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TMC Chapter 49 Reverse

Ye Kong started to observe the Qi that was rushing from the sword and back into his Qihai. He found that it was not only his own Qi which was being absorbed into his body, but also a steady stream of Huang Quan’s Qi.


‘Hehe, I was in the second layer of Qi refining. If I absorb the immortal Qi of someone in the nascent soul realm, how many levels would I jump?’


‘Ha ha, this was a blessing in disguise!’ Ye Kong said with a smile, ‘Huang Quan, you are not benevolent, so I will not be kind to you either. You just absorbed all of my Qi just now, so now it’s my turn. Don’t worry. I will give you the same treatment you gave me!’


“Do you want to explode from absorbing too much Qi? Try absorbing my Qi and we will die together! I am in the nascent soul realm, do you think you, someone in the second layer of Qi refining can handle absorbing so much immortal Qi at once?”


Ye Kong was surprised and nodded, “Thank you for the kind reminder. Now, I know what to do. I’m going to absorb all of your immortal Qi slowly and carefully. Haha, old ancestor, thanks for the advice.”


Huang Quan instantly regretted that he said anything, but if Ye Kong died from absorbing too much Qi, as he was now trapped, he would also suffer the same fate.


“All right, Brother Ye, you win.  When I put my nascent soul realm cultivation into the magic weapon, it came at the cost of losing half of my immortal Qi. When I slept in the sword for 100,000 years, even more of the remaining Qi was lost, but the remaining Qi will be enough for you to reach the foundation establishment realm.”


Ye Kong was very happy that he could reach the foundation establishment realm. It was a jump of eight layers and would save decades of cultivation.


But Ye Kong was not stupid. Huang Quan would not tell him these things for nothing.


He asked, “Tell me your conditions?”


No matter how powerful Huang Quan was, he could only smile and flatter Ye Kong, “Brother Ye, my old friend, you aren’t able to absorb all of my cultivation in a short period of time. However, if my nascent soul doesn’t return to the sword for a long time, my Qi inside the sword will disperse. I think this has all been a huge misunderstanding, it would be better for you to put me back in the sword, so that my immortal Qi is not wasted. I will allow you to absorb my Qi whenever you want and you won’t need to worry about me still being inside your soul space. ”


Ye Kong understood after his words. It turned out that the old guy wanted Ye Kong to let him back inside the small magic weapon.


“Ancestor Huang Quan, just now I seemed to have heard you swear that you would never go back in the sword,” Ye Kong sneered.


Huang Quan’s face changed and he joked, “Did I say something like that? Ha ha, and you believed it? Swearing is the same as farting to me. ”


“Ha ha,” Ye Kong laughed, “Huang Quan, you old dog, do you think I’m stupid? You would just try to kill me when I attempt to absorb your Qi, why would I risk setting you free? What’s more, I can’t sleep well knowing a powerful enemy is on the loose. ‘


“Then, I’ll teach you a spell. This spell causes a nascent souls outside of their body to be unable to use their Qi, so I will have no way to deal with you.”


Ye Kong seemed to be interested, “Teach me then.”


One hour later, Ye Kong had learned the spell called the soul lock.


“Then, you can put me back, right?” Huang Quan smiled


“But I’m still not assured.”


Huang Quan became angry and roared, “You are shameless. Why won’t you let me go after learning my magic? Despicable, too despicable! Will you just watch the Qi be wasted? It’s enough for you to reach the foundation establishment realm!”


Ye Kong laughed, “Why are you so eager to go back in the sword? Since you’re going to let me to absorb all of your Qi anyway, why are you so concerned about it going to waste? Some people would see a mountain of treasure and risk their life to take it all, I would rather take a little less and live to see tomorrow!”


Huang Quan had no choice but to ignore Ye Kong and sit in the golden light column.


Ye Kong was also in a dilemma. He was eager to kill the old man. Whether Huang Quan was in the small magic tool or in his soul space, it was very dangerous.


The Collection of Spells could trap Huang Quan, but Ye Kong had no methods to kill him. This was also the reason why Huang Quan wasn’t worried. It was too difficult for Ye Kong to kill him.


‘No way.’


Let him stay trapped there for the time being. Fortunately, a nascent soul was just a soul. He didn’t need to eat, drink, shit or piss in his soul space. Otherwise, it would be disgusting.


Ye Kong left his soul space and began to freely absorb the Qi from inside the sword. Huang Quan’s immortal Qi was extremely powerful. Even though most of the Qi had been lost already, it was still enough for Ye Kong.


His Qihai also had more capacity than normal cultivators. Every time he broke through a layer, stage or realm, his Qihai would be able to hold even more immortal Qi. Other cultivators would never require as much Qi as Ye Kong, as Ye Kong’s Five Elements to Immortality was famous for its large capacity. He managed to absorb almost half of the Qi left by Huang Quan, and it was nearly too much for him to handle.


His Qihai was so full, it was close to bursting. He had filled his entire body with Qi, even his limbs, which made it difficult for him to move.


Ye Kong was willing to lose the remaining half. It was better to waste it than to leave it for the enemy.


