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TMC Chapter 47 Flying Daggers

Chapter 47 Flying Daggers



“Ah, why are there so many people?” Lu Qin retracted shortly after she stepped into the house.


Chen Jiuniang’s place had never been so busy before. Lu Qin thought she was in the wrong place.


“These bitches!” Xiao Hong snorted. Lu Qin didn’t know, but Xiao Hong was very clear about the intentions of those servant girls.


“Why are they here?” Lu Qin spotted Chen Jiuniang among the crowd, so she didn’t worry that they were in the wrong place.


“They are…” Xiao Hong wanted to tell her the truth, but wasn’t she the same? Women wanting to find a man to marry was as normal as a man wanting find a woman. Xiao Hong laughed, “Spring is coming.”


Lu Qin was simpler than the girls in the mansion. She didn’t understand Xiao Hong’s words at all. She asked confusedly, “What? What does spring have to do with this? It’s summer… ”


Lu Qin was dragged out of the hall by Xiao Hong. “Aunt is busy, how about we go to see the eighth young master?”


“That’s not good…” Although Lu Qin was simple, she knew that barging into someone room was inappropriate.


“What are you afraid of? You are his sister. Aren’t you allowed to enter his room?” Xiao Hong wanted to find out what Ye Kong was doing in the room, but she dared not enter by herself. She was enticing Lu Qin to go with her. Ye Kong would not get as angry if Lu Qin was also there.


Although Lu Qin hesitated, she could not resist Xiao Hong’s continuous persuasion. So, she followed Xiao Hong to Ye Kong’s room.


When they came to Ye Kong’s room, he was already leaving his room. He had a look of worry on his face. What was he worrying about? There were too many girls.


If he had seen so many beautiful women on Earth in his previous life, he would have drooled over them, but somehow, coming to Cangnan had turned him into a saint.


He couldn’t be blamed. He needed time to cultivate and they were in the way.


“Ah, here you are.” Xiao Hong relaxed because Ye Kong was unexpectedly very happy when he saw them.


“Brother Ye Kong, what’s the matter with your family today? It’s so lively.”


Ye Kong gave wry smile, “If they come every day, I will be bothered to death.” He already regretted the decision to move to the inner courtyard, he smiled bitterly and said, “Please bring me two steamed buns. I haven’t had breakfast yet.”


Xiao Hong giggled, “You are so timid. You were so calm in front of thousands of people, but you dare not go out because of a few dozen girls?”


Ye Kong nodded, “I’m really afraid of them. The eyes of the angry mob were like swords and spears. I could block them all as long as I had my words to use as a shield! No matter how powerful the swords and spears were, they could not break through my shield. ”


“What about the girls’ eyes?” Both girls stared at him and waited for his novel theory.


“Their eyes…”Ye Kong was still scared and shrugged his mouth, “Women’s eyes are like flying daggers whizzing around: impossible to defend against.”


Both girls giggled, and Xiao Hong asked, “What about your shields?”


“It’s easy to block a sword swing or a spear thrust, but it’s hard to defend a flying dagger. They could come at you from any angle. It’s really a headache. Ah, which of you are going to bring me the steamed buns?”


“I’ll go.” Xiao Hong often fetched food for the second wife, so she volunteered to go.


As soon as Xiao Hong left, Ye Kong’s face became solemn and he told Lu Qin, “That girl is a maid of my father’s second wife. Be careful when you talk with her.”


“Oh.” Lu Qin was not stupid. She would not tell her Ye Kong that was an immortal cultivator.


“What are you going to do with those girls?” Lu Qin poured a glass of water for Ye Kong and put it on the small table.


“Well, I don’t know. It seems that I really need to keep a low profile. I have attracted so many sparrows since I became famous. If people know my secret it will attract a lot of people with murderous intentions, it will be big trouble.”


Ye Kong shook his head helplessly.


“If they are sparrows, what am I?” Since they kissed she had been filled with amorous feelings.


Her face was flushed; her head was down. She did not dare to look up, but she couldn’t help raising her eyes to try and look at Ye Kong.


When she met his eyes, Lu Qin was too embarrassed. She averted her eyes and chuckled with her hand covering her mouth.


Her shy feelings coupled with her beautiful face were alluring. Any man would be moved by such a scene.


Moreover, Ye Kong was a rogue with a weak will. All the impossibilities between cultivators and ordinary people that he had thought about last night were forgotten. Sweet love was irresistible.


“They are sparrows; you are an eagle.” Ye Kong laughed and took her white hand.


Lu Qin swatted his hand away. She frowned, and she said angrily, “No, I’m not something so fierce.”


Ye Kong took her hand again, pulled her closer and said, “Why not? You seized my heart just like an eagle catching a chicken. I had no chance to struggle…”


Such a corny dialogue worked wonders in Cangnan. These girls hadn’t seen the modern dramas of the twentieth century. Lu Qin had never heard such romantic words; she felt so happy she felt like she was flying.


