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TMC Chapter 48 Huang Quan


Ye Kong found that the juice had turned into a black paste and the smell was much more potent.


“Wow, it smells like opium, I wonder if it’s addictive.” Ye Kong murmured and took the small bowl back to his room.


Fire refining and long term exposure to the sun had a very similar  effect, but the sunlight was not strong enough to burn away the impurities.


This concentrated grass juice couldn’t be used to make talismans. However, it should be enough for minor repairs.


So, once Ye Kong urged his Qi and once again attempted to repair the broken line on the array, this time it proved effective.


“Spiritual… Cultivation… Array”


Bright white words emerged from the array, they floated in the air for above the talisman.


The words then disappeared in a flash of light and Ye Kong suddenly felt that all the Qi around him became extremely active, like he was in a pot of boiling water.


Suddenly, a huge force rose from the center of the array in his hand. It felt like an invisible umbrella stretched out and covered Ye Kong, isolating him from the outside world.


Ye Kong was nervous. Suddenly, he felt a mysterious prompting from the array which he clearly understood as “setting the array range”. He quickly used his mind to control the array to continue to expand. Finally, when the array covered the whole room, he confirmed it.


Using an array talisman to set an array was different from setting an array yourself. It was only a one time use item and no adjustments could be made to the array once the talisman was used. Originally, he had wanted to leave a space by the door of the room so that even if his array was running, others could see him inside when opening the door.


But he was nervous and inexperienced with such things, so he had forgotten and filled the entire room with the array, all the way to the door. This meant that as long as the array was running, it would create a barrier making it impossible for anyone to open the door.


It was too late to change this when Ye Kong realized his mistake. He had confirmed it. As soon as the array range was determined, the transparent and invisible shield disappeared. On the floor beneath his feet, a square shaped grove had appeared, with a circle of smaller spell markings surrounding it, then the array talisman turned into white powder, scattering on the ground like incense ashes.


“Is this the eye of the array?” Ye Kong looked down at the square groove which seemed to have a number of spell markings surrounding. Then he took a spirit stone from the storage bag and put it into the square. In an instant, the circle of spell markings flashed with a dim white light, and the Spiritual Cultivation Array activated.


When he took the spirit stone out of the square groove, the array stopped. For the array to start, it would require a spirit stone to be placed in the square groove. It was very simple.


“Ha-ha! I now have a special place to train!” Turning on the array, Ye Kong shouted loudly in it without the fear of being heard.


The Spiritual Cultivation Array made it convenient for cultivators to cultivate without being disturbed. It was still possible to see in and out of the array, but the sound was isolated. The most beneficial design was that after the Qi from the outside entered the array, it would become extremely active, which was made it easier to absorb for cultivation. The array had a number of spells which were active when inside, if someone outside touched the array, Ye Kong would be able to sense it from inside. He wouldn’t even need to open his eyes. Then, according to the situation, he would be able to decide whether to allow that person to enter the array.


“Cangnan has such magical things. If I used this array talisman on Earth, would it be able to protect me from the explosion of an atomic bomb?”


He sat cross-legged on his bed and took out the small magical dagger from his storage bag. He sighed when looking at it. How long would it take for him to reach the fourth layer of Qi refining?


According to Fan Jiushe, when he reached the fourth layer of Qi refining, he would be able to control magic tools.


When a cultivator had a magic tool, there would be a huge increase in power and combat effectiveness. Then, he wouldn’t have to worry about protecting himself from other cultivators.


Although Ye Kong made up his mind that he would diligently cultivate to the fourth layer of Qi refining, he wondered, ‘Maybe I can find a way to use magic tools before reaching the fourth layer of Qi refining.’


He couldn’t suppress this idea and decided to give it a try. He put the small sword at the head of the bed and attempted to use the skill forumala to activate it.


‘No movement!’


He cut his finger, dropped his blood onto the blade and then made another attempt.


‘Still, nothing!’


“Is it really necessary to reach the fourth layer of Qi refining?” Ye Kong looked carefully at the small magic tool and came up with an alternative method: he would attempt to use immortal Qi to control it.


Putting in a wisp of immortal Qi, Ye Kong seemed to sense something, “Hey, it works!”


Making persistent efforts, Ye Kong urged his immortal Qi and infused it little by little into the sword. However, there was still no movement.


“Did I imagine it?” Ye Kong had some doubts, he was wondering if he could even get another reaction by infusing his Qi into the weapon.


“Maybe I am not using enough immortal Qi to use the sword.” With such a thought, Ye Kong decided to continue sending his immortal Qi into the small sword.


But gradually, Ye Kong felt terrible. The magic tool was like a black hole. If it continued to absorb all of his immortal Qi and there was still no reaction.


Ye Kong had consumed nearly one-third of his immortal Qi. Without the use of elixirs or special items, Ye Kong needed to cultivate for at least one month before his Qi would be replenished, but Ye Kong didn’t care, he had to try.


He had to stop now and avoid greater losses.


But when Ye Kong attempted to cut off the supply of his immortal Qi to the small magic sword, a strong suction force suddenly accelerated the rate at which the immortal Qi was being absorbed from Ye Kong.


