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TMC Chapter 50 Anger


“Ah… Don’t leave just yet. I want to see the girls. Their voices are like melody to my ears… ” Huang Quan woke up and looked like a wolf ready to devour a sheep.


‘Forget it. They’re just a few servant girls,’ Ye Kong ignored him and returned to his room with the steamed buns.


“Of course, you don’t care, but I haven’t seen a beautiful woman for 100,000 years. Do you know how long it has been?”


‘You haven’t seen someone take a shit in a hundred thousand years either. Do you want me to show you?’ Asked Ye Kong.


“See, you have no culture at all.” Huang Quan was angry and stopped talking.


After returning to his room, Ye Kong asked, ‘Ancestor, why did you put your soul into a magic weapon?’


Huang Quan didn’t answer. It seemed that he was still unhappy he didn’t get to see the girls.


‘Hello, are you asleep again? Oh, looks like you are still awake.’ Ye Kong entered his soul space and saw that Huang Quan was awake. “I didn’t realize that you have a bad temper. Those servant girls are not interesting at all. Besides even if you see them, you can do nothing. You are just a soul now.”


“So I just want to have a look at them,” said Huang Quan angrily. “You are not willing to meet my little demand, but you want me to answer your questions? No way. ”


“I won’t ask then. I don’t intend to beg you.”


Ye Kong was even worse tempered than this old man. He turned around and left immediately.


Because there were girls outside from time to time, and it was not convenient for him to practice the Shadow Dance, he decided to start drawing a spirit talisman on some plain paper.


Although he didn’t have the proper materials, there was no harm in practicing.


Seeing Ye Kong drawing the talisman, Huang Quan sneered. Ye Kong didn’t know what he was laughing at, but Ye Kong didn’t care about him at all.


“Brother Ye Kong.” After a while, Lu Qin and Xiao Hong came to visit together again.


“Godmother said you are going to start closed-door training. I’m here to tell you that I won’t let anyone disturb you,” Lu Qin was very sensible and knew he couldn’t be disturbed.


“Well, I’ll take a day off after five days. I want to practice a new unique martial art, but I don’t want anyone to see the method of learning it.”


Xiao Hong was shocked. ‘Wow, he’s really powerful and has a unique martial arts?’


“Eighth Young Master, I know you dislike those girls, I can drive them away for you so you if you’d like.” Xiao Hong volunteered.


Ye Kong just was about to say something, when Huang Quan shouted in his mind, “Wow, this girl is good! Look at her! She’s so sexy! Those curves can’t be hidden by clothes! Go take a look at her butt. I guarantee that it is firm and round… ”


Ye Kong suddenly felt very angry. Although he didn’t want to have a relationship with Xiao Hong, Ye Kong was still very unhappy when Huang Quan was shouting such lewd comments about Xiao Hong in his mind.


Ye Kong didn’t speak. Xiao Hong didn’t know what he was thinking. She continued, “Eighth Young Master, but if I drive them away, they will think I am competing with them, so… ”


Xiao Hong’s words were very obscure, but the hidden meaning was easy to understand. Driving them away would damage her reputation, so maybe she could learn martial arts from him in exchange.


Huang Quan continued, “Wow, I want to strip this girl’s clothes off and fondle her to my heart’s content. I am willing to give three years’ of my lifespan for it. The things I would do to her… maybe I could try whipping her…”


Ye Kong couldn’t bear it, and finally, he roared out angrily, “FUCK YOU! Would you shut up already?”


Huang Quan stopped his perverted ranting, but because Ye Kon’s sudden outburst, Xiao Hong had also stopped speaking and was frozen in fear.


“I– I– I–…” Xiao Hong was panicked and didn’t know if she said something wrong. What did she say for him to become so angry?


He was angrier than she had ever seen him. She was afraid that she was about to receive a worse beating than Sister Ma!


“Eighth Young Masters please spare me. I made a mistake. I should take the initiative to solve your trouble instead of asking for something in return. I should not covet Eighth Young Master’ unique martial arts. Eighth Young Masters please spare my life. I should never have had such thoughts…”


Xiao Hong was frightened, she knelt down in front of Ye Kong, crying and holding onto Ye Kong’s legs.


“What are you doing? I’m not shouting at you.” Ye Kong said, but he remembered that there were only three people in the room. He said to Lu Qin who was confused, “I’m not shouting at you either.”


“I know your weren’t shouting at me, but Xiao Hong is very kind, so please don’t punish her.” It was the first time Lu Qin had ever seen him angry.


Ye Kong smiled, “I really wasn’t shouting at her.”


Ye Kong was sitting in a chair, and Xiao Hong was kneeling on the floor, shaking his legs and begging for forgiveness. Xiao Hong’s curvaceous body was between Ye Kong’s knees.


With such a close distance, a touching cry, and a beautiful face looking up earnestly, Ye Kong suddenly thought of a memory from many years ago on Earth where a prostitute knelt in front of him and looked up at him with the same pleading look.


Ye Kong’s heart was touched; his two knees drew together to clamp Xiao Hong still.


“Xiao Hong, I really didn’t shout at you.”


Ye Kong placed his hand on Xiao Hong’s clean and soft black hair.


Xiao Hong wiped her tears and said, “Eighth Young Master, this servant was wrong.”


