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TMC Chapter 52 The Luck Talisman

“I can’t believe your cultivation method is so profound and has so much capacity, you are able to store so much of my immortal Qi to refine. Although cultivating this method is much slower, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to fight cultivators who are a higher layer than yourself.” Huang Quan couldn’t help sighing.


He had been in Ye Kong’s head for the last three closed door cultivation sessions. This allowed him to see a number of Ye Kong’s secrets, and he was deeply impressed by Ye Kong’s cultivation method.


Generally speaking, the most important index to judge the quality of a cultivation method was the cultivation speed. Everyone thought the faster one cultivated the better.


They desperately tried to cultivate to the next realm. Only when advancing to the next realm would they be able to use more powerful spells and cultivate more powerful magic tools.


The devil cultivators were the ones who valued speed over everything. They would frequently slaughter people to use their souls to cultivate and breakthrough faster. They liked to mention how others had formed their nascent soul in a hundred years or less. Every time they talked about it, they were full of envy.


But many people forgot that the final height of a building was determined by how solid the foundation was, not the speed at which it was erected.


So they would always reach a bottleneck. When their cultivation reached a high level, but the foundation was not enough to support it, making a breakthrough became extremely difficult.


The same could be said for most immortal cultivators. They also pursued speed and there were even a few who attempted to rush and suffered from Qi deviation, this caused many to suffer from bottlenecks which caused their cultivation to stagnate. People who were fast in cultivating might save themselves a few years, maybe even a few decades of cultivation, but after that, they might spend hundreds of years making no progress, looking for a lucky encounter or waiting for their life to reach an end.


The five elements to immortality was not the same. Instead, it emphasized that each layer was the foundation for next layer. Each layer required a great deal of time and immortal Qi, the thing it lacked most was speed. This could be said to be a very slow cultivation method.


However, the advantages of the five elements to immortality was very surprising. That was because the foundation was solid and stable, and bottlenecks were almost non-existent.


Cultivating slowly didn’t mean that this method was weaker than others. This was because the Qi stored using this method was the same as cultivators at a higher level.


Ye Kong brought the final wisp of refined Qi into his Qihai and stopped his cultivation. He laughed and said, “It’s well within my ability to fight a cultivator who is a layer above me. If had a suitable magic weapon, it wouldn’t be difficult to fight against those five of six layers above me.”


“Five or six layers!”  Huang Quan was surprised. Generally speaking, some stronger cultivators were able to fight three layers above themselves when paired with a suitable magic tool, but he never heard of someone who could fight five or six layers above their own cultivation. The difference in power as cultivation progresses only gets larger and larger.


For example, it wasn’t impossible for a cultivator in the early stages of foundation establishment to defeat a cultivator in the middle stages, as long as the magic tool was strong and the difference in ability wasn’t too great. But if it would be extremely difficult for the same cultivator to defeat a late stage foundation establishment cultivator. This was because the difference between their cultivation would be too great.


”It’s really strong. This is the first time I have encountered such a cultivation method and it fits perfectly with your trash spiritual root. The saying is true, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Huang Quan shook his head and sighed.


“It’s called turning a calamity into a blessing.” Ye Kong smiled. He ignored  Huang Quan and entered his soul space and went directly to the collection of spells.


He had done nothing but cultivate during his fifteen days of closed door cultivation and Ye Kong’s cultivation had improved greatly. There was even a new page open within the collection of spells


Ye Kong was slightly depressed by this though. He was provided with the methods to create countless talismans, but he still didn’t have the materials to create them, it was a pity.


Today, another page was opened. One of the talismans drew Ye Kong’s attention, because he wasn’t sure of what the talisman was used for.


The function of a talisman was normally something simple such as enhancing, sealing, etc, but this talisman was obviously different. Its name was “5% Luck talisman”.


Of course, from the name alone, the use of this talisman could be guessed. It was likely used to increase the success rate of certain actions by five percent, but it didn’t indicate what those actions were. There were many forms of luck, it was unclear what this five percent increase was in relation to.


Was it to increase the success rate of breaking through, or the success rate of crafting magic tools? Was it luck in love or was it just general luck? Was this talisman a form of blessing? If he used several, would he be unbeatable at monopoly?


Ye Kong felt that guessing was not very reliable. He flew down to ask Huang Quan, but he had not heard of this talisman either. After thinking for a long time, he guessed, “Maybe this is for crafting magic weapons or elixirs, as the success rate is quite low. I haven’t heard of this luck talisman before.”


With that, Huang Quan said sincerely to Ye Kong, “I advise you to cultivate and improve your strength. Don’t waste time on talismans, they are useless. You know, those array talents and weapon refining talents, very few of them are able to achieve anything with their cultivation. They waste too much of their time on these things instead of cultivating. There was even a supreme alchemist who appeared who was able to refine countless elixirs and pills, but he neglected his cultivation and became nothing but a memory. Listen to my advice. With your cultivation method, the best path is to cultivate diligently.”


Ye Kong heard this and smiled, “It seems that belong to the group who only cares about advancing their cultivation.”


Huang Quan nodded and said, “Of course, as a cultivator, advancement need to be the main goal. Having some auxiliary skills is also a must as they are useful for earning spirit stones, but cultivation will always be the deciding factor. I suggest that you study alchemy or arrays as auxiliary skills. Alchemy means that you have all kinds of elixirs to supplement your cultivation, which is helpful to speed up your cultivation; and studying arrays is even more powerful. Maze arrays and killing arrays are the most useful. In the dangerous world of cultivation, you will have a greater chance of surviving with these.”


Ye Kong understood what he meant. He was saying that both alchemy and arrays were more useful than talismans. He asked, “Are talismans useless? I think that talismans are very powerful.”


“Ignorance!”  Huang Quan snorted scornfully and said, “Talismans are used by the lower level immortal cultivators. Those fireball talismans, agility talismans etc can only play a minor role. When it comes to nascent soul cultivators, those talismans would be useless!”


“You are talking about inferior talismans. Of course, they couldn’t defeat a nascent soul cultivator.”


“But the top-grade talismans have been lost since ancient times. Even middle-grade talismans are extremely rare!”


“I see.” Ye Kong nodded and said to himself, “It seems that it’s that talismans are not powerful, but because the high-level talismans have been lost.”


Huang Quan was unhappy, because he was trying to help Ye Kong, but his suggestion had fallen on deaf ears.


“Are you going to continue to study talismans?” He asked angrily.


“Yeah.” Ye Kong smiled. He wanted to explore how far her could travel down the path of making talismans. The collection of spells he had was not from this world. It was waste time for others to learn study talismans, but for him it was different. He had the book, so he ignored Huang Quan’s suggestion.


“You don’t even listen to this old man…” Huang Quan shook his head, he wanted to scold Ye Kong, but he suddenly thought of something raised his head and asked, “Do you know how to make those ancient talismans?”


“I know just a few.”


Although Ye Kong wasn’t telling the entire truth, Huang Quan was still shocked and said, “It’s said that the ancient top-grade talismans were extremely powerful. Do you really know how to make them?”


“Yes, but it was taught them by an old man I met when I was young. I have never tried them. I don’t know whether it is true or not.”


Huang Quan was a little disappointed, and then he said, “When you have the strength to go out, you can quickly gather up the materials for making talismans. I really want to see if those top-grade talismans are as powerful as rumored.”


“Don’t worry. You will be the first to see it.” Ye Kong laughed.


“Do you think our relationship is good?” Huang Quan sneered “You’d better be careful! I’ve been trying all kinds of methods to escape. When I escape this golden light, I will take over your body. Please take good care of yourself until then.”


Although his words were cold and heartless, Ye Kong knew that it was all an act, so he said with a smile, “Well, I will be waiting.”


When Ye Kong finished speaking, he was ready to leave but Huang Quan stopped him, “Hold on please.”


“Anything else?”


“Well, that’s is…” It seemed that he was embarrassed by what he wanted to say. Eventually he said, “Last time you promised to help me find a body with excellent spiritual roots for me to possess?”


“Yes.” Ye Kong nodded and said, “I am not as ungrateful as the people from the Northern Land. I will do what I say! If you promise others something, I will do it!”


“Good!”  Huang Quan was very happy. Then he said with a smile, “Can you find me a five element spiritual root?”


Ye Kong suddenly understood and asked in surprise, “Do you also want to cultivate the five elements to immortality?”


“Yes! You are really smart. I knew that you were smart from the first moment I laid eyes on you. I knew there must something extraordinary about you.”


Ye Kong interrupted angrily, and asked, “You are in the nascent soul stage. If you want to change your cultivation method, you have to start from the beginning. Even if you have a strong divine sense, it will take a lot of time to cultivate again.”


Huang Quan had thought about this point for a long time, and nodded, “If I still practice my own skill after taking over a new body, it will be easy for me to reach nascent soul, but it will be more difficult for me to advance afterwards. Reaching immortality would be nothing but a dream. You have the method to guarantee me immortality, how can I let it go? When walking the path of immortality, it’s good to have company.”


Ye Kong said: “No wonder, I assume this has been your plan for a while.”


Ye Kong thought it was good deal, if he promised to help Huang Quan find a new body, he would also receive more of his help. Moreover, the five elements of immortality can only be read by him, so Huang Quan would be reliant on Ye Kong.


Ye Kong made up his mind and said with a smile, “I can promise you. But I can tell you clearly that the cultivation method can only be understood by. If I die, you will never find another person who can read the book and your path to immortality will be lost.”


“Understood.” After listening to his promise, Huang Quan nodded happily, “I will not have that kind of idea again.”


“Well good, but you seriously need to work on your flattery skills.” Ye Kong left and opened his eyes. Although he promised to help Huang Quan, he would not rush to help him. At least, he had to reach a higher level of cultivation first. Only when he had the ability to protect himself could he fulfill his promise. He should be careful when dealing with a powerful cultivator.


Ye Kong got up, took out the spirit stone from the array, powering down the array so he could take a break.


He left his room and went out for some food, but he recieved some bad news. Lu Qin had fallen sick.

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