“NOOOO!” Ye Kong roared out in horror because he found that he could no longer control his own immortal Qi. He wanted to break the link but the suction force from the small magic sword was like a powerful black hole. His immortal Qi rushed out from his body like a tide. After several hard years of cultivation, he was about to lose everything.


Ye Kong panicked. He didn’t know what was absorbing his Qi from inside the sword, and he didn’t want to know. He just wanted to stop his Qi from being absorbed. No matter how much he had lost, it was fine as long as he didn’t lose all of his immortal Qi


But the small magic sword didn’t want to let him go. The suction only got stronger and stronger, and his immortal Qi waned until the entirety of his past two years of cultivation had been sucked away. Ye Kong wanted to cry but had no tears left to cry.


The magical sword didn’t spare him.


Ye Kong felt dizzy due to the sudden lack of immortal Qi, but at this time, a consciousness entered his mind from nowhere.


‘Something is invading my soul space!’


Ye Kong quickly focused his consciousness into his soul space and he appeared again as a ball of light.


‘What the hell!’


When he entered his soul space, he noticed what looked like a small baby with a beard was approaching him.


Ye Kong’s complained, ‘I only have myself to blame. Why did I provoke this monster? His immortal spirit has been formed, so he is likely the nascent soul realm, but I’m just a ball of light. It’s obvious which one of us is stronger. Now, he has absorbed all of my immortal Qi. I am not his opponent!’


“Ha-ha, 100,000 years, 100,000 years! I, Huang Quan, am finally awake!” Ye Kong didn’t know if all the old demons woke up with such disgraceful behavior.


“Dear ancestor, congratulations on waking up. My name is Ye Kong. What can I do for you? If you need my help, please tell me. Ha-ha, just say what you need.”


“Ye Kong, right? Ha-ha, you are very good!” Huang Quan smiled, approached slowly and said, “I didn’t expect you to have such a poor talent. Your talent is really the worst.”


“Yes, I’m embarrassed to tell people I am a quintuple-talent.,” Ye Kong said as retreated quietly and thought, ‘Lucky! My talent is so bad that even a ghost wouldn’t even want to possess me!’


Huang Quan continued to approach him with a smile, “Your talent is really poor, but your immortal Qi was too pure and abundant for someone at the second layer of Qi refining. You must have found a really good cultivation method, right?”


This old monster was wise! Ye Kong had to plead, “Ancestor, if you like this skill, I will give it to you immediately… But let’s change to a place with wine and beauties, shall we? This is not really a good place to talk.”


“Ha-ha.” Huang Quan burst into laughter, then stopped suddenly and stared at Ye Kong, “I swear I will never return to that sword! Since I am here now, I am staying!”


“My talent for cultivation is really bad…”


“I’ll replace you with a better talent later! It’s not difficult to possess someone after reaching the nascent soul realm! It will just cost some power. ”


“I’m a fool…”


“It doesn’t matter. After I take over your body, you will be incredibly smart.”


“My family is very poor and everyone hates us. I’m also dying of a disease. Did I mention how small my penis is? No, don’t come…” Ye Kong turned around and tried to escape.


“Ha-ha, that’s all right. I don’t mind any of that.” The small baby sized soul of Huang Quan pursued the fleeing ball of light that was Ye Kong


Ye Kong’s soul space was not large. Ye Kong had to circle around the golden light column under the Collection of Spells. Since there was no hope for mercy, Ye Kong simply scolded with all his might, “Old devil, Fuck you! I’m kind enough to help you escape, but you repay my kindness with enmity! Fuck, didn’t your mother teach you gratitude? Don’t you know you should be pure?”


“I don’t know anything. Ha-ha, I have been scolded countless times in my lifetime. The more people scold me, the longer I will live. Give up your body!” Huang Quan roared loudly and attempted to catch him.


The white ball of light continued to run away from a small golden man, they were very close, but the white ball of light continued circling around the golden column.


“Bastard, fuck you, fuck your entire family, fuck your mother…W Ye Kong was too addicted to scolding him to stop now. If he couldn’t beat him, he would scold him!


Huang Quan said he didn’t care if people scolded him, but he grew furious. He hated people insulting his mother and he decided to absorb Ye Kong at once!


After chasing for a while, Huang Quan stopped suddenly and said gloomily, “Damn it, you have turned me stupid. This golden light is not tangible, why am I chasing you around it. Can’t I go through it and catch you?”


After Huang Quan finished talking, the little figure ran into the golden light column under the Collection of Spells and rushed towards Ye Kong.


Ye Kong didn’t have time to escape and was about to be caught.


Suddenly, there was a loud crash as the golden light blocked Huang Quan from escaping.


“No!” Huang Quan yelled. He found something was wrong, but it was too late to regret. The golden light which formed a column holding the Collection of Spells had become a cage that imprisoned the nascent soul of Huang Quan.


“Damn it! What is this? How come there’s a magic tool in your mind? ” Huang Quan asked as he struck the golden wall.


Ye Kong calmed and looked at the Collection of Spells. He didn’t expect the book to have such a miraculous effect. It seemed that he had to thank the handsome guy who used the book to block him before he transmigrated.


What surprised Ye Kong more was that as soon as the nascent soul of Huang Quan was trapped, the immortal Qi absorbed by the small magic sword started to flow back into Ye Kong’s Qihai.


Huang Quan was anxious, “Stop, stop absorbing! That’s my Qi! “

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