Even Xiao Hong was shocked to hear those words as she returned with the buns.


‘Wow, how romantic! Who knew he was so smooth with women? It would be wonderful if he said that to me. I would like to be an eagle too.’


Xiao Hong suddenly came in, and Lu Qin was scared and shrank to one side. Although they had not done anything, they were almost embracing.


“I have the steamed buns.”


Xiao Hong pretended not to see. She put all the steamed buns and vegetables on the table in front of Ye Kong.


“Oh, would you like some, too?”


They all sat and had breakfast together. Ye Kong did not maintain the atmosphere. He immediately buried his face in the food.


“Brother Ye Kong, how are you doing with your stick pummels peach technique of the Beggar Sect?” Lu Qin asked. As long as it didn’t involve immortal cultivation, they didn’t have to hide from others.


“Erm… Well, I’m still practicing.”


Ye Kong was stunned, but he soon understood that she believed what he had said to her yesterday morning.


“Then you must show it to me and teach me when you have mastered it.” If the little girl knew what the technique actually meant, she wouldn’t say such words.


“Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you.” Ye Kong replied vaguely, and wondered how long he could put it off.


Xiao Hong was excited. She had gained some information. ‘Is this stick pummels peach of the Beggar Sect his highest and most profound martial arts?’ She had to pay attention now. If she could learn a bit, she would be a heroine. It must be very powerful.


Lu Qin was not like Xiao Hong. She didn’t need to tiptoe around Ye Kong’s outer quarters. She turned around and entered the inner room just like it was in her own home. At a glance, she spied the cage grass juice in the small bowl.


“Brother Ye Kong, what is this? There is such a clear fragrance from it?”


“Oh, it’s a kind of herbal juice.” Ye Kong ate the steamed buns and said, “Please put the bowl under the sun and leave it there. I want it to become as thick as possible.”


“Okay.” Lu Qin went out with the small bowl.


This time, Xiao Hong was not so diligent. She was murmuring in her heart, ‘Ha Ha, I got more information. It turns out that this boy knows about medicine.’


“Eighth Young Master, you’re so skilled! You know how to make herbal medicine. Have you studied medicine?” Xiao Hong asked.


“Well, yes.” Ye Kong nodded. He could cure many ailments with talismans, so it wasn’t too far from the truth.


“Can I come to you in the future if I have a sickness?”


“Yes, it is easy, but I can’t guarantee that all things can be cured.” Ye Kong looked up at Xiao Hong. She didn’t look as if she was suffering from an illness.


The eighth young master was very easy to speak with today. Xiao Hong was very happy and said, “Can you teach me the stick pummels peach technique of the Beggar Sect?”


Ye Kong almost fainted. The girls of Cangnan were so direct. He didn’t know how to answer that.


“Err… This… There is no pickle left. Sister Xiao Hong, please go fetch us some more.” Ye Kong changed the topic because so many girls asking him to fool around was making him aroused.


Time passed quickly, and Ye Kong eventually left. At the strong request of all the servant girls, he leaned in to the room and said hello to them.


Although those servant girls were not as beautiful as Lu Qin or as enticing as Xiao Hong, they had their own characteristics. Xiao Juan, Xiao Die had curvy figures, and Xiao Ying liked to pounce and hug onto his arms.


However, Ye Kong, the rogue from Earth, firmly restrained himself. He used a poker face to deal with it as if his body had been possessed by a saint. If the girls laughed, he would not laugh. If they moved, he would not move but occasionally let out a cough and say, “It is improper for men and women to touch.”


Those little servant girls were very upset and scolded him as a fool who didn’t understand the feelings of women when they got back.


Ye Kong wanted to be surrounded by girls. But it was better to let all of them provide services to him at the same time like in the Japanese adult movies he had watched.


But in order to be able to set his mind on cultivation and avoid trouble, he refrained from such fantasies. If these girls acted like this every day, he would find it hard to control himself and would be unable to cultivate.


In the evening, when the house was finally quiet, Chen Jiuniang asked with a smile, “How was it? Are there any suitable ones? It doesn’t matter if there isn’t. Today, Grandma Yan, Sister Sun and Aunt Xu all came. They should have some suitable ones lined up.”


Ye Kong was driven crazy, he thought, ‘Mom, can you leave me alone? I need to cultivate.’


He said, “Mom, I’m only fourteen years old, and my father is still in Andu City. I don’t know when he will be back. Why are you in such a hurry for me to marry?”


Chen Jiuniang agreed. It was useless to do these things if Ye Haoran was not around to give his blessing. So, she didn’t mention it anymore.


Ye Kong slipped outside to check the cage grass juice that had been in the sun all day. When he went to the window, he saw that the milky juice that was in the bowl had completely changed.

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