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TMC Chapter 54 Bran Trees


“This…What is it for?” Xiao Hong asked again.


The old ancestor Huang Quan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. In fact, he was focusing his attention on listening to every word!


After spending half a month with Ye Kong, he found that this kid was getting more and more mysterious. He was shocked by his cultivation method which ensured a path to immortality, that is without mentioning the book and golden light trapping him, but then he found that Ye Kong also knew how to create ancient talismans.


The shocks came one after another, which made Huang Quan more and more interested in this kid. How could this 14-year-old kid have so many secrets?


Ye Kong took up his brush with a smile. “Xiao Hong, remember I told you last time that had the ability to heal people? Now let me show you my ability. I will cure Lu Qin. ”


In the surprised eyes of Xiao Hong and Huang Quan, Ye Kong quickly drew the Cold dispelling talisman and then went to Lu Qin’s room. He activated the talisman and placed it on Lu Qin’s forehead, letting it burst into flame.


“Is that it? Are you sure it worked?” Huang Quan asked.



‘You will know whether it worked or not later.’ Ye Kong sat down at the table with a smile, and then began to eat.


Not only was Huang Quan doubtful, but Xiao Hong was also filled with doubt. Ye Kong didn’t prepare any medicine, nor did he plan on using acupuncture. He only casually drew a picture on some paper, and then burned it on Lu Qin’s head.


Could the sick be healed like this? This kind of treatment was unheard of. If this was all it required to treat an illness, wasn’t it too ridiculous?


The talisman started to work instantly. After two days of drinking medicine, Lu Qin wasn’t making a recovery, but as soon as the talisman was activated, the effects began to show immediately. Unexpectedly, the fever miraculously disappeared along with the abnormal blush on her face, even her cough had vanished.


“Eighth young master , it’s really effective!” Xiao Hong was so surprised that she looked at Lu Qin with wide eyes.


As soon as Lu Qin started to feel better, she wanted to get up, but was pushed back into bed by Ye Kong. “Lu Qin, although you have recovered, your body is still very weak. You should continue to rest and make a full recovery.”


Ye Kong wanted to let Lu Qin sleep, so he took the others and left her room. The old ancestor Huang Quan was currently talking a storm in Ye Kong’s mind, “What sort of method was that? Was that really the effect of a talisman? What are those strange characters you drew on the talisman? Why have I never seen a talisman like this before? ”


A while ago, if Ye Kong said that he knew how to make top-grade talismans, Huang Quan wouldn’t believe him, but now he completely believed it. The cold dispelling talisman was something that had never appeared before in the continent of Cangnan. It would be safe to assume that Ye Kong knew how to create other types of mystical talismans.


“Little brother Ye. No, senior brother Ye. Hehe, please teach this old man!” Huang Quan said, as he was eager to learn how to create talismans.


Ye Kong said gloomily, “Immortal cultivators don’t get sick. What use would there be in teaching you how to create this talisman?”


Huang Quan said with a smile, “Only when a person understands the basics of a skill can they hope to achieve a deeper understanding. If I want to learn about talismans, I need to start from the basics.”


This old man was a true free-loader. Ye Kong said impatiently, “I refuse, there are no benefits to teaching you.”


“Who says there are no benefits? I’ll give you some benefits now!” Shouted Huang Quan


Ye Kong became interested and asked, “Oh? Let’s hear what benefits you have to offer.”


“You are only able to do your closing door training for five days at a time. It’s too troublesome. I’ll teach you to make some fasting pills so that you don’t need to worry about eating.”


“This would be beneficial, but is the refining troublesome?” Ye Kong thought this was a good idea. With fasting pills, he could cultivate for long periods without break.


“It’s not hard to refine, just prepare some millet seeds and find some bran tree’s fruit, then I can help you refine the pills,”


“Bran tree? What’s that? “Asked Ye Kong.


“There are still things you have yet to learn. You know the knowledge that no one else does, but when it comes to common knowledge that everyone knows, you are an idiot.”


“Everyone else knows what it is?” Ye Kong turned and asked Xiao Hong who was following quietly behind him, “Have you heard of something called the bran tree?”


“Bran tree?” Xiao Hong stunned, then covered her mouth and smiled, “Do you mean the bran flower tree? They are plenty of them in the flower gardens.” Xiao Hong said, her face dimmed, and then she looked down. “Of course, none of the young masters would notice the bran trees.”


“Oh! Why is that? “Ye Kong asked.


Xiao Hong said: “The fruit of the bran tree can be used as food. That kind of food is extremely tough and difficult to eat. It is required to soak it in water for a few days before it can be used as food and it only requires very little to fill an empty stomach.”


Ye Kong said, “Ah, there is such a good thing, is it delicious? I haven’t had it before.”


Xiao Hong said with a smile, “Rich men don’t know the suffering of common people. The fruit of the bran tree tastes awful and it’s very rough to chew. It will always get stuck in your throat when you try to swallow it and it will always leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Although it can satisfy hunger, it’s extremely unpleasant to eat. Even pigs refuse to eat it! Generally, only those who are starving would try eating it and even then it is a last resort.”


“No wonder. Is it poisonous?” Ye Kong asked again.


“Not poisonous.”


Ye Kong didn’t believe it. “Since it’s not poisonous, it shouldn’t be that bad to eat. It should be very dense and rich in fiber if it makes you full easily. It should be fine if you chew it thoroughly.”


