her face was puzzled, she asked, “Why? Is it because of Sister Ma? You don’t have to worry about her any more. I have ordered her entire family to be removed from the service of our Ye Family. We must punish the servants who behave with such audacity.”


Ye Kong was depressed. As soon as his fame reached the Ye Family manor, people’s reactions to him were much different than in the past. The one who spent so long trying to drive him away from the Ye Family, was now trying to make him stay.


“But I still don’t think it is fitting for us to continue living here.” Ye Kong had already decided to leave. Moving out or staying didn’t really matter much to him, but if the emperor started a power struggle with Ye Haoran, he didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.


“I know how you feel, you think you lost face in front of the servants, and wouldn’t want to continue eating there with them.” The second wife seemed to have thought of every eventuality, and said, “You don’t have to worry about it. I have asked the servants to clean a residence for you within the inner courtyard. In the future, you will no longer have to wait with the servants in the outer courtyard. The inner courtyard has a separate dining area and the food will be delivered to your table.”


“Your Grace…” Ye Kong couldn’t think of an excuse to leave. He knew that she would have to agree if he was insistent on leaving.


“Is there anything else?” The second wife didn’t wait for Ye Kong to talk, she smiled and said, “If not, why not go and keep Xiao Hong company while me and your mother speak. Unless you want to listen in on us speak about womanly things?”


Ye Kong was helpless;  Xiao Hong dragged him outside by his hand.


“Sister Xiao Hong, they are talking about womanly things, so perhaps you should stay. Why are you coming with me?” Ye Kong released her hand. Although it felt comfortable, that was all it was.


Ye Kong was not the same as when he first arrived. He knew exactly what kind of character this head maid was. The head maid, or the maid in name, was the one who specially served the lady of the manor in all matters, which included during intercourse.


As the head maid, she had been in close contact with Ye Haoran during intimate moments, so it was likely that she had slept with his father.


Ye Kong had to keep this in mind, no matter how beautiful and attractive Xiao Hong was, he had no interest in sharing a woman with Ye Haoran, his biological father.


“They are talking about womanly things, I am not yet a woman, so it is not my place to speak.” Xiao Hong said.


Ye Kong’s eyes flashed with understanding, she was telling him she was a virgin, but he continued, “So if you’re not a woman, does that mean you’re actually a man?”


Xiao Hong chuckled and said, “You don’t know anything. Girls are very different from women.” Xiao Hong smiled and asked, “Even though you visited the brothel, you still don’t understand such basic things. Tell me, what did you do when you went to the brothel? ”


She brushed her body against his as she spoke, causing a fire to rise in his belly. So he covertly moved over to sit in a chair, as to not reveal his hidden dragon and continued, “I went to the brothel to help Liu Changqing and to stop a conflict with the law enforcement officers.”


“You really don’t understand anything. I thought you went to the brothel to have fun.” Xiao Hong looked at him like a child and was starting to believe that he didn’t understand her underlying meaning.


Ye Kong thought it was fun to play dumb sometimes, and angrily said, “I do understand. Going to the brothel is to find a woman! Don’t treat me like a kid, I go there all the time!”


“Oh?” Xiao Hong’s eyes and smile grew larger as she asked, “You go there regularly, do you even know what you do with women there?”


“If you don’t understand, I can teach you!” Ye Kong grinned, but he leered at Xiao Hong.


Xiao Hong was a little nervous with expectations, but also felt a slight disappointment. She was feeling a mixture of very complex emotions.


“Heh, you don’t know anything about it, do you? Are you afraid that I will force you to do something?” Ye Kong smiled proudly and said, “I have had many women in brothels, they have performed countless songs and dances for this young master. Some would say I am an expert in the field. Do you understand now?”


Xiao Hong was giddy, “They sing and dance, is that all?”


“Yes, you go to a brothel to find a woman and have fun, that’s all.” Ye Kong said with a smug expression.


“Ha ha, you’re still just an innocent kid.” Xiao Hong laughed until tears rolled from her eyes.


He was sure that he would win an Oscar for this level of acting. He had no plans to form a relationship the maid of the second wife.


“Why, what do you mean when you say go to the brothel and have fun?” Asked Ye Kong.


“I won’t tell you.” Xiao Hong blushed, and asked, “Young master, you were so smart and brave at the Appreciating Spring Tower, I wonder who told you to use the Ye Family’s military exploit to win over the crowd?”


