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TMC Chapter 51 Falling in Love


“Although I didn’t witness it, I can guess what happened.” Huang Quan continued to use a sarcastic tone, “The Northern clan was constantly raiding the territory of the Shadow Clan, there was countless conflicts between these two sides. What’s more, the women of the Shadow Clan were so beautiful and elegant. All the Northern Clan men wanted to get a beauty of the Shadow Clan as a slave. In addition, the Shadow Clan’s character was well-known to be meddlesome, they constantly stuck their noses where it didn’t belong and offended many. With all this, how can they not die out eventually! ”


“But the Shadow Clan saved the Northern Clan and joined the war to help them!”


Huang Quan scolded, “Naive! Man’s nature is to get revenge, not to be kind and benevolent. Who would remember that kindness after thousands of years? What’s more, the Shadow Clan did it because they feared an invasion into the Southern Land. They were known for their bad character. They liked to show off and meddle in others business. They can only blame themselves.”


Ye Kong thought that he could not agree with Huang Quan’s words and retorted, “I don’t believe it. Are you saying that it is of bad character to try and help people? They deserved to be repaid with revenge? When you save people’s lives, but in return they kidnap your women and kill your friends and family, does that even make sense? Where is the justice in that?”


“Justice?” With a sneer, Huang Quan said, “It seems that you are really naive. Justice is the rules of the strong! Either I kill you, or you kill me! If you don’t have the strength, you should keep a low profile. What are friends, kindness and benevolence in the long run? Nothing but bullshit! If you have something in your belongings that makes other people envious, they will rob and kill you! Justice is decided by strength, not morality. This is the only justice in the world of cultivation!”


That was the cruel reality of Cangnan.


The humans here were cold hearted. Friendship and morality didn’t mean much. This was also the reason why Immortal Wan Xuan and Zhang Wude always emphasized “keep a low profile.”


Ye Kong had been prepared for the mercilessness, but when Huang Quan put it into words, it still felt uncomfortable. Suddenly, he thought of the words that were left by Immortal Wu Xing in Five Elements to Immortality.


“This world is cruel,” Ye Kong said.


“Yes, this is indeed a cruel world,” Huang Quan nodded.


“Have you ever heard of Immortal Wu Xing?” Ye Kong asked again.


Huang Quan thought and shook his head, “Immortal Wu Xing? No. I haven’t heard of him. Is he famous?”


“Why don’t you know? He was also a powerful immortal.”


The ancestor thought again and still had no idea who he was, guessing, “Maybe he became an immortal during the 100,000 years that I was slumbering inside the sword.”


“Ok, fine. I am going to start refining your Qi. I guess this goes along with what you just said, this is justice . When I have the power, I can do whatever I want, including killing you.”


“Indeed, as long as you have the ability,” Huang Quan smiled. Then he yawned again, stretched out and said, “Well, I don’t have any power now, so I can’t talk. I am going to sleep. Remember to buy some pills to help nourish your body when you go to the market.”


“I don’t know where the market is.” With a wry smile, Ye Kong began to refine the Qi in his body.


Huang Quan had a double talent of wind and earth, so these were the main two types of Qi absorbed by Ye Kong. It would take a long time for him to refine into his own Qi. He could only take small amounts to filter through his meridians several times, before he finally incorporated it into his Qihai and integrated it with his own immortal Qi.


Although refining was slow, it was much faster than cultivating normally.


“Xiao Hong, how’s it going?” In the evening, the second wife asked as she drank tea.


“Today, Eighth Young Master began closed-door practice for five days. He came out to have a rest before doing so. I heard that he would practice a new martial art, and no one is allowed to get close to his room,” Xiao Hong replied with a low head.


“No one can get close?” The second wife frowned, and said, “You could take advantage of the absence of Lu Qin, and try to look secretly.”


Xiao Hong thought of Ye Kong’s sudden rage in the morning, and she was still frightened. She said quickly, “Lu Qin is always there, and now she is living with Aunt Chen temporarily.”


The second wife gave Xiao Hong a look of displeasure. “She must leave sometimes. What does it matter if you take a peek while she is away?”


“The eighth young master is very shrewd. I am worried that if I act rashly, I will disturb the young masters practice,” Xiao Hong bowed her head and whispered.


“That’s true.” The second wife nodded and asked, “What type of martial arts is he practicing? Tell me again.”


“Yes, I have heard three kinds. The first one is Stick Pummels Peach of the Beggar Sect, the second one is the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. The third one is…. oh, it’s the Nine Yin White Bone Claws. ”


The second wife said to herself, “He is capable of using staff, palm and claw skills, but staff skills can also be used to wield a spear in battle. I’ve seen the general and soldiers frequently practicing their spear techniques. I really want to see how advanced this boy’s Stick Pummels Peach is!”


