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TMC Chapter 45 Array Design


“Eighth young master, Concubine Chen, please continue to enjoy your meal…” Ye Cai nodded and bowed toward them. It seemed like Chen Jiuniang’s official concubine position had already been restored.


“Hello, Uncle Cai,” Ye Kong put down his chopsticks and said, “You’re coming so late, do you have something you wish to discuss? Please sit and talk. ”


“I’d better stand and say it.” Ye Cai knew that Ye Kong would change his attitude in an instant if he didn’t show them the proper respect. Standing in a proper manner, he said, “The second wife was afraid that there was no one here to serve you, so she asked me to bring two maids here to…”


“Oh, thank her for the kindness, but we are so used to working by ourselves that we don’t need servants.” Ye Kong didn’t dislike the two girls and it wasn’t because they rejected the help, it was because he didn’t want others to know that he was an immortal cultivator.


If he accepted these two maids, they would eventually discover his secret and this gossip would then be spread. It wouldn’t take a day for the whole family to know everything, then after a while, the whole city would know. He wasn’t looking to die an early death.


Ye Cai thought he was unhappy about the past between them. He quickly explained, ” How could you, the noble eighth young master, do trivial work by yourself? If there have been any snubs or past grievances in the past, please forgive me for them. ”


Ye Kong felt it was funny that he was a noble young master now, he waved his hand and said, “Uncle Cai, don’t say such things. You are busy inside and outside every day, which is hard enough, I won’t find any troubles with you, but we really don’t need any maids… ” Ye Kong rolled his eyes, “I’ve said I don’t need maids, I won’t be saying it again.”


Ye Cai grew tense, thinking of the fat and sturdy Sister Ma who was beaten half dead, how could he risk Ye Kong’s fury with his old and brittle bones?


He hurriedly asked the two maids to leave, but the maids in the Ye family also had their own ambitions.


The two maids had dressed themselves up in an  attempt to curry favor. Unexpectedly, this young boy didn’t even spare them a glance before asking them to leave. They were unhappy but dare not disobey him. Instead, when they went back, they would gossip about how he had no interest in women because he was either mentally or physically ill.


The two girls’ gossip dispelled many of the maids plans for the future and stopped many of them from actively trying to entangle him.


After Ye Cai drove away the two servant girls, he looked at Ye Kong with a smile, not knowing what to say.


Ye Kong felt the hairs on his neck stand on end when he saw this smile, and he thought to himself that the butler must be waiting to receive a tip.


‘Shit, does he think that I have a lot of money? Wanting a tip without doing anything!’


Ye Kong had clearly misunderstood him. On the contrary, he was here to give money to Ye Kong.


Ye Cai carefully took out a large envelope of silver from his pocket, put it on the table, said with a smile, “Eighth young master, when you were still sick, I was afraid you would waste your money, so I have been keeping it safe. In fact, I was trying to be kind-hearted… I wasn’t stealing money from you, I never touched a penny, I was keeping it safe to invest in your future.”


There were two hundred Liang of silver in the envelope.


‘So greedy! What an obvious lie! How dare he say that he was keeping my money safe!’


“Afraid that I would waste my money? Then why have you brought it to me now? Just continue to keep it safe and invest in my future.” Ye Kong’s countenance had turned dangerous.


Ye Cai shuddered with fear, it seemed like Ye Kong didn’t know anything previously, but now he gave him back the money and told him that he had been stealing, wasn’t that just asking to be beaten?


The old man hurriedly knelt down and begged, “Eighth young master, I have been greedy and thoughtless. I hope you can spare me when considering the decades of hard work I have done for the Ye Family.”


Chen Jiuniang’s heart was too soft, she interposed, “Son, Uncle Cai was always good to us. Now that the silver is back, just forgive him.”


“Yes, yes, thank you, Concubine Chen. I dare not do anything like this in the future.”


Ye Kong was putting on a display on purpose, he nodded and said, “There’s a saying that goes return what you’ve stolen from me, while you are lucky to have the chance to return it. If I don’t accept even when you try, then you’re in real trouble!


“Yes, I will never let greed blind me again. Thank you for forgiving me, young master.”


Ye Cai was felt the pressure entire time, it only stopped when he left Ye Kong’s yard. He wiped away his sweat, “That was very dangerous…”


Ye Kong gave the silver to his mother, since he still had several thousand Liang silver from Fan Jiushe, he didn’t really care about such a little amount of money at all.


Chen Jiuniang was very happy, not because she liked money, but because she could finally save enough money for her son to marry. Even if Ye Kong wanted to marry someone now, two hundred Liang of silver was not too shabby, was it?


Unfortunately, Ye Kong didn’t want to marry at all. Even if he wanted to get married, he would like to find someone who cultivated as well, they could cultivate at night and rob in the daytime. Besides, their longevity would be almost the same, so they could live together until they were old and grey.


Otherwise, with a normal person, she would out age him until people thought she was his grandmother when they went out.