She was fishing for information, but she had chosen the most direct route of asking directly. Ye Kong shook his head. “No, if it wasn’t me, who would have thought of this idea? Why do you think someone told me to do it, are you looking down on me?”


“No, it’s not that!”


Ye Kong said angrily, “But your question shows you’re looking down on me!”


Xiao Hong quickly explained, “No, I believe you are very smart, just…”


“Was it this what the second wife wants to know?” Ye Kong looked at Xiao Hong.


Xiao Hong immediately understood that he was extremely shrewd for his age. He was extremely intelligent and could see the deeper meaning behind her actions, so she said, “The second wife only asked me to remind you of something.”




“Even if you leave Ye Family, your surname will always be Ye.”


Ye Kong listened and bowed his head to think. The second wife’s meaning was very clear. Even if he moved out, he would not be spared by the emperor in the future. It would be better for him to stay and work together with the Ye Family against the threat of the emperor.


It was true. He was not strong enough by himself to deter all of his enemies and the world of cultivation was cruel. If the emperor didn’t kill him, he might still end up being killed or having his cultivation stolen by another cultivator


It seemed that the best solution was to stay with the Ye Family. Who would dare to provoke him once he was successful with building his foundation?


“All right.” Ye Kong waved unhappily and said, “I’m going to take a rest. You can go back.”


Xiao Hong lingered and said, “They’re talking about womanly matters, I have nothing to add. I was told to go with you to make sure you are satisfied with your new house in the inner courtyard.”


“All right.” It was a good idea to see the new house since he decided to stay.


The inner courtyard was much better than the outer courtyard. All the residences in the inner courtyard were large houses with large painted columns. They each had large flower gardens and artificial rivers created to add to the atmosphere. Even the courtyard walls looked much more exquisite than the outer courtyard.


Ye Kong didn’t care about these things. He only paid attention to the Qi in the atmosphere, but the level of Qi in the two yards was identical.


The main benefit for him was that the inner courtyard was quieter and more suitable for his cultivation, it was much better than the outer courtyard in that respect. The inner courtyard was mainly filled with Ye Haoran’s women and their children, but the biggest benefit was there wouldn’t be any disorderly people coming to demand embroidery. He could even attempt to cultivate with the Spiritual Cultivation Array he got from killing Fan Jiushe.


When Ye Kong and Xiao Hong returned from touring the inner courtyard, the second wife had finished talking with Chen Jiuniang. In fact, Chen Jiuniang didn’t want to leave the Ye Family. Although she had no position within the family, in Cangnan it was disgraceful to be driven out of one’s family. Only someone who did something terrible would be driven out of their own family residence.


In addition, she felt that with Ye Kong causing so much trouble, people would be afraid of the Ye Family backing him. If he didn’t have a powerful backer, he would probably be beaten black and blue every day.


They moved that day. They didn’t have anything of value, so they just packed all of their belongings into a number of bags and walked them to the inner courtyard. Xiao Hong also helped them carry a bag as she returned to the inner courtyard.


Sticking out of the bag she was carrying there was a thin book with a yellow paper cover. Xiao Hong secretly took a look at what was inside and she immediately blushed with shame.


She glared at Ye Kong and spat, “You liar! You pretended not to know about any of this before.”


The Ye Family estate was gigantic, so moving house was a very long process, by the time they finished it was already dark. Living in the inner courtyard was already proving to be much better. There was even a special dining room where they prepared high quality food for the residents upon request.


Ye Kong and Chen Jiuniang were eating dinner after a long day of moving. Chen Jiuniang’s eyes were wet with tears as she enjoyed the delicious food. She said, “I am only able to enjoy this again because of your strength. It is thanks to you that I am a member of the inner courtyard and my remains might even be able to enter the ancestral temple when my time comes.


Ye Kong put down his chopsticks and sighed. It seemed that his mother also has her own aspirations. She didn’t really care about her own living conditions. What mattered the most to her was the acknowledgement of the Ye family. In Cangnan, it seemed like the weight of reputation in women’s hearts was much heavier than wealth. Ye Kong could only remove the idea of leaving the family from his mind for the moment.


“Mom, it’s easy. After I cure your face, that old man Ye Haoran will acknowledge you once again.”


Chen Jiuniang said with a smile, “What do you mean by that? The general has no white hair. How can he be an old man?”


At that moment, someone entered the dining area. As Ye Kong looked back he saw it was the butler, Ye Cai, accompanied by two maids.

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