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TMC Chapter 46 Talisman Repair


Xiao Hong didn’t know why the second wife was so keen to find Ye Kong’s secret.


The second wife looked out of the window as if she knew what Xiao Hong was thinking and said, “I am trying to find this secret for Ye Wen and Ye Wu. Although they have famous teachers, their martial arts are still stagnant. Ye Wen will be twenty years old soon and Ye Wu will be eighteen. Ye Wu plans to join the battlefield. If they get Ye Kong’s method, their martial arts will be greatly improved. Then, the Ye Family will benefit and both me and you will be rewarded. ”


Xiao Hong nodded. It turned out to be this. No wonder the second wife suddenly changed her attitude towards Ye Kong and his mother. The most fundamental reasons were her sons.


It was understandable that every mother wanted her son to stand out, this was even more so in Cangnan. There was an idea that when a son was wealthy his mother would be noble. If Ye Wen and Ye Wu were successful, she would become the first wife.


“Don’t worry, madam. I will do a good job and won’t let you down,” Xiao Hong said immediately.


The second wife knew that she had to give some benefits to her staff if she wanted them to do something, so she touched Xiao Hong’s long black hair and smiled, “Xiao Hong, I know that you have high ambitions and want to climb up to one day be a phoenix, so I have never asked you to serve the general. I thought that if all of this goes well I will consider betrothing you to Ye Wu. As long as you do this well, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”


In the past, Xiao Hong would have been very happy. Ye Wu was always covetous of her. Although Ye Wu was not the Mr. Right in her heart, he was still the third young master. If she could marry the third young master, she would have a much better social standing.


But now Xiao Hong didn’t think so. Suddenly, a young figure had come crashing into her heart. She didn’t know why. That guy had a bad temper and was a cunning devil, but she just couldn’t let it go.


“What? Are you not willing? “The second wife looked at Xiao Hong and asked unhappily.


“I want to… Yes, yes.” Xiao Hong dared not refuse, but she was thinking in her heart, if the second wife knew that she liked Ye Kong, how would she react?


But that guy liked to pretend to be dumb and lacked a sense of romance, what could she do?


Ye Kong didn’t know that there were countless females thinking about him.


He was still thinking about the array talismans. He thought about it for a while and thought that he basically understood the talisman, so he began to lay out the array.


Standing in the middle of the room, he held the array talisman and activated his immortal Qi.

‘Damn, no response.’


“How could this happen? Isn’t the talisman used in this way?” Ye Kong was a little puzzled. He tried to activate it twice, but the array talisman was still motionless.


When Ye Kong sat back at the table, he suddenly thought that no wonder Fan Jiushe trapped him with cage grass instead of the array talisman. It turned out that the array talisman could not be used.


He couldn’t imagine the talisman which he studied all through the night, was useless. Ye Kong only had a wry smile.


In fact, when he studied it before, he found that there was a very abnormal breakpoint on the line of this talisman. It seemed that the line was broken, which made the immortal Qi unable to pass, so the talisman couldn’t be activated.


Ye Kong really needed an array to practice, but this array talisman was invalid, which made him angry. He wanted to throw the array talisman back into the storage bag, but he suddenly had another idea.


“Why don’t I try to fix this talisman? Just to test my skills.” In the past, Ye Kong would have been uncertain, but now it was different. He now had juice from a spiritual plant.


Ye Kong decided to start immediately. He took a short piece of cage grass vines from the storage bag, cut several holes in the vines and let the thick white grass juice drip from the vines into a clean ink stone.


The broken line was short, so it shouldn’t be hard to fix it.


Ye Kong absorbed a little juice with the tip of his brush, then he held his breath, put it towards the broken point, and drew the brush back right away.


Although it was necessary to use a spiritual brush to make spiritual talismans, Ye Kong was only repairing it now, so an ordinary brush should be able to substitute.


At the touch of the brush tip, the breakpoint was connected, but it had no effect. The juice that fell on the talisman paper didn’t match the talisman paper at all. As soon as his hand moved, the juice rolled off the talisman like dew.


“How could this happen? Is the juice of lower rank spiritual plants not enough for this talisman?”


Ye Kong was wrong. The juice used for making talismans was made by a cultivator burning the impurities of spiritual plant away and turning it into liquid with their spiritual fire in a process called refining.


But Ye Kong didn’t know any of this information. Besides, he was not skilled at controlling fire and had no method to stably and continuously emit fire.


However, Ye Kong was a little clever. He soon thought that the concentration of the juices was not high enough. If he could make a concentrate, maybe it would be okay.


He collected more of the juice into a small bowl, put it on the table, and let the water evaporate naturally.


He felt a little sleepy when everything was settled. As he was still in the early stages of immortal cultivation, it was natural to still require rest. If you didn’t meditate or sleep for a long enough period of time, you would start to get drowsy.


Meditation and sleep could relieve tiredness from the mind, but they were different. Meditation allowed him to absorb Qi, but sleep could not. If you were slapped awake by someone when sleeping, it didn’t matter, but if you were slapped by others while meditating, you would vomit blood.


Ye Kong did not dare to meditate in this new environment yet, so he chose to sleep instead. He didn’t even get undressed and went to bed with clothes on.