If Ye Kong heard these words, he would be speechless.


Xiao Hong left the room after reporting. As soon as she left, an eighteen-year-old boy came out from behind a curtain. He had rosy red lips and perfect white teeth, with a light moustache on his lips. He was the second son of the second wife: Ye Wu, the third young master.


“Wu, how credible do you think Ye Kong’s martial arts ability is?” Asked the second wife.


Ye Wu’s eyes still lingered on the direction of Xiao Hong’s departure. When the second wife put the teacup on the table, he quickly returned to his senses. Ye Wu was adept at theorizing.


“Well, there is an 80% chance that these are credible martial arts. The Stick Pummels Peach of the Beggar Sect is likely a skill created for staffs originating from enlightenment of the Beggar Beat’s Dog skill… But it is unlikely to be very powerful. If it is a skill used by the Beggar Sect, it won’t be too powerful. The Nine Yin White Bone Claws, judging from the name it is from an evil school of martial arts. The so-called Nine Yin refers to nine women and likely requires their bones. These martial artists will be denounced in the army. As for the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, the name is very domineering and heroic. It has a very majestic and powerful name. Learning a skill which is said to subdue dragons is exactly what all men want.”


If Ye Wu came to Earth and met Jinyong’s fans, he would surely be treated well. He was smart enough to know so much only from the name. The Nine Yin White Bone Claws were made from the bones of nine women. If he heard the name of a technique, it was likely he could theorize what the skills required and its power.


The second wife listened and nodded, “I also think this kid is not bluffing, these martial arts names that someone can make up out of thin air. We have no idea who taught him these skills or how he came into contact with them.”


Ye Wu was envious, and he said with a sneer, “Life is unfair. Even a fool can have a lucky encounter. If I could get these martial arts, I would be hundreds of times stronger than him!”


The second wife touched her son’s head with a smile and said, “Of course, don’t worry, we will get these techniques, ha ha.”



Ye Wu was in a good mood and could not wait to ask, “Mom, when will Xiao Hong be my bride? She’s sixteen already. We are of ripe age to start trying for children. ”


“You only pay attention to Xiao Hong. If you practice martial arts seriously, you wouldn’t lose to Ye Long and Ye Hu. Let’s wait for Xiao Hong to get the skill from Ye Kong first!”


Ye Wu was dejected and said, “Why do you send Xiao Hong? I can also steal the skill from Ye Kong’s room in the middle of the night.”


“You are muddle headed!” The second wife scolded, “That kid is a powerful martial artist. If he notices you trying to steal his technique, the best result would be that he beats you until you are bedridden. The worst case would be that he chooses to leave the family. If he leaves, we can’t use him as a shield and we will have no opportunity to kill him before he gets too strong! ”


Ye Wu was discontented and said, “Mom, you think he can beat me until I am bedridden? I don’t believe that he’s that powerful!”


“Don’t cause any trouble!” The second wife’s face turned livid. Ye Wu dared not say more and left in disappointment.


When he left, he saw Xiao Hong’s room was still lit. He was not willing to leave just like that. He crept over, walked around the room quietly, and came to the back window of the house. He saw the window half open. A beautiful woman was holding her chin in her hands and looking up at the sky. He had no idea what she was thinking.


The moonlight was peaceful, and the wind created a gentle breeze. Under the light, the girl frowned and worried, with a hazy look in her eyes. She held her chin with her hands, making her pink lips look even more lovely. Ye Wu was completely attracted by this scene.


“Ah, I saw him this morning, but I am still thinking of him at night. Am I falling in love with him?” Xiao Hong suddenly muttered. Then, she noticed the shadow moving outside the window and asked, “Who’s there?”


Ye Wu was so scared that he turned around and ran away. He muttered to himself, “Ye Kong, boy, you dared to have Xiao Hong fall for. I will definitely humiliate you!”


Xiao Hong also recognized Ye Wu when he escaped, and she sighed, “Oh, third young master, I am going to marry such a boring man who acts like a peeping tom who lurks in the shadows?”


Young girls all had very strong feelings about heroism. Ye Kong was calm facing an angry mob of thousands, he was like a general. Even the Ye family’s soldiers respected him.


Ye Wu was like a rat who lurked in the shadows and ran when spotted. No wonder Xiao Hong looked down on him.


But as the second wife’s maid, she had no choice. She sold herself to the Ye family, and all the decision-making power was in the hands of the second wife. Although she could scold the other servant girls, she was also a person without freedom. She could not even decide who she would marry.


Xiao Hong stretched out her white arm, closed the window and sighed, “Eighth Young Master, do you know that I am thinking of you…?”

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