“You are not wrong. I really wasn’t shouting at you.” Ye Kong was tempted to run his hand down Xiao Hong’s smooth hair when he realized that Lu Qin was nearby.


He turned around and looked at Lu Qin.


‘Okay, she didn’t notice it.’


Ye Kong said, “Sister Xiao Hong, I really didn’t lose my temper at you. Don’t you want to learn martial arts? I could even teach you Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and Nine Yin White Bone Claws. Come on, get up quickly. ”


“Really?” Xiao Hong raised her head sharply, but her tears were full of joy. However, she thought of Ye Kong’s sudden outburst earlier. She quickly bowed her head, “I dare not…”


When Xiao Hong bowed her head, the snow white neck once again tempted Ye Kong.


“Get up, as long as you really help the eighth young master, he will teach you martial arts.” Lu Qin came and helped Xiao Hong.


“Thank you, young master.”


“Well, go and help me get rid of those servant girls. I’m closing the door for my training. Don’t disturb me. Let Sister Qin call me if you have something important to discuss. I will call you when my practice is completed.”


Xiao Hong thought that the eighth young master’s temper was much worse than in the rumors. Today, his sudden angry outburst had scared her senseless and reminded her that she needed to remain cautious.


As soon as the two girls left, Ye Kong put the spirit stone into array, the array activated and he began his cultivation.


“No wonder you’re so angry. It seems like you are interested in that girl,” Huang Quan giggled.


“I’m not. Don’t talk nonsense.”


“Hey, look at your hands. You were so tempted to stroke her hair.”


“Shut up.”


“But I haven’t had sex for a long time. In the past, no matter how beautiful women are, I didn’t care! You know what, I even slept with a beauty from the Shadow Clan! ”


“Shadow Clan?” When Ye Kong heard this, he paid attention to it and asked, “Didn’t the Shadow Clan already disappear 100, 000 years ago?”


Huang Quan asked in surprise, “Did the Shadow Clan disappear?” Then he shouted happily, “Whoa! The Shadow Clan is gone. No one is chasing me anymore! Ha ha! ”


“The Shadow Clan was chasing you? Why?” Asked Ye Kong curiously.


“Because… Ha, because I stole their women,” Huang Quan was obviously lying.


Ye Kong knew that he would not tell the truth, so he said with a smile, “Bragging, you stole their women, who would want a beggar like you? Look at how poor you are, you don’t have anything befitting a nascent soul realm cultivator. The only relics left are several spirit stones and a broken sword.”


“Hey, you know nothing. Do you think that storage bag is mine? Do you think I would still use a storage bag at my level?” Huang Quan spoke proudly. “At that time, I was besieged by eight soldiers of the Shadow Clan. We fought fiercely for a long time. In the end, I was outnumbered, so they won and all my magic weapons were destroyed. I killed two soldiers of the Shadow Clan and managed to escape from their encirclement. Which side is stronger, you tell me?”


Ye Kong ignored him and asked, “Then whose storage bag is it?”


Huang Quan said, “After I escaped, I was badly injured and my body was unable to contain my nascent soul cultivation. That is when I found the barbaric cultivator. I killed him for his belongings. The only option was for me to store my nascent soul and Qi in that garbage magic tool.”


“So that’s what happened.” Ye Kong nodded. No wonder there were only a few items in the storage bag.


He thought for a while and asked, “Can Spiritual Qi be stored in a magic tool? Also, the first layer of the nascent soul realm can live 800 to 1000 years. How did you live for 100,000 years?”


“Because I am so strong that even death is afraid to come for me.” Obviously, Huang Quan started to talk nonsense again, but Ye Kong couldn’t force him to speak.


“Well, you asked me so many questions. It’s time for me to ask you a few questions.” This time it was Huang Quan’s turn.


“Well, go ahead,” Ye Kong said. It wasn’t as if he knew much about Cangnan anyway.


The questions went as expected.


“How did the Shadow Clan die out?”


“Er… I don’t know. ”


“What is the current situation of the immortal cultivators in the Southern Land?”


“Er… I don’t know that either.”


Huang Quan’s two questions were unanswered, and he angrily said, “Then you must know what countries are remaining in the Southern Land, which country are you in, which sect is behind it, and how many immortal cultivator families are around?”


“Oh, I know a little about that,” Ye Kong hurriedly said, “Our country is called AN, the emperor is called An Rushan, and there is a country called Wu next to us. I’m not clear about the immortal cultivator families, but I know that there is a Huang Dynasty in the north, where the Wan Family is. They are immortal cultivators. ”


“And what else?”


Ye Kong blushed, “That’s all…. I have only just begun to cultivate. I’m busy every day. How can I manage to learn about so many things? I’m a low-level cultivator without any backing. Would I dare to ask people about it? I don’t even know where the immortal market is.”


“You are so lacking and yet you dare do this to me,” Huang Quan sneered, then sighed again, looked up at the golden book above him, and said lightly, “The Shadow Clan must have been destroyed by the northern clan.”


“How do you know? When you fell asleep, the Shadow Clan was not extinct yet, right? Why do you say that the Shadow Clan was destroyed by the northern clan? ”


He learned from Zhang Wude that the Shadow Clan fought with the Devil clan, resulting in a sharp decrease in population, afterward the Shadow Clan’s population eventually died out.

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