When he cultivated into the nascent soul realm, he would have 800 years of life. His wife would die before he even used a fraction of his lifetime. The next would die and the next, an endless cycle of funerals for his wives, he didn’t think it would be a good idea.


It was why most of the cultivators would look to marry another cultivator, not to mention their children having a better chance cultivation talent.


Male cultivators hardly ever considered marrying mortal beauties as wives, conversely, female cultivators were almost impossible for handsome mortal men to marry. The seventh fairy and Dong Yong, Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian, were rare stories. The probability of such stories happening in Cangnan was close to zero.


Female cultivators would rather be single all their lives than marry ordinary males, even the male cultivators whose realm was a little lower than theirs would not be considered.



When Ye Kong returned to his room, he knew that if he wanted to live a better life, he would have to keep growing stronger, and only through cultivation could he increase his strength. Moving up through the layers, stages, and realms meant he would be safer.


However, he had to put the array down before he practiced, generally, cultivators needed array flags etc. to set up an array, but Ye Kong didn’t have access to any of those things, the only thing he had was an array talisman.


The array talisman was also a kind of spiritual talisman that was easier to use for cultivators who knew very little about setting up arrays.


However, the array talisman’s biggest disadvantage was that it couldn’t be moved after being placed and it couldn’t be repaired when it was destroyed.


Unlike the arrays set by array flags, which could be moved, repaired, changed, or rearranged, an array talisman would disappear if it was disturbed and was fixed when in use.


An array could be turned on and off with a spirit stone to maintain it, and without being damaged, the array could exist for hundreds of years.


Ye Kong was going to put the Spiritual Cultivation Array in his room, so he would not be afraid of being disturbed during the practice in the future. No one would enter his room without his permission.


Ye Kong didn’t rush to activate it because this was the first time he’d gotten access to a real talisman from Cangnan. As a future master of talismans, he thought it would be better to study it first.


He sat under the oil lamp and carefully observed the markings and lines on the talisman.


It seemed that the maker of this array talisman was also an expert, at least he was familiar with making talismans. In the talisman, the lines were thick in places, thin in others and they created a complicated pattern. The hooks were so complicated but it seemed like there was no crossing at all. It was like a perfectly designed circuit board, beautiful, concise and neat.


A lot of silver lines twisted and turned at strange angles, but the maker still managed to complete it without stop.


“Sure enough, this is mysterious and extraordinary!” Even though there were many strange things in cultivation, there was a certain truth hidden in strokes that was beyond people’s imagination.


Cultivation had its own theory and rules like Earth’s chemistry and physics.


There were reasons why this line was drawn in this way, and why that line was so thick. An array could not be drawn without knowing the rules.


Ye Kong stared at the line combination and nodded after a moment, murmuring, “That’s it.”


Then ,he frowned for a long time, looked back and forth, clapped his thigh at last, and praised, “Great!”


The cool wind was blowing, the flowers and trees were swaying, and there were only few lights remaining lit in the Ye family manor, but Ye Kong was still staring at the circuit board with fascination…


‘Oh, the array talisman.’


Similarly, in the second wife’s room, Xiao Hong was reporting, but she only highlighted Ye Kong’s cleverness and shrewdness without mentioning the conversation about the brothel.


After listening to the report, the second wife nodded and thought, “When you have time, go to his yard and have a look at what he is doing. No matter what, I will never believe that a fool could suddenly become so cunning, and his martial arts suddenly become so strong. Nothing comes out of the blue!”


“Yes.” When Xiao Hong bowed her head, she couldn’t help but rejoice in her heart, but then she got annoyed again, “The eighth young master is very smart, if he finds out that we are looking into him, will he be angry?”


The second wife smiled, “No, even though he makes trouble all day, he only abuses those who offend him. We are polite to him, so he would lose face and be too embarrassed to deal with us.”


Xiao Hong exclaimed, “How wise!”


“Try to learn more from me,” said the second wife with a complacent smile.


“But he’s not a simple person. If we are polite to his face, but  search for information in secret,” Xiao Hong said boldly again. “He will also treat us politely to our face, but he may also do something to us in secret. It is said that he may have secretly murdered Ye Hai.”


“Haha, you are not stupid.” The second wife laughed and then said, “Only when there is risk can we reap the greatest rewards. What is there to afraid of when we are not trying to harm him? Even if he knows we are spying on him, there is no need to be afraid of the backlash. ”


Xiao Hong was upset because she was afraid of Ye Kong’s bad temper. Maybe the second wife would be safe when she explained to him, but she was afraid that she wouldn’t even have a chance to explain herself and he might punish her like Sister Ma or even kill her without a word.


The second wife saw Xiao Hong’s fear, she smiled, “Now that I am moving to keep him in the Ye Family, I am hoping that he can help us, so how can I harm him? In fact, the purpose of searching for his secret is not a big deal. If he catches you and you are worried, you can just tell him what you are doing.”

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