Lu Qin got up early in the morning to get ready, she had placed yellow flowers in front of her mirror and dressed nicely to see Ye Kong.


Chen Jiuniang was really busy today. Of course, this wasn’t because of embroidery work. When she moved to the inner courtyard, no one dared to ask her for embroidery. She was busy dealing with the servant girls of the Ye family.


Although Ye Kong rejected the servant girls, it still didn’t dispel all of the servant girls’ enthusiasm.


The servant girls in the mansion all had different views. Who didn’t want to be swept away by some young master? Even if it was impossible to be a wife, it would still be glorious to be the concubine of Ye Kong, a famous young master.


Those who relied on their beauty dressed up early and found an excuse to visit his yard: to learn how to embroider with Chen Jiuniang so they could establish a relationship.


Chen Jiuniang was also very happy, a room full of young women chatting and laughing with her. Chen Jiuniang felt comfortable.


“Auntie, this is my last embroidery. Please give me some advice. I will accept your criticism with modesty.”


“Auntie, your embroidery work is really outstanding. That duck looks like it is moving.”


“The duck is moving? It’s your heart that’s been moved. Ha ha… ”


“You little, you are going to die. Come here and let me pinch you…”


Chen Jiuniang looked at the group of servant girls and laughed. She was also very happy. It hadn’t been so boisterous for her in a long time.


Of course, she understood the thoughts of these maids. Although Lu Qin had the position of adopted daughter in her mind, all men of status had to have many wives and concubines to produce man sons and grandsons, didn’t they?


“It should be like this. Well, it will be better if the needle comes up from the bottom first…” Chen Jiuniang was guiding, while paying attention to the girls.


‘This one is nice, pretty but her hips are narrow; that one is also nice, I think she is likely to have a son, but she is older than the others; this one here, is as old as Kong, with a good figure and face, but is very bad-tempered.’


Chen Jiuniang was picking through the group of young women so she didn’t notice when Lu Qin came.


Lu Qin went to the old courtyard just like she would do on all the other days. When she saw no one was there, she asked again and was told that he had moved to the inner courtyard.


So the little girl came to the inner courtyard, but the yard could not be casually entered by anyone. It had to be reported. If you wanted it reported quickly, you had to give a small bribe in the form of a tip to the servants, not much, just a dozen copper coins.


Those servants who guarded the gate knew Ye Kong was powerful, but these were the rules. Tips were an established rule, but they didn’t say this outright. She heard that they went to inform the eighth young master, but the two servants didn’t move, like old dogs guarding a house.


“Please can you go and report for me.” Lu Qin has waited for a long time, her legs were sore from standing there.


“Little sister, we are busy now. We will go later to report.” The boy sat at the door busy counting ants at his feet.


“I don’t think you are busy.”


The younger servant was unhappy “Little girl, you think that I’m not busy. Can I tell you what I’m busy with? To tell you the truth, I’m waiting here in case an important person arrives. If an important person happens to come when I report for you, and something goes wrong, will you be responsible?”


It was a good excuse which made Lu Qin speechless. Next to him was an old servant, he reminded, “Yes, it’s not easy for us to guard the door. Girl, if we are not careful, we will be punished. If we make a mistake because of you, our silver will be deducted.”


The two servants looked sad and pitiful. Even if you knew it was extortion, you would not attack them. They were pitiful, right?


Lu Qin understood what they meant. Now the little girl was not poor. She quickly found a silver tael and handed it to them.


“You two have worked hard.”


When the two servants saw this, their eyes were bright. They immediately laughed happily.


“Little girl, good very good.”


A woman behind them rebuked, “Do you know who she is? Take her money if you are not afraid of your legs being broken! ”


The two servants’ fingers trembled. Looking back, they saw Xiao Hong, the head maid of the second wife, standing behind them. The second wife was currently in control of the Ye mansion. Xiao Hong was a person they dared not provoke.


Lu Qin was a little surprised. This woman seemed to be two years older than her. She was very beautiful, but she didn’t think they had ever met. Her words seemed to suggest Lu Qin was famous.


“Sister Hong, she is…?”


“She is the adopted sister of the eighth young master! You dare to extort money from his sister. Just think about what happened to sister Ma!”


The two servants trembled with fear. Sister Ma was beaten into a comatose state and then driven out of the family. It was not a good deal to annoy that violent maniac just for some silver.


“Girl, don’t mention it. How can we take money from you over such a small matter? This is our job.” They both quickly withdrew their hands.


Lu Qin sympathized with them, she offered them the silver and said, “It doesn’t matter. Take it. You are waiting for an important guest to arrive and you might be punished because of me. How can I stand by and let that happen?”


Xiao Hong, of course, knew that they were fishy, so she pulled Lu Qin aside and said with a smile, “Sister, they are exaggerating. Quickly, put away the money, and I will take you inside.”


“Oh.” Lu Qin was very fond of this intimate sister, and asked as she walked, “Sister, what’s your name? It seems that we have never met.”


“My name is Xiao Hong, Miss Lu. If you don’t mind, I’m a servant, so please call me Xiao Hong. I often hear from Aunt Chen about you…” Xiao Hong was extremely enthusiastic, so Lu Qin had a good impression of her. When they came to Ye Kong’s yard, anyone would think they had been close friends for decades.

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