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TMC Chapter 53 Cold


“I’m ok.” Lu Qin coughed and said, “Will it delay your cultivation? I am ok, I only have a cold.”


Lu Qin’s face was pale and her lips had turned white. There was abnormal shade of red on her face. Ye Kong touched her forehead and felt that she had a fever.


“It seems to just be a cold.” Ye Kong nodded and sat next to the bedside concerned, “The weather is so hot, how can you suffer from a cold, did you eat cold things?”


Lu Qin laughed and didn’t speak, but Xiao Hong, who came with the food, rushed in and said, “It’s not that she is greedy for cold things. She is like this for you.”


“Sister Xiao Hong.” Lu Qin didn’t want her to say it, but in a hurry, she coughed even worse. Ye Kong quickly held her weak body and patted her back.


Xiao Hong stopped speaking, so Chen Jiuniang said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter if you tell him.” When Chen Jiuniang spoke, Lu Qin couldn’t stop her, so she had to bow her head and let Chen Jiuniang say the reason for the cold.


Ye Kong told her that his closed door cultivation very important and people should not be allowed to disturb him.


Ye Kong said this mainly to stop people coming to look for him while he was in closed door cultivation, but another reason was so Lu Qin would stop Xiao Hong or other servants coming to disturb him.


But Lu Qin took this very seriously. After she moved here, she stayed outside Ye Kong’s house day and night. Not only did she not leave during the day, but she also stayed outside though most of the night to keep watch. The first two times Ye Kong did not find out when he finished the cultivation. Lu Qin’s body naturally started to feel the burden of this after ten days. On the fourteenth day, after she went to bed, she awoke with a fever.


“Why didn’t you take care of yourself?” After hearing this, Ye Kong scolded, “I only wanted you to make sure that none of the servants came to disturb me, like those servant girls. There is no one who comes to disturb me in the middle of the night, but you still sat watch through the nights.”


“I will do my best to help you, even if I get a little bit sick for it, it’s nothing.” Lu Qin raised her face firmly and looked at Ye Kong.


This girl was really deeply in love with Ye Kong. Ye Kong sighed, he helped her to lie down, and said softly, “Don’t do this again. It doesn’t matter even I am disturbed. It won’t have too much of an impact on my training. You should take good care of yourself instead and not make me worry.”


“But I’m afraid some bad people will try and hurt you when you are in closed door training.” Lu Qin insisted.


“Don’t worry, you know how powerful I am.” Ye Kong regretted that he didn’t tell Lu Qin about the formation, otherwise she wouldn’t be so concerned about him being disturbed.


Ye Kong looked Xiao Hong and thought, ‘Why is she here? It’s inconvenient for me to talk with her around.’


Seeing Ye Kong’s displeased look, Chen Jiuniang and Xiao Hong misunderstood his meaning. They thought was displeased that he couldn’t have time alone with Lu Qin.


“My son grows up so fast, he already wants me to leave the room so he can be alone with a girl.” Chen Jiuniang laughed,  she ignored how shy Lu Qin was and took Xiao Hong to leave them alone. As she was leaving, she said, “Don’t forget to eat.”


Chen Jiuniang and Xiao Hong walked out of the room. Xiao Hong was a little confused. She saw Ye Kong’s eyes. She understood the meaning. It was really harmful.


“Xiao Hong, let’s go to his bedroom and see if it needs a clean.” Chen Jiuniang said.


”Go to his bedroom.” Xiao Hong’s heart suddenly moved. For her, it was a forbidden area. It seemed likely that Ye Kong’s secret was hidden in the bedroom. She never had the chance to go and search for the secret previously.


Xiao Hong thought and hurriedly said, “Auntie, you should take a rest, I will be enough to clean his room.”


For more than half a month, Xiao Hong had been coming here every day. She was very diligent and kind. Chen Jiuniang had started to become fond of her and fully trusted this maid, so she nodded, “OK, thank you for the help.”


“Auntie there is no need to thank me, this is something I should do.” Xiao Hong smiled, released Chen Jiuniang’s arm, she walked away quickly and entered Ye Kong’s bedroom, she felt her heart furiously beating with nervousness and excitement.


As soon as Chen Jiuniang and Xiao Hong left, Ye Kong told Lu Qin about the array inside his room, letting her know that even if someone came to disturb him while he was cultivating, he would not be injured. There was a layer of array which isolated him from the disturbance and would mentally notify him if anyone came in contact with it.


“I that true? But why did you still tell us to keep people from disturbing you?” Lu Qin said angrily.


Ye Kong said, “I am afraid of the consequences if other people find the array. As soon as the array is active, anyone who tries to touch the door will be pushed away by the array. While they might think it was their mind playing tricks the first time, if too many people notice this strange phenomenon, it will draw suspicion and people will know I am an immortal cultivator.”


“I see.” Lu Qin nodded. “Then I’ll still guard for you.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “You’d better take care of yourself. You only need to make sure people aren’t coming during the day. It’s unnecessary at night. If someone tried to barge into my room at night, they do not have good intentions, and I won’t be polite!”


Lu Qin nodded and suddenly found herself curled up in Ye Kong’s arms. She blushed, pushed Ye Kong aside and said, “Go to have dinner or it will get cold.”


Ye Kong smiled, “Wait, I have to do one more thing before I eat.”


In fact, Ye Kong was talking about treating Lu Qin’s sickness, but she thought he was going to do something intimate. She was so ashamed that her face turned bright red and she pushed Ye Kong away.