Now, the problem was refining the Qi and the magical weapon.


The magic weapon had to be refined to erase the divine sense left by the last user so Ye Kong could exert greater control over it.


In the same way, immortal Qi absorbed from others also needed to be refined, the same way you would wash second hand clothes before wearing them.


Even though this  refining could not be completed in two or three days, it was much faster than Ye Kong’s normal cultivation.


Ye Kong estimated that it would take require a year to refine all the immortal Qi he had absorbed.


One year was a long time, but at the end of it he estimated that he would be in the fifth layer of Qi refining. If Ye Kong cultivated by himself, even after five years, he might not be able to reach the fifth layer.


Ye Kong opened his eyes and looked at the small magic sword. He shook his head pitifully and put it into the storage bag. He couldn’t absorb all the Qi inside and it would likely go to waste. By the time he was done refining the Qi he’d absorbed, the rest would have dissipated.


But when he went to put the sword into his storage bag, Ye Kong suddenly noticed that there was something he had overlooked in his storage bag: the used spirit stones.


All the items that were kept inside the storage bag of an immortal cultivator we valuable. Even the waste products that had been used, people were reluctant to throw them away. There were thirty-eight translucent white crystal stones.


‘Can I put the remaining Qi into the empty spirit stones? They contain Qi so it should work.’


Ye Kong was excited about this idea. He quickly picked up a used spirit stone and started to pour the unrefined Qi into the stone.


“It works!”


However, unfortunately, the capacity of the stone was very small. Spirit stones relied on purity and quality of the Qi inside them, not quantity.


“Less is better than none,” Ye Kong filled the thirty-eight spirit stones and once again started to absorb Qi from the magic weapon until only one fourth of the Qi was left inside. He didn’t know any other method to use it, so he could only leave it to waste away.


“Haha, keep on absorbing! Sooner or later, I will break this golden light and possess your body. Ha ha, all the power you cultivate will be mine in the end!” Huang Quan laughed from the depths of Ye Kong’s mind.


“Is that so?’ Ye Kong sneered, ‘If you don’t succeed in possessing my body, you will have to go back to the sword. If I destroy this sword and drive you out of my soul space…’


“Even then, I will not die!” Huang Quan roared.


“But you will become a wandering soul. Ha ha, I heard that many practitioners like refining the souls of other cultivators. I think a soul of nascent soul realm cultivator will be very attractive to them.”


Before Ye Kong finished speaking, Huang Quan yelled, “How dare you! You…you…you! You are not human! You are too ruthless! ” After a while, he changed his way of speaking again, “Brother Ye, my old friend, it would be much more useful to keep me around. You are new to cultivation, there is so much you have yet to learn, this is something that will require a lot of time and effort. With me there to guide you, half of the effort will give you double achievement.”


Ye Kong thought about it. Since he couldn’t drive away or kill Huang Quan, why not use him to his advantage?


“All right,” Ye Kong replied, “If you really help me, I will find you an immortal cultivator with good talent for your to possess, but if you betray me, I will make you regret it.”


Huang Quan replied quickly, “Don’t worry, I swear…”


“To you, swearing is the same as farting.”


“In a word, I won’t betray you. We can both live together peacefully.”


Although Ye Kong was very reluctant to have Huang Quan constantly speaking in his mind, he could do nothing now. He had to think of the benefits. He understood very little regarding cultivation. It was a good thing that someone could answer his questions.


“Ancestor, I ask you, how did you put yourself into the magic weapon? Can all cultivators in the nascent soul realm survive for 100,000 years? And where is the nearest immortal market?’


There was no answer for a long time. He returned to his soul space only to find that Huang Quan had fallen asleep.


“Shit, you only woke up to fight, and can’t even stay awake to answer a few questions. What a lazy ass!” Ye Kong laughed.


“It’s a blessing in disguise today. If I refine his Qi, I will be able to use his magic weapon, then travelling will not be as dangerous for me. Ha ha, I will refine his Qi as quickly as possible!”


He did not sit and cultivate that night, instead he slept. The next morning, he woke up with a fresh mind.


“Mom, I’m going to enter closed-door training soon. I will only come out once every five days.”


Ye Kong was not able to survive without eating or drinking. So he would still need to have a meal every five days to sustain himself.


“Oh, okay, you should be careful. Make sure you don’t starve and don’t practice too hard. I will prepare some clothes and dry food for you right away. If you are hungry and don’t want to come out, you can eat a steamed bun, and…”


“No, I’m going to start right away.” Ye Kong hurriedly interrupted her and said, “Mom, the only thing I need from you is to prevent people from bothering me in my room. Those servant girls, you can just send them away. The news that I am an immortal cultivator must be kept secret, or your son will be in grave danger, do you understand?”


Chen Jiuniang said with a smile, “I see. You are more nagging than your mother.”


When they were having breakfast, a girls voices came from outside, “Aunt Chen.”


“Teacher Chen.”


“You’re so early. Ha ha, I don’t know if I will be lucky enough to meet the eighth young master today…”


“Seeing him today would be great!”


Ye Kong quickly took the steamed buns and fled back to his room.

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