Ye Kong said and waved, “take me see. I’d like to give it a try.”


“OK.” Xiao Hong led the way.


They walked through a long corridor, where they could see a beautiful scenery of trees and flowers in the distance. There was a gentle breeze which carried a light, pleasant floral fragrance in the air.


“What are you laughing at?” Ye Kong suddenly found Xiao Hong laughing to herself as she lead the way.


“I laugh because a rich young master never needs to understand the suffering of a poor person, yet you want to try that suffering. You will understand how bad it is soon.” Xiao Hong smiled.


“I am a rich young master?” Ye Kong pointed to his nose and said innocently, “If outsiders say so then it would be understandable. But, you have seen the miserable life of my mother and I, how can you say that I am a rich young master?”


Xiao Hong retorted, “Although you used to live a hard life, have you ever experienced the feeling of starvation or slept outside in the freezing night air? You do not understand how bitter it is when there is no food and you live a desolate existence. ”


Ye Kong wanted to ask, have you experienced this? But looking at Xiao Hong’s expression, it seemed that she had experienced this, otherwise her feelings on the subject would not be so deep.


Soon, Ye Kong saw the bran tree. It was really tall, similar to the coconut tree on the earth, but taller. It was a straight tree with big red flowers on the crown, it looked very pleasing to the eye. No wonder the tree was planted in the garden for decoration. A large number of bran trees were growing together, which from the distance looked like a red cloud floating above the garden.


“They are so tall!” Ye Kong stood under the tree and looked up to see a number of blue fruits among the red flowers.


“Yes, it’s not easy to pick them.” Xiao Hong also held her head up, which caused her to poke our her chest.


“Boy, don’t bother. You can’t get up there to pick them without using magic techniques. You’d be better off waiting until evening and then I will help you pick them.” Said Huang Quan.


“Hmmm, you think I’m weak?” Ye Kong sneered, he sank his body low to the ground and inhaled, then jumped. He suddenly rose into the air like a dragon soaring into the clouds. As he was rising into the air he grabbed a branch with one of his hands and then spun his entire body in a circle, before landing near the top of the tree.


His robe fell lightly as Ye Kong stood proudly on the high branches of the bran tree.


“Ah, so handsome.” Xiao Hong looked up at Ye Kong as if she was looking at her prince charming, her eyes were filled with a tender look.


Ancestor Huang Quan exclaimed, “Shadow Dance! That was definitely the Shadow Dance! You…Who are you?”


Ye Kong knew that Huang Quan had been chased by the Shadow Clan, and explained, “Don’t worry, I’m not from the Shadow Clan, I just received their martial arts from a shadow jade by chance.”


“Oh, so that is how it is.” Huang Quan nodded his head. He was relieved.


“Eighth young master, can I come up?” Xiao Hong was at the bottom of the tree, making a cone with her hands to amplify her voice.


“Of course.” Ye Kong smiled and patted the storage bag. An old green vine appeared in his hand.


Huang Quan snorted and scolded, “You are using the rattan of the cage grass to chase girls! How can you be so wasteful?”


“Eighth young master! I can’t climb it! “Xiao Hong lifted her skirt and walked around the vines for several times. Finally she decided against trying to climb up the tree.


“Stupid!” Ye Kong shouted, “Sit in the middle of the vine and I will pull you up!”


“Ha ha.” Xiao Hong chuckled, holding skirt, she sat on the vine and held the two sides like a swing. She felt the vine bringing her higher and higher into the tree.


“Ha ha, ha ha, this is like a swing, I haven’t been on such a high swing before.” Xiao Hong’s clear and crisp laughter echoed through the air like a bell. Two little white shoes happily kicked out from under the skirt.


“Wow, it’s so high.” Xiao Hong stood up on the branch of the tree and looked at the ground. She could not help turning white and felt her legs getting weak.


“Don’t worry, just hold on to me.” Ye Kong reached for her wrist.


He didn’t expect Xiao Hong to hold onto his waist tightly in fear. Suddenly, the feeling of softness and a pleasant fragrance assaulted his senses. It was a kind of excitement that men could not control.


Ye Kong couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her waist, feeling the two soft hills pressing against his body as the fragrance of Xiao Hong’s hair lingered on his nostrils. A woman’s fragrance was better than any flower, it had the power to melt the hearts of men.


“Sister Xiao Hong, you have learnt a lot of my secrets today.” Ye Kong suddenly took a breath of cool air and said in a deep voice.


Xiao Hong didn’t feel the danger she was in at all. She buried her face in Ye Kong’s arms and whispered, “Eighth young master, Xiao Hong will never hurt you.”


Ye Kong’s eyes softened and he said, “If you continue like this, you will surely know more about me in the future. I think you should report what you have learned back to your master and no longer look for my secrets.”


“Xiao Hong is willing to keep your secrets. I can do whatever Lu Qin can do!” Xiao Hong whispered, but it revealed her true feelings.


“Well then.” Ye Kong let go of Xiao Hong, and helped her to sit down. He then took off a big red flower from bran tree, and place it on her head, just like a red hat.


“Haha, young master, do I look good? Today is the happiest day of Xiao Hong’s life.”


“You look good.” Ye Kong smiled dimly, suddenly he said, “Xiao Hong, since you want to keep my secrets, then I tell you, in fact, I am an immortal cultivator. “

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