“You are a pervert. I am sick.” She grabbed the quilt and ducked her head underneath.


Looking at the petite body hiding underneath the quilt, he thought of her tiny body waiting up throughout the night to stand guard at his door. Suddenly, Ye Kong had a strong feeling of love for her welling up in his chest.


“Lu Qin” Ye Kong bowed his head and placed a small kiss on the quilt, then said, “This cold is not a problem. I am going to draw a cold dispelling talisman which should remove the excess yin from your body immediately.”


When Ye Kong was leaving, Lu Qin was unhappy and said seriously, “You kissed the quilt. You should have just thrown the quilt off and kissed me.”


‘I haven’t forgot you are peeping on my intimate moments, I don’t want to hear a word from you.’ Ye Kong thought, he didn’t want to remove the quilt and expose Lu Qin, he didn’t want Huang Quan to catch a glimpse of Lu Qin’s exposed body.


“I’ve lived so long. I’ve seen many beautiful women.”


Ye Kong didn’t pay any attention to his words at all. Huang Quan knew he was being ignored but continued and said, “Those women were beautiful, but they did not have affection like her.”


“There are many girls with this kind of affection among the mortal women. Shall I introduce a girl to you?” Ye Kong asked with a smile.


“I can’t accept it.” He shook his head and said, “A woman with affection in her heart is a man’s blessing, but she can’t provide any help to an immortal cultivator. On the contrary, she will be a hinderance to immortal cultivation. I advise you not to put too much of your heart into this! If I were you, I would not have allowed myself to fall in love with Lu Qin. On the contrary, the girl named Xiao Hong is not bad. I don’t need love, I would just take her to bed and do whatever I pleased with her. Just thinking about her body makes me…”


Ye Kong felt it funny. This old guy really liked Xiao Hong, but did a soul even have bodily functions?


While they were discussing Xiao Hong. She had taken the opportunity to start searching Ye Kong’s room to try and uncover his secret. She was hoping she would be able to find a skill manual, a secret scroll, or another mystical item. But unfortunately she found nothing at all except a pile of paper on the table with scribbles on which she couldn’t understand.


“Is the secret in these unreadable patterns?” Xiao Hong was dazed when she look at the patterns which Ye Kong has painted, she was curious to see what they meant.


“What are you doing in here?”


Ye Kong’s sudden return scared Xiao Hong. Her hands trembled, she replied, “I was asked to clean your room for you.”


Ye Kong frowned. “I don’t need to clean.”


“Okay.” Xiao Hong was still very afraid of Ye Kong, she stood aside with her head bowed.


“She is hiding something.” The voice of Huang Quan rang in Ye Kong’s mind.


‘She is looking to find the secret to my sudden increase in power.’ Ye Kong replied.


“This girl is also interested in you. It’s better for you to just bed her. Then she’ll be your woman and you won’t have to guard against her.” Huang Quan said.


Ye Kong smiled bitterly. ‘You are an old lecher.’


“All right, it is just my advice. Take it or leave it.” He said angrily, ”Hurry up and draw the talisman, I’ll see what the cold dispelling talisman’s effects are. It is the first time I have heard of using a talisman for medical purposes.”


Ye Kong wasn’t saying a word, but his facial expression continued to change. This made Xiao Hong feel uneasy, and she didn’t dare to leave without his permission.


“Did you come here to paint? “Asked Xiao Hong timidly.


“Yes.” Although he ignored the advice of Huang Quan, Ye Kong couldn’t help but feel tempted.


Lu Qin was beautiful, but she was only 14 years old after all. She was still a thin and delicate girl. It was her love and affection which attracted Ye Kong.


Xiao Hong was not same. She had a sexy curvaceous figure.


Xiao Hong stood beside Ye Kong and started to grind some ink for him. Ye Kong’s sight lingered on her waist. She was wearing a lake green hairpin skirt. There was white silk belt tied around her waist. The silk was pulled very tight and was tied in a bow at one side of her waist to outline the thin waist.


The curve was even more beautiful when Ye Kong looked down. There was a perfect curve from her waist downwards. The loose skirt couldn’t conceal her curvaceous figure at all.


“Stop grinding the ink. Grind this.” Ye Kong took out another ink stone from the drawer. There was cinnabar inside.


Xiao Hong noticed that Ye Kong was not angry and asked bravely, “What is this?”


“Mercury sulfide.” Ye Kong didn’t say cinnabar, but instead stated the chemical name.


“Mercury sulfide?” Xiao Hong and Huang Quan asked inexplicably.


“You wouldn’t understand even if I explained this to you. This is the name which details the chemical composition of a substance.” Ye Kong gave an even more complicated explanation which left Xiao Hong and Huang Quan bewildered.


Ye Kong wanted this effect. The more mysterious his ability seemed, the less likely Huang Quan would attempt something in the future, this was so that he could remain safe after releasing him. He had made up his mind to give him a suitable body to possess, otherwise he would have no secrets and this old man would be in his mind through all of his intimate moments. It was not convenient for him.


Xiao Hong was infatuated with this young man who was two years younger than herself. He seemed to know a great deal of things. Generally speaking, only the expert scholars would speak of knowledge that ordinary people in Cangnan didn’t understand. Xiao Hon’s eyes lit up. No one knew what she was thinking, but it was clear that she thought that Ye Kong, who didn’t even graduate from high school, was a